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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito brake wear sensors

Hi all Do all vitos have brake wear sensors on each wheel -- or to be more specific will our 2010 vito Sport 204 (120CDI OM642) have them And is there a pair on each wheel or is there just one on one of the pads Reason I am asking is that I know our pads are low following an advisory on the recent MOT but Ive just had an op on my shoulder so no wheel changing for a few weeks. Can I rely on the sensor

One on each wheel and change the disc at the same time. Euro car parts all cheap enough

I take it your website is still a work in progress Zenman. I wish I could afford to pay for someone to do my bathroom for me. I have spent the last 3 days replacing our old bathroom and the end is nowhere in sight yet. So far I have only got as far as the pipework and floor. Sorry to hijack your thread vclass

Thanks Zenman Assume you have something other than the Viano Ambiente for carrying the bathroom bits Pics look great btw... Ive seen it said that MB recommend always changing discs with pads but on the other hand there is a minimum thickness specified for the discs which would seem to imply to me that they dont always have to be changed. In the past (other vehicles including our old V230) I only changed

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2009 Vito 109 CDi brake wear sensors

Hi All Could someone please tell me how many brake pad wear sensors there are on my van Is there one on each of the brake calipers Or one front and one rear The sensors appear to be sold in twos. Many thanks.

Hi sensors are at each corner of the van

as painterman says.... there is normally one sensor per pair of pads and not one on the handbrake linings..... of course there can be differences but not normally. you will have heard of the dreaded LIMP mode.... its commonest cause is a damaged brake pad sensor cable... especially on the 2 front brakes malcolm



After much deliberation Ive decided to sell my beloved V112CDI. Ive come into a bit of money and I think Im gonna buy a VW T5...sorry guys Im gonna be leaving the mercedes collective - its been emotional Anyways thought Id give you lot a heads up before I start advertising on the usual classifieds type websites... mercedes benz V112CDI vito 125Bhp 2001 (X REG) 127000 on the clock. Taxed until end Aug

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Is the parktronic cable harness compatible from Vito (W638) with the cable from W140

I have a problem with my parktronic - few weeks ago I left my car for painting the front bumper and the expert in the garage managed to cut off my parktronic cable... the biggest problem is that he cut it inside a harness so I cant renew it now. I was looking to buy new cable installation for my parktronic and I found a very cheap original parktronic full installation - cable 4 sensors (for 40 euro)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 parking sensors

I have a brand new 111 vito and want to fit parking sensors on it. On the instructions it says to just conect to earth and the live feed to the reversing lights. However when i had a towbar fitted they tiold me that the vito electrics were new and it wasnt as simple to wire a tow bar any more. Does anyone know anything about this or can anyone advise Cheers

Quote Originally Posted by chriskedwards I have a brand new 111 vito and want to fit parking sensors on it. On the instructions it says to just conect to earth and the live feed to the reversing lights. However when i had a towbar fitted they tiold me that the vito electrics were new and it wasnt as simple to wire a tow bar any more. Does anyone know anything about this or can anyone advise Cheers Hi I have an old shape vito that has been converted to drive with hand controls as I am in a wheelchair I was talking about the new vito with the people who converted mine and they said they had had to go on some kind of a conference on the techniques needed to be able to convert the new shape vito due to the new style of electrics. Essentially everything electrical is wired into one cable a bit like the principal of a fibre optic cable is I believe. There is a special term for this but I cant recall what it is. You might be best to contact a local auto electrician and let them have the nightmare. benz Bling

its called CAN (Control Area Network) imagine all your computers at work communicating over the network...well your vito is now pretty much the same...instead of having a wire from each sensor to the ECU u have one wire (well pair anyway) that runs pastthru all or most sensors and then to the ECU. Thats basically it...the reality is that there are various modules that groups of sensors are connected

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito glow plug & EDC light on

Hi all i have a vito 110 cdi 52 reg (old shape) it has the glow plug light on all the time i have changed them all but its still on also the EDC light on to. it used to go like stink but since this EDC light came on it has no pull and wont rev past 3000 revs hope someone can help thanks kev

Quote Originally Posted by dy1502 Hi Kev I have a 2000 vito 108 CDI with EXACTLY the same problem. Ive been stuck in limp mode for ages now and its driving me crazy....if anyone hears of a solution please help Took it to a mercedes service centre and their laptop couldnt communicate with my ECU - all they told me was i had a rare model..... very helpful. Ive heard lots of different reasons for the

this should reset the ECU if it resets and the ECU light comes back then you definitely have a fault with one of the sensors or ECU. Depending on the area that you&8217re in see if you can find a Auto Electrician with a up to date scan tool and see if they can get in to the ECU diagnostics system if they cant then the ecu diagnostics could be damaged for some reason. maybe its only the mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2001 Vito milometer faintoff

Hi - is it common for the vito milage indicator to go dimactually disappear Recently purchased vehicle - but the annual MOT certificates tally with the indicated milage (when you can see it) Could this be related to Limp mode Thanks John

Hope that title will get picked up on search Well well see... the cheap codereader said EGR. So Ive checked vacuum pipe after vacuum pipe (all good) lain under the car checking actuator (gets noisy from engine rhs about 3000rpm) and have just removed and cleaned the plastic intake manifold which has the egr sensors. Havent weighed it but I guess just about a kg of carbon from it and egr valve. 103 000 miles...Im off my map is that usual So the sensors might be good the pipes all good but if the manifold is full of carbon Hope thats it. Of course it has the glowplug light on still...but it arrived in limp mode and is now out of it. I guess a bit of wire or a drill bit through the manifold vacuum connector might save stripping the manifold off for a while...and as a diagnostic check. There is some oil around front of turbo...not enough to drip yet and vehicle isnt smoking or turbo noisy. Exhaust is going to need replacing (interesting old threads on that....I think well play when the time comes but its not bad. I pulled the cover off (PCV valve elbow connector UGH) and no sign of black death I read so much on Tomorrow my Waxoyl pressure kit arrives...we looked at quite a few vitos and this (spanish) one is so rustfree underneath we decided to throw some money at prevention...ho hum... Thanks for all the help benzworld John

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Heated rear window retrofit on a Vito.Help needed

Hi I just bought a vito 108 D 638 and it is a 3 seat cargo. Since I am going to use this car most of the time in the city I wanted to be able to park it easier so between parking sensors and a rear window at the same price I went for the second one. I bought a rear tailgate from a V Klasse with the original mercedes heated rear window. Now the problem is how to wire the heating of the window. I got

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 VITO 108 cdi problem Urgent

I have terrible problem with vito 108CDI production 1999Y Engine works OKwhen I accelerate slowly it goes normalybut when I stronlgy push gasI want to accelerate quick engine shut offit all happens about 3000rmp and higher I have tried all kinds of diagnosis StarDiagnosemercedes hht and carsoft but there are no errors Also I have noticed something elsewhen vehicle stands in place and I push gas it

Quote Originally Posted by webwizard I have terrible problem with vito 108CDI production 1999Y Engine works OKwhen I accelerate slowly it goes normalybut when I stronlgy push gasI want to accelerate quick engine shut offit all happens about 3000rmp and higher I have tried all kinds of diagnosis StarDiagnosemercedes hht and carsoft but there are no errors Also I have noticed something elsewhen vehicle

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito - Changing front and rear discs pads

Just changed the front and rear discs and pads on my vito CD112i. I followed the info in the Peter Russek manual. But heres a few extra bits. Front discs After 68K miles both front discs were rusted onto the wheel hub. Also the phillips head screw holding the discs to the hubs was firmly rusted in place too. After a failed attempt using a blow touch I drilled both screws out and used an M8 tap (1.00)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 112cdi Air Flow Meter

I just checked my air flow meter today and cant find it Theres an empty plastic pipe between the air filter housing and the intake pipe where the mfa should be (according to the Peter Russek book) does anybody have any ideas why its not there Ive been having some problems with diesel knock and wanted to start by checking the air flow bits and pieces. Thanks.

OK Ill answer this myself in case anyones wondering. The hot film air mass measurement sensors are integrated into the intake air ducts. This infos from an ML but works the same way for my vito 112CDI (I asked my mechanic about this). So I dont know what the MAFs available on ebay for the vito CDIs are as theres nowhere to put them...

Quote Originally Posted by pasha OK Ill answer this myself in case anyones wondering. The hot film air mass measurement sensors are integrated into the intake air ducts. This infos from an ML but works the same way for my vito 112CDI (I asked my mechanic about this). So I dont know what the MAFs available on ebay for the vito CDIs are as theres nowhere to put them... my 03 plate 108 cdi has an air flow meter just before the air filter box

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 boosting up the vito

hey. just wondering if anyone has fitting a manuel boost controller to there vito my model is a 2000 108 cdi and wat did you boost it up to and is it safe just wanna know wat your experiences are. if you have just turned the thing up to 20 psi and you have no idea what your doing please dont bother. only sensible advice. thanks

Quote Originally Posted by jonny422 thanks for the info fellas. Ive just installed an auto meter pro comp boost gauge. they run 15 psi standard. Ive also heard off two other people thats wat they run. my gauge also reads 15-16 psi. your gauge must be out cause 1 bar is 14.7 psi. I would get a remap but im in australia and i dont think anyone does them here. I havent had a look yet but i was thinking

Quote Originally Posted by Custom Chris You would have to adjust the rod to near its maximum IMO to trigger any safe mode as I have never had that on the vans I have adjusted the actuator rod on (maybe I just havent taken it far enough). The solenoid is a overboost protection sensor which is why there is not much point in adjusting it unless you have a remap booked. Maybe the mapper could delete the

Take a look on the vw forums at example a 1.9 tdi these diesel engines can produce amazing amounts of horsepower its all produced low down normally gearbox and clutch are the limitation not the engine custom boost sensors are remapped to ecu and hybrid or larger turbos fitted larger flowing injectors its all possible . A remap is a starting point but full on custom built goes back to mechanical mods on any modern diesel . plus heavy duty clutch . a good rolling road tune at this point will give a custom map to suit needs . example of simple way to fool boost sensor on e300 td httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw210...300-turbo.html

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 My Vito update and garage recommendation

Hi Bought a crappy 2002 vito Traveliner a few months ago with the 110CDI engine. No acceleration bit of smoke and lots of limp mode Been to several local garages who all said the turbo or injectors (or both) were knackered. After a 3rd or 4th opinion I ended up at Cornerstone Garage in Ilton Somerset who have a STAR machine. The did some test and informed me that the fault was down to two faulty sensors.

I second that. The vito is actually a very hardy old girl and the engines are great it is 90% of the time sensors that let it down. They get water in them and rot. I dont know how many times Ive banged on about it now. Its worth trying to find a good condition c-class etc... in a scrappy and stripping all the connectors off them. The scrap pie only wants pence for them and they cant re-sell them Its a great van the 110..... tonnes of torque on hills. I miss it. But love my new 111.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 110 CDi air rushing noise

Hi all Bit of an odd one this.. I had a little bit of a fender bender a couple of weeks back. All the issues were fixed on the insurance which was a right touch I had a new radiator put in and an intercooler amongst the obvious like a bumper grill headlight etc.. I did do a proper job on her I got her back on Friday and drove over the Penines to Manchester she feels great but has developed a air rushing

Slight development.. Or undevelopment i should say On the motorway on Saturday i was driving along happily admiring my air rushing sound thinking man i sound bad ass.. When all of a sudden i lost power i could only get 3000 revs in any gear and on the flat on the motprway i could get 70 max out of my beloved vito.. The dreaded limp home mode. Thinking about it more i believe the problem has to be a

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108cdi converting to 112cdi

I have blown the engine in my 2000 vito 108cdi . Head and bottom end both gone so I need to replace with a second hand engine. I have found an engine from a 112cdi with low klms and was wondering how much differences there is. It is a complete long motor(all sensors and wiring) except for the turbo mine is still good I think. Can I just whack it in and go or do I need to make other changes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Rear Brakes Electrical

vito 2003 2.2 Diesel Turbo. Had problems with ASR where it cuts in at 70mph or when turning. Can switch it off so ok for time being. Just had new rear tyres fitted & got ASR problems after this but not sure if this is coincidence so I cross swapped new rears to fronts (good idea anyway). Anyway with the rear wheels off I cleaned the electrical connections (pics attached). The arrowed connection is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito central locking nightmare

My vito van 110 cdi x reg central locking s driving me mad. the front doors seem ok but the rears are never in sync the drivers side side door is the worst. quite often I cant lock the van. I can hear the van locking then unlocking it is driving me mad help please

Me too I have a 2003 vito 108D Traveliner & the locks have started playing up. I have Cleaned all the sensors so the contacts are good but I lock the Van (either on Key turn or pressing button on fob) & then it trys to lock & then immediately unlocks. So I am having to leave it sometimes unlocked as there is no override. Help also please if anyone knows what else I can check.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Ex police 2009 111CDi vito help

I am new to the vito so I have a few questions first does anyone have a copy of the owners manual for this generation they can scan email or link me too. Secondly my parking sensors are not working red lights and beep before turning off any suggestions hints Thirdly the strip lights in the back arent working does anyone know the wiring for these I know allot was taken out when they decommisioned the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108d 2.3ltr 1997

hi allthis is my first post but ive read loads on hear regarding the same as above van. Im having probs with fuel ie mpgsive been told to clean andor change maf sensormap sensorand lamdbaoxygen sensorbut cant seem to find any of the above on my van Ive had new injectorsfuel and oil fillterspipes but with no look. Any helpadvice is welcome with posaible pics or diagrams so i locate as there is no workshop

Hi thevman the MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) is a sensor that detects how much air is being drawn into your engine it is located on the inlet side off the engine between the air filter housing and the inlet manifold. there will be a wiring plug connected to it. The MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) is measuring vacuum pressure again on the inlet side of the engine. (im not 100% sure where it is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 reverse parking sensors

hi i have a vito 111 cdi i am fitting reverse parking sensors and need to wire in to the rear light cluster does anyone know what colour the revrse light and earth wires are... thanks richard

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Reverse Parking Sensors

HELP REQUIRED New to the vito world. Recently aquired a v230 Ambient. When selecting reverse (its an automatic but dont think that makes much difference) the outside temperature on the dash (lcd disply not the engine temp) changes to 000 cm and the buzzer sounds. guessing that the system thinks it is close to something. have cleaned the 4 x sensors on the rear bumper and had a nose around but dont

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito van 108 53 plate idling and smoke

Hope to get a good answer for this and hopefully not generic. Not long bought the van as a non runner as it entered water and didnt start. After pulling it with my wagon to get it started there was lots of smoke but it all went. The vito van has white smoke when it starts then dissapears completly after a few minutes of driving. Coil light was on only to find the red wire was not connected to the coil

you sound a lot like me.... I will normally do anything myself once doing a rebore with hand reamers.... if it needs doing I can normally do it and easily confess to being a tool junkie... if theres a tool for it I will get it.. if not I will make it. since you have fitted leather seats I will assume theyre from an oldish model..... currently they are fitting leather but the small print says its artificial.

yeah they are leather all recliners the seats are from an ambiente i think. we had to make runners for the floor after i took the standard seats out. the front ones bolted straight in . i got 17 inch with 45 profile on them was thinking of lowering it but still use it for joinery work and carrying tools so i think i will leave it as standard for now. i have replaced most of the vacum sensors along

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 109cdi 2006 alarmcentral locking question

Hi guys can anybody help me Is it possible to connect to the factory fitted central locking system on a 2006 vito with a non mercedes alarm system. The alarm system I have has a positive and negative puls wire.

Yes as Zenman says a good alarm is the clifford 330 CANBus alarm. It is very versatile and can easily be expanded to incorporate new devices such as microwave sensors glass break sensors and window closure modules. I am having this fitted to my van in the near future as i really cannot be bothered with having two seperate keyfobs for my van . Nick

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito central locking and remote locking doesnt work

Hi guys. I have some problem with my vito 108 CDI 2002 that i drive as a company car. Neither central locking and remote locking does work. Not even the button on the dashboard for the trunk lock Both batterys and the key are brand new so its not that. So my guess is that i could be a fuse The only problem is that ive lost my instruction book so i dont know which fuse goes to the central locking unit.

as said... the flashing is because the doorlock switchessensors are not registering that they are fully latched... even though it may appear locked the sensorsswitches must be full latched (as opposed to the actual locks) in order for the indicator to show its ok. check the door switches (the pin switches that operate the door lights) as muck on the contacts causes problems on any car... then its a

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 112 cdi just stopped

Hi my vito 112 cdi just stops i turn it off for a few seconds and it starts again. However when you pull off it sometimes stops and you have to repeat said procedure. The edc light comes on and a wheel with arrows around it also is illuminated although they do not stop on. If i reverse the van it works fine and never cuts out. Any help will be apriciated thanks.

Hi ya brake lights can cause all sorts of problems as can the sensors for the traction control. It might sound like a daft thing to say but have a look and check that the wiring to the pickups for the traction control is ok and that the sensors are still there and the brake lights must be working ok or this will cause the van to go into limp mode. Martin

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Mysterious plug - Mercedes Vito W638

Hi Whilst replacing the o rings on my vito fuel pump regulator I came across a plug (close to the fuel filter) that looks like it should go somewhere but it has me scratching my head any ideas what this is for It is a 2003 (03) mercedes vito 108CDI Many thanks for any guidance on this.

I attach a generic document on the fuel filter. if the water seperator is fitted it is ON THE BOTTOM of the fuel filter case. you say youve changed the filter..... did you bleed the air out of the system its meant to be automatic... it never is and ANY air bubbles can cause the fuel not to pump and the sensors will shut the engine down. the water seperator is on the first pdf the other (bigger) pdf

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito stops when hot

I have a 1999 vito with a 112 cdi engine. Last week it started to stop at a centain temperature and wouldnt start again until the temperature was considerably lower. I had it tested by a local mechanic friend and it gave a fault of the crankshaft sensor. So Ive replaced it with a new one and it is still doing the same. Is there a temp sensor which stops the engine when it thinks it is too hot. The

Thought Id better do a quick reply. The fault seems to have been with the Crankshaft sensor. I have changed both the crankshaft and the camshaft sensors. During the 2nd test with computer connected during driving we could see that at around 85- 95 degrees the engine cut out. this was due to the computer detecting a fault and cutting the fuel supply. When the temperature reached 60 degrees the computer

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Instrument cluster lamps

ABS and ASRBASESP warning lamps are permanently on. Have checked battery and alternator as advised in handbook. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the likely cause. Thanks Thanks for advice so far. I have just discovered that a further symptom of my electrical problems is that the brake lights flash once only when the key is inserted and turned to the ignition position. Thanks JK

Have you checked the wheel speed sensors or had it scanned with a shop grade scan tool (ideally an MB SDS)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 unmont dashboard in vito w638

Hi i have bought an ex handicap car vito. to get it legal for me to drive i have to take out most of the handicap gear. It was a little more work than espected... so much extra wires and reles to get it right i need to unmount the dashboard and put in a new used one. there are screws in the side inside the instruments and under the steering wheel. its almost loose but its still connected to something. ideas anyone or does anyone have a digital manual would be most grateful

Theres also some screws in and around the center consoleswitch panel. 1 is access from underneath via the ashtray and you have to take all the switch plate heater controls and vents out. Then there are 3 or 4 locating pegs that are right up against the windscreen side of the dashboard so you need to lift the dash at the front to get it out. I went through exactly the same thing as you. Im still pulling

scary mine have automatic gear so i dont tink it has air operated clutch extra sensors on the breaks i bought it cheap and it had low milage and almost no rust. but i m starting to wondering if it would have been better with some brown spots mine have electric side door back door and at lift at the side. its two batteries in the back and a oil pump in the back. it also had hand controls and clip on

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 113 help smells rotten eggs

Hi all my problem with my vito 113 petrol 1998 is sometimes stalls smells of bad eggs and gunpowder (running too rich) at take-off it usually dies (like your taking off in 2 or third gear) and sometimes backfires until revs are up fuel consumption is crap. It starts fine and happens when engine is hot or cold. Oxy sensor changed coolant temp sensor fuel filter air cleaner changed. Fuel checked Any ideas or help I thought it may be the throttle position sensor (1800 AU Merc dealer rip-off)

Ah Siemens ECU would hazard a guess at MAF sensor then. Anybody any idea where a chart or similar on MAF sensors could be found Its pretty hard to get the same item from a breakers but if one with greater pressure range temp range etc could be used.......

This sensor just pulls out of the rubber intake and its elements are already exposed no case to pull off and Yeah Ive tried cleaning it I dont have any equipement to check the oxy sensor my friend is a mechanic and has scanners but when connected to my van he could not get any codes or messages from the ECU. I know he measured the exhaust fumes and the lambda reading was 10 it should be .01 or something

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 looking for vito for conversion to camper

guys hello and welcome from sunny Loch Lomond in Scotland i have just joined ur forum tonight as i am currently seeking to purchase a vito with the intention of converting it into a 2 berth camper... I have a couple of questions just now and most probably more later as and when i find a suitable van What parts from other mercs or vechiles will direct replace parts on a vito eg seats [would like captains

Quote Originally Posted by grav220 Hi Kaso My V220 has 7 leather seats and air con diesel heater heat boost auto cruise control body colour bumpers 2 electric sun roofs curtains rear power sockets etc all as standard. G Nice Due to the high Taxes in Denmark cars are generally less well equiped than cars in fx. Germany - that counts for mine as well. It has cruise control body colour bumpers curtains

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 Outside temp display

Hi all I have just got a 2006 vito 111 and have noticed it says in the handbook that the basic display should have an outside temp display on the bottom right of the digital display.Mine doesnt seem to have it I have scrolled though the different displays but it doesnt show It has the temp display digits in the lcd as I can see it when it is switched off I have also found the wiring and sensor under

Swap the dash for the advanced and it will be there along with the multifunction wheel makes a great improvement. sensors are there even to check the oil so well worth it.

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