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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Side Window

The drivers side window dropped with a clang sound. I am now trying to access it. I have the door handle cover and the speaker cover off as well as the three bottom screws but now I am stuck. It is a 2007 vito 115 CDI with electrically operated windows. Any hints will be warmly welcome. Also is there a downloadable repairmaintenance manual available. vitoholic (Downunder)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 639 side windows

For sale mercedes vito 639 glass windows 120 111 115 109 eBay

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Intermittent Drivers side electric window - 2001 Vito 110 CDI

Hello Had a 110 CDI vito for 4 months and a 108 before that but this one has the electrics pack - which I suspect is about to be more trouble than its worth.. Left hand side electric mirror has stopped working - not too bothered as once set they stay put. Drivers side electric window has now also stopped. Worked ok everyday last week and since Ive owned it last night didnt work. Popped into the shops

Hi Jim222 Welcome to the benzworld forum. You will find that the wires between the drivers door and the A post are broken and need repairing. Sammy

Cheers Sammy - this seems to be the problem. Turned ignition on popped my finger on the rocker switch that operates the window and gave the rubber boot which protects the wires on their path from A-pillar to door a wiggle and hey presto the window went up. Must be a degrading wire - Ill dig around at the weekend and get the soldering iron out Cheers Jim Right..Ill start some more threads with more problematic questions

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Heated rear window retrofit on a Vito.Help needed

Hi I just bought a vito 108 D 638 and it is a 3 seat cargo. Since I am going to use this car most of the time in the city I wanted to be able to park it easier so between parking sensors and a rear window at the same price I went for the second one. I bought a rear tailgate from a V Klasse with the original mercedes heated rear window. Now the problem is how to wire the heating of the window. I got

I just bought a vito with less rust than my old one (battery froze and rotted out main frame member) The new one is more basic and I am going to retrofit the heated window heated and electric mirrors ABS traction control. The retro fits are easy mercedes parts being largely self contained because EVERYTHING is an extra at the factory. Rear window needs glueing with proper windscreen adhesive......

Run a NEW cable its not difficult and you need at least a 15Amp fuse (I havent checked but it may need higher - I will look) The lighting circuit is nowhere near enough power for the rear screen even if rarely used....... best bet is a red and black pair run around the lip joining the roof to sidewall and down behind the seat belt cover to the battery compartment. an in-line fuseholder from a car shop is perfect.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2004 Vito 115 - problem with rear side door

I have a problem with the rear NS side door on my 04 vito. It will not latch when we close it. Cant see anything obvious when looking at the latch mechanism itself. Has anyone else experienced the same issue - what was the fix The front passenger electric window has failed also - I believe this is a common issue Replacement regulators are advertised on Ebauy for less than 100. Has anyone used these

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2001 Vito electric window problems

Hi everyone new to benzworld and your help would be much appreicated I recently bought a complete used electric window set for my vito including all switches motors and loom that runs lerft to right under the dash. The problem is there are 2 wires (redgreen and blackyellow) that have no connections the earth(brown) fits to bulk head drivers side footwell. In another thread it was suggested they can

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 2006 electric window problem

Hi all I have a 06 vito Australian model which is a right hand drive... And the drivers side electric window does not go up or down. I can easily put the window up or down with my hand. When I press up or down on the electric window the motor sounds like its winding fine but there is no movement with the window. It seams like the cable or something has snapped or come off the window. 1- Has anybody

Hiya Chances are the plastic clips holding the glass to the window regulator have snapped. This happened to my car when we had freezing weather the window froze into the rubber seal and when my GF tried to put the window down the regulator and window went their seperate ways and with a large bang i might add. To remove the door card remove and unplug the electric window switch this will expose the

Hi mate it was very similar. the main screws is under the handle cap. There are also plastic clipsscrews running along the bottom of the trim... As well as a screw for the speaker trim which is on the front side of the door trim (the engine side... If Im making sense). Regarding the regulator you can buy the kits from eBay for about 30. Thats pretty cheap compared to what mercedes charge. But the quality Who knows. Cheers Selim

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fitting Side Windows (639)

Hi Folks Looking for some advice (maybe even some photos) on how to fit side windows to a 639 panel van. Ive bought the two windows (to go in the side doors) along with the fitting kit but I have a specific question about what to do with the outer and inner skins. When looking up how-tos online they all reference a transporter where you have to roll the outer skin in to meet the inner and then bond

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 side windows

can any body give me the part no off their sliding door windowsif theyve got them fittedcheers

sorry its a 99 110 cdi vitoi have the vin and have rang loical merc dealerbut they saidbecause the van wasnt manufactured with side windows they cant give me a price to be honest they wernt helpfll at allseemed like they couldnt be bothered

Thats crap-ola. You can buy side windows for the vito on ebay about 200 quid per side fitted about 125 quid DIY or the sliding ones for 220 quid with fitting instructions. See here hope this helps Ad.

The fellas are here now. Seems theyve not done a vito before. Theyve cut the hole on one side though its fairly tidy but they dont have a trim to go on the inside. Malcolm did you use a trim Tim Ill post some pictures when its finished so you can make your own mind up.

sorry if I didnt get back quickly - the forum has stopped notifying me for some reason. I didnt use trims as they were not important to me (I only really need windows so they will let me into the dump - sorry household waste recycling centre) and occassionally carry the grandchildren. alternative make trims are available from vansport (ebay) or my choice would be secondhand original mercedes trims

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 cost of putting windows in side doors

How much would it cost to put windows in the side doors of a vito 639

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 06 window regulator replacement

Hi I am about to purchase a window regulator replacement kit for the drivers side window (right hand side in Australia) and was wondering if anybody had instructions to replacing this. I have looked at it by taking the door trim off... And it looks complicated as well as hard to get in reach of all the regulator parts. Cheers selim

Im getting the passanger side complete winder unit replaced Right now through BMW and its costing a whopping 840 fitted I had to bite the bullet on this one cause the van is my office so ouch Thats in Sydney by the way.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 115cdi 2006 electric windows removal

HI guys The electric windows on the passenger side have failed. I have th parts I need but was wondering if someone has a link to removing the window and regulator mechnism. or is someone can give a description on how to do it The cable and cob on the regulator are th broken pieces. I have replacements for them but It looks like the whole think needs to come out. any tips would be appreciated Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 07 Vito windows click but dont open

Hi folks I have an 07 vito the passenger window clicks but doesnt open and the drivers window wuurrrs (as if a motor is turning) but doesnt open either - any suggestions welcomed Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Free App

Sparch sorry for dredging this up after 2 months. But has there been a parts revision on these damn regulators Mine 2006 vito has broken the RH regulator every two years the third one just today. Same problem every time cables run off the grooves on the drive drum and tie themselves in knots. Around here 900 a time for the regulator......... grrr Not to mention the LH side once same problem.

It is one of the weak part of the van I had replaced 3 sets alone on the right side within the last 7 years The large window is just too heavy for the weak structure and design. There are cheaper version supplied by non-OEM factories.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 WANTED Sliding door window for a 99 vito

Hey im lookin for a window for the slinding rear left side door. Dose anyone know where is the best place to buy it

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 120 Electric Windows.

So I fitted a 240v inverter into my van. During the install I had to disconnect the battery and since then I have to hold the updown switch to do the windows. Prior to this it was one touch for up and down. Any ideas

You need to re set the windows hold the switch down a couple of seconds and up a couple of seconds both sides.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Electric Window Problem

Hi iam new here and own a 04 vito 119 xlbut in two years i have broken(worn out)two drivers sidr rlrctric window setups and am starting to get annoyed firs one was under warranty this time they slugged me 500has anyone else ahd problems with electric windows

DOM1 Cant help witn specific answers but to add to the common knowldege base can I ask you the following Do you use the driver side window markedly more than the passenger one As the van been in a accidnet that may have warped or damaged the rail on that door Have you been able to study teh replaced part to see exactly what is wearing Past experience has taught me that most auto mechs are not taught

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito side door glass

I brought 2 pieces of glass for the side doors on my 04reg new shape vito SWB went to fit them yesterday but they dont fit too big and more tapered rather than square i contacted the seller and he said they are for the LWB (WHICH HE NEVER STATED IN AD) is there any difference in the door size on a SWBLWB AND EXTRA LWB cheers Neil.

It isnt for the rear windows is it on a traveliner Martin

[QUOTEwalsi5326897]It isnt for the rear windows is it on a traveliner Martin[QUO there far too big for the rear doors m8

The rear side windows behind the sliding doors as fitted to the traveliner

Start a new thread asking for someone to measure there windows on a 638 either vclass or dual liner

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Silver side doors with Windows..swap..

Hi Guys I may have a set of silver sliding doors with windows from a vito im possibly buying tomorrow. Ideally Id like solid doors so does anyone have a silver van (2007 onwards) who wants windows as to swap the doors isnt a big job Mark

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 109 CDI electric window trouble

Have recently aquired the vito 109CDI 2008 year and when i try and put up the windows it goes down then it might go up then it goes down again.And it wil only go up if pull on the switch at an anglethis happens on both windows from the drivers switch.Advice appreciated.

just bought a 2006 109 cdi it does the same some times but only at the drivers side...

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 broken drivers side window assembly

hi all can someone tell me how to get the door skin off my 1999 vito i got it most of it unclipped but the last bit near the top left corner wont budge thx in advance

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 The perfect storage unit for a Vito camper

One of the downsides of the 638 compared to the T4 (apart from rust) is mercedes ability to lose 18cm of load length compared to what VW managed.......and in the same chassis too This is a bummer when your vito is your holiday sleeping accommodation. Weve just fitted a full width Ikea bedseat set on a plywood base and now want a storage unit at the front - to make coffee and keep me undies in. The

it will be good for weekend camping on its own and longer hols will have the tall Quechua as extra storage. Weve got the smaller cargo style nets fixed to the walls on either side of the bed. Curiously there are two panels just forward and above the wheel arches which can be removed - so in theory we could have two recessed spaces which could be made into storage areas. I dont know what mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 638 camperutility project

Camper may be stretching it a bit but Ill explain all Ive owned a proper coachbuilt Renault campervan before and it was bloody dreadful Really unreliable noisey cramped slower than tectonic plates and looked get the gist of it. Thankfully not for my wallet it died after the very first weekend away a few years back so I then had to consider my options. After lots of research I bought

JUst back from a camping holiday in France our first in the vito. Thought Id share a few observations. FIrstly the vito was fantastic to drive on long journeys. Ive come from a T25 and the difference as you might expect is huge. CRuising at 80 on clear French autoroutes is the stress free way to go. Were set up with a full width bed in the back using a single piece of plywood on two uprights with a

Anavito I loved reading the feedback on camping in France Ive read loads about it and driven through France many times but never camped there. I may need to pick your brains on that trip A few of my friends have t4s. and all swear by them but I love the auto box on mine love the twin doors and also noticed the lack of condensation if you drop a front window by an inch Mine is an X reg and has corrosion

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 my new vito few electrical niggles

hi all new to vitos iv got a v reg 110cdi 157k on the odo few problems im wanting to sort without MB as iv just read a massive thread on how pants they are my odometer is really dim even when i put my lights on at night i can hardly see it... how easy is the dash to remove and bulbs to replace (iv searched for threads and cant seem to find one....) the electric window switches how are they wired i

Quote Originally Posted by dash -- dead easy to remove and believe it or not this is the official MB method.... the dimness is probably the wrong bulb fitted (common)... but have you adjusted the dimmer... ignition to pos 2 or running - buttons in top of instrument cluster with lights on press and should get brighter.. - gets dimmer but whether it works depends on spec of vito when

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Sliding Door Windows

Hi Does anyone know the part numbers for windows for the sliding doors in my XReg vito Has anyone tried 0800 195 1646 or does anyone else know of any other sources of these windows thanks Tim

im also looking into putting windows in my 99 vitohad a bit of luck the other day and managed to get the part numbers for the 3 different colours mercedes lhside door glass green a638 730 14 55 black a638 730 11 55 clear a638 735 09 09 rh side door glass green a638 730 13 55 black a638 730 09 55 clear a638 735 09 09 also got the rear side window part nos aswell if any one wants them the windows are

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 single switch electric windows

hi i sure this has been covered somewhere but i have looked and cant find what i need i have go a set of electric windows with a single switch i have put them in and they one goes up and one just goes down is there a wiring diagram anywhere for these they are Merc electric windows to cheers kev

I agree with gixxerpat.... try them on a bench first then fit once youve got it sussed.. the switches in the picture are not standard vito.... standard plates have ONE of those switches on the passenger side.... it ONLY works the passenger window..... but 2 switches on the drivers side... one for the passenger and one for the drivers window. the wiring is simple... a power feed and ground to the switch(es)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Camper - Advice

Hi all My first post but been patiently reading through all the old threads its a mine of information on here Im looking for some advice if at all possible. Ive seen bits and bats on camper conversions but just wanted a few questions answered. Im looking at buying around a year 2000 vito to do a part home camper conversion with insulation carpeting electrical system (lights mini tv etc) 34 bed and

I have converted mine. The spare is under the vehicle which is good. The RWD newer vitos have it inside which is lame. I would go for the traveliner as you will need to need to (if you are going to insure it as a home conversion with Adrian Flux or Shield) have a window in each side of the van. You will also need (for it to qualify) a bed 6 or longer (width not specified). A cooker. A table (one that


Hi folks nice forum youve got here Perhaps you will allow a newbie a question I race the odd harenhounds enduro (motorbikes for those who dont know) and do a lot of motorway miles towing a light caravan to events. Im thinking of upgrading to a vito van. I see lots of 108D 108CDi and 110 CDi for sale which would be most suited Would any do the job Before anyone says that vitos are noisy and underpowered I currently run an LDV Convoy - nuff said TIA for any comments

good to see some1 else using a vito for bikes i ride mx in austrailia and i have a vitto same as urs with no side windows 5% visabiltiy window tint and fullylined with black marine carpet running 19inch chrome wheels and a great stereo ill post some pics........... good choice

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Few problems with merc vito. Help

Hi new to the forums and not the greatest with vehicles. on my dash of a 2007 vito the esp and another warning light (tyre) as appearedon my dashboard. was just wondering if anyone could give me some ideas as to what this is. also my driver side electric window button doesnt operate either of the windows. any help one more problem. recently whilst driving when going over bumps or potholes in the road the back suspension is making a right noise. just wondering what i need to do. cheers

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 intermittent electric windows

Hello Ive had a problem with the passenger side electric window on my X reg vito 110 CDI since I got it last September passenger side electric window only worked some of the time. The drivers side was ok so Ive been putting off investigating. with the current hot weather Ive decided to have a look. I found and repaired damaged wires in the rubber tube thingy thats in the gap when the door is open (does

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito chrome trim

hi all. i was hoping with all your wisdom you may know where i may be able to purchase a set of chrome bumpertrim for the outside of my vito. it is usually black plastic (on the outside of the doors) but in a couple of sarges photos in pimped out vitos people have chrome ones and as i have chrome handles i think they would really make it but i cant find them anywhere for love nor money..... please help ive looked everywhere. thanks

I saw a vito with chrome bumpers and side defenders the other day. with you in mind I followed him home after 8miles he was getting a little paranoid about being followed and asked where he got them. they were done by himself using mirror window film heatshrunk on with an hot air gun....... not quite chrome but pretty good. with that in mind I phoned a couple of vehicle sign fitters........ they said

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Just bought a Vito 111cdi and need some parts advice please

Just bought a 2004 vito 111 cdi and have some things to sort and could do with your advice please. The rear tailgate wont open fullypast head height without a push so think I need to replace the gas strutts. Not sure which are best to get The left side door wouldnt open at first but then did so not sure what was going on here. Rear window tint needs re-doing. Not sure where to get this done or whether

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 winter camping in my 110 vito

Ok guys Im doing my vito out as a bike transporter and camper and also to use in Scotland for the odd snowboard trip Ive been to to many race paddocks in my time and frozen my nuts off so Im doing a proper job this time I was wondering if any of you lot have ever camped in sub zero temperatures in your vans the last time I hit the scotish slopes it was -12 at midday

an eberspacher in it which I gave to a mate. Just take an extra pair of socks and a decent quilt Currently camping in the south of France. No problems with temps here In fact the opening rear side windows have been a huge blessing.........and of course you wont find them on a T4 80mph all day on the drive down. It easy to take for granted just how comfortable the van is. Niiice Why are you on benzworld

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito wanted

I have swung my mate around into getting a vito. He has just converted a VW transporter into a day van with fridge hob cupboards etc. Now he likes the look of mine and fancies doing something similar to one. Hes after a tidyish example around the 2k mark if poss may go slightly more. Hes not worried about travelling for the right one either. We are in East Anglia. Thanks

Curly68. Hi I have a vito 110 CDI that im just putting up for sale its a 2000 x reg in white ive had the van 5 years it as only done 88500 miles its is in excellent condition it as a thatcham cat 1 alarm & immobilisor central locking tinted windows cd player walnut dash trim its got the solid tailgate & 2 side loading doors only had light use mainly used as a car Its going on ebay tamora at 2795 ono

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 638 suspension

Hey all. I need some info if anyone can help. I am almost finished doing the bodywork of my project daily driver 108cdi I have fitted windows to side doors removed ALL rust from the van smoothed bonnet badge removed all other badges barring grille logo and I now just have to finish spraying the rear of the van and colour code the bumpers. Once that is complete I am lowering it and banding the new caddy


Hi Im new to this site having just bought a vito 108 CDI 1998 which I intend to convert to a camper. The speedo is faulty reading 7 miles for every mile that I drive and registering 7 times my speed - so if Im going 10mph it reads 70mph. Has anyone had a similar problem I want to avoid getting a new speedo due to cost (The van cost me 1750) and the price of taking it to a Merc garage can be expesive.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 My New Merc Vito 112CDI

Hey just into the Van world 2003 Merc vito 112CDI DVD screen in the head rests and is a nice Van decking it out with a false floor carpeted and line the side walls where there is bare body and matress ready for snow trips. Next wheels and dumped abit and blakc tinted windows Attached are a couple of pics what ya recon

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