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mercedes vito relays BENZ CLASS V 638/2
mercedes vito relays BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 2002 108cdi starter relays

Help Can anyone tell me where exactly where the starter relays might be so that I can swap them over to test them My battery is strong but on turning the ignition it just clicks once and the starter motor does not turn. The AA guy (who turned up 10 minutes after I called) push-started the vehicle ok but said it was the starter. It might be but Id like to check out the relays first. Are there also any

have a look at this httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsv-cl...metimes-2.html

Thank you very much for the thread HarryHardHat - best information I replaced the starter motor on Friday and not only did the problem disappear but the engine turned over twice as quickly with the new unit. This I thought was a good indication that a knackered starter motor was the cause. But I am aware that the relay in the starting system can be a problem and that even with a new motor it could

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2003 Vito 112 Foglight Relays

Have vehicle back after replacement of Intercooler Radiator etc. Have found front fog lights OOS. Globes test OK Fuse OK where to go to next Can anyone shed light on which relay is involved Thanks in advance. A wiring diagram would be tops. Rob K

Check the wiring connections inside the front wings bit of a bitch to get had similar trouble with dip lights a couple of years ago electrical connection spray done the job for me.

Thanks for the reply. Ive crawled all over this machine however I cannot track down which relays are related to the lights. Globes OK Fuse OK however not juice at the fuse or globe socket. My REST heater is also not circulating coolant so Im wondering if there is a common supply gone. Regards Rob K

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 The chip fat vito 108D conversion

HI chaps...ive been looking into this veg oil conversion for a while and saved up enuf &163 to convert my 108D traveliner....thought it might be useful to keep a sort of diary blog. Apoloigies its on another forum (i moderate it so easier for me to do it there) but hopefully you will find it useful and informative in these times of &1631.10 a litre VWKD - VW Camper and Beetle Conversion from aircooled

good idea - why didnt i think of that...... here you go.... IM doing this conversion on my Merc vito traveliner so I can drive round for free....not strictly on a VW but this is transfereable to ANY diesel vehicle....and since some of us on here run on diesel....I thought a how to might be useful to dispel some myths and summarise all my research over the last months. Background..... Tax - it is now

remain protected with only short runs outside of the loom. It also gives more flexibility to locate wires where they are needed. The worse bit....running the loom for the dash controller....first i decided on a location then removed a million pieces of plastic and then drilled a hole in the bulkhead coming out near the relays....this is the most awkward and time consuming part if you have a vito

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 my new vito few electrical niggles

hi all new to vitos iv got a v reg 110cdi 157k on the odo few problems im wanting to sort without MB as iv just read a massive thread on how pants they are my odometer is really dim even when i put my lights on at night i can hardly see it... how easy is the dash to remove and bulbs to replace (iv searched for threads and cant seem to find one....) the electric window switches how are they wired i

Quote Originally Posted by dash -- dead easy to remove and believe it or not this is the official MB method.... the dimness is probably the wrong bulb fitted (common)... but have you adjusted the dimmer... ignition to pos 2 or running - buttons in top of instrument cluster with lights on press and should get brighter.. - gets dimmer but whether it works depends on spec of vito when

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108D electrical woes

Im having a niggle with my vito. This is a prehistoric 1997 with few electrics and proper fuel pump etc NOT a CDI. Sometimes it will lose all electrical power to anything that runs through the ignition. Glowplugs dash indicators horn brake lights etc etc However when it does fault it is sometimes cured by flipping the ignition on and off. The engine (when running) is obviously unaffected. The headlights

Sir youre a scholar and a gentleman thanks very much Have you got any idea what the 3 relays under the seat do on the D Its a good thing with these old proper motors I dont like all the computerised stuff. It says it all that even with a big electrical fault the engine still ran exactly the same and I could drive it home no dramas. Another facet of it has come to light When running ok and not faulting...

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito electric starting problem-urgent help please

The van is a 2001 mercedes vito 110cdi. The past few days i would turn keywait for glowplug light then turn keythere would be a few seconds of silence before van would burst into life. Since yesterday it will not startjust a clicking noise from two relays under the passenger seat. Aa tested battery hit starter with hammer few times then jump started van diagnosed starter motor. Starter motor has been

Right looked at your guide and am going to get circuit tester now. So far things replaced.... Starter motortwo starter relaysclutch switchimmobiliser de-activated. Baterry has plenty of charge and been tested. Will let you know how I get on with your by pass. Looks the only way other then that Im thinking of running a cable from negative on battery to an earthing point in engine.....

Right had my mate whose an electrician testing the relayshe came to same conclusion as your electrician Harry. The positive feed was getting there but the switch was not activatinghe took relay fuse out and using some 4mm house wire held it on positive battery and held into one of the positive on relay boardit starter engine but was also still feeding starter once started we then went frm battery to

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 lights not working on vito (99)

my brake light blew on my 108 vito (1999) and when i changed it something blew and now my side lights in the front brake lights and red rear lights dont work iv tested for power and there is none to the lights iv replaced all the bulbs and the fuses under the pasenger seat is there any other fuses anywhere else or have i shot something else

Ahhh.. Your lighting fuses are under the steering wheel in a little pod its fairly obvious which panel to remove. A quick look in your user manual will tell you what they are used for. Some vitos also have a fuse panel in the passenger side footwell. If you replace your fuses and then it goes again then you might have a short. I would start with your brake light first - so remove the rear light cluster

and have a squint behind. Sometimes moisture gets in behind there. If you have a towbar fitted then check the electrics there too. The connections and relays are usually stuffed unceremoniously behind the nearside (left hand side as you look forwards) rear light cluster which is where the lighting normally run. Good luck electrical faults are a bith to find. Adam. I had the same problem - mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito preglow and alternator lights came on.

This is my first post here so Hi everyone Ive got a 2008 vito v6 120 the other day the engine light came on while returning from a long journey the power also reduced the next morning I started it up and the preglow light stayed on shortly after startup the alternator light came on. I tested the voltage to see if alternator was charging and it comes up to 14.6v so it is. According to one thread on

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Aircon issue

Hello Fellow vito owners Id like to solicit some advice as right now my 2001 vito CDI 110 is having issues on AC. Heres the scenario Whenever I turn the Aircon ON by switching the dial button (compressor) instead of getting cool air the air coming from the aircon vent were warm as if I just turn the blower on without running the compressor. Without touching anything it will then takes several minutes

I am resurrecting this thread as I am having similar issues with the aircon of my vito. It was taking several minutes before cold air blows so I had my AC checked fully vacuumed cleaned gassed up and bought it a new dryer and expansion valve. It improved for a while but the symptoms came back (i.e. delayed cooling) until it further deteriorated and now totally lost cooling. I had the AC checked again

Quote Originally Posted by Gerone I am resurrecting this thread as I am having similar issues with the aircon of my vito. It was taking several minutes before cold air blows so I had my AC checked fully vacuumed cleaned gassed up and bought it a new dryer and expansion valve. It improved for a while but the symptoms came back (i.e. delayed cooling) until it further deteriorated and now totally lost


vito 108CDI (2002 model) My heater blower started to cut out some time ago it would only work on setting 3 and 4. Then it stopped working on any setting. I think the motor is still ok but the problem might be with one of the relays. Can anyone tell me how the blower is wired up if there are any relaysresistors and their locations and part numbers. cheers

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 reasons to buy vito

if you have read any of my bloggs you will know i have been hunting for a while now the elusive vito and it seems i am closing in on it i will try again to post some full size pics but if i am unable to would some of you vito owners out there tell me why i should buy a vito i know there are plenty of reasons not too being a regular reader to this forum its enough to make a grown man cry i just want

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108CDI - will not crank sometimes

Hi Im having an intermitant problem trying to start my van. Normally it fires into life straight away. But occassionaly when i turn the key to start my van nothing happens it dosent even try to crank over nothing. On the few occasions that this has happend I have been able to try the key again it has started. would this be a sign that my starter mortor is on the way out or does this sound like a problem with the battery or someting else cheers

Yes i did get this problem sorted in the end. I had to call an auto electrician to help me and he managed to track the problem down. I forget his name Ill call him Joe. I had read a post on here that talked about a problem where the ecu was not grounding properly (an internal fault in the ecu) so i suspected that might be happening in my van. To test this we lifted the passenger seat and got into the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 2004 Starter Relay

Hi new on here and after some advice My 54 plate vito has just developed a starting problem the ignition turns on and lights all come on as they should but will not crank (fire starter motor) Ive tried the spare keys check all the fuses swapped the relays in the fuse board and all seems ok I have checked the starter motor by putting a direct feed to the solenoid and with the key in the cranked position

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Any one Help Please Vito Passenger Headlamp

Hi All Hope someone can help My passenger side headlamp & sidelamp has failed It works fine on full beam I have changed the Bulbs no joy I am thinking perhaps it may be a fuse Where are the fuses located Or any one got any other Ideas Many Thanks In Advance vito owner

On my vito 118 the dipped beam on the drivers side (uk) ceased working - checked bulbsconnector but no joy. Eventually found blown fuse - 3rd down on Right Hand fuse block in streering column 15amp blown - replaced it and lamp now works. Also central locking had ceased working but after i had removed and replaced black box that carries fuses on steering column - removed and reseated green relays (neither

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 110cdi wont crank unless glow plug lights on

my vito 110 cdi wont start unless the glow plug light comes on (you can hear the relay click in the engine bay) iv checked the batstarter motor there both working fine they were new in September anyway... when you turn the key the van does nothing i have to turn it about 20 ish times then the glow plug light clicks on then it starts.. then i turn it off staright away to try again & it either happens

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 109 need help with lights

Howdy all. I purchased this 109 a year ago i noticed not long after the offside front foglight and mainbeam lights wernt working the indicator on the dash confirmed it. so i fitted new bulbs and re tested much to my dismay still not working so me being a long serving spark thinks no probs check the fuses no fuses. So im assuming they are run directly from the ecu. i have checked the ground to the lamp

I dont know about the 109 but on the 108 there are 2 relays under the steering column that control the lights if your has them too perhaps ones failed

On my vito 118 the dipped beam on the drivers side (uk) ceased working - checked bulbsconnector but no joy. Eventually found blown fuse - 3rd down on Right Hand fuse block in streering column 15amp blown - replaced it and lamp now works. Also central locking had ceased working but after i had removed and replaced black box that carries fuses on steering column - removed and reseated green relays (neither

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108CDI Electrical problem and Instrument Cluster problem

Hi everyone. Im new here so please bare with me if this has already been answered.... I have just bought my first vito van a 2001 108 CDI and it drives great but there are a few problems. Firstly the instrument cluster is knackered common problem by all accounts. I even plugged just the board in with the dials disconnected and all I got was a buzzing sound from the sounder which I assume is the lights

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Rear Brakes Electrical

vito 2003 2.2 Diesel Turbo. Had problems with ASR where it cuts in at 70mph or when turning. Can switch it off so ok for time being. Just had new rear tyres fitted & got ASR problems after this but not sure if this is coincidence so I cross swapped new rears to fronts (good idea anyway). Anyway with the rear wheels off I cleaned the electrical connections (pics attached). The arrowed connection is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito rear fog light fault

vito 110cdi 2002the rear fog lights will only come on with the front fogs. when switched to rear fogs onlylight does not worki have renewed the switch problem not cured.the only relays i have found are under the ns seat but i cant get them out to swap around to check if this is the problem(stuck inwill probably break them getting them out)any ideas please

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito relay help please

Hi Im looking for some help please. I need to locate the electric window and rear windscreen wiper relays. I have a x reg 110 cdi.

the wiper relay should be inside the rear left hand (uk nearside) body panel.... it can be in the upper section of a van but should be in the lower section (the side panel behind the lights).... access by pulling trim panel off the inside. rear window openers (flap type rear windows) relays is normally under the front left hand (passenger) seat... note relays are not always used on the motor controls


Hi yes prob a repeated thread but none seems to have an answer... I have a 2002 108CDi and the fuse box is under the passenger seat. It seems like the box is half empty and the owners manual did not come with my van could some one give me a copy or pdf page of what the fuses should be next to which number so that I can print it out to see what is missing.... Thanks

just for you 108cdi late series fuses and relays COMPOSITE (all docs in one pdf

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108cdi (2004) w638 Will not start

Ok firstly new member so Hi from Australia Bought my vito about a week ago and has been starting and running fine. I did notice the glow plug light (when ignition is on) only comes on for less than 2secs goes out engine starts light comes back on for about 1min. BUT the other night the engine failed to start (and unfortunately had to get it towed to a friends place nearby). It has battery power engine

Hi ya i will write down all i can see that runs off the ecu as far as the injection system is concerned and there is no mention of a DME relay anywhere. CDI oil sensor fuel temp sensorCMP sensor water temp sensorrail pressure sensorCrank position sensor4 injectors high pressure pump shut off valve rail pressure control valve fuel shut off valve. The only other relays are to do with lights ect ect Martin

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito electrics

Can anyone help me with a problem I have with a 108cdi . The heated rear screens and rear wipers wont work I have tried to check the basic stuff but due to a lack of wiring diagrams or service manuals Im a little stuck. I cant find a fuse for the heated rear screen and dont know if theres any hidden relays anywhere. Any help most welcome has anyone come across this before .[(]

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Starting issues - Driving me nuts

Hi Guys I have just bought a 2000 108CDi and I have a problem when it comes to starting it. I will go to the van turn the key and it will start no problems. I can then turn it off and it wont start again for ages. What happens is this key in turn to position 2 all lights come on as usual turn to position 3 and nothing no clicking just nothing. I will then leave it for a bit or either keep trying and

Quote Originally Posted by tog21 Hi Thanks for the reply mate. I have been doing this as a rule but it just keeps giving me the same problem. I went out to the van now after it being parked for 2 hours and it did the same thing. put the key in waited for the plug light to go off try to start and nothing. Not turning over at all. All the interior lights indicators etc work as I tried them. But I know

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 112 cdi

hi guys my 112 has a problem with aux heater the lights comes on at the dashboard but nothing is working i could here it winding up like a Jumbo prior to last week. i fixed the thermostat a few weeks back and both were working finecould it be a fuse saying that i dont know what fuse does what coz ive no owners hand book any clues

cheers mal thanks for the fuses info you wouldnt have lay out of the relays under the passenger seat and what relay does what regards ashyheating

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito brake lights - relay

Hi Both my rear brake lights are not working (not ideal) - it is deffinitly not the bulbs pretty sure it isnt the switch and my friend tells me he had something similar with his VW and it turned out to be the relay. Only problem is I have no idea which relay controls the brake lights (if indeed there is one). It is a RHD 108D 1998. Any help would be appreciated. Kev

Thanks for the advice - the switch looks fine (I actually bypassed it and it still didnt work). Im not too sure about which type it is - I know it as a 108D - made in 1998................. looked under the seat next to the battery and it appears to have several small black boxes there - I think these are relays - but obviously I have no idea which one is which to try and replace one...........

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 07 vito sport passenger seat swap

hi there new on here but looks like i am replacing a 03 vito dualiner (RIP) with a 07 115 sport dualiner which has a double front passenger bench seat as standard. i liked my old vans double captain seats so thinking of changing them. is the seat changing process the same as this httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsv-cl...ts-single.html any problems any seat rec.s insurancemot problems to avoid anyone put swivel seats in a dualiner it has a cross bar behind the seats Hope you can help thanks

Thanks Yes got the matt. I suppose that must be changed also I saw the step by step guide on the link above (see below). Was wondering if the fitting process is the same on all models. I have asked a few people about this and all I get is a sharp intake of breath followed by mutterings of insurancemot problems but I was thinking its got to be possible as I have seen other models with the dual seating.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108 wont start

Hello can any help with this Engine cranks over but will not fire or start. When you spray easy start down the intake or tow above 30 mph the engine starts runs fine ticks over nice and even revs fine. Stop the engine and just will not start even when the engine is hot. Any advice would be great. Thanks Phil.

Hi got some help. When the ignition is turned there is a click from under the dash (driver side) and the after a couple of seconds another from the relays mounted on the passenger side under the bonnet. The voltage at the connection at the end of the fuel rail then goes to about 2.3 moving slightley before going to 3 volts and then after a total of about 20 seconds down to zero without any more clicks.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 112 Electrical problem. Have no power to fuel pump.

Im not getting any power to the fuel pump. The one in the tank not the injector pump. Checked all relays and fuses. Changed injector seals 1 week before. Was running O.K. for a week. Can anyone help

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2001 Vito horn relay (which one)

Hi All My horn has packed up and after a little searching on here have discovered that the horn has a relay K37 in the wis according to a previous post can anyone post a pic as there are 5 relays under the passenger seat and i dont have a clue which is which i have checked all fuses wiring and the steering wheel switch and all is ok just no power to the horn so the relay is the only thing left to swap out any help in pointing me in the right direction is much appreciated. Cheers

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito W639 115CDI 2006 Low Beam Stuck On

Hi Ive been playing around with my headlights trying to fit an auto on unit. Its a black box with a photo electric cell. Any way after much stuffing around I abandoned the project but now my lights are permanently on low beam as soon as the ignition is on. Probably a good safety feature but I already have DRLs. Ive tried everything. Even when I disconnect the headlight rotary switch the low beam and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fuses in Aussie Vito 113

Hi Guys Im looking for the fuse for the central locking from what I understand its in the front passenger theory. Ive looked everywhere under the dash on the passenger side and its got me snookered. I found the fuses under the steering wheel and under the front passenger seat. Could someone please help shed some light on where they are Thanks Darc.

Getriebesteuerung translates to Transmission Control using Google translate. I didnt have much of a look at mine but I though I could see what looked like a few relays in there. Ill have a better look in there tomorrow.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito central locking and remote locking doesnt work

Hi guys. I have some problem with my vito 108 CDI 2002 that i drive as a company car. Neither central locking and remote locking does work. Not even the button on the dashboard for the trunk lock Both batterys and the key are brand new so its not that. So my guess is that i could be a fuse The only problem is that ive lost my instruction book so i dont know which fuse goes to the central locking unit.

as said... the flashing is because the doorlock switchessensors are not registering that they are fully latched... even though it may appear locked the sensorsswitches must be full latched (as opposed to the actual locks) in order for the indicator to show its ok. check the door switches (the pin switches that operate the door lights) as muck on the contacts causes problems on any car... then its a

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito traction control light & hot air blower

hey all im the proud new owner of a 2003 vito. 2.2 deisel just noticed a few things...traction control light is on all the time... windscreen washer water light comes n goes heater does not wont blow hot air..or any air...shall check fuses tomorrow..but if it needs to be it a big DIY job will no doubt find a few more issues but thabks in advance for any help simon

yea thats what im thinking just trying to make sure before i remove it heard about worn brushes..resistors in the ducts and relays as well as polen filters all causing it to fail..


Happy new year everybody. First post for a while Ive been having an intermittant problem with the starter motor circuit on my 638 vito where I appear not getting a feed to the starter. Ive changed the starter & the ignition switch both seemed to have cured the problem for a while. The biggest problem is getting the problem to last long enough for me to test the circuit..... Ive been through the wiring


Right this is a long sorry tale which Ill be brief with.... if I can. I decided to replace the backing plates on the rear wheels last year it was an MOT advisory and they were in horrendous condition. Cost 4 for the plates from the dealership. Anyway I have a mate who works for the MOD and I struck a deal with a guy who works there to underseal my van with the amazing tank and aircraft underseal in

I believe you know the saga of my replacement vito (the pup) Ive spent today (first dry day since christmas when Ive been well enough) taking the dual seat out......... I can confirm it leaks through the roof rack mods...... I emptied 4 plastic boxes (1 under each roof rack bolt) of water from in it ........... you know the sort of plastic crate.. 18inches x 14inches x 10inches deep and full of water.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Main beam issues

Hello I have been lurking the site for ages whilst building my vito and now I have bit the bullet and signed up.......Im not much of a forum person but will try and change that so Hello everyone I have just had the vito fail its MOT on no Main beam and believe I have located the Relay (1 of 2 Green ones under the steering coloumn surround) The stalk makes the little Blue main beam light come on the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Eberspacher upgrade

Having had a little flick through the WIS last night I came across some interesting information..... Apparently MB do an upgrade kit for the Eberspacher Diesel Heater to a full Auxillary Heater. Kit basically consists of wiring loom control unit and thermostattimer. Has anybody bought or succesfully fitted one of these or otherwise managed to upgrade their diesel heater Im loathe to shell out 400 on

The controller fitted to the roof is for the standalone auxillary heater. There were 2 versions of this auxilary heater An upgrade for the EsparEberspacher D5wz Hydronic Water Heater that is fitted as standard to all CDI vitosV - Class or an EsparEberspacher D2 Airtronic Airheater although I suspect the latter was only part of the Westfalia camper version. There were several different combinations

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