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TOYOTA YARIS Why the top fuel level bar lasts so long

There have been quite a few threads in the past that discussed this but heres a Mythbusters style analysis of it (fortunately minus the large explosion at the end) Today I am working on the range until empty and fuel level in gallons (or liters) features for my YarGauge project. I drained Crashys fuel tank and then added 1 gallon (precisely measured with a one gallon laboratory flask) at a time while

Quote Originally Posted by CTScott I know what you mean. Actually the fuel flow rate is calculated from the MAF flow rate (theres not a standard PID for fuel flow) so even that is an approximation. Really I thoughtt that the fuel pump would have a flow rate sensor to properly inform the ecu. I wonder how practical or easy would it be to get a flow meter attached to the fuel pump intake i know they exist for mercedez and other higher end cars.

Quote Originally Posted by CTScott I know what you mean. Actually the fuel flow rate is calculated from the MAF flow rate (theres not a standard PID for fuel flow) so even that is an approximation. Okso i found some stuff that could help us brainstorm a proof of concept if anyone is interestedfor the yaris Here is a company that specializes in flow meter. Technology httpwww.cox-instruments.comgasflowmeters.html

TOYOTA YARIS What sensors can be read using OBDII on 2007 Yaris

I am having trouble figuring out what I should be able to read using my OBDII scanner because what I am currently getting is rather odd. So I am wondering does anyone know what sensors should be available for reading by an OBDII on a manual 2007 yaris Sedan

So here is are the sensors my OBDII scanner is picking up Throttle position engine RPM vehicle speed calculated load value &37 Ignition timing advance intake air flow rate short term fule trim long term fuel trim air temperature engcoolant temp oxygen sensor 2 fuel level. Im thinking there has got to be more than this because the ECU (I cant remember what that stands for now) processes a lot of stuff.

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TOYOTA YARIS higher octane fuel

Can a higher octane hurt a car (spark plugs) just wondering. I know some people that think they can ho faster and do all this stuff cool amazing stuff (fly go back in tiime end world hunger and fight polio) with that magic 93 octane.

Higher octane fuel dont burn most cases burn rates are the same provding the fuel additives are the same in both octane fuels.... if they do its because of additives in the fuel ill get to that later. A higher octane simply means it has a higher flash point meaning it takes more heat and compression to ignite the mixture. 10.51 is not a high compression engine and does not require a high

TOYOTA YARIS Supercharger fuel controller

Hey guys I just bought a used Blitz supercharger. I noticed it comes with the fuel controller and Im wondering...what does it actually do Do I need it for the install or can I use something like the Aem FIC instead Or will I have to use that as well I want to run the FIC to better tune it. Also I believe with the controller I have to splice into my ECU harness is that correct Im not too good with wiring and soldering wires the hardware stuff is easy. Thanks

The fuel controller does two things 1. Activates the SC clutch based on throttle position. There is an input to the fuel controller from the SC activation switch that tells it which position the switch is in (lowmediumhigh). Based on that switch the throttle controller closes the relay to engage the clutch and begins the second part of its job. 2. Adds fuel based on MAF sensor signal. The Blitz fuel

TOYOTA YARIS 91 Grade fuel

A friend of mine decided to try putting 91 grade fuel in his Jetta that is graded at 87. After about 20 miles the computer adapted and the timing advanced and now it roars Would the same be true of the yaris Would the computer adapt or would this somehow be bad for the engine

can you prove it not unless theres a dyno chart plotting two different octanes then all the words that someone writes just means bullsht to me not unless is proven in numbers on the same car with a base of 87 octane. and it aint in my head the cars performance is better and im know for a fact i dont have problems with my tc or the yaris. if a car that is rated for 91 octane puts 87 octane in there


anyone tried some high octane fuel im experiencing 10% fuel saving with a 98 octane fuel

AFAIK all ECUs have a programmed curve for maximum advance at an optimal performance level with a knock sensor that retards the spark a bit when detonation occurs.


toyota REVEALS ALL-NEW yaris SEDAN AT 2006 LOS ANGELES AUTO SHOW LOS ANGELES January 4 2005 - - toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. unveiled the all-new yaris Sedan at a press conference today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The 2007 toyota yaris will make its U.S. debut when it arrives in showrooms this spring in four-door Sedan and three-door Liftback configurations. First launched in Europe in 1999 the

TOYOTA YARIS Transmission issue

Hello all I have owned my 2009 yaris for a year now and have become very frustrated with how this car drives. I need to hear your opinions on if this is how the vehicle is or does it sound like something is wrong causing the vehicle to drive in this manner. Okay so I have had two incidents where the engine would not start. This is when i was using shell gasoline. So i switched to Sunoco. The problem

car sometimes shifts in weird intervals. A few days it will shift at 30 and 40...then sometime 35 and 45. It is always all over the place when shifting. Most likely temp related.. It will stay in lower gear if the engine is cool (the little temp symbol with cool on it shows up to indicate delayed shifting on my 2010 yaris). Quote Originally Posted by Twistoffate0817 I have taken the car to the toyota

TOYOTA YARIS reg or mid

there is a gas station that I always filled up at here in vegas that if you paid in cash they will give you midgrade for the same price as regular. will midgrade hurt my yaris help my mpg not worth it thoughts midgets

on the fly. Especially us knuckleheads who didnt know how to find vacuum leaks. The lean lope was the first warning sign then wed discover knock. I dont know if VVT has anything to do with solving knock. Who can say I would not be surprised if there were some operating regimes that could use a change in valve timing to improve performance or eliminate knock. I have a lot of confidence in toyotas



Most are but not all. There are also Company-specific codes. Here is the universal list P0001-P0099 - fuel and Air Metering and Auxiliary Emission Controls P0001 fuel Volume Regulator Control CircuitOpen P0002 fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit RangePerformance P0003 fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Low P0004 fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit High P0005 fuel Shutoff Valve A Control CircuitOpen

TOYOTA YARIS How to force OPEN LOOP mode on OE ECU

Hi guys I dont know if yaris ECU would work the same on this topic but lets try... I dont think its a surprise if I say that toyota ecu are complicated... I run on a FIc the car was tuned on a acceptable level by modifying the volts sent to the O2 while closed loop. Everything was fine for a while... Someday I step in my car go for the routine drive and bang 171 airfuel I was barely able to cruise

TOYOTA YARIS How many MPB (miles per bar)

Seems to me that I get lots of miles with my first bar a little fewer with the next and so on until those last few bars before the last one starts blinking for a fill-up go sluuuuuurp GONE You too Also since inflating my tires to the CORRECT pressure Im so far doing much better on my first bar over 60 miles this tank and still it hasnt disappeared.

Quote Originally Posted by Krusher Ok time to dumb it down a bit... the CEL comes on for more than just the gas cap being off... or loose. Yeah well dumb it way down. The cap reads Tighten 1-click or PCM may trip a code not Fill until nozzle clicks once Quote When the ECM goes into self-check it will run the evap system... if the pressuresvolts do not fall within a specified range then the CEL will

fuel vapor. If you put more liquid into the canister it will shorten its life... by how much Unknown to me but if youre keeping your car dont you not want to spend about 300 for a canister until you really have to My car is covered bumper-to-bumper for 7 years75K miles (excluding typical maintenance items carpet etc...) but thats beside the point. If topping off tanks flooded charcoal canisters toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Tweak engine 1NZ FE

Hi Guys I own a Vitz rs 1.5 2001 AT no turbo How can I tweak the engine to get more performance without installing Turbo or supercharger Just minor engine tweaks to improve the Performance Thanx

a total of 145hp at the fly wheel. Thats a 35 hp gain from stock. So 1000 for 10hp does not sound that bad to me. He can go the custom route of course... if he has the resources and skills... Finally... he has a really nice car right there... If it is actually an RS vitz... is Lighter than the US Yar Has 4 wheel disc brakes Traction control ABS Factory mild sport tuned suspension... Plus the yaris

TOYOTA YARIS Help Losing power...

Hi YW I have been having some trouble with my car. When I drive up to (or returning from) the mountains I feel like I am losing power. The car seems to be struggling to maintain a reasonable speed. At points I need to be flooring it to maintain 65mph on the highway regardless of whether Im going uphill or downhill. Then when I have it floored I think the car gets confused as to which gear it should

Could be a few things. Things that come to mind are -low fuel pressure (cause lack of power and fuel knock because it is too lean) -barometer not working to compensate for the altitude change (not too common and to be honest I dont know what the yaris uses to sense altitude. Possibly the fuel tank pressure sensor) I would start by checking fuel pressure and volume. Cheers. PS and yeah dont forget its a 1.5L. Flooring it to get over mountains is normal. On level ground not so much.

TOYOTA YARIS The lets brainstorm how to make a piggyback work thread

OK guys as most of you know getting a piggyback to work on a USDM yaris has been a major PITA for those who have tried. That being said we seem to be (at least I am) a bit in the dark as to why and how that is. So I propose we use this thread to discuss what has been tried what hurdles have been met with and how we could do this. Lets remember the yaris is not some magical device conjured out of the

Quote Originally Posted by eTiMaGo Yes but what I mean is if you want to run a richer than stoich ratio without the ECU freaking out you need to fool it into receiving normal signals. Say that at stoich (14.71 AFR) the O2 sensor has a voltage of 2.5V Your target AFR is lets say 121 which would (Im guessing) correspond to a voltage of 3.5V from the sensor. The trick would thus be to change this 3.5V

TOYOTA YARIS octane at high altitude.

Hi guys. quick question regarding gasoline octane levels for the us yaris. Here where I live the available gasoline octanes are 85 87 and 91. The manual recommends 87 octane but Im assuming thats for sea level. Would running 85 be okay

Quote Originally Posted by corey415 That hasnt been proven. I have read multiple sources that say adding higher octane when not required is simply throwing money away. The yaris motor requires 87 octane. Putting in 85 octane wont damage the motor I am pretty sure it has a knock sensor. The motor will have to retard its timing so that means you will get less performance and perhaps lower fuel economy.

TOYOTA YARIS Increased MPG or HP anyone

Was curious if anyone was experiencing an increase in miles per gallon or horsepower with an aftermarket Intake or exhaust. I was curious to know if an intake or exhaust would benefit other then lookingsounding better. Let me know what you all are using and your thoughts on the product.

FWIW if you know how a transmission works AUTO or MANUAL a gear ratio CAN NOT CHANGE ON ITS OWN. RPM MUST be the same. Ron is 100% correct Adding any component to the intake or exhaust CAN NOT lower or raise your gear ratio or cruise speed RPM. Its impossible. If you say it can please by all means explain this mechanical phenomenon to us Man I love it when people that have no idea how fuel injection

Quote Originally Posted by Violin I guess that Carnot guy was full of crap then. Yeah in guess so. Do you reall think at car cruising at 20% throttle is allowing the same amount of air into the engine as a car running 80% throttle. NO WAY... The fuel injection system must accurately and constantly change the fuel trims to provide the propera mount of fuel for the right amount of air. it does this with

TOYOTA YARIS Found a left hand drive digital dash

hey guys not sure if someone else has found this but in Italy they have left hand drive there and their yaris have the digital dash like in this video I just want to know if it is a direct swap if I get my hands on one of these

Quote Originally Posted by caineroad nice i am trying to see if they carry it. I hope there wont be any scratches all over it must have came from a totalled yaris. Does the digital dash work for you after moving some wires Apart from the kmmiles do you think is good Everything seems to work fine with it. I have it installed on Crashy and just plowed once since I received it but speed tach fuel level etc all worked. I havent wired up the ambient temp sensor yet so I always see 0 C for temp.

Quote Originally Posted by camelll Well I just put the factory hose on and bypassed the catch can and I am still getting the lean condition. I am in the process of pulling the MAF again and try cleaning that one more time. If that dont work then the next time I get the oil changed and I will have them replace the pcv valve and then if that dont work then the only thing left to do is to start replacing

TOYOTA YARIS Intake Systems Decision Maker..

I think this might be helpful Quote Intake Systems An intake system brings more air into your cars engine. More power is created during combustion as more air is induced. Below are the different types of intake systems made Short Ram Intake - A short ram intake system sits within the engine bay and consists of the shortest possible distance from the throttle body to the intake filter for optimum performance.

TOYOTA YARIS 400km per tank max

I am currently getting 400km per tank maximum until the last bar flashes and I can confirm the gas gauge is correct because I fill the gas I note down the gas consumed. My drive include 30% city and 70% highway i changed spark plugs air filter air pressure oil fuel injection cleaning throttle body nothing has helped. I am wondering could there be a problem with the car if so what it is It is automatic

Figure out your MPGLP100KM and compare it to your old figures. fuel gauges are not very accurate and the ability of fuel level sensor to measure can change over time. Your gauge may be reading empty with more fuel left in the tank than before so saying I went 400KM before the gauge started blinking is not an accurate measurement.

Quote Originally Posted by Neurotic Hapi Snak Figure out your MPGLP100KM and compare it to your old figures. fuel gauges are not very accurate and the ability of fuel level sensor to measure can change over time. Your gauge may be reading empty with more fuel left in the tank than before so saying I went 400KM before the gauge started blinking is not an accurate measurement. no point when the last bar flashes i am already filling 38-40L of gas before the pump clicks.

TOYOTA YARIS What happens at 3400rpm

Hello guys Ive noticed that around 3400rpm the sound of the engine changes a bit and I can deff. feel a little kick in the power. You can reallly feelhear it in 2nd gear(manual). I know it has something to do with the vvt-i but I was wandering if somebody here can go technical on the topic. Also Ive noticed that the fuel economy goes down quite(sp) a bit if I go beyond 3400rpm. Thank you

VVT-I changes the valave timing and compression according to engine rpm Too much valve overlap makes for poor low end performance and rough idle. But a cam with more overlap anor longer valve duration (how long it holds the valves open) is better for top end performance. VVT-I allows the engine to run two several cam timing settings. Basically its like having two intake cams. One normal and one performance

TOYOTA YARIS DIY - Bypassing Tire Pressure Warning System (TPWS TPMS)

Note Please jump to page 3 post 45. The first pass of a solution on pages 1-3 ended up not working. For the simple method please jump to post 115. This method does not require resistors. httpwww.yarisworld.comforumssho...&postcount115 Following is a DIY to disable the system without causing the TPWS light or MIL (malfunction indicator light or check engine light as some like to call it) to light. A

My daughters car seem to idle low and loose pick-up and have flat spot on throttle tip-in when the heater or headlights or radio are on. Is there a power buss or GND I can check that may be intermittent Also does the Cluster dimmer use PWM PSU for voltage control for brightnes or is it just a ballast pot (Im thinking NO here in digital age). Reason I ask is I was driving here car and someone knocked-off

Quote Originally Posted by TheSilkySmooth My daughters car seem to idle low and loose pick-up and have flat spot on throttle tip-in when the heater or headlights or radio are on. Is there a power buss or GND I can check that may be intermittent Also does the Cluster dimmer use PWM PSU for voltage control for brightnes or is it just a ballast pot (Im thinking NO here in digital age). Reason I ask is

TOYOTA YARIS P13 smallboost3

so....Ive been talking to Caliyaris and a few others about boost options. Ive been extremely wary and indecisive about what to do if anything. I toyed with the idea of just trading in and starting fresh with a new car. But... 1. Me and my wife went and picked up her niece and nephew the other day(were back home in NY for a week) and when we went to put in the car seats I was once more amazed by this

your best bet if looking to piece together a cheap kit would be to buy a used or new mitsubishi 14b turbo new (450) buy lightly used Scion tc injectors (off of someone who has upgraded to a turbo on theirs) an inexpensive small intercooler like mishimoto (125) buy a bunch of mendrel bent aluminum piping on ebay (100) buy some simple steel bends and the flanges for the turbo manifold. and then live

TOYOTA YARIS Shifting into neutral

Does doing this at stoplights really help mpg on an automatic transmission or is that just a myth We have a difference of opinion on it among my friends.

Quote Originally Posted by BailOut I would not do it often. I was educated by the GM dealership my rental Aveo was serviced at after I threw a CEL for using neutral like that. Lets just say that they are not fans of the transmission used in the Aveo. GM in my experience has this tendency to slap something together sometimes especially their drive train components and more so lately. The Turbo 400 and

TOYOTA TACOMA preformance parts for 2011 how to improve hp

looking for ways to increase horse power in 2011 tacoma any ideas

do exactly that on many vehicles. It was true on my 98 Neon DOHC and it is true on these engines. How could removing it possibly save money The compression ratio has not changed...the engine configuration has not the only thing that would change is the engine control programming. There is no cost savings to be had there and there is no scarcity of memory or processor to make toyota

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