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BMW X3 E83 Subaru B9 Tribeca

What does everyone think of subarus new SUV On the surface it looks pretty competitive but we all know that the devil is in the details... B9 tribeca Limited 33895 (base) 3800 (for nav and dvd entertainment system) - 7-passenger - 250 HP 3.0liter 6cyl. boxer engine (219lbft 4200rpm) - Symmetrical AWD - heated seats 3-stage - power glass moonroof - rear cabin ac control - 9 speaker audio system - Touchscreen Nav - Rear-seat DVD system w2 wireless headsets

was in for service heres a few opinions. I did not like some of the sight angles out of the car. The front pillars get in my way. Whoever ends up in the far back seat will hate you forever - it is pretty tiny back there. The drivers seat adjustability and control positions are OK the main gauges are readable but the design of the rest of the dash is art for arts sake. It is more cushy than most subarus

it first came out to see if it could possibly replace our Passat wagon. We liked it overall although the engine did seem to rev a bit in order to keep it moving. The third row was certainly big enough for kids but access to it was a pain and getting back there was nearly impossible with two child seats belted into the second row. In the end my wife decided it was crazy to spend over 30k on a subaru

BMW X3 E83 Article X3 vs. Tribeca

Here is a link to an article in todays Toronto Globe and Mail that compares the X3 to the subaru tribeca. httpwww.theglobeandmail.comservl...cialGlobeAuto (Remember the used in the story are Canadian ) Prior to placing my order I looked very closely at the tribeca. Clearly the tribeca has benefits that the X3 doesnt have -price (although the X3 has price savings due to the 3% offers BMW has on leasingfinancing

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SUBARU LEGACY V 2010 Legacy - initial photos review

I dont know if I like the exterior appearance but I guess Ill wait until I see this in real life. Kind of looks like an Infiniti. Source httpwww.motortrend.comroadtests...ookindex.html The new Legacy is way bigger. Up by 1.4 in. overall 3.2 in. taller and 3.6 in. wider the wheelbase grows by 3.6 in. resulting in a 12% gain in both interior space and that critical number rear legroom. The car is simply

SUBARU OUTBACK IV BM BR Presenting the 2010 Outback wagon...

Source httpwww.motortrend.comroadtests...ookindex.html As with the Legacys architecture the 2010 Outback has swelled in size. Its wheelbase has added 2.8 inches its been widened by 2.0 inches and its height has been elevated by 4.0 inches. The consequence is an interior thats ballooned by 8 cubic feet of passenger room (up 7.6 percent) while cargo volume (with folded rear seats) is up 8.4 cubic feet.

KIA SEDONA 2006 Sedona Review-new Minivan

Just bought a new 2006 Sedona fully my review Yes you&39ll need to get past any stigma associated with the Kia name. Kia is climbing the ladder just like Honda and Audi did years ago and gaining respect as their cars improve. We checked out the Honda and Toyota entries and the Kia just seemed to do everything as well and in some cases better. The handling of the Kia is certainly

KIA SPORTAGE III 2011 Sportage Configurator Goes live

Just thought Id let everyone know that you can now build your 2011 Kia Sportage on the website Enjoy

The dealer I was at on Wednesday priced out a configuration with less than that at around 35K Canadian. Im pretty sure once the dust settles a bit a person might be able to get this configuration for close to 25K US with possible 2.9% financing or better. It could very well end up being that I get mine out of the US. It has become much simpler to do these days. My neighbor just purchased a subaru

INFINITI FX Theyve Arrived...

Just though I would post up what was just dropped off...

2003 with 88k miles that is paid for (but has issues...see my posts about steering wheel wobble) and I keep asking myself is this REALLY that much better than what Ive got. Seeing the front grill in person is worse I think. It looks cheap. The side vent in both colors is hideous. The headlights are cool from the front but look cheesy from the side. The back end looks neat but somewhat like a subaru

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