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mercedes vito starter relay BENZ CLASS V 638/2
mercedes vito starter relay BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 2004 Starter Relay

Hi new on here and after some advice My 54 plate vito has just developed a starting problem the ignition turns on and lights all come on as they should but will not crank (fire starter motor) Ive tried the spare keys check all the fuses swapped the relays in the fuse board and all seems ok I have checked the starter motor by putting a direct feed to the solenoid and with the key in the cranked position

Hi Im having the same problem please someone help my vito has been to 3 different garages and auto electrics and still no joy this must have happened to someone else and its got to be a easy fix but just undescovable.

Problem found the wiring to the solenoid had a melt down near the fuse board.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 2002 108cdi starter relays

Help Can anyone tell me where exactly where the starter relays might be so that I can swap them over to test them My battery is strong but on turning the ignition it just clicks once and the starter motor does not turn. The AA guy (who turned up 10 minutes after I called) push-started the vehicle ok but said it was the starter. It might be but Id like to check out the relays first. Are there also any

have a look at this httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsv-cl...metimes-2.html

Thank you very much for the thread HarryHardHat - best information I replaced the starter motor on Friday and not only did the problem disappear but the engine turned over twice as quickly with the new unit. This I thought was a good indication that a knackered starter motor was the cause. But I am aware that the relay in the starting system can be a problem and that even with a new motor it could

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito starter motor removal

Hi my 638 is occasionally not starting. Here is what happens Turn key Dash lights come on (as normal) then nothing (starter motor not kicking in). If i repeat that several times it will eventually start. I think that the starter motor may need replacing or it could be a dodgy contact in the key barrel. Last night i had a look to see if i could access the electical connector on the starter mortor

Oops just thought Id look at your other posts & Ive found another thread where you say you fixed a relay power problem (which I assume was for this same fault - I havent read all your posts yet). So maybe that is my answer. But on the other hand it sounds like it may be a different fault to mine with similar symptons. Im not sure that if it was a fault with my relay that the starter would suddenly

That way Ill get the chance to try out what is probably the easiest of the checks which I havent tried yet bypassing the power relay as described in the other thread. Ive mentioned this fault a couple of times while Ive been at different local garages over the months & without actually looking at it they both said it sounds like the starter motor - though they obviously dont know about this vitos

Gday all. Malcolm Ive got a 2008 model Z750 its a great bike (bright orange) heaps more reliable than a merc vito. Ben Z I just wanted to let you know what i think was happening with my van a year ago. I had an issue where intermittently my van would not turn over. I would turn they key and just hear a click under the passenger seat (AU version). I got a cheap replacement starter motor off ebay swapped-it-in

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 My vito eats fan belts and starter motor problems

Hi Since last year and a change of alternator my vito 108d 98 keeps eating fan belts five so far. Ive changed the pulley shockabsober and after a month with a new belt it sheds the belt. Shedding of the belt happens in minutes without notice and then finally it comes off is the belts themselves or do I need to change the pulley or anything else. Also with the starter motor sometimes I go to start and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Starter problem

Hello My 1996 113 vito let me down yesterday. I stopped to fill up with petrol and when I turned the key to restart the dashboard etc lit up but the starter did not turn. I managed to get it going by shorting the signal terminal to the 12V terminal (both on the starter motor). This leads me to think that the motor and solenoid are ok and the problem is electrical - somewhere between the key switch

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 1999 Vito 113 PetrolAutomatic will not turn over

Hello Everyone I have been intensely reading this forum and individual threads which describe similar symptoms to mine but I have seemingly tried checked anything that I have learnt to no avail. I will be having this car towed to a private mechanic (not dealer) who will hopefully isolate the fault and get my van back on the road. However I thought I would ask the question if anyone may know if I have

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108cdi (2004) w638 Will not start

Ok firstly new member so Hi from Australia Bought my vito about a week ago and has been starting and running fine. I did notice the glow plug light (when ignition is on) only comes on for less than 2secs goes out engine starts light comes back on for about 1min. BUT the other night the engine failed to start (and unfortunately had to get it towed to a friends place nearby). It has battery power engine

it will spin but no fire put battery on charge for a few hours (while still connected to vehicle ) re bled fuel line (vacum pump on return line ) to get all the air out changed the o rings in the pressure reg ( thing that lives at the gear box end of the fuel rail) checked cleaned all plugs and wires that i moved got local diagnostic guy over to check codes and fuzes he could not read the ecu mercedes

it will spin but no fire put battery on charge for a few hours (while still connected to vehicle ) re bled fuel line (vacum pump on return line ) to get all the air out changed the o rings in the pressure reg ( thing that lives at the gear box end of the fuel rail) checked cleaned all plugs and wires that i moved got local diagnostic guy over to check codes and fuzes he could not read the ecu mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito electric starting problem-urgent help please

The van is a 2001 mercedes vito 110cdi. The past few days i would turn keywait for glowplug light then turn keythere would be a few seconds of silence before van would burst into life. Since yesterday it will not startjust a clicking noise from two relays under the passenger seat. Aa tested battery hit starter with hammer few times then jump started van diagnosed starter motor. starter motor has been

Right looked at your guide and am going to get circuit tester now. So far things replaced.... starter motortwo starter relaysclutch switchimmobiliser de-activated. Baterry has plenty of charge and been tested. Will let you know how I get on with your by pass. Looks the only way other then that Im thinking of running a cable from negative on battery to an earthing point in engine.....

Right had my mate whose an electrician testing the relayshe came to same conclusion as your electrician Harry. The positive feed was getting there but the switch was not activatinghe took relay fuse out and using some 4mm house wire held it on positive battery and held into one of the positive on relay boardit starter engine but was also still feeding starter once started we then went frm battery to

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108 cdi Immobiliser

Im having some issues finding the immobilizer in that I cant find it. Is it supposed to be behind the dash cluster on the drivers side (RHD) sliding in a little bracket because if it is I have a piece of foam block there with a plug nearby that is black and square. Also my key doesnt look like it has a chip in it. So would it be likely that my vito doesnt have an immobilizer in it I need to find these to send it away for repairsdiagnostics. Thanks Stevie

hi all one for martin if thats ok...... hi all the drama i have continues in a short version.... drove vehicle to my work shop stopped it replaced 4 washers under injectors reassembled and tried to start .... it will spin but no fire put battery on charge for a few hours (while still connected to vehicle ) re bled fuel line (vacum pump on return line ) to get all the air out changed the o rings in the pressure reg ( thing that lives at the gear box end of the fuel rail) checked cleaned all plugs and wires that i moved got local diagnostic guy over to check codes and fuzes he could not read the ecu fuzes ok he could not read the ecu and as we tried to start it again will spin and with some engine start down the intake will run with starter still operating or with engine start it seems that we are not getting any pulse to the solinoids ontop of the injectors while cranking removed the immobliser box and got it checked with the key all ok has the ECU died also is there another box or relay there where is it what is a dme relay where the hadies does that live i really am at my wits end and the petrol can a lighter and a rag seems so apealing but its a customers car and i cant.... any one help mercedes benz vito cdi110 year 2000 built for asian market in spain chassis no vsa638 ....

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 The chip fat vito 108D conversion

HI chaps...ive been looking into this veg oil conversion for a while and saved up enuf &163 to convert my 108D traveliner....thought it might be useful to keep a sort of diary blog. Apoloigies its on another forum (i moderate it so easier for me to do it there) but hopefully you will find it useful and informative in these times of &1631.10 a litre VWKD - VW Camper and Beetle Conversion from aircooled

remain protected with only short runs outside of the loom. It also gives more flexibility to locate wires where they are needed. The worse bit....running the loom for the dash controller....first i decided on a location then removed a million pieces of plastic and then drilled a hole in the bulkhead coming out near the relays....this is the most awkward and time consuming part if you have a vito

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 110cdi wont crank unless glow plug lights on

my vito 110 cdi wont start unless the glow plug light comes on (you can hear the relay click in the engine bay) iv checked the batstarter motor there both working fine they were new in September anyway... when you turn the key the van does nothing i have to turn it about 20 ish times then the glow plug light clicks on then it starts.. then i turn it off staright away to try again & it either happens


Happy new year everybody. First post for a while Ive been having an intermittant problem with the starter motor circuit on my 638 vito where I appear not getting a feed to the starter. Ive changed the starter & the ignition switch both seemed to have cured the problem for a while. The biggest problem is getting the problem to last long enough for me to test the circuit..... Ive been through the wiring

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 dodgy starter

Hi Chaps Does the w reg 110 cdi have a starter moter relay Blew a conrod through the block of my motor and have since fitted another motor but now the starter just clicks as if the battery is flat (its tested and okay) thought the starter had maybe been burnt out when the AA retard tried to start the van before they would recover me even though i pointed out that a conrod was hanging out of the rather

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108CDI - will not crank sometimes

Hi Im having an intermitant problem trying to start my van. Normally it fires into life straight away. But occassionaly when i turn the key to start my van nothing happens it dosent even try to crank over nothing. On the few occasions that this has happend I have been able to try the key again it has started. would this be a sign that my starter mortor is on the way out or does this sound like a problem with the battery or someting else cheers

battery is good. I was thinking it might be a relay under the seat that could be part of the starter wiriing or does this only apply to Auto transmissions (mine van is a manual).

This is exactly the fault I had . Followed the photos above although my vito a 2002 220CDI Auto looked different around the Battery fuse box area. Firstly the starter relay in my wagon is black and is the relay closest to the Passenger door (RHD vehicle). The wire is still yellow and black. Cut it further back in the loom fitted an eye terminal and connected straight to the battery. This does not

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito will not start

Hi im new to these forums. I am well aware that there are already topics about this problem but none of them have really offered me the answer i have been looking for. The problem i have is this when i put the key in and turn it the engine will not even turn over. I hear a click but then nothing. This is an intermitent problem and most of the time the 2nd or 3rd turn of the key starts it but over the

Hi ya looking through the wiring diagram the one thing it does show is that the immobiliser is wired through the glow plug relay and uses the glow plug light as an indicator that its doing its stuff. Have you noticed anything different with the glow plug light when it wont start as opposed to when it will. The other thing that is on my mind is a knackered starter or wiring fault to the starter. Do

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito mk1 cdi wont start sometimes

ive got a 2002 108 cdi this has been going on a while now and just lived with it but now its got really bad and have to bump start it sometimes to get it running other times you just put the key in and get dash lights but doesnt turn over till a few times of flicking the keyim thinking just replace the starter motor but has any one come across this before thanks in advance

Ive had this problem too. Only happens on very cold or damp mornings. ive changed the starter motor the original one was sluggish still did it. I noticed if i held the key in the crank position for up to 10 seconds it would start to crank. I changed the ignition barrel & lead & the starter lead from the battery as the terminal was corroded. Still does it. Checked the wiring diagram & found there is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito will not start from cold

I write in husband is baffled as to why his vito van CDI 109 will not start when cold. Its 3 years old and hasnt had the problem previously - it almost appears to be an intermittant fault. Infact it has been an excellent vehicle. The ignition key is turned - once light goes out - turned further and there is nothing at all. After a few attempts of turning the key - it normally

New starter motor. Cleaning and lubricating the starter motor solenoid and related mechanism could help temporarily. If it does start occasionally it is not the starter relay or the starter relay fuse.

Quote Originally Posted by Diesel Benz New starter motor. Cleaning and lubricating the starter motor solenoid and related mechanism could help temporarily. If it does start occasionally it is not the starter relay or the starter relay fuse. Thanks for the info.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 109 wont start when below freezing.

Hi folks Had a vito 109 since last year and its been great up and till now. As soon as it drops below freezing I put the key in and turn it and all the lights come on as they would normally but when turning to start position the start motor doesnt turn or click or anything. Ive tried putting power straight to the starter motor and that works fine. I wondered if there might be a relay or something thats freezing up. Hope someone can help

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 112 2.2 tdi 2002 - wont start - help

I have a vito 112 (Diesel). When you turn the key no starter motor no start. Lights OK dash OK no warnings. Battery fully charged good connections etc. starter motor OK. If you dont wait for the glow plug light to go out and go straight to start as soon as key is in the starter starts to turn then engine start. Its an intermittent fault and its very annoying I cant risk taking the bus out

Hello Nige Im having a similar problem according to the wiring diagram ive got there is a relay that stops the engine cranking when the engine is running. Its controlled by the ECM this sees that the engine isnt running energises the relay to allow the starter circuit to work. Ive got the relay to change but I cant find it anywhere on the van Theres no regular pattern to the problem but its always cranked (& started) after a couple of mins of switching the ignition key on & off. Ugly

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Starting issues - Driving me nuts

Hi Guys I have just bought a 2000 108CDi and I have a problem when it comes to starting it. I will go to the van turn the key and it will start no problems. I can then turn it off and it wont start again for ages. What happens is this key in turn to position 2 all lights come on as usual turn to position 3 and nothing no clicking just nothing. I will then leave it for a bit or either keep trying and

Quote Originally Posted by tog21 Hi Thanks for the reply mate. I have been doing this as a rule but it just keeps giving me the same problem. I went out to the van now after it being parked for 2 hours and it did the same thing. put the key in waited for the plug light to go off try to start and nothing. Not turning over at all. All the interior lights indicators etc work as I tried them. But I know

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 99 Vito 110 Starting problems

Hi.. Its one thing after another i just had the van serviced new oil and all the filters replaced it hasnt had a proper long drive since. Tonight after fitting some new speakers and some sound proofing (Thanks darkside) i went to fire her up to take her for a spin and see what difference having bigger speakers and 12 the rear insulated made.. Turn key to position 2 and wait for the glow-plug light

Sounds like the solenoid give the starter motor a few belts see if starts then you say a clicking sound is it a relay clicking or does it sound like the may need someone to turn the key while you listen up front.....for safety sake make sure its in gear and youre standing in front of the van on a cliff edge... Definately the question....the old one isnt holding its charge get a new one.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Diaries - Week 10

So anyway..... Just thought Id update you all on how things are going and post some pics. Catchup Bought the van is September as a project to eventually convert into a camperdayvan. Will keep this updated as the build progresses. Its going to be slow though going though as I cant get the buggerance (as it is now known) into the garage so light and rain limit time spent (much ot the relief of the gf).

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 108cdi problem

Hello friends I buy mercedes vito 108 Cdi from singapore I received car and tring to start but wont start write displaying start error. Could you please help me Thanking Advance

wouldnt say i lost all faith in him but i did mutter to the wife he aint got a clue WRONG Just as the word clue was leaving my mouth I heard the engine start The guy(fantastic mechanic at this point) had got the sense to check where the house keys had travelled and found that one of the afforementioned relays have been knocked loose by the keys MORAL - definately checkout these relays if your vito

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 313cdi wont crank on reds

under my driver seat is the starter relay the purple wire going to the relay has no power even on reds or off the reds the only way i can start the spinter is by sending 12v power to the purple wire which them sends power to the starter then the injection pump whats causing this any ideas would be great help.

Thank you Guru. I have had an intermittant starter fault on the vito which I traced to said relay. The relay pulls over on position 2 but flickers as soon as position 3 selected hence no current to the starter. I tried a new relay which behaved exactly the same then worked out that both sides of the relay coil are connected to the ECU (CR) one terminal showing 12ish V with respect to ground the other

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 I have been looking for you guys for months

Hi This may sound strange but I have been looking for you guys for months. Let me explain. I bought myself a vito 112CDI a few months back with plans to make some minor mods and use the van as an overnight van with my mountain bike and windsurfs. I have spent hours and hours trawling the internet for good resources of information but have found few. From what I can see on this forum my mods will be

I have found the previous post on fitting a single passenger seat (Should have checked before posting i know) so am sorted there. I am however looking at fitting a leisure battery and split charge system and could do with a little info here. I have chosen to fit a voltage sensing relay unit to provide split charge to the starter battery and the additional leisure battery. They units have an Amps rating and I dont know what rating I require. Can anyone tell me what rating I need for my X Reg vito 112CDI alternator Thanks in advance Tim

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 1999 e300 100k maintenance

past the 100k mark now on the e300 diesel. what big service is needed timing chain tranny service for sure ...

is attached to one of the lines. If you can run biodiesel a few tanks will clean out the tank the injectors and injection pump but will almost be guaranteed to clog the filters with crud built-up in the tank. Be aware most of the fuel lines are not high % biodiesel tolerant (i.e. B50 and B99) and this needs to be kept to a few tankfulls or replace with non-OEM fuel lines that are higher spec (vitonFlourocarbon

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fitting a leisure battery

Im in the process of putting a leisure battery in my 2002 110cdi vito. So far ive bought lots of electrical stuff but now need a bit of advice putting it all together My plan is to put in 110amp Leisure battery and conect it to the starter battery via a VSR (Voltage Sensitive relay). Ive got a fuse box to run lights cig lighter for fridge and poss a voltage sensor. Ill also want to run a heater in

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