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mercedes benz vito wiper CLASS V 638/2
mercedes benz vito wiper CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Wiper blades for a W638 Vito

Hi I need new wiper blades so Ive been to Halfords looked in their book found some bought them and guess what... the buggers dont fit Got a refund no problem but has anyone got them from anywhere other than a mercedes-benz dealer Thanks benz Bling

I bought some Valeo ones last year my local accessory shop ordered them. Still expensive at &16330.

Ebay is your friend

you wont find them as standard in a shop (except a merc dealer) and they are expensive (beyond my disability pension) - best bet is ebay but note they are of different lengths to each other. you can fit bosch but you have to fit washers extra. If particularly strapped for cash you can do what I did - but only if youre really really in a hole) 1st get a pair of Bosch super 7s then hacksaw off the centre

Thanks for your help everyone benz Bling

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 115cdi van rear wiper motor runs continually

I have a 2005 vito 639 115cdi crew cab and after pressing the rear wiper switch on the dash last week the wiper motor now runs continually. The only way to stop the motor was to remove the 30 amp fuse (fuse 7). Each time I press the rear wiper switch on the dash now the red LED goes on and off so I suspect the switch is fine. Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be Is there a relay that controls the rear wiper motor . Thanks in advance Tony

You need a new unit it gets full of water and shorts out the board in the wiper motor.

Quote Originally Posted by zenman 63 The only way to know is to take it out there is no fix for them as its all one unit. The washer tube passes through and that could have filled it with water. Thanks zenman 63 I will pull it out have have a look. Does anybody have the MB part number for the rear wiper motor assembly or is the motor available as a non genuine part .

It is quite common apparently. Have you read this thread httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsv-cl...ification.html

View Wiper drive mechanism for MERCEDES BENZ VITO

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 rear wiper on vito 638

hi there anyone know which relay controls rear wiper motor had only just bought van found out motor siezed stripped down and repaired it put across battery terminals got it working that way then put unit back into place operated rear wiper switch worked once then died again checked fuses 2 and 11 under passengers seat but still no luck but can hear a little click in motor when operating switch it ive

Theres a control box and relay behind the panel on the rear near side of my 108cdi that operates the rear wiper heated screen etc. It could be a fault in there perhaps

hi in process of fixing my wiper motor on vito 638 found a common fault with wiper motor seizing up due to water from washer jet system easy fix is to drill out pop rivets take out seized shaft but dont hit ends with hammer buggers to get out anyway once out regrease and reassemble unit after drilling holes for the 8 screws sometimes in unlucky if still not working under the white plastic drive cog

its unfortunate that the motor fills with water and seizes... its too common...... main cause is the washer hose connection... drill a hole in the bottom of the case... it lets the water out but causes corrosion at the bottom of the door (you cant win) the relay fuse assembly is inside the left hand rear door on a 2 door model... and as said before.. inside the left rear panel on a tailgate model (although

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 Font Wiper Problem

Hi there Its my first post so please excuse me if im in the wrong section. I have a vito Dualiner 2007 115 CDi auto which has a problem with the front windscreen wipers. They some times work fine but other times slow right down and almost stop. I think its the wiper stalk that needs replacing as other people have had similar issues. Does this sound right If so do you have to replace the whole stalk Easy job Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Matt.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 auto lights and wipers

Just retro fitted auto lights and wipers in the vito. New switch pack with Auto lights. Harness to screen sensor from overhead control panel Screen sensor and plastic cover. Windscreen. Coding. Works a treat but nothing in lights on the cluster for pathway lighting Anyone with a vito with pathway lighting timer

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 Front Wiper problems

So finally found the new thread option. I have a 2006 (55 plate) vito 115cdi (lwb) dualliner. The front windscreen wipers have suddenly developed a mind of their own while the van is moving but work fine while the van is stationary My van is an Auto (tiptronic) and it appears that the wipes change mode while the engine revs change (i.e slowdown and the wipers go to full speed or intermittant or stop

Sounds like a control module give the dealers a call or go and look at the parts list and it will give you a location.

Quote Originally Posted by zenman 63 Sounds like a control module give the dealers a call or go and look at the parts list and it will give you a location. Wow fast response ta...have you by any chance got a linkurl for a vito 639 parts list please V150

I havent but would like one. Just go to the dealers and look on there screen.

not control unit it eeds a new switch. A639 545 01 24 if my memory serves me correct may be different depending on what side of the car your on

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Completely removing rear wipers on 2004 Vito

Ive recently purchased a 2004 vito with twin rear doors and windows. The windows are blacked out and there are panels inside meaning they are opaque. I would like to put a logo for my company on there but the wipers are in the way. Is there a way of removing the wipers and plugging the holes theyre attached to with some kind of cap Or am I stuck with them

the wiper is a simple nut on the outside of the spindle and a couple of securing screws on the inside. there are no special covers for the holes as the wipers are one of the few standard bits on all windowed vitos. Ive seen blind grommets used - from an electrical or electronics or car shop (including halfords)..... Ive also seen plumbing blanking plugs used.. the type used to blank off tap holes in a new sink.

I used sink blankers from plumb base on Malcolms suggestion on my 638. Looks fantastic almost stock. You can even get Crome ones for added bling. My white ones were a couple of quid and took a few mins to fit. Be prepared to loose some knuckle skin though.

On my old 115 i left the rubber in from the spindle and a wine cork black plastic type fits tight in the hole. I am sure ebay will find you the right size grommet for a better job.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito rear wiper not working

The rear wiper on my X reg vito hasnt worked since I bought it 2 weeks ago I thought Id ask if there was a common fault before I get my multi meter out. My electrical knowledge is hit and miss Im a mechanical engineer and dont trust electrics lol if hydraulics leak you can see it lol does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram

no particular problems on 638 wipers.... if it has a cover remove it to make sure it has no water in it (more common on 639s) I have had 3 638s and 2 had wiper problems... BOTH had a wiring break between the wiper and where it goes along the van (behind left hand side (NS) rear upper panel) one worked perfectly when a patch cable was used from behind this panel to the motor the other only worked when

Thank you Ill have a look tomorrow if I get time. I did look up which fuse it was and thd owners manual says its the same one ax the front wipers they work so Id discounted the fuse Ill check the other things you suggested. Thanks again Steve

Thanks for putting this up. I was thinking about new blades just yesterday Sent from my LT26i using Tapatalk 2

Guys you can retro fit the later type blades on the 638 far better than the old style. I had them on my V280 with the washer on them.

I asked the question after buying and they dont o well. Sent from my vito


bought myself a 2002 638 dualliner last week got my 1st problem today which the wipers stopped working on me but will still work on the fast position and intermittant just not at normal speed any ideas what has failed my first thought is the motor but it still works on the other 2 settings so im not sure if its something more simple thanks in advance

well ive swapped the motor and its definately not that thinking probably the switch any one close to leicestershire got one i can try before i go and buy one thanks

hey mine are similar only fast works not inter or slow Pain in the ass really ive been told it might be a relay no idea where that is tho so let me know if your new switch works

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V230 Vito wiper motor

Hi How easy are these to change MY wipers are barely moving when I turn them on so I think that the motor must be gone

Should be easy at the engine bay remove the wiper arm from the lever at the motor remove the three screws from the gear assembly remove the wiring plug and remove the motor with the gear assembly.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W639 Rear Wiper Motor Repair and Modification

My rear wiper starting running intermittently ... stopping and starting. I knew exactly what was wrong with it. I had the same problem with both wiper motors on my previous barn door version. They have a known built in fault that&8217s easy to rectify but you&8217ve got to catch them before it gets really bad. It will usually manifest after a few years or so. The washer water goes through the centre

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 115 Corrosion bubbling around rear wiper 2005 - Anyone else

My vito has bubbled the paint around the rear wiper. Apparently this is not covered by the corrosion warranty. The dealer says its not a widespread problem and something must have damaged the paint like a stonechip or something. To me this seems a slippery attitude as rear wipers are known for causing corrosion on all sorts of vehicles. Has anyone else had this

Lets face it lads ...... All vitos are total rust buckets. mercedes electrolite anti corrosion process must be the worst in the automotive world. I cant think of a manufacturer since British Leyland that could be worse. Old world Fiat used to be the kings of rust but even they have moved on. mercedes (not sure about the rest of the brand) but the vito line has massive problems or has had a serious

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