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seicento technical manual FIAT CINQUECENTO 170
seicento technical manual FIAT CINQUECENTO 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq Technical Manual

Hello Have anyone the Cinq technical manual i find only from seicento. I want to fix door lock. thx

Where in the world are you In the UK there are two versions of a workshop manual for Cinq we dont have Sei. Cheers D

I got one but is in polish ..... ming

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Water Pump and Manual for 2001 Seicento

My 2001 seicento overheated and after a few months of screeching noise I want to change the water pump to see if that was the cause. Two questions 1. Can anyone tell me why I cannot find a Haynes manual for this vehicle The only book version is for a Cinquicento up to 1998 and teh only online version I can find is for a Punto Does a manual exist 2. Are there two types of water pump for a seicento I

Screeching noise is much more likely to be the alternator belt (or the alternator itself) or the cam belt tensioner. Obvious way to proceed is to take off the alternator belt see if the noise persists. Haynes never did a manual. One of the Porter manuals covers the Sei but. but the seicento technical manual is free gratis and fer nowt in the Downloads Library here. Youll need something like WinRAR

Ah. Its a very late 899. The water pump is an easier fit on those. The manual is here in 3 parts as seicento technical manual. Its difficult to navigate (because its so big and unsearchable) but very good. For everyday use the Cinq Haynes may be easier. Try turning the alternator and water pump by hand while the belt is off. Any roughness The alternator should turn very easily while there should be some resistance from the water pump (caused by the seal).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Haynes Repair Manual

I tried to buy a seicento Sporting Haynes Workshop manual but now from this Forum I knew that it does not exist. If I manage to buy a Cinqueqeucento Haynes manualdoes this cover the seicento Sporting 1108 engine Or can anyone suggest something better. __________________

download the seicento technical manual from the downloads section it covers everything. But as said the cinq haynes will have just about everything you will ever need as well if you have a spi sei (thats any car registered 2000 or before which is x-reg or earlier). If you really want a haynes that covers the engine the closest you will get i would imagine is the mk2 punto the basic model has the 1108

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento manual

hi do somebody have repair manual for sei i cant find it for dl nowhere sory on my english it isnt my natural language

Just to say i found one on p2p (emule). seicento technical Service manual there were some 4-5 uploaders.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Haynes manual for Seicento

Folks Just wondered if Haynes did a manual for the seicento Cheers Jon

Nope. Its -- depending on model -- very similar to the Cinquecento for which there is a Haynes. Alternatively the humongous seicento technical manual is available for free download from the ta da downloads library herein.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 900 SPI 99 service manual

From the beginning of this month I have a Fiat seicento 900 SPI 99 with about 100K KM on the clock. to learn about car technicals I would like to do the service (or at least a part of it) myself. so now Im looking for a service manual for this car. Can anyone help me

Actually the SEi technical manual is aailable for nowt n the downloads SECTiON. There is no Sei HAYNES. But one of the Porter manuals covers it farly well.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Manual Fraud on eBay WARNING

Hello just to inform everyone. Be aware of the seller trublu1878 He is selling the technical assistance manual on eBay advertised as genuine. The picture in his auction is the genuine CD. What I received today is a cheap copy on an imation cd-r with a nicely printed cover AVOID

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Few technical questions about my seicento

I all started work on my fiat seicento schumacher today and well EPIC FAIL Ist problem I could not get the rear dampers off soaked in WD40 for ages but even if I did manage to get the bottom bolts off then I cant see how that you can get at the top ones without a ramp and proper tools. Thought this would be the easy job damn. Got the car started runs well but the rev counter does not work Also the

WD40 is absolute pants as a penetrating oil. Get some GT 85. You dont need a ramp. A decent jack and axle stands will do just fine. Access is a little tight but 38 socket sets (only deisel mechanics and Brooky use 12 sets nowadays) or plain ordinary spanners will get up there. For the rev counter see the workshop manual in the downloads section. The power steering is electric -- if the alternator is fubar then that might well account for it not working.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento power steering issue

Having searched and replying in an inappropriate forum I copy that reply here.....Relates to a query about steering being light to the left but stiffens to the right.. Interesting that it seems awfully common that its turning to the right that is the issue...been having the same issue randomly since new on my 2001 Sei Sporting and it seems to sort itself out after turning briefly to the left. Returning

The motors can be refurbed (if that proves to be the issue). Ive briefly run without PAS on a Sei by pulling the fuse and replacing the top mounts with Cinq ones (the castor on PAS Seis is what makes the steering extremely heavy rather than the slightly faster rack). Ive yet to finish the job by replacing the column with a non PAS one (very late Cinqnon PAS Sei) as I think there may be residual drag from the PAS motor). But as is its entirely workable and I am a poor weak old man. Having said that I dont like PAS where it can be avoided although the Sei system (when working) is pretty good. PAS has IIRC its own ECU (may be accessible with FIAT ECUscan or whatever its called now). Diagrams and full technical description in the seicento technical manual (free in the Downloads section).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Back again overheating seicento

hello again peeps im back with another problem of overheating after the last time the cars been fine except that i always had to have the heaters on hot in heavy traffic which i can deal with.. anywayz the other day i did a short journey and the temp light come on so i pulled over and it did a polly(boiled over) i couldnt hear the fan its a 2001 seicento schmacher no ac i aint a newbie and changed

to the fan. First steps Check the fuse. Its one of the two behind the battery. Check them both as its by no means uncommon for folk to put the cover on back to front. Check the fan. Unplug the connector to the engine temp sensor (green coded sensor at the back of the inlet manifold very near the thermostat). Start the engine and the fan should come on within a minute. Download the manual -- seicento

Its not likely to be all 4 injectors Youre rapidly loosing the plot. (as I think are we all...........) If the compressions are equal across cylinders its unlikely to be the head gasket. FCS take it to a garage. Youre doing more harm than good. But if you must persist download the seicento technical manual (from the Downloads Library). All the tests (and even some trouble shooting guides) are there.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento engine

Can any one tell me if the seicento sporting enginegearboxclutch is the same as punto m1 realy need a manual to get a few pointers...

More like a Punto Mk2 MPI and all that Euro3 nonsense. The factory manual ot seicento technical manual is free for download in the Downloads Library.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento matrix removal

Need to remove the matrix and have read the heater box needs removing after removing the fixing bolts does it just pull forward and will i have to disconnect anything else behind or in the box to do this . Alan .

Never done it. Anything useful in the seicento technical manual (the factory manual free in the downloads section here)

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cv boots on seicento

Hi guys. My inner boots need replacing Ive already got drive shafts out as engine is sat on my bench & I cannot source the cv boot kit anywhere eBay iv looked but cant be sure if theyll fit as theyre different either side. Its a 0.9 seicento can someone please help me Thanks alot

On the 899s dont use universal ones theyll hold grease (and probably be OK for outers) but the inner boots on the 899 incorporate a bearing and need to retain gearbox oil. Get the real ones from Shop4Parts or Fitting stuff in the Cinq Haynes manual or the seicento technical manual.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 workshop manuals

Is it possible there is fiat forum access online to these manuals I really want a break down or exploded diagram of the heating controls and heater cock system for the seicento. If worse comes to worse i will buy it but dont fancy waiting days for a cd to arrive. If any one has a link or help it would be much appreciated Ian

Mysteriously it should be on some of the per to peer networks now. Windows users get Shareaza Linux users get Gtk-Gnutella and search for seicento technical Service manual. Filter out anything which does not include .rar Dont know how long it will be up there.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 which haynes for the seicento active 1.1

old member posting a thread after a while seen some other threads on here just wanted confirmation from someone that knows what there talking about that this haynes will this be okay for most mechanical jobs i want to carry out on my girlfriends 2002 seicento 1.1 active

yours being a 2002 it will be mpi so injection system will be a little different from the cinq but it will be fine for most jobs yes. Its the nearest your gonna get to a manual for your car other than the seicento technical manual which you can download here

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 my y reg Seicento

Hi bought my first car a few weeks ago and this is it a Y reg seicento Sporting im curently learning to drive so ill be using this when i pass my test a few things need sorting out the rear brakes arent working properly and neithers the hand brake (think it needs adjusting then that should be both done) im doing an oil filter change soon and just done the rocker cover gasket Attached Thumbnails  

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fiat seicento indicator wiper stalk replacement

hi all i have a knackerd on mine just wondered what was involved in replacing the whole unit cos i have a repacement ready to fit it a 2000 x reg 899cc sx model with airbag if thats any help many thanks steve

Never had to do it -- theyre pretty robust You should find it all in the seicento technical manual (free from the Downloads section). Be careful with the airbag and less obviously with the steering wheel. Undo the nut but do not completely remove it you usually need to tug pretty hand on the wheel to get it off so if you completely remove the nut the wheel is likely to knock the odd tooth out

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento sporting electrical problems

Iv been having some problems with me electric window and horn they kind of have a mind of their own as they only work sometimes iv checked fuses connections and the motor and they all seem fine just wondering I there is any resonable explanation for this

Horn is usually bad connection at the horn itself -- try scratching the contacts clean a little vaseline try again. If that doesnt do it splice in another earth try horn with 12v direct to it check the relay and finally suspect the contacts within the steering wheel. The windows are likely to be a dodgy earth connection. Earths and stuff in the wiring diagrams in the seicento technical manual in the Downloads section.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help me spi seicento owners

After doing the head gasket i cant remember where this plug goes it sits behind the tb Attached Thumbnails   __________________ FIAT Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   02-11-2013   2 maxon Get Your Own Title Join Date Nov 2013 Posts 4 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0

Temp sensor is a possibility. But I cant see anything obvious. Cant even be sure what colour the wire is -- red pink All the connector typeswiring coloursetc are in the seicento technical manual free gratis and fer nowt in the Downloads Library from this esteemed forum. Its easy with hindsight but a magic market and some masking tape labels takes moments.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento handbreak problems

Had the handbreak cable replaced when i bought my seicento last year but now the handbreak comes up fully but the car still moves suspect it needs adjusting how do i do this.

Under the car. Its all in the seicento technical manual which is free to download in the Downloads section. Might even be something in the Guides.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Mk2 Gear lever (White plastic Block) Bush

Hey all i have slight problem the plastic bush that hold the gearstick down on my seicento has now completely broken up into pieces my only concern is how i remove the ball joints from the gearstick and the lever connected to the plastic block as i have looked through the technical manual it try an get an idea on how to remove and refit and it only shown the gearstick that has a lift up reverse ill

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Coilpack Wiring

Hi Apologies for starting a new thread but cant find my problem so far among the many coilpackECUwiring issues... New GF means a new car to get to grips with and trying to solve an electrical (I think) problem on a 2001 seicento Sporting aka The Yellow Peril The car had been running inconsistently for a short while especially in the wet when according to GF the Peril wouldnt go over 40 and suffering

The short answer is if you trace the pink wire back from the coils it joins the pink wire to the injectors. This is the most likely fail point (at the join itself). But here are a couple of wiring diagrams from the seicento technical manual -- in the Downloads section. Coils are A30 fuel pump is N40. Dan250GTO thanked for this post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fiat seicento sporting rev counter not working.

Hi all fitted the alernator today so now the power steering works and everything else electrical works ok and the the car runs really well smooth and quiet no silly noisesover heating etc etc......but the rev counter does not work Any ideas please peeps Thanks in advance

Theres actually a rev counter doesnt work bit in the seicento technical manual free from the Downloads Library.

Originally Posted by fingers99 Theres actually a rev counter doesnt work bit in the seicento technical manual free from the Downloads Library. Cant find it

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento ventilation fan

Hi folks our fan has stopped working have checked the fuse have also checked supply to the fuse - all ok With damp mornings on the way Ill need the fan soon. Any suggestions - greatly received. Cheers Jon

Theyre under the carpet stuff in the engine compartment passenger side. Just remove that and youll see it in all its glory. There will be a diagram -- maybe evebn a trouble shooting guide -- in the seicento technical manual in the downloads library here.

Originally Posted by fingers99 Theyre under the carpet stuff in the engine compartment passenger side. Just remove that and youll see it in all its glory. There will be a diagram -- maybe evebn a trouble shooting guide -- in the seicento technical manual in the downloads library here. Thanks again Cheers Jon

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento sporting 1.1 air bag ecu

Hi all I own a w reg 1.1 seicento sporting. Where is the ecu module for the air bag unit located on this car and does any one have a pic so I know what Im looking for.

Not sure that there is an ECU as such Should be detailed to mind boggling detail in the seicento technical manual (in the downloads section).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 1.2 16v wiring conversion from 1.1 spi

Hello I Jota from Portugal and I have a wiring question anyone can tell me how I can conect the wiring from 1.2 16v punto (1998) to my original (interior) wiring (seicento 1.1 spi ) cheers

Originally Posted by ycming Unfortunately they are not . Would be good to see how this one turns out. Well same ECU same TB same master relay same Map sensor etc. etc. as Cinq Sporting. No idea where you get 3 SPI versions from I think theres only one well documented in the seicento technical manual. The biggest problem is probably finding a decent wiring diagram of the Cinq for comparison. If the

For the most part the engine loom unplugs from everything else. So if you can get hold of a Mk1 engine side wiring diagram and a Sei (in car) wiring diagram (the Sei one is in the seicento technical manual in the Downloads section) label the wires and youll get there in the end. I spent the best part of a day just labelling the loom for my Canems ECU . Take it slow test everything use connector blocks if you like before eventually soldering and heat shrinking etc.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help please..Replacing a radiator on a seicento sporting....

Hi there New here I found you completely by accident looking for info on a seicento sporting. Can anyone help please.. The rad sprung a leak and we put radweld in only to find it wasnt very successful. Now we have ordered a new radbut not quite sure how to put it inis there a Haynes manual for this car Or could someone help in giving me a run down on replacing the radiator Your help would be most appreciated. Many thanks. paxobird

This is the oldest thread Ive ever seen revived. Still someone is using the search engine........ The seicento technical manual (its huge) is free to download from the Downloads section. Edit Missed Rallycinqs post

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 new car - new problems - seicento

Hi was hoping for some help as quickly as possable I bought a seicento couple of weeks ago that had been stood for a while ran great at first but now altinator isnt charging the battery I tester battery and altinator and thought it was the battery so replaced it altinator pushing out thonk it wasd 13.8v so know that is fine car started doing same last night so I had a look best I could and the small

Replace as much as you can of the cable -- solder and heat shrink (to insulate). Wiring diagram in the seicento technical manual in the Downloads section. Alternator BTW should kick out more like 14.5v.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fiat seicento MPI gearstick floppy stuck in gear

I own an seicento MPI 2002 I was driving along changing gear when all of a sudden the gear stick went sloppy so I pulled over. When I released the clutch found it to be stuck in reverse. I checked that all ends on both cables were still connected that go to the gearbox selector from the gearstick and they were. I disconnected the ends from the gearbox and pulled both cables back and forth and both

Lots of play obvious break. See the seicento technical manual Vol 1 Section 2 Gearbox.pdf

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 alternator on a seicento suite

hi all i have to change the alternator on my daughters seicento 1.1 suite. ive read some great threads on here about douing this but just out of interest i asked a friend to look on auto data....his reply was its easy.....unless of course its got air con now oddly enough it does have aircon so before i start taking this apart does anyone know what difference aircon makes to this oppereation thanks for looking and hope someone can advise

its the seicento technical manual in 3 parts you need. cantaffordaferrari thanked for this post

Originally Posted by fingers99 its the seicento technical manual in 3 parts you need. downloading as we speak thanks for that. looks like this is probably something i dont want to do by the roadside

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Headlight Unit Removal

I have a Fiat seicento and I would like to know how to remove the front head light unit I can easily remove the light bulb but the headlight itself has got water in it so I need to replace it but I cannot find how I remove the entire unit Any advice or help would be very helpful

1 bolt through to bulkhead. Rest of the retention is down to latchesnotches which need no attention. May help to dislocate the indicator (held in place by a spring reached from the engine bay side) first. Humungous seicento technical manual available for nowt in the downloads section.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Treg fuel tank seam leak

Hi I picked up my new (T Reg) Fiat seicento Sporting on Saturday On the way home I noticed that I had a leak So after much searching I find out that the seicentos have terrible fuel tank leaks Also I noticed that seicentos built in 1999 had a recall in 2004 to replace the tanks. Do you think that I could get it replaced by FIAT if the original owner never did at recall time Also could I just seal it

Quote Do you know of any guides to do it No but there is the seicento technical manual in the Downloads Library. Most important things are probably to empty the tank as much as possible before you do it and to use plenty of a real penetrating oil (Plus Gas GT-85 etc.) on the tank retaining bolts a few days before you start. Chances are theyll shear off if you do not.

Originally Posted by fingers99 No but there is the seicento technical manual in the Downloads Library. Most important things are probably to empty the tank as much as possible before you do it and to use plenty of a real penetrating oil (Plus Gas GT-85 etc.) on the tank retaining bolts a few days before you start. Chances are theyll shear off if you do not. Great thanks guys your help is much appreciated

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Returned from storage

hi there purchased a 52 plate seicento sporting (55000 miles) last weekend which has been in storage by the previous owner for the last 3 years. need a bit of advise from the points below. i will give it a full service this week (oil filter water change spark plugs and air filter). is there anything else that will need looking at e.g. the fuel filter. also the clutch feels really stiff compared from

righto update gave my little sei a full service went fine. but then... looking to adjust the clutch cable and the end of the cable to the gearbox arm but looked on the downloadable technical manual but i dont have either in fact i have got a weird nut and a bent piece of metal as a type of a lock nut i cant figure out a way to get the nut away from the bent piece of metal and loosen it a little bit unless i keep the gearbox arm in the depressed position allowing the nut away from the arm.(BTW record indicate the fiat dealership themselves replaced the clutch cable when the previous owner had it) just wondering if anybody else have had or know about this(pic included) Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Thanks Everybody Mat   Quote   03-05-2013   7 fingers99 Get Your Own Title   Join Date Mar 2006 Location Liverpool Posts 24901 Thanks 1068 Blog Entries 3 Trader Rating 5   Re seicento Sporting Returned from storage Photo isnt that clear but you adjust at the gearbox end.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento bell housing clutch cover plates

I have bought a seicento sporting 1.1 W 2000 reg but the clutch cover plates are missing so I can see flywheel etc I dont know what the plates look like so not sure what im looking for to get replacements. Has anyone got an image drawing etc to help me out

There will be some exploded stuff in the seicento technical manual (in the downloads library). Or ePer (there are ones out there other than the forum one sometimes theyre less busy). But eurocarcare or FIAT should be able to produce just about any bolt or nut you want.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Oil Leak - With Pics.

I took my seicento on a 150 mile round trip at the weekend (motorway) this morning I noticed there were a couple of drops of engine oil on the garage floor. This is the first time it has done it but Ive only been using it to get to work (8 miles 30mph). When I get chance I plan to get it up on the ramps and have a closer look as to where it is coming from. I just wondered if this was common on the Seis and if anyone else had a similar issue.

Its free for download in the downloads section Look for seicento technical manual.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 2002 seicento sporting rev counter not working properly

hi guys and girls. im new to this site and have a 2002 seicento sporting and unfortunatley the rev counter isnt working properly. when you start the car the rev counter stays at 0rpm and when you rev it goes slowly (as only registering half the actual revs of the engine if you know what i mean) (ish). can anyone shed any kind of light on what had gone wrong with it i.e. sensor gone down or something silly any help would be appreciated cheers nick

Something silly Id think. From memory theres some diagnostics for it in the seicento technical manual (downloads library).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 899cc 5th gear whine.

Hi everyone. I have just got a v reg 2000 899cc 3door as a runabout. Body interior and engine wise it is immaculate. Every thing is OK until I change to 5th gear I then get an immediate whine that gets louder as speed increases. It is loud enough to make driving uncomfortable. I have also noticed a strange [not right] sound coming from the left side of the engine when accelerating in second gear. Not

dribbleng out. Replace plug. Chances are that a big puddle of oil will start forming where the oil has drained out again through the inner CV joint gaitor. But we live in hope. Yep the noise sounds like gearbox on its way out. If the garage can find a good replacement fine. But many have met their early death through leaking seals. Weekly gearbox oil level checks are a good idea on 899s. The Sei technical

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento diff oil leak

Speedo stopped working gears crunchie oil around inner gaitors. Got manual on CD but finding it a little hard to follow. Im guessing that I need to change bearingsseals at the differential (R & L). Looking at the manual - its a major dissmantle. Any advice welcome. Also - wheres the best place to get Fiat spare parts

Which gearbox If wet shaft type its probably beyond economic repair anyway. The seals go the oil leaks out mechanical mayhem ensues. Neither the Sei technical manual or the Cinq factory manual (let alone the Haynes or Porter books) cover the gearbox in any detail. I have seen manuals for the dry and wet shaft boxes in Dutch and Polish but they are beyond the ability of Google Translate to render into


Hi all i was just wondering if any one had found an english pdf manual I dont mind paying for it. i have found one entirely in ITALIAN........ but that doesnt help me much i did a search and all i found was some on saying go buy a haynes manual but im not so keen on them they never seem to cover what i am looking for and they are far to Generic before

I dont mind paying for it. i have found one entirely in ITALIAN........ but that doesnt help me much i did a search and all i found was some on saying go buy a haynes manual but im not so keen on them they never seem to cover what i am looking for and they are far to Generic before you tell me i dont know what im talking about........... im a technical

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