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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito injector washer

Does anyone know the part number for the injector washers for a vito 108 CDI i got somme from Merc today but just wanted to confirm that i have the right ones before i pull the injectors Many thanks Martin

I think the only advice i could give is what i have learnt on here i cleaned all the carbon out of the rocker box with a sharp screwdriver and flooded the head with plus gas and left it over night. I hoovered the rocker box off and removed the fuel line (i clamped the diesel lines first) and the union off the injector and removed the clamp bolt cleaned the rest of the carbon away and then using a 23mm

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108cdi Engine problem maybe

Last friday i started to smell diesel exhaust fumes inside my vito 108cdi minibus. took to my usual garage who said they could smell but not sure where from.Took it to get exhaust checked all over and found no problem. today took it to our mercedes garage. they just rang and reckon the pistons are blowing by the seals on the injectors..(im lost) they need to take injectors out but reckon 9 times out

I also had the same problem mine was caused by the injector nozzle washer failing. The carbon does end as hard as concrete 5 for four new washers & new injector clamp bolts. I also suffered with one of the other injectors being seized in the cylinder head broke the cam cover & damaged the injector trying to get it out. The van is now on ebay (item 4643264573) for spares or repair. Ive replaced the

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito coal burner......

Right Ive removed all the other stuff as 1 reply (tanx ugly mate) from 75 viewings tells me people are probably fed up repeating themselves on the same topics so i trawled tru the old stuff and found what i needed to get the inj. out.So this what i took out as you can see there are NO seals of any description on it or the head this i assume is can anyone show me a pic of a proper one with all the required seals or an explaination...

Think its a safe bet youre going to be removing injectors & replacing nozzle washers.................... Ugly

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito injectors

Hi to everyone I recently purchased a 52 plate vito with 80000 miles. It broke down and I had to call out Merc roadside who replaced an injector ( 550.00 ) the guy said one has allready been replaced so there are two original injectors still fitted. Since this I have searched and found numerous threads on what a nightmare thhey can be .The question is should I replace the two injectors now replace the copper washers now or join the AA and wait for a failure Many thanks in advance Pablo

550 I got an exchange one for 175 & thought id been turned over Pull the remaining 3 injectors out take them to a bosch or known good diesel system company get them checked ask for a reportprintout overhaul them if the report is less than good. Buy some Merc grease new nozzle washers & bolts (cost me 5 per injector) clean out the bolt hole then clean it again (cleanliness is next to godliness). Refit

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W639 722.682 Auto Transmission oil filter change

Im after some tips on doing the auto filter and oil change on my 115CDI 2006 vito. It has the 722.682 NAG1 5 speed auto. Studying the WIS shows me its quite straight forward. The only slightly tricky bit is flushing the lines to the oil cooler and the thermo control valve. The WIS shows a special tool with a pump and reservoir and a special fitting to screw onto the feed lines. Has anyone come up with

My friend and I did our vito 115CDI auto services yesterday. It was a straight forward project and I think we did a good thorough job of it. We have the 722.682 transmission and we had to flush the oil cooler and thermo valve feed and return lines. This is what we did 1. Raised the vehicle by driving the front and rear onto ramps and made them close to level. 2. Drained the TQ and the oil pan. 3. Removed

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 injectors (again)

Hi all got the dreaded injector problem and have spent couple of wends removing the coal..nice workThis might seem a little extreme but has anyone tried starting the engine without the clamp fitted to the injectorIve tried everything else to get it out but it is solid..I realise there is massive pressure behind these bad boys but erit seems like thats what i need....Id only do one at a time but just

Regarding running the engine up without a clamp fitted to the injector i have (unitentionally LOL) done this with an engine on test........ slightly different set up to the merc engine these injectors were held in the head by a nut which the injector passed through & the injectors were connected to each other by a steel leak off pipe not the flexible type as on the vito. No the injector never hit the

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