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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Help replacing water pump on vito 112CDi

Hi can anyone help me I am in the middle of replacing the water pump on my 2000 W-Reg vito 112CDi. I have removed all of the retaining bolts except the one beneath the idler pulley at the back of the pump. How do I get at this one its obscured by the pulley Do I remove the pulley if so how I cant see how its fixed except maybe from behind it with a bolt through the waterpump casting but I cant see

Quote Originally Posted by garylawton Hi can anyone help me I am in the middle of replacing the water pump on my 2000 W-Reg vito 112CDi. I have removed all of the retaining bolts except the one beneath the idler pulley at the back of the pump. How do I get at this one its obscured by the pulley Do I remove the pulley if so how I cant see how its fixed except maybe from behind it with a bolt through

hi ive never taken my water pump off but i would have thought that the pulley is bolted on from the front i dont suppose there is a cover over the front of the bolt is there have a good look at it i have come across this before on other vehicles hope this helps.

Hi Gary Ive just finished replacing the water pump on my 2000 108 CDI vito..... after a MASSIVE coolant leak. Turned out the bearing inside had completely disintegrated. The idler pulley you mention has a plastic cover in the centre that you can pop off with a screwdriver quite easily this reveals a single bolt that you need to undo allowing you to remove the pulley and get to that final bolt. I managed

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito CDI Water pump (broken)

There was before some screaming sound like belt was flipping but now temp goes over 90 degrees in winter and fan goes on. I take it out that little pipe wich goes to radiator refill tank and make it to clear pipe. Theres no fluid going trough the pipe when car is running only air bubbles and little fluid bobbles. Could it be water pump it not make any bad sound or leaking. Thank you.

Hi mate the little pipe on the side of the expansion bottle at the filler neck is for over flow if the pressure gets to high in the system it just drains out on to the floor it does sound like your water pump could of gone bang sorry.

I dont mean that over flow pipe. That little pipe wich goes to refill tank left side and where belongs fluid going.

If i remove radiator filler cap and put car running that little pipe in left upper that big black pipe there goes air and sometimes little fluid bobbles. So is it possible that waterpump dont work normally or are we talkin head gasket failure If i run car fast heat comes in the cabin but normally it blows all time cold. And also there is pressure in radiator after night.

HI you need to do a sniff test on the expansion tank to see if the headgasket gone or maybe may be a cracked head it could be water pump or air trapped in the system good luck.

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Hi there this is my 1st post and as such i would like to say a big HELLO to you all. My problem is this im halfway through taking my father in laws water pump out of his R reg vito 113 ive got it loose i just cant get it out of the engine bay do i take it out from the top or the bottom and how do i remove the crank pully and if so which way does it unscrew any help would be greatly appreciated as im running out of ideas cheers.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 638 112 cdi water pump removal

My van decided to spit its serpentine belt off the other day after checking all the pulleys I can feel the water pumps pulleybearing doesnt feel quite right everything else seems to be inline and feeling good so Ill get one ordered and swap it over along with a new belt and possibly a new tensioner pulley. Any hints and tips from anyone thats done this before Or possibly a cheeky PDF manual Ive had

Well that is certainly not the most fun you can have with a vito For anyone thats interested I removed the engine mount for more space and also took 3 of the alternator bolts out and loosened the fourth so I could pivot the alternator out of the way to get the water pump out and e new one in. To me thats the easiest option rather than removing the crank pulley or dropping the motor

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Need to change Water pump and Oil Cooler

Morning all need to change my water pump and the oil cooler. Its a 108CDi any info would be much appreciated.

I hope the attached PDFs help to ensure you get info or parts for YOUR vito always give the VIN number (under flap between drivers door and seat)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito dashboard switches

can anyone help with symbols on the dash switches bought used 2001 vito with no users manual. One switch which has the symbol of a fuel pump on it has now lit up with a red triangle. 14 tank of fuel and so far all seems to be running ok. Any idea what it is Can I get a user manual anywhere

the water Separator switch (Diesel engines). The manual says The water separator serves to absorb the water from fuels which have a high water content. It is integrated in the fuel filter. The indicator lamp is located on the centre console. If the lamp lights up while the vehicle is being driven this indicates that the water separator should be drained. The water separator can be drained at any mercedes-benz


After much deliberation Ive decided to sell my beloved V112CDI. Ive come into a bit of money and I think Im gonna buy a VW T5...sorry guys Im gonna be leaving the mercedes collective - its been emotional Anyways thought Id give you lot a heads up before I start advertising on the usual classifieds type websites... mercedes benz V112CDI vito 125Bhp 2001 (X REG) 127000 on the clock. Taxed until end Aug

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 My mercedes vito 110cdi

Hi guys its been a little while since i last posted a post on ere using The other the old forum of mercedes benz Dont get much reponse.. lol My merc van has covered 192000 miles and given it two oil changes since the van was NOT fit bk for the road at last speedo reading was 186000 since it was stuck on a farm for a year so i decided to buy her FOR 600 notes A lot of welding to the inner sills and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 1999 Vito 113 PetrolAutomatic will not turn over

Hello Everyone I have been intensely reading this forum and individual threads which describe similar symptoms to mine but I have seemingly tried checked anything that I have learnt to no avail. I will be having this car towed to a private mechanic (not dealer) who will hopefully isolate the fault and get my van back on the road. However I thought I would ask the question if anyone may know if I have


My ABS system is not working but the fault light isnt lit. I have changed the brake fluid (dot4)and bleed the lines . After I did this the first winter I got use for the ABS I felt the abs pump working for about a second or two but then it silenced like it got stuck or a fuse went out . Anyone have experience with this 638 108D -97mod

Found this on ebay might be something to it.... Mecedes vito ABS pump came off a 55 reg vito 111 CDI these all suffer from the same fault (apparently) which is a seal goes when the brake fluid has water in it. This has been hinted at the cuase being lazy servicing from mercedes. This Van had 26 k on the clock when this was stripped out last year. Replacement part from mercedes is approx 2000

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Gearbox problem with Vito 112 CDI

Hi everyone Gearbox problem with vito 112 CDI. 012002 Model 190000 kms Transmission light comes on and gearbox slips or locks into neutral. I turn engine off restart and can drive a few more hundreds meters before it happens again. Sometimes car will drive OK for 2-5 minutes in the morning before this starts to happen. It takes 2-3 be3fore the gear shifts between neutral to D or Revers. mercedes Workshop

jona 112 Hi everyone Gearbox problem with vito 112 CDI. 012002 Model 190000 kms Transmission light comes on and gearbox slips or locks into neutral. I turn engine off restart and can drive a few more hundreds meters before it happens again. Sometimes car will drive OK for 2-5 minutes in the morning before this starts to happen. It takes 2-3 be3fore the gear shifts between neutral to D or Revers. mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 The chip fat vito 108D conversion

HI chaps...ive been looking into this veg oil conversion for a while and saved up enuf &163 to convert my 108D traveliner....thought it might be useful to keep a sort of diary blog. Apoloigies its on another forum (i moderate it so easier for me to do it there) but hopefully you will find it useful and informative in these times of &1631.10 a litre VWKD - VW Camper and Beetle Conversion from aircooled

good idea - why didnt i think of that...... here you go.... IM doing this conversion on my Merc vito traveliner so I can drive round for free....not strictly on a VW but this is transfereable to ANY diesel vehicle....and since some of us on here run on diesel....I thought a how to might be useful to dispel some myths and summarise all my research over the last months. Background..... Tax - it is now

Next up was the wiring....this is my personal worst bit of anything so I wasnt looking forward to it. The kit comes with 3 assembled looms and a wiring diagram.....but theres also a list of wiring allocations so I used this. The first job was to decide where to mount the relays fuse box (this comes pre-assembled) and identify a good earth point switched live and permanent live. SO first i loosely

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 109 CDI Vito Heating

Hi everyone I have a 2004 109CDI vito. I have replaced the Thermostat water pump Header tank and Heater matrix. After bleeding the the system I have no heat. Also if I put my water cap on I build up presser. I have cracked the water pipe off at the heater matrix and found air once the water started flowing I put the pipe back on and still no joy. I have checked the water pump is spinning the correct way. Also my radiator remains cold and thermostat is red hot

Ok so still no joy I am not getting any flow through the heater matrix. The header tank has 3 out lets. 1 gos from the tank to the bottom Rad in let 2 is the return from the top of the rad 3 is the return from the thermostat. water pump has 2 in lets. 1 bottom of pump from bottom rad 2 from heater matrix (sucks) Heater matrix 1 from cylinder head 2 back to water pump Thermostat to the top of the rad.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 113 vito oil leak

Greetings from down under. I am new to MB but looking forward to years with a 113 vito Van my son acquired last week. Very comfortable to drive and powerful enough to climb us through the steep winding dirt roads of banana fields and dairy country from Coff Harbour to the inland of New South Wales Australia. We have been fortunate to discover a number of problems like non-operating wipers stuck doors

I have a 113 99 petrol vito get a bright torch and look from under neath to the rear of the block sounds like from either the oil pump or up towards the timing chain tensioner (back of the block) or from around the oil pump. Best thing I guess to do would be to get a couple of good cans of aerosol degreaser and spray the back of the engine and surrounding areas clean and monitor where the leak is coming

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2000 vito tappet noise under load

Hello from Austrlia everyone my name is Joel i hope everything is great around the world I am new to this site and have a little bit of a problem with my 2000 model vito petrol 113 auto The van has alot of KMs around 350000 i purchased the van around 80000km ago i travel a lot around australia riding motorcycles the van its self was a delivery van in sydney many years before i bought it van is in good


Hi All Im a brand new member and new to MB having just bought a vito 108 cdi. It starts fine and runs ok but seems to make quite a loud air noise under acceleration which sounds like its coming from the air box area. I opened the airbox earlier and rain water seems to have got into the box somehow as about 10% of the filter was soaking wet (furthest from the engine side). I have driven it 100 miles

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W638 Vito head gasket fun

Well the head gasket is definitely knackered in my 113 vito I thought it was using a bit of water then the oil turned into caramel. After a week and a half of struggling to get the head off with sheared torx bolts and trying to get certain tools locally (small country town with crap tool merchants) and that stinking timing chain shield retainer it is finally off. I have since found the manifold cracked

Quote Originally Posted by on.electric I have a 113 with a blown head gasket as well. The water pump is fairly easy I thought how the hang did you get the exhaust manifold off I cant even get my hand behind the engine You have to pull the head off with the manifold fitted not much access behind and too many nuts too undo. The water pump needs to come off at an angle going by what I had to do and as

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Some Vito questions

Having just bought a 2002 110 CDi and read through this forum it seems that the vito (or mercedes in general) suffer a common problem that also effects BMW diesels... the dreaded Thermostat issue. Ive just been though the whole process of replacing the Coolant and EGR Thermostats on my BMW 320d and now I notice that my vito only runs at 65-70 degrees too. Looks like another weekend job Also when I

Its likely to be either the water pump or the steering pump Alot of vitos run very cool Be carefull you dont break the sensor into the housing trying to get it out

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2003 Vito 112cdi cold start problem

I have a 2003 vito 112cdi which has recently started to exhibit problems starting from cold. The engine will always start first time but then within 5-10 seconds the revs just die even though I attempt to rev engine. Once this has happened I have to turn the engine over and over until it eventually starts again -can take 5 mins or more . I have had success in maintaining the first time start time

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 108cdi 2001 vito traveliner dashboard switches

Can any one help I have recently bought a vito traveliner and have a switch to the bottom left hand side of the dash which has what appears to be a fuel pump (type you find at the local petrol station) I can not find anything in the users manual. Many thanks Mark

Quote Originally Posted by Markvitospares Does it have another small logo that looks like water going into a cup is it a switch or does it just look like a switch Post a pic up Hi ya it is a rocker switch with the picci of a fuel pump on it same size as the other rocker switches. Martin

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 114 2002 7 months update

Just a quick update on the 114 bought in November 05.V 230 engine.. I am surprised at all the things gone wrong with other users. OKits not the sturdiest of Vansbut I use mine in the Lebanon daily with an average of 2500 kms monthly on some really bad roads.. So faronly the water pump has expired.[USD 270 for a new one]..spares on the vito cost more than on my E210 merc..Why I change oils and filter

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 M111 Engined Vito 113

Hello all I have just purchased a vito 113. It has a 1998cc M111 Engine that today I started to strip ancillaries off to find the cure to a Whir ing noise and a constant tapping sound on the top of the engine. I suspected the tapping to be a worn camshaft but after taking the rocker box off the cams look like new bearing in mind this has done 96k they are unworn. If anyone would like pictures feel

vito113 engine 111 check your water pump

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 110CDi intermittent limp mode

Hi there I have searched these forums for some help but am still scratching my head... I have a 2002 vito 110 CDi and it intermittently enters what I now know is Limp Mode. Its not just on the motorway that this happens (though that is when I really notice it) and not just in fifth gear as Ive read some others have had issues with. I can be quite happily driving for an hour or more sometimes at around

No I dont have an ASR button on the dash... I think my vito is too old (2002) There is a switch which has a petrol pump and what looks like water droplets on it which Im not sure of its function. Nothing happens when I push it... It used to light a red bulb inside the switch but now it does nothing. My Tyres are ok both fronts are low but legal.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Looking to buy a Merc Vito - 2004-2006. What to look out for

Hey All Im leaving the world of Volkswagens and entering the world of mercedes. Im in the cleaning business and need a van for work. Found a 2004 vito 109CDI with 241000km on the odometer. What do I look out for Do you think that is too many km on the clock Im hoping the dealer will let me take the car to my mechanic so they can put it on the hoist and check it out before I buy it... But they probably wont let me

I have had a couple of vitos 04 and now a 08List of problems brake light switch water pump. Thats pretty much it.great vans .I run mine 5 days a week as a courier and never had a issue Those kms should be ok. Guys work have 3-4 hundred thousand kms and running strong.

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Flow Tube Injection Pump Timing 240D Seattle

So I am living in Seattle for the time being and spent the last 3 months driving all over this here country (coast to coast) in my 1983 240D. Now that I am here Ive noticed (and heard) that somewhere along the way my injection pump has loosened up (engine vibration Im sure) and now its making that tell tale click clack clicking sound that I assume is from the diesel igniting in the pre combustion chamber

Pour a bottle of Red Line SL-1 (from CarQuest some other stores also carry it) fuel injection system cleaner in your veggie tank drive it down I-5 to Tacoma and back and see if you hear any difference. Ive been running 87% veggie cleaned down to 5 microns in a single-tank system completely unmodified for about 25000 miles now in my 85 300D. But my IP was rebuilt using viton gaskets about two years

Well I adjusted them right around the time that I put the Veg system in so I think it was about 10000 miles ago too. I am using all bio diesel grade fuel hose but I could understand that the gaskets in the IP could be getting eaten up. Hmmm. Those viton gaskets are readily available I think that I will start with the fuel injector cleaner first. If that wont work Ill try Friedels and the injector route.

Quote Originally Posted by goodtwin Well I adjusted them right around the time that I put the Veg system in so I think it was about 10000 miles ago too. I am using all bio diesel grade fuel hose but I could understand that the gaskets in the IP could be getting eaten up. Hmmm. Those viton gaskets are readily available I think that I will start with the fuel injector cleaner first. If that wont work

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 ouch... SmokenWater......

Hello picture this..... great xmas break party at friends for new year and after four days returned to the old faithful vito 113 dual fuel 2000 plate to find the drivers front side tyre was flat no biggie - next day pumped it back up started engine and heard a squealing and smoke arising from under the hood. Turned it off checked thought it might just be oil on belt. Tried again a bit of a squeal but

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito or YAN (Yet Another Transporter)

Hi there I am thinking of buying a vito. I did not see any vito specific forums listed apart from this one so I thought I would ask here first I have a 1998 VW T4 Transporter (Eurovan) which has served me well and the logical replacement would be the T5...but...I have always liked the look of the vito and looking around you seem to get more van for the money over here compared to the VW. I will be

Yes I may have been unlucky with one but not with two. Added I have two seperate friends who run T5s. One has now had two 174s both 3 years apart. Both have had water pumps fail reverse gear fail air con fail fuel pumps fail. All the time this happens common excuse from the dealer is sorry sir we see a lot of this happening they are standard problems. It all seems to start going wrong 40-60 K. My other

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 steering pump etc problems

Just nursed it home (pre CDi 1997 108d) with a slight blue haze (probably oil onto exhaust) with a grinding noise when turning the steering - bit like a halfshaft going except that theyre new - and then suddenly the steering went VERY heavy as I reversed onto my driveway. - just been to check levels and I have oil water brake and the reservoir marked ATF is half full - then noticed thin trail of oil

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Mysterious plug - Mercedes Vito W638

Hi Whilst replacing the o rings on my vito fuel pump regulator I came across a plug (close to the fuel filter) that looks like it should go somewhere but it has me scratching my head any ideas what this is for It is a 2003 (03) mercedes vito 108CDI Many thanks for any guidance on this.

I attach a generic document on the fuel filter. if the water seperator is fitted it is ON THE BOTTOM of the fuel filter case. you say youve changed the filter..... did you bleed the air out of the system its meant to be automatic... it never is and ANY air bubbles can cause the fuel not to pump and the sensors will shut the engine down. the water seperator is on the first pdf the other (bigger) pdf

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Ownership experiences - one year on....

After buying my vito over a year ago I thought I would share my experiences of ownership during this time as it was this forum that I received tips and advice re buying a second hand vito. To see the van I bought see my original post over a year ago httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsv-cl...mlpost3352420 2001 mercedes vito 112 CDi Dual Liner. So an update on the van.... I have now had the van for well over

I have 2 of them The first a 113 manual didnt touch it for 4 years ran great no rust thought I would start looking after it this year and this is what happened Both front brake hoses split I had a brake flush 1 month before. Radiator was leaking so I fixed it (2 years later ) this caused the water pump to fail and 2 hoses to split over heat probably my fault now I have a head gasket problem. And the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito V plate Cold Air Blows Until Thermostat Opens..

Hi people. I have a vito 112 on a v plate which blows cold air most of the time. I had the thermostat replaced as i presumed that this was stuck open but no difference. Ive since noticed that i only get heat when the thermostat kicks inopens and the engine temperature drops. The heater starts working but the matrix cools down soon after presumably when the stat closes again. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated as its just too cold and icy Thanks in advanced.

Would the water pump be the problem as the engine keeps cool as doesnt overheat Where is the temp sensor located The water circulates when the stat is open as i get a burst of heat so could it be a mis-plumed hose (or just a little help from gravityheat rising) Any thoughts or WIS diagrams on the cooling system would be appreciated.

Ive tried to refill the system as suggested but then water starts pouring out when i drive around. It sometimes overheats on longer journeys. The garage have changed the thermostat and today checked the water pump which is ok so they are scratching their heads The water is clear bar somthing copperlike floating around which could be K-Seal Any ideas If its kseal would this block the heater matrix and cause these pressure problems

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito was accelerating on its own now wont start.

Hi all Im hoping somebody might be able to give me some tips. I have a vito 110D 1996. Its getting a bit old now but is a very good runner. Anyway today I was driving along at about 30 when I noticed it didnt seem to be slowing down when I released the accelerator. I waited for the next exit from the road and put it into nuetral. At this point it revved really loud so I pulled over and turned off the

Yeah i was thinking of oil dripping out of the end of the exhaust or water for that matter. Things that can cause those symptoms are as said turbo failure or head gasket but it could be the injector pump having a fit but very unlikely. None of those things would normally link in with no glow plug light showing though. The reving of the engine imply s that it was fueling itself from somewhere either

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito misfire and white smoke

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi My van was running fine (108cdi) apart from the fact it was losing water from the waterpump. I thought i would tackle this job but after having a go in the rain i decided it was not for me. I took the van to a friend of a friends garage and they did the job for 90 (was ok with that) On collection of my van it now has

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 VITO 108 cdi problem Urgent

I have terrible problem with vito 108CDI production 1999Y Engine works OKwhen I accelerate slowly it goes normalybut when I stronlgy push gasI want to accelerate quick engine shut offit all happens about 3000rmp and higher I have tried all kinds of diagnosis StarDiagnosemercedes hht and carsoft but there are no errors Also I have noticed something elsewhen vehicle stands in place and I push gas it

Quote Originally Posted by Drekers Hey My 112cdi is doing the same thing always up hill under load was going to start with new filter but do you all think its the HP pump It has never done this until after i ran out of fuel so was thinking it could of picked up crap from the tank Hi ya either filter is blocked or half full of water and crap it sounds like it just cant flow enough fuel and the edc can be triggered by water or lack of fuel Cheers Martin

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2000 vito 112 cdi limp mode due to EDC lamp

hey i have the above car and it has gone into limp mode and the EDC light has come on .. ive tried running my diagnostic on it and it says the vehicle reports a DTC but no non pending DTC was read so i cant see tha actual code while looking in the engine bay for any obvious reason i noticed that air bubbles was going out of the filter towards the pumpengine upon inspecting the fuel lines i see that

Hi ya if you follow the small pipe up from under the van and follow it where it comes out behind the air box it will lead you right to it. Its fixed to the bulkhead and is a small cylindrical shaped thing with an electrical plug and a couple of small pipes attatched to it. If you do a search on here for boost controllers or boost regulator im shure there are pics of one. The intercooler doesnt have

I use mine as a trade van its full of all sorts of stuff and has ladders etc on the roof it does what I need it to really well over here everything is Toyota Mitsubishi etc the best thing is even with roof racks on I can fit in car park buildings where the other trades cant it drives really well and has heaps of power but and there is always a but I fix it myself due to the cost and in 4 years I have

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito - Is it worth it

Ive been trawling through the v class forum as im looking for a new van. A vito (2000-2001) is my favorite looks wise but all i seem to come across are threads about problems - injectors glow plugs suspension etc etc. Even in the Pimp my vito thread there are some guys saying they wished they had stayed with VW This is a bit worrying for a Merc forum Im not trying to get myself linched here (ill probably

I have a 2006 120 cdi which I do around 60000 miles year in and I have just got rid of my Vw T5 130ps Tiptronic which the gearbox blew up after 100000 miles. I have had a few issues with the Merc under warranty - new ECU Dash and 3 x EGR valves but each time the dealer has been ace at sorting it with less hassle and in the middle of the night when I dont need my van (Rygor Commercials Swindon) I have

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