mercedes vito signal relay

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mercedes vito signal relay BENZ CLASS V 638/2
mercedes vito signal relay BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito brake lights - relay

Hi Both my rear brake lights are not working (not ideal) - it is deffinitly not the bulbs pretty sure it isnt the switch and my friend tells me he had something similar with his VW and it turned out to be the relay. Only problem is I have no idea which relay controls the brake lights (if indeed there is one). It is a RHD 108D 1998. Any help would be appreciated. Kev

What vito do you have If you have a W638 then it could be a relay. Things are a little more complicated in the W639 as its all controlled by the signal aquisition module (SAM) Adam.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito starter motor removal

Hi my 638 is occasionally not starting. Here is what happens Turn key Dash lights come on (as normal) then nothing (starter motor not kicking in). If i repeat that several times it will eventually start. I think that the starter motor may need replacing or it could be a dodgy contact in the key barrel. Last night i had a look to see if i could access the electical connector on the starter mortor

Gday all. Malcolm Ive got a 2008 model Z750 its a great bike (bright orange) heaps more reliable than a merc vito. Ben Z I just wanted to let you know what i think was happening with my van a year ago. I had an issue where intermittently my van would not turn over. I would turn they key and just hear a click under the passenger seat (AU version). I got a cheap replacement starter motor off ebay swapped-it-in

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Starter problem

Hello My 1996 113 vito let me down yesterday. I stopped to fill up with petrol and when I turned the key to restart the dashboard etc lit up but the starter did not turn. I managed to get it going by shorting the signal terminal to the 12V terminal (both on the starter motor). This leads me to think that the motor and solenoid are ok and the problem is electrical - somewhere between the key switch

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Glow plug relay removal and fitting - whos done it

Hello all Having purchased a replacement glow plug timerrelay... I want to go about fitting it myself. Ive located the relay found the wires BUT want to double check before attempting to fit myself. Who has done this before Is there a particular order in which to take the plugs to the relay out Does the battery NEED to be disconnected before its removed An engineer I work with says it shouldnt need

Hey guys (sad defeated hey there) Well Ive spent an entire evening going through all the options I listed. At first I got kind of excited because the relay timer didnt switch over for a good 20 seconds after the van started.. then it did. A few adjustments here and there and I eventually gave upin. I found 1 wire which appears to dissapear to nowhere which had a clear plug that the spades were falling out of.. sorted that out... still no joy The closest Ive got is when the light went out for about 4 seconds once the van had started That was an exciting moment But no... I really havent got a clue what to do now apart from check all the wiring to the ECUpower supply to relay. I am STILL convinced that its not a glow plug (even though they could be nackerd) because theres no signal return from the plugs themselves. The relay will send the current regardless of whats on the other end nothing will fire back up that wire... Ah I suppose its time to call it a day give in and give up. Ill get my mechanic guy to check each plug with a multimeter soon... figure out if and how many plugs have gone. You might be wondering why Im all that botherd in this climate... well yes BUT Im using and intentionally bought the vito to transport my life to Sweden next march... (might be anything DOWN to -25 degrees then)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 w639 mercedes vito headlight flashing

hi everyone the left side off my headlight comes on when switched on then goes off and then comes on approx every 5secs then off ive changed bulb no good any idea sounds like relay problem thanks

Unfortuantely theres no relay for the headlights - its all transistor controlled via the signal Aquisition Module (or SAM) which lives on the RHS in the box under the bonnet. I suggest you trace the wiring all the way to the SAM if its still going wrong then you might have to get the Star diagnosis on it or alternatively do some rewiring (via an automotive relay) from your other (good) headlight.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 280SL K-Jet and Ignition conversion to Megasquirt write up

This write-up will describe how I changed the old Bosch K-Jet fuel system on my 280SL -85 to a modern EFI-system and it will probably also work on the older Bosch D-Jet system. I will try to cover as much as possible regarding our engines when it comes to different options and installations but in the end anyone planning to build and installing a MegaSquirt EFI system will require that you do some

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Eberspacher upgrade

Having had a little flick through the WIS last night I came across some interesting information..... Apparently MB do an upgrade kit for the Eberspacher Diesel Heater to a full Auxillary Heater. Kit basically consists of wiring loom control unit and thermostattimer. Has anybody bought or succesfully fitted one of these or otherwise managed to upgrade their diesel heater Im loathe to shell out 400 on

The controller fitted to the roof is for the standalone auxillary heater. There were 2 versions of this auxilary heater An upgrade for the EsparEberspacher D5wz Hydronic Water Heater that is fitted as standard to all CDI vitosV - Class or an EsparEberspacher D2 Airtronic Airheater although I suspect the latter was only part of the Westfalia camper version. There were several different combinations

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W639 Electrical issue - Fusebox got wet

HI I have a vito 109 W639. I was pressure cleaning the engine bay and the lid for the electrical box popped off and took in a fair bit of water. It seemed fine but when i moved it the horn started beeping intermittently and the engine stopped. I took the connectors off the ECU that sits in front of the fuserelay block and they were full of water so i blew the connectors and the ECU receptacles dry

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Can you see whats missing in this picture...

Can you see whats missing.... Yes its the distributor. Removed the distributor since its not used anymore the megasquirt controlled ignition works perfect and when I mesured the milage oddly enough the fuel consumption has decreased 10-15% Full tank and drove 200km (125miles) filled the car up again and could only fill 20L. Maby a short trip but its a good sign since I havent really tuned the ignition-table yet.

but that will be after the summer... The cost for new parts(assembled kit inside the parentheses) MegaSquirt-II(ver.3.0) Engine Management System 260(420) MegaSquirt relay Board 64(88) cable for connecting MS ECU to relay Board 75 36-1 Trigger Wheel 25 3 Bosch BIP373 coil driver transistor 8 each IGN-6 Six-Tower Coil Pack 75 GM CoolantIntake Air Temp Sensor 17.75 Trigger sensor (from a mecedes vito


Right this is a long sorry tale which Ill be brief with.... if I can. I decided to replace the backing plates on the rear wheels last year it was an MOT advisory and they were in horrendous condition. Cost 4 for the plates from the dealership. Anyway I have a mate who works for the MOD and I struck a deal with a guy who works there to underseal my van with the amazing tank and aircraft underseal in

of momentary switches (push to make non-latching) to achieve the same thing. I see no reason why you cannot do the same thing..... a ve lead through a fuse to a momentary switch to the motor and then ground. the momentary switch stops you keeping power on too long and burning out the motor (a problem with electric aerials).... all you need is a supply of DC rated push button switches..... most vito

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