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FORD F150 overdrive light blinking

Looking for some help. I have a 5.4 with the E4OD and the overdrive light keeps blinking on me. Have taken it to local dealer three times with no long term luck. They have replaced gear inside the transfer case twice and replaced fluid due to supposed water in there swelling the gear. After 400 miles light started blinking again and took back to dealer. They put on diagnostic and found nothing wrong.

The dealership had no code Then the light was not blinking while they had it They did not offer you a flight recorder Thats how they were able to determine that a sensor was malfunctioning on my Ford.

My 01 F150 Suoercrew had the same problem. When I took it to the dealer it wasnt blinking but they did determine that the torque conventer was bad. They replaced it and it worked fine for a couple months and now its starting to shift hard again. They say thats normal... Yeah right.

I have been getting a flashing OD light for a couple months now but it only starts blinking when I go over 80-85 mph. My truck just turned 100000 miles this week. The light does not seam to affect anything. No hard shifts or anything........ after reading your comments though I suppose I shoud get it checked ASAP

On my 2002 screw I had the blinking light after I installed the shift kit. OD worked fine and didnt seem to be any problem. The kit shifted too hard to I changed the settings and reseated all the connectors etc and light went off. My understanding is it could be any multitude of problems causeing the light to flash.

FORD F150 Installed Factorytech valve body Overdrive light is blinking

I installed a Factorytech valve body into my 4R70W transmission and now the gear shift lever mounted overdrive off light is blinking. This is in a 2001 F150 Supercrew 4x4 with 5.4L engine. With the transmission dry after the valve body change I put in 10qts or Mercon V. At 10qts the thing is showing full on the dip stick while warmed up. The owners manual indicates that this thing is to take 13.9 quarts

present before the upgrade -WAY TOO hard of a shift from 1 to 2 (this must be fixed) -Very nice shift from 2-3 and 3-OD (quick and expected firmness) -Very nice upshifting when accelerating -11quarts of Mercon V ATF -a little sticking with the manual shift lever between N and D (I noticed this on the VB before I installed as well but figured it would work itself in. -And of coursethe blinking overdrive

Mike at MadEnterprise was nice enough to loan me a replacement so I could tear this thing apart and reinstall. Status blinking OD LED There was a plug inside next to the gear selector that did not seat all the way. Make sure you audibly here click on both of the plugs. If not look at the contacts and make sure they are bent in enough to MAKE GOOD contact. Hard 1-2 shift (vehicle rattling) put the stock

NISSAN SENTRA Overdrive light blinking

I own 2007 Nissan Sentra with 70k miles on it. The overdrive light blinksflashes constantly as I drive. The faster I accelerate the faster the OD light blinks and the car jerks as well but when I hold the overdrive button constant the light goes off and the jerking stops. I have recently changed the transmission fluid with CVTNS-2 but I have still not found any solution. One other bad effect I have

FORD F150 Overdrive light blinking

Does or has anyone had this happen to their truck before I was driving around on Friday night when all of a sudden the overdrive light starting to blink off and on and did it until I was able to shut the truck off and restart it. Then it happened agian on Saturday but no dealerships are open then for service so I just restarted it and it worked fine. When the light is blinking it seems that the transmission

My Windstar had the same sensor fail three times. Each time with the blinking OD light. The sensor was cheap enough (about 40) but the labor was 120. Was told I couldnt slap it on myself because of all the computer settings. Each time it failed after the 12K warranty. This last one has held up about 30K. This particular sensor caused no shift and I was stuck in first. Not fun.

Well guess what it happened agian...overdrive light is blinking agian after driving it since the previous time they reset the code on the tranny. Happened last night under a hard acceleration when trying to merge onto the interstate. Getting sick of this and dropping the truck off until they fix it right this time....Oh yeah and also having the regional Ford representative looking at the truck on Wednesday of this week...guess that it couldnt have happened at a better time. O) or is it O(

Well to keep you guys updated...it turns out that it is the 1-2 shift cylinoid that has went out of the tranny. Must have been going out the first time that the trany light started blinking and now it really went out completely. lightninstruck- Thanks for the information it will help not only me but a lot of people in the future. Dang I wish that I had a lightning

my 2003 lightning is having this problem with the overdrive light blinkingbut it seems like all i have is second and reverse gear..

FORD F150 Blinking Overdrive Light

Has anyone had this problem before. I went to Fayetteville NC today thats about 80 miles from my house. When I got near my destanation I noticed that my overdrive light on my shifter was blinking on and off. I could not get it to stop. When I got to where I was going and turned the truck off and back on it was back to normal. When I got ready to return home it stayed off for about 30 mins then it started

Start here blinking OD light and P0713 Code Go get it scanned if you dont have the means your trans is trying to tell you something fix it before it gets way out of hand

your tranny is going The light just started blinking in my 2001 Super Duty which I plow with it started shifting really hard and didnt want to go into overdrive so I took it to a tranny shop and thats what they said it does when its going

my 98 was blinking when i got over 115 kmhr and then started to clunk when taking off from a set of lights. When i checked my transfer case fluid level it was very low and the rear seal on the tc was leaking bad. I changed the seal and changed the fluid and so far that seams to have fixed the problem....hopefully your problem is as simple as mine was... good luck.

I have a 97 with the e40d and mine does the exact same thing. I took it too a friends dads tranny shop and he had the truck all day he drove it scanned it and couldnt find anything wrong with the tranny so my guess is its the TQ converter because it seems when im in overdrive it would slip and the rpm will go up 3 to 400 rpms and then back down and thats when the light turns on. Oh and its been like this for the past 5 months now and nothings gotten worse

FORD F150 overdrive light blinking

I have a 2002 4.6 l f150 xlt 4x4 today I was driving my truck car pooled wright out in front of me I had to hit the brakes really hard now the overdrive off on light is blinking what would cause that Thanks in advance Ralph

If the overdrive light is blinking then your transmissions overdrive isnt working for some reason.

FORD F150 OverDrive Light Blinking - No OBD II codes - Suggestions

Need Help.. Doing a search has told me that the overdrive light blinking also serves the same function for the transmission as the Check Engine light does for the engine.. I hooked up my OBD II kit to my truck last night but there were no codes to pull.. I plan to check the tranny fluid level tonight once I can get to a level parking lot (my driveway is a pretty good hill).. Any suggestions on additional

AjRagno- No major symptoms but I have noticed a harder than normal downshift a couple times.. spridel- I have driven the truck 4 times since I first had the problem.. The light starts continuously blinking after about 5-10 minutes of driving.. No specific noticable event seems to trigger the problem but like I said it has happened 4 times now.. Thanks for the feedback so far Let me know if you have any additional thoughts

I had this exact problem started with the light blinking and then started to notice hard downshifts. it was the internal harness and temp sensor. make sure you have the filter replaced while they have the pan down. Also have them drain the TC and you will have a complete service for the priceof an extra 5 qts of fluid. frank

One thing that I noticed on the drive home tonight - the overdrive light does not start blinking until I get to about 45-50mph which is when the transmission shifts into OD (4th gear).. No noticeable problems with with the tranny in OD but that is when the light comes on.. I was beginning to think that the problem went away but it turns out that because there was so much traffic (keeping the speed

Quote Originally posted by smcconaghie One thing that I noticed on the drive home tonight - the overdrive light does not start blinking until I get to about 45-50mph which is when the transmission shifts into OD (4th gear).. No noticeable problems with with the tranny in OD but that is when the light comes on.. I was beginning to think that the problem went away but it turns out that because there

NISSAN MAXIMA Overdrive Light Blinking

I noticed that my overdrive light is blinking after I turn the car on. I didnt get a chance to count the number or duration yet but I was curious if anyone knows what the problem may be. Thank you

blinking OD light indicated a problem with the transmission have your codes checked immediately. Do not continue to drive the car until you find out what the problem is. - Scott

i just tried to start the car everything went fine and there were no blinking lights

OD light is blinking 16 short bursts right after I start the car what does this mean

FORD F150 1-2 Shift Error - Overdrive light blinking... 2700

Since Ive had the truck the shift from 1 to 2 had a brief delay. I asked some people about this and the general concensus was well wait til it gets worse. 1 week ago my OD light started flashing. When I am slowing down from 55 to 0 at around 15-5 mph it will shift hard (downshifting here). But when I start up the truck and before the OD light starts to flash the downshifting is fine. Only when the

its just silly. It runs PERFECT until the light starts blinking. When the light starts blinking it shifts hard when slowing down. (between 1-2 I think)

Quote Originally Posted by BLUE20004X4 Keith seems like the 1-2 accumulator spring might be . yeah but that wouldnt cause the OD light to start blinking would it My truck Im pretty sure had a shot 1-2 accumulator spring but it drove fine (other than the hard upshift) with no flashing lightscodes

FORD F150 Overdrive Light Blinking

I got this issue and need to know some opinions I was driving my truck for about 20 miles and suddendly the overdrive light started to blink. I stopped the truck and turn it off and started again. The light turned off. After a few seconds it started again (to blink). I continued without paying attention to it. But I noticed that when Im starting to stop the truck the trans. change to a lower gear. When I accelerate it works normal but when Im stopping it shifts to a lower gear.

The blinking is telling you that you have a transmission problem. Resetting the computer might shut off the light until the problem recurs but it wont fix the problem.

I have a 95 Windstar. Dont know about newer models but in 1995 transmission codes were not trapped by the computer. The light had to be flashing at the time of diagnosis. A flashing OD light is an indication of a problem. The transmission has 11 different sensors on it. If a sensor goes bad a problem may be felt immediately only at certain speeds or not at all depending on which sensor went bad. This

Quote Originally posted by Raoul This was a tough problem to figure out for my van because like many of you when I shut it down the light stopped blinking and all the dealer could do was shrug his shoulders. Thats because that dealer is stupid. The code remains in memory for about a month after the light stops flashing.

Quote Originally posted by jpdadeo Raoul what was the function of the sensor they replaced Nothing was wrong with the transmission itself right The van wouldnt shift. I was running 5000 RPM and doing 30 mph on level ground. The OD light was blinking. It was flatbedded to the dealer. When it was unloaded and started it ran fine no light. This happened twice. The second time I limped home and the next

FORD F150 2005 f150 overdrive light blinking

my overdrivwe light just started blinking i scanned for trouble code and came up with P0712-Trans fluid temp sen ckt low input anyone know what this means Is it my temp sensor that bad Thanks for the help.

FORD F150 Blinking Overdrive Light

I was on my way home tonight and my od off light started blinking I have never seen this before. I just got my xcal2 in 2 days ago and installes the 87 perf. tune. Any help on this would be greeatly appreciated. Thanks

yes i do believe it would be masking a bigger problem ive owned two sephias and with both of them the tranny went at around 120kms. the early symptoms were the flashing of the od light then the od light and flashing CEL then blown tranny

trannytransmission if the od light is flashing theres a code in the system usually this is accompanied by a check engine light but sometimes its not.

It will NOT IN ANYWAY HARM YOUR CAR TO CLEAR THE CODES. If there is a problem it will come right back blinking. Or stay off if it was just a quick fault sometiems does happen. Do as you said remove the battery cable try to start it turn everything on then back off reinstall start car take it for a spin. Let it idle for a few minutes before driving. If it starts blinking again get it scanned. Autozone and advanced does it free except in CA.

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