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BMW SERIES 5 E39 Has anyone seen this before

today i was in the car with my parents and im listening to my ipod when i see a ford five hundred or something like that to the right at first i didnt pay attention to it until i saw the front bumper which looked very familiar and then the ford passed and i saw the back bumper and i was shocked. look at this pictures and tell me who ford stole their idea from

and 1986 Audi 80 . [3] Whilst in charge of the Audi Munich Design Studio he worked with J Mays on the 1991 Audi Avus Quattro concept car which previewed a geometrical style as well as the extensive use of aluminium. His last position at Audi was the Head of Interior Design where he oversaw and developed the first generation Audi TT interior. [4] General Motors In 1997 he moved to General Motors opel

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 WOT Travel Plans Anyone from Bucharest

Finalizing travel plans for this spring. Anyone on the board from Romania Bucharest is one of the cities Im traveling to.

(I suppose). 2. Avoid the southern and northern districts of Bucharest an apartment in the mid-center area should be reasonable the center is way too expensive though. 3. Rental companies are quite many in Bucharest the deposits are between 200-300 euros and the fee should be between 30-65 euros per day for a non-luxurious car (Dacia Logan or Solenza Daewoo Matiz or Nexia (Cielo) Citroen Picasso opel

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BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Going to Germany tips for driving the RING (thats Nurburgring)

Im going to be making a business trip to Germany that will include a good deal of play. I have my mind set on driving the Ring (Nurburgring) but I need some advice. I want to rent a track-car from httpwww.rent-racecar.de but I cant read the website and translating the text did me no good. I need to know rental-rates. From what I can make out there are full and halfday rentals Can anyone shed some

Almost all major rental car companies prohibt usage on the ring and have varing penalites if caught. For me Id rather have a slightly more competent than the opel zafira Diesel rental I have at the moment. Im not going to time myself or push anywhere near the cars or my limits but I will drive at a spirited rate. Im renting the 320si from rent.racecar.de the week after next so Ill post a note for how


Hibr br Anybody out there have the Command Nav system and the Motorala Timeport phone w voice control in their C Class I have a C320 (7500 miles so far - love it) and am considering making these additions. Any comments Worth the price (close to 4K)br br Thanksp

Yes command CAN be added. It is quitebr expensive and requires lot of work butbr it is definitely doable.br br Look at www.megacomm.de it is in german butbr these guys are professionals in aftermarketbr COMAND installations. They are even able tobr put it into ANY car not just Mercedes (ivebr seen opel zafira and some Ford with COMAND)br br Buying head unit off the dealer would bebr of course extremely

KIA PICANTO Newbie With Kia Picanto

Hi Periwinkle here - new to the forum. I have recently acquired a New Kia Picanto in Black it is a 1.1 and I find it very sluggish compared to my 1.25 Zetec Fiesta I used to own. I am a little disappointed as I really enjoy driving and we live in a very hilly area. I get frustrated when the revs are up to 4 when I am only trying to go up a fairly minor hill in 3rd gear. Any suggestions apart from change

powerful. This gave a HPweight ratio which I won&39t get in a similar mini car today. However I still think that a (relatively) modern car as the Picanto is a good compromise between horse power torque and lowest possible engine size. No personal experience with 7-seaters but have asked 2 colleagues thanks to your request. One has a brand new Toyota Corolla Verso 1.6-16V and the other an opel

FIAT MULTIPLA multipla on top gear

Its going to be making an appearance this series going by their montage Its burnt orange

Originally Posted by pete123 Funny u say all this Ive just brought a 1.6 zafira elegance w reg opel version never new fiat had there hands in it though Pete Next time you open the bonnet of any saab diesel whip off the crappy plastic cover and the markings in casting of the engine block are also fiat . Fiat Diesel are in all the 9-3s and 9-5s 120bhp is a Fiat engine the 150bhp is a Alfa engine again owned by Fiat . other swedish brand Volvo has not been a Volvo since 1998.

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