mercedes benz vito wiper fuse

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mercedes benz vito wiper fuse CLASS V 638/2
mercedes benz vito wiper fuse CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 115cdi van rear wiper motor runs continually

I have a 2005 vito 639 115cdi crew cab and after pressing the rear wiper switch on the dash last week the wiper motor now runs continually. The only way to stop the motor was to remove the 30 amp fuse (fuse 7). Each time I press the rear wiper switch on the dash now the red LED goes on and off so I suspect the switch is fine. Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be Is there a relay that controls the rear wiper motor . Thanks in advance Tony


Hi yes prob a repeated thread but none seems to have an answer... I have a 2002 108CDi and the fuse box is under the passenger seat. It seems like the box is half empty and the owners manual did not come with my van could some one give me a copy or pdf page of what the fuses should be next to which number so that I can print it out to see what is missing.... Thanks

the box is always half empty as some fuseways are dedicated to equipment that is not installed..... frequently these fuseways are not wired either. there are a lot of variations due to the types of options available e.g heated mirrors 2 or 3 speed wipers etc. in order to look up the fuseways on YOUR vito you MUST supply the VIN. otherwise look at the fuseways pt1 &pt2 I posted the other day (several versions included)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito rear wiper not working

The rear wiper on my X reg vito hasnt worked since I bought it 2 weeks ago I thought Id ask if there was a common fault before I get my multi meter out. My electrical knowledge is hit and miss Im a mechanical engineer and dont trust electrics lol if hydraulics leak you can see it lol does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram

no particular problems on 638 wipers.... if it has a cover remove it to make sure it has no water in it (more common on 639s) I have had 3 638s and 2 had wiper problems... BOTH had a wiring break between the wiper and where it goes along the van (behind left hand side (NS) rear upper panel) one worked perfectly when a patch cable was used from behind this panel to the motor the other only worked when

Thank you Ill have a look tomorrow if I get time. I did look up which fuse it was and thd owners manual says its the same one ax the front wipers they work so Id discounted the fuse Ill check the other things you suggested. Thanks again Steve

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito CDi112 guess the fuse.

Ive been trying to work out which fuse is which under the passenger seat. Theres no label on the cover detailing them as the owners manual reckons there should be. The owners manual talks about modules (ABCDE) and postions eg 1.1 1.2 1.3 3.1 etc) I cant work out how this format relates to my fuse box at all. Other than the 2 big 50A and 40A fuses (Im guessing the 50A is the engine fan) the rest are

Had look through Sarges fuses and I think the V series fuse box layout under the passenger seat is slightly different from the Cdi - this may explain fuse f15 the 2-way radio also f2 f11- Ive no rear wiper. I think I need to buy an owners manual for the CDi to solve this one unless someone can post photos of the fusebox layout pages form their Cdi owners manual. Also Ive either got the large M1and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fuses in Aussie Vito 113

Hi Guys Im looking for the fuse for the central locking from what I understand its in the front passenger theory. Ive looked everywhere under the dash on the passenger side and its got me snookered. I found the fuses under the steering wheel and under the front passenger seat. Could someone please help shed some light on where they are Thanks Darc.

Quote Originally Posted by Knudsen Im looking after the fusebox at the passenger side too...where in the f... is it coud some send a pic or tell Im pulling my hair off Youre lucky you have hair to pull out. Ive got a 2002 112CDI so I dont know if its the same but have a look under the dash below the lower left parcel shelf (about middle of the shelf). You should see a round plastic button with a screw

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 rear wiper on vito 638

hi there anyone know which relay controls rear wiper motor had only just bought van found out motor siezed stripped down and repaired it put across battery terminals got it working that way then put unit back into place operated rear wiper switch worked once then died again checked fuses 2 and 11 under passengers seat but still no luck but can hear a little click in motor when operating switch it ive

its unfortunate that the motor fills with water and seizes... its too common...... main cause is the washer hose connection... drill a hole in the bottom of the case... it lets the water out but causes corrosion at the bottom of the door (you cant win) the relay fuse assembly is inside the left hand rear door on a 2 door model... and as said before.. inside the left rear panel on a tailgate model (although

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 110CDi intermittent limp mode

Hi there I have searched these forums for some help but am still scratching my head... I have a 2002 vito 110 CDi and it intermittently enters what I now know is Limp Mode. Its not just on the motorway that this happens (though that is when I really notice it) and not just in fifth gear as Ive read some others have had issues with. I can be quite happily driving for an hour or more sometimes at around

the fuel seperator switch isnt..... weird statement that..... the switch is non existent... they simply use a switch housing for a warning led.... ALL mb switch ways are standard i.e. the switch position in any cdi or later vehicle is identical.. the switch position is left blank if the circuit isnt used.... the same applies to dashboard lights and fuse boxes... its why you find odd gaps in the main

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Multiple Vito 111cdi faults

The company i work for bought a second hand vito 111cdi conversion and we have a few problems with it for which i goto sort out. here are the faults as follows 1) Rear wiper blade wash and heater does not work. the motor wont even run and cant seem to find a blown fuse although i also cant find the correct fuse and relay board diagram. 2) the interior lights stay on. i had to find the fuse for it and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Rear Wiper W639

Hi Folks I am after some advice. The rear wiper on my 109CDI tail gate has stopped working and I am hoping someone will be able to advise me on how to test the wiper motor. It has a 3 wire plug going into the motor. One of the wires has 12v going to it at all times with the ignition on. Many thanks in advance Geoff

I have a similar problem. My vitos rear wiper just parks anywhere. I then have to park it manually with the switch. From the above I can now conclude that the rear wiper is not getting the permanent 12 Volts or the self-park on the motor does not work. I struggle a little to read the following from the wiring diagram 1. Is there a fuse somewhere in the 12V line which does not appear in the control

UPDATE Ive been checking the motors available and mb info and come up with the following in practice 638 aqnd 639 wipers work the same way but are internally very different 638s being a fairly crude mechanical park system and 639s using an internal relay and pair of diodes. 638s are fairly robust whereas 639s seem to suffer more problems (they call it progress) If you connect the brown wire to negative

Thanks for the additional info. The relayfuse box in my vito has a different layout to the one you show however fuse F7 30amp is the correct fuse. The fuse was OK. I am still waiting for the local MB dealer to get back to me with another wiper motor before I can go any further. Geoff

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Faulty washwiper

Hi I have a 2006 vito 115 compact which has gradually developed a faulty washwipe. Both the wash and wipe function used to work sometimes then not others and has now stopped all together. So Im assuming its not the fuse as the wipers still work and Im assuming its not the pump as the wiper doesnt work when pressed. Could it be the indicatorwiper switch that has packed in Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W639 Rear Wiper Motor Repair and Modification

My rear wiper starting running intermittently ... stopping and starting. I knew exactly what was wrong with it. I had the same problem with both wiper motors on my previous barn door version. They have a known built in fault that&8217s easy to rectify but you&8217ve got to catch them before it gets really bad. It will usually manifest after a few years or so. The washer water goes through the centre

hi i have a 2004 vito and my rear wiper went mad I now realised why if only I had read this sooner but ive replaced the motor and now the wiper and washer dont work checked fuse thats ok but it still not working please give me some ideas what to do phil

Quote Originally Posted by menatworkdisco hi i have a 2004 vito and my rear wiper went mad I now realised why if only I had read this sooner but ive replaced the motor and now the wiper and washer dont work checked fuse thats ok but it still not working please give me some ideas what to do phil Phil its odd that a new motor wont work. All I can suggest is methodically retrace your steps. Make sure

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Windscreen wiper relay

Could someone tell me where there the relay for intermittent setting is located on a vito 108d 638 tnx Fixed my glow light today with replacing a glow plug tnx to you guys. I found the relay for the wipers its below the fuses under steering wheel the one to the right. But wonder if the intermittent is built in the wiper motor with a switch 5 wires coming out frome there .. Does anyone know how it works maybe i have a diagram

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fuse box Electrical

Hi Guys We have a 108CDI vito where the indicators and hazards do not work just a single click from the relay or a buzz from the relay sometimes. I have taken the indicatorwiperhazard combo switch off and tested all the swtches all seem to test fine but i also took apart the fusebox that physically bolts to the combo switch and inside there is a small circuit board with what looks like a melted link


need to remove centre of dash to replace rear wiper switch the wiper stays on have had to remove fuse anybody else had the same or similer problem

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito electrics

Can anyone help me with a problem I have with a 108cdi . The heated rear screens and rear wipers wont work I have tried to check the basic stuff but due to a lack of wiring diagrams or service manuals Im a little stuck. I cant find a fuse for the heated rear screen and dont know if theres any hidden relays anywhere. Any help most welcome has anyone come across this before .[(]

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 04 vito stereo

im trying to fit my dvd head unit into my vito and im not having any joy ive got the stereo surround and all the leads etc thats no problem BUT i need an iso lead that has the separate power plug.WITH OUT cutting the original plug off. The original lead has 2 conn blocks 1 for speakers etc and a separate block conn for the - grnd can any one point me in the right direction please

ok lets look at your probs. the wiper arm and spindle are smooth to look at and work by friction driving them........... if they corrode enough the corrosion breaks up and the arm stops working.......... cure emery paper both inside arm and the drive spigot....... its best if you use action at 90deg to spigot (up and down) not around it (same with arm)... the corrosion is powdery.... a little loctite

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Buying an ML55 (2002-51Plate)

Im about to buy one of these and wonder if anyone can give me any tips on what to look out for. It has full MB history and under 100k on the clock. Ive seen a few that had rust under the number plate lights and around the arches but this one is clean and original. Thanks in anticipation Dave

Quote Originally Posted by vitoManiac A few issues have arisen SRS light came on when I adjusted the drivers seat position Screenwash reservoir has developed a leak Rear wiper seems to have stopped working A number plate bulb has stopped working Off to get it looked at today by a friend whos a mechanic. I saw somewhere that you can change the transmission learned settings but cant seem to find the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 washerjet problem

Hi all i have a washer jet problem but im confused...... what happens is i press the end of the stalk and the wipers wipe but no washer fluid ive swapped the pump connectors over and the pump is working as im using the rear switch for the front wipers now. ive put a multi meter on the front switch pump connectors and with ignition on there is 4v and when the wiper stalk is pressed there is 12v at the

Having the same issue. Cannot get any wash action on front wipers. Anyone know what fuse it is They all look good after inspection. Will post back when solved. mercedes vito 2.2CDI 1997

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 heater always blowing hot

since ive had my 110cdi vito the heater has always blown hot even on cold setting does anyone know what it could be also rear wipers do not work when van is put in reverse have been told it could be a relay have check fuses and they are okay. if it is a fuse where is it to and which one is it

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