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mercedes benz vito window auto CLASS V 638/2
mercedes benz vito window auto CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 115 2006 - Left front window automatic move

Hi guys I recently replaced the windows guides of the drivers door on my vito after the classical brake. I didnt get any problems to replace it and today its working almost as it was before. I say almost because since that time I lost the automatic move of this window (up & down). It was indicated in the manual delivered with the new mechanism to follow mercedes instructions to get back this automatic

Start with the window closed. Open the window but when it reaches the bottom hold the switch down for a further 5 secs. then close the window doing the same once it reaches the top. That should reprogram the end stops and you will have autoclose function back.

Thx for this quick answer. I didnt have to try it after not using my van for 1 week yesterday I noticed it works normally in automatic... Nevertheless Im interested in the mercedes workshops manual for vito 2006. Does someone knows where to download it

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 07 Vito windows click but dont open

Hi folks I have an 07 vito the passenger window clicks but doesnt open and the drivers window wuurrrs (as if a motor is turning) but doesnt open either - any suggestions welcomed Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Free App

Ive not had a chance to strip it down to check anything yet. Just wandered if there was a common problem with vito windows window components Thanks for the reply. Sent from my iPhone using Free App

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Electric Window Problem

Hi iam new here and own a 04 vito 119 xlbut in two years i have broken(worn out)two drivers sidr rlrctric window setups and am starting to get annoyed firs one was under warranty this time they slugged me 500has anyone else ahd problems with electric windows

DOM1 Cant help witn specific answers but to add to the common knowldege base can I ask you the following Do you use the driver side window markedly more than the passenger one As the van been in a accidnet that may have warped or damaged the rail on that door Have you been able to study teh replaced part to see exactly what is wearing Past experience has taught me that most auto mechs are not taught

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Central locking - Auto unlocks

Hi Im new to the mercedes world and it my first post.... Ive just bought a 2002 vito 110 CDi for towing my trailerrace car combo its done alot of miles (185k) but has a full MB Service history and seemed to have any work done that was required. I also got the original order invoice with the van seems it was fitted with a few factory options including the tow bar AC Remote locking ABS with Traction

Problem solved.... WD40 and some wet&dry paper on the contacts did the trick OK just need to fix the window washer pump and get the AC regassed now.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 For Sale Vito Sport-X

Hi Folks just thought Id let you know Im selling my vito Sport-X if anyones after a nice one Used mercedes-benz vito 120CDI Sport-X 3 Comfort window Van auto Diesel Vans Van Trader UK Thanks for looking Regards Richard

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Buying a Vito

Hi all I am new to this forum so hello to everyone. I joined the forum as I am looking to by a used vito and was interested in peoples opinions. I am looking into buying a van for few reasons (work holidays and carting my motorbike about in etc) and at the same time being my everyday car. I chose the vito mainly on the looks above anything else I dont know much about the van but been doing a bit of

had the engine replaced which makes me a bit wary. Should I be curios as to why it has had its engine replaced and for what reasons.... Should a van with on its second engine be reflected in the price and would it make any difference to the reliability of the car etc - basically is it anything to worry about On the other hand the seller informs me that the engine was replaced due to a recall by mercedes

Hello Jon I had a look through autoscout24for the money your paying for say a 1998 one off there you could easily pick up a 2002 here. The only problem with vitos here is that they do suffer from alot of rustmaybe its different over in Germany One option for you is maybe buy a 110 or 112 and put the additional extras in yourself. Easy to fit central lockingelectric windows in and you could probably

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 638 camperutility project

Camper may be stretching it a bit but Ill explain all Ive owned a proper coachbuilt Renault campervan before and it was bloody dreadful Really unreliable noisey cramped slower than tectonic plates and looked get the gist of it. Thankfully not for my wallet it died after the very first weekend away a few years back so I then had to consider my options. After lots of research I bought

JUst back from a camping holiday in France our first in the vito. Thought Id share a few observations. FIrstly the vito was fantastic to drive on long journeys. Ive come from a T25 and the difference as you might expect is huge. CRuising at 80 on clear French autoroutes is the stress free way to go. Were set up with a full width bed in the back using a single piece of plywood on two uprights with a

Anavito I loved reading the feedback on camping in France Ive read loads about it and driven through France many times but never camped there. I may need to pick your brains on that trip A few of my friends have t4s. and all swear by them but I love the auto box on mine love the twin doors and also noticed the lack of condensation if you drop a front window by an inch Mine is an X reg and has corrosion


Hi all Im new to the forum and have purchased a 2003 110 cdi vito dualiner. Ive always loved the look of vitos minus the rust. Im a gas engineer by trade but will probably just use it for leisure for the time being. The body work is in ok condition minus some flaky paint work on the under carriage and very small spots of rust which I need to look at. The van has had a re-spray at some point. Are there

Quote Originally Posted by Stuzzy77 The vitos get slagged off a lot on other forums which are all heavily transporter favoured. I love the vito shape and am willing to overlook the negatives. Im in the first romantic stage of the relationship where Im enjoying the speed look practicality and enjoyment of owning a vito. The van will need tlc and generally as Im not much of a tinkerer I was wandering

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V-Class vs. Viano vs. Vito

It looks like our T-reg V230 (Petrol automatic) has come to the end of the road - still in really good condition mechanically but with some expensive bodywork damage. We love the car and apart from moving from petrol to diesel would happily buy the same - EXCEPT - what about the vito SportDualinerTraveliner Actually we prefer cloth seats anyway and from a quick look through the windows (no test drive

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Can I change from Manual transmission to Automatic

I have a 4 gear manual transmission 190D from 1986 and really wanted to change it to automatic transmission. What will I need to change Is there any automatic 5 gear transmission compatible with the 2 litre diesel engine

Quote Originally Posted by Ruudje Sweet little Datsun you have there - here in Cali you can see late 70s early 80s B210s (Sunny in Europe) driving by regularly. Technically unbreakable Did you tune the engine as well BtW I am pretty sure there are plenty of auto 190Es for parts that can be found in Europe. Just keep in mind that a lot of the peppiness will disappear....thank God the Euro benzes are

Quote Originally Posted by Tilostick Yes its kind a little mustang... It had a Nissans transversal 1200cc engine 4 gear fwd transmission. Switch it to a 1600 SSS engine 5 gear rwd transmission from 60 to 190 hp. Less than 900 kilos. Hope finish it soon... Ill look for those vitos turbos. Seems good idea got nothing to loose just to check it. And I want to put all those gadgets like power seats AC and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2nd hand CDI 115 auto should I

Hi all I am very seriously considering buying a second hand vito 115 with 85000 on the clock. It is the panel van version with the auto boxtiptronic. Can anyone give advise on the vanWhat to check for before purchase 30000 between services seems pretty crazy for a diesel is this correct I could not see underneath the mat on the floor (in the rear loading space) does anyone know if all the bottoms were

Brains - ignore my questions in the Brake disc post didnt see this post That water is easy to remove just read the manual explains how to do it but mine has never come on so i dont know how you get the light off. Reversing is a bitch the pvan - all vans I know including those with rear windows have hit something behind them. Looked into camera systems but they aint cheap there is a van in my neck of


Anyone looking for vito or vclass 638 modelsi have an array of parts off the shelf...independant vito breaker based in Preston lancashire... currently been trading on ebay as vitobitz and have over 1200 positive feedback from happy customers...advice given on numerous issues with these 638 models upto 2003 only...keeping vito owners on the road for 6 years now...cheers steve

Fog light switch and inner drivers door handle and window winder for vito 2001 Sent from Free App

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito chrome trim

hi all. i was hoping with all your wisdom you may know where i may be able to purchase a set of chrome bumpertrim for the outside of my vito. it is usually black plastic (on the outside of the doors) but in a couple of sarges photos in pimped out vitos people have chrome ones and as i have chrome handles i think they would really make it but i cant find them anywhere for love nor money..... please help ive looked everywhere. thanks

I saw a vito with chrome bumpers and side defenders the other day. with you in mind I followed him home after 8miles he was getting a little paranoid about being followed and asked where he got them. they were done by himself using mirror window film heatshrunk on with an hot air gun....... not quite chrome but pretty good. with that in mind I phoned a couple of vehicle sign fitters........ they said

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Retro fitting convenience windows

Just won a drivers door handle with convenience windows IR sensor. Looks like the drivers door handle will need to go passenger side as its the only one with a key Anyone with Wis that can see where it connects to Might just go to the door controller and be a coding thing. Any help on this please Ian

Quote Originally Posted by Markvitospares I could have done you a Chrome key Ian Sent from my autoguide iPad app Never mind just picked it up latest design key with new blade works straight away but still dont drop the windows This must be the central locking issue I dont get the final 3 flashes after it locks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fuses in Aussie Vito 113

Hi Guys Im looking for the fuse for the central locking from what I understand its in the front passenger theory. Ive looked everywhere under the dash on the passenger side and its got me snookered. I found the fuses under the steering wheel and under the front passenger seat. Could someone please help shed some light on where they are Thanks Darc.

On a UK V class. There are several fuses associated with the central locking most cover other functions as well. F1 7.5A Amp F2 30Amp F3 30 Amp are also associated with the central locking module but also control window and roof functions on a uk V Class If everything else is working eg windows alarm etc. and assuming it is the same as the V Class F4 25 Amps is the Central Locking control module (CL

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 breaking mercedes vito 638

i am in the middle of converting my vclass to manual and therefore i will have lots of spare parts from the donner van and my v class.Im not sure on the rules for selling but all parts will be cheap enough.donner van has a great 112cdi engine aswell.

Quote Originally Posted by georgefromdevon same as all of them then did you say it was a cdi112 and would you be interested in selling the ecu. also has it got the glove box with the door or just the 2 folder style thing also what con are the outa window rubbers trying to think what else i need. thanks ] it has the two folder slots.just had a look at the rubbers no splitting at all.and yes i can sell the ecu as apparantly converting from auto to manual i dont need it.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 638 110 2001 Vito Heater

Are all vitos heaters erratic Mine seems to start ok and demist most of the screen but seems to after a while of weakly blowing hot air decide to go luke warm. Is this usual (also what is the normal coolant temperature reading when fully warmed up Though with my instruments perhaps not a good indicator...)

Hi Guys an answer would be great. I just bought a 2002 112Cdi auto to find it needed new injector seals fixed those now hopefully but have also found other faults. My temp runs between 50 to 60 as this is between the two numbers on the gauge 4080 I dont think my heater works as the knob rotates too easily without any resistance but I havent tested it properly. It was weird as I found a piece of carpet

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Have you got a V class with no problems

Hi I am well was looking to buy a 1998 mercedes V230 automatic but all I have heard is horror stories about them 3 people have said that the Titanic is more reliable Can any body out there say a V230 would be a better buy than a 1998 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 LE auto I have had a voyager befor but there is not enough room inside I love the look and size of the V230 but I am scared of the horror stories about them So please help me decide Thank you to you all Jason

Quote Originally Posted by The wheelchair kid Hi I am well was looking to buy a 1998 mercedes V230 automatic but all I have heard is horror stories about them 3 people have said that the Titanic is more reliable Can any body out there say a V230 would be a better buy than a 1998 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 LE auto I have had a voyager befor but there is not enough room inside I love the look and size

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Dynavin GPS unit install in C230K

So i just ordered a Dynavin GPS unit this is the only unit i found made specifically for this car if anyone knows any others feel free to post them I am installing it when it gets here i plan to make this thread all about the install with step by steps and maybe a video of the functions for anyone looking to upgrade there stock radio. it cost me 731 shipped expensive..but less then if you took it to

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 New member - 115CDI

Hi Guys Just joining the forum today. Just picked up a new vito115CDI auto white with 18 CLS rims which I put on this week -) And extra black tinting. (the photos are pre-tinting) So far Im planning to colour code the bumpers and side strip as I run a design print and signage company and the signs I want to put on wont stick over the non painted plastic So far im very happy with the car very easy to drive and plenty of room too Ciao Damian

Quote Originally Posted by GRAFICO Thanks for that....The vitos really doing a great job for work... Not sure how they spec the vitos in EU etc but my one is the compact non-crew cab version. It has one window on the drivers side sliding door however on the passenger sliding door it is solid. The dealer advised me that it is optional for Australia spec vitos Apart from the window the only other factory

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Going for a 639 questions...

Hii Well since almost all of you say that the 639 is a complete different story compared to the good old 638 it looks like Ill get my hands on one. The original plan was to keep my current low milage V220 a few years.. But I now got a good buyer on it AND found another good deal on a super low milage 638 vito. The question is The 639 vito has this digital climate control thing if you look closely there

There is now a new idea in my mind Ian. Ive found a black 115 4x4 vito. It is cheaper that is because it is commercial vehicle which means no seats in the back or windows. It has 124k kms on it. Later type cluster being a 2009 no rust. It got the same specs (nearly) leather mfsw auto 5 speed auto wipers and lights remote controlled webastoesbacher. As a minus It does NOT have thermatronic but it DOES

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 1982 300d for sale

I need a younger small reliable car for a long commute that I will be having to start due to work. I have a real treasure. 1982WHITE 300DIESEL mercedes turbo. Interior very good huge trunk. Daily driver for 15 miles round trip each day. New Most hoses have been converted to bio even the injectorviton. Everything works perfectly. All gauges player 180000 miles is nothing for 25 year diesel.

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Thinking about selling my car....

So Im contemplating selling my benz. I bought it as a project and Ive had a lot of fun working on it but the never ending string of issues is taking the fun out of it as well as the funds out of my wallet. I have no idea what its worth at this point so I thought I would ask and also see if anyone is interested in maybe taking it off my hands. The goods Its a 1983 gold 300D turbo 4 door sedan. 300k

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Not impressed with Mercedes at all

Being disabled there are very few vehicles that suit me because I drive from a wheelchair. Since 1992 I have been driving a Chrysler Voyager. On June 5 2006 I ordered one of the new mercedes sprinters a CDI 218. I was told it would be ready at the beginning of September. My vehicle was eventually delivered in the second week of December 2006. Do I think mercedes manufacture goods vehicles absolutely

Quote Originally Posted by rufus Yes its Daimler Chrysler but the Chrysler part have been loosing money hand over fist somewhat souring the relationship and leading to the they will part ways soon talk.....sadly for us this will not change who actually runs the dealerships. Its about people and the qaulity thereof. A mate of mine ordered a 115 P-van was told 3 months delivery so he puts down huge deposit

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Rear Door (Tailgate) swap

Hi all. Just got my 115 4x4 vito and a very nice machine it is. I bought it second hand from Germany through It is a 2007 model with 160K kilometers (rather a lot) but it runs sweetly and silently. Everything in it is great auto gearbox cruise control speed limiter but mostly the full time four wheel drive. Only drawback is that it is equiped with a solid no glass rear door. Have arranged

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Insurance question

Hi everyone Sorry if this has been answered before. Looking to buy a vito in the near future (mind you after reading some of the horror stories on this forum) I need to buy a van with seats in the rear one second row of seats. Exactly like the one adamuk has in his photo. Are these classed as vans or carsmpvs. What do I call it when I inform the insurance people Because I understand that insurance people dont like vans being used as private cars.. Any experiences. Thanks. Jake

Sorry about the delay in saying thanks for your responses. Just moved house and lost my login details so I had to reregister... I willl be trying those insurance companies. But there is one thing I ommited to say I havent been able to find a decent dualiner for the money I have so I am going to buy a normal panel van and add the seats myself (or rather get a mechanic to fit the seats i get which I

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 london low emmision zone

Just been looking at the Transport for London LEZ site typed in my reg and discovered my 638 will now be affected by Londons LEZ in Jan 2012. The zones just about everything within the M25 except Staines and hits all vans over 1.205 tonnes unladen registered as new before 01.01.02. To get round it Ill either need to pay a 200 daily charge get a DPF fitted to the exhaust or flog the van TFL LEZ reg

We got the letter last week and its bad news. There is no dispensation for registered disabled vehiclesdrivers. I am sure there will be a huge campaign against this zone when the full ramifications become clear. Its a right rip off having to take your vehicle to one of the TfL certified companies if you want a DPF fitted. My partner is a wheelchair user and we have a 110CDi auto vito registered in


Hello Just a quick question how to tell if a V-Class got ASSYST As far as I understood from Sarges therad it needs to be the facelift cluster. But all 2000 mod got this. Any inputs

ABS and ASR are listed on a datacard as BB0 and I cant see it in the first part of the list. my first vito was the original 96 version and most options werent available but it had ABS.. so I thought they all had my replacement (I was sold a pup) didnt have ABS so I looked at the specs. ABS was only standard on 112 and 113 models from 99 onwards. my new one is a 110cdi traveliner with almost every extra..

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Alarm Immob and Central locking in 1

Evening all I have a 2003 vito 112 CDI which does not have central locking an alarm or even an immobiliser How would I go about killing all 3 birds with 1 stone Ideally I would like to have the total closure system included which automatically shuts all the windows once armed. Any advice much appreciated and the cheaper the better Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 help please

Hello there. I currently drive a Peugeot boxer which is fine. I bought it because I needed to transport some belongings abroad - but mainly because it was the only van that I felt that my baby seat fitted in safely in the middle (and the baby and wife as well) Its too big for what we need now so we have decided on a vito. The baby seat wont fit in the middle of a 3 seater so we have trawled auto trader


Hi all Just a word of caution I noticed from a previous thread about a problem with the central locking locking and unlocking itself. Well i got caught out the other day by unlocking the van on the fob taking out my flask and threw the keys on the seat and shut the door clunk the doors locked unlocked and sods law locked themselfs. I had to get a locksmith out who said he had done quite a few vitos.

The old sherpas we had on the leccy board were dire for that cos the lock on both cab doors was a big lever on the door that you brushed into the lock position as you exited then slammed the door which doesnt auto unlock as you slam it. hours of fun god those things were &%& %& %. I had seperate deadbolts fitted to my vito look fairly neat and cost just under 600 for all 5 doors cheaper for 3 doors

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Is there a v class club in the UK

Hi i am a new member at benz world. Just trying to find out if there is a v class club in the UK. Thanks Reg.

Guysthis V class forum is a sad affair indeed. I also own an SLand that forum keeps cooking daily. On this oneyoud be lucky to get a reply at all. I live in Lebanon having lived in the UK for 22 years..Decided to come back to the sun and sea.. We should really make an effort to acknowledge other users on this forum even with a yes or no.. I bought my vito 114 2.3 petrol auto 2 months ago and here is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Bought a V220 infected by Black Death on purpose.

Hi guys I just picked up a V220 yesterday. A 2003 so one of the last ones made. I have had couple of these before bought and sold. Last one caught fire. Now I got a new one. However it is not trouble free. It has been up for sale a looong time now and when I asked the seller if there was anything I should know about it he told me that it had started rusting (what a surprise) and it had exhaust smell

Hey malcolm. Thanks for your information. Unfortunately Im not located in UK. I have today had a conversation with another friend of mine which is a mechanic but just as a hobby not something he is doing for living. He told me that he would clean everything (well scrap it away) but he told me that I would need new injectors. They had done the same thing on a E-Class not long ago. And as you confirm

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Transmission not changing up in drive

Hi all. Just removed the dreaded pollen filter on my 2003 112CDI thanks to all the helpful hints on the forum. Thing is now that the auto trans stays in first gear and wont change up. All works ok when in 3rd or 2nd gear but will not do anything in drive except to stay in 1st gear. The cable connection appears ok and goes through the motions. Is it possible that I have shiftedremoved an electrical

Hi Walsi had some success finally. The brake light switch was indeed the culprit. Wiring and switch were ok but the actuator bracket which is part of the brake pedal did not make enough contact to make the brake light switch go off and brake lights stayed on. I dont know if there was anything on top of the actuator bracket before but to make up better contact I slid a bit of garden hose over it to

a word on the heat booster......... it was an option on all 638 diesel engines and petrol engines.... it was never standard. at some points in time it was included in vclass and ambiente specs.... but NOT universally........... likewise the remote option was an additional to the preheater at some times and automatically included on occasion. the same things have been said about ABS being standard on

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