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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Heated rear window retrofit on a Vito.Help needed

Hi I just bought a vito 108 D 638 and it is a 3 seat cargo. Since I am going to use this car most of the time in the city I wanted to be able to park it easier so between parking sensors and a rear window at the same price I went for the second one. I bought a rear tailgate from a V Klasse with the original mercedes heated rear window. Now the problem is how to wire the heating of the window. I got

I just bought a vito with less rust than my old one (battery froze and rotted out main frame member) The new one is more basic and I am going to retrofit the heated window heated and electric mirrors ABS traction control. The retro fits are easy mercedes parts being largely self contained because EVERYTHING is an extra at the factory. rear window needs glueing with proper windscreen adhesive......

Thank you very much for your answer. I was thinking to use the wires from the cargo area light because the connection with the dash is already made and I will only switch the button on the dash. You think that fuse will be enough Or I still need a relay

Run a NEW cable its not difficult and you need at least a 15Amp fuse (I havent checked but it may need higher - I will look) The lighting circuit is nowhere near enough power for the rear screen even if rarely used....... best bet is a red and black pair run around the lip joining the roof to sidewall and down behind the seat belt cover to the battery compartment. an in-line fuseholder from a car shop is perfect.

Just checked you may have Relay K3 under the passenger seat already unfortunately mb cannot say in what position but the wiring for a heated rear screen is commonly fitted.... if so fuse F63 should also be there rated at 30Amp. If no luck you need new cables and MUST use a relay rated 30Amp min and a 30Amp fuse. wish I could help more but it now down to you.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 VITO 220 CDI rear electric windows dont work

hi guys im new to this thread. im hoping some one can help me out i just bought my 2002 model vito 220 cdi 2 weeks ago i know nothing about a vito apart from they look cool i dont have any manuals with it so im not sure i know what im doing i can only get the rear left hand window to open with the controls on the drivers door the right rear window will not open at all nor can i get the two rear window switchies to work is this a problem with a vito or have i just got a bad one.

Hi Welcome to the forum. There are many threads on this subject and you will find that the answer is pretty much the same. The problem is most likly to be broken wires between the drivers door and the A post within the rubber tube. If you have any problems with the central locking then this will be the problem aswel. Hope this helps Sammy

I have a 2001 v220 & when i first bought it the one off the rear windows would not work. I slackened the rear inner panel & got my hand in there is a motor lower than the window that turns a cable upto the window (a bit like a speedo cable). Mine was just sticking probably due to lack of use. I got a friend to work the switch while i wiggled the cable and it started to work & has worked fine ever since. Might be worth a try if you dont find any damaged wires. Hope this helps

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Rear electric windows on Vito

Hi guys Another question how hard is it to retrofit rear electric windows to a vito Found myself the perfect vito with every option I want. It is seriously more equipped then most V-Classes out there... However electric rear windows is a must.. I have done my research. The motor swap should be stright forward however there are no plug for the electric motor.. Do I need to run new cables or what...

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Hatch rear window mod for Vito

Hi all Newbie here. Odd question for you. Im a cameraman and use a vito van for carting all my gear about. I also use it as a platform for filming vehicles for a car sereis I work on. To do this I set up the camera in the back and film following vehicles with the tailgate open (me and the camera are harnessed in). Question does anyone know if its possible to have the glazed rear window converted to

Before my vito I had a Renault Laguna estate on that as well as opening the tailgate you could open just the glass. It was on hydraulic rams and had hinges in the top along with a catch at the bottom. Perhaps you could look at one of these in a garage showroom and adapt the idea to work on your vito

Quote Originally Posted by Hodgy Before my vito I had a Renault Laguna estate on that as well as opening the tailgate you could open just the glass. It was on hydraulic rams and had hinges in the top along with a catch at the bottom. Perhaps you could look at one of these in a garage showroom and adapt the idea to work on your vito The wifes Renault scenic has the same

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108d heated rear window help pls

Hi all the heated rear window in my 1998 vito 108D doesnt work Nothing obvious wrong to look at The switch on the dash doesnt light up when pressed so assume no power to the switch Has anyone got a wiring diagram tell me which fuse is the one (although all fuses look ok) or can give me any advice on where to start tracing the fault Thanks in advance

hope this helps from memory it contains window winders mirrors then rear window demister followed by fuse and relay information. in future it is best to give your vin for specific information re your vehicle.... however in this instance the data is already collated. COMPOSITE simply means a collection of MB data sheets (designed for mb trained engineers) you can check which sheets you need (doesnt

Ah nice one mate Ill try and get my head round it then start fault finding

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Powerbox & Aftermarket Rear Window

Hi There... Im wanting to get some more grunt out of my 56 plate 111cdi as its still under warranty I want a SAFE power upgrade. Im thinking of fitting a PSI powerbox Id appreciate any advice or other options you may have. Also has anyone fitted an aftermarket rear window to a tailgate... again advice please.. Many Thanks

to get some more grunt out of my 56 plate 111cdi as its still under warranty I want a SAFE power upgrade. Im thinking of fitting a PSI powerbox Id appreciate any advice or other options you may have. Also has anyone fitted an aftermarket rear window to a tailgate... again advice please.. Many Thanks Hi Have you considered a Superchip Not cheap at 499.00 but it would give you the following mercedes

Quote Originally Posted by Beef-dawg Ive only heard people saying to stay away from chips... is this an old myth.. Has anyone gone for a chip or Powerbox that could offer any advice Pros... Cons.... Fuel economy improvements Many thanks for your time Hi I would say its a myth. Superchips have been at it longer than anyone if they did a chip for my vito 113 Id have one fitted straight away. I think its a case that a lot of companies have flooded the market with cheap rubbish chips and have given companies like Superchips an unfair bad image. Its just my opinion but if a company has been going for more than 27 years they must be doing something right Regards benz Bling

Ramsteeth is right a remap is for sure the way to go. Again this is what youll get from Superchips. Ive got this off their website for you For turbo-diesel cars up to 30&37 more torque and more power fuel economy improvements Here too we deliver a smoother enhanced drive by ensuring our remap matches the fuelling to the increases in boost pressure. Ramsteeth who did your remap And do they do petrol engines Ive got a vito 113 (2.0 litre petrol engine) and I would love a remap but no one wants to know when I tell them its a petrol engined vito. Regards benz Bling

Quote Originally Posted by ramsteeth pleasure benz-bling.. just to add about chips most of them are off the shelf units not specifically programmed to your vehicle set to their best guess of tolerances. if the chip sellers are experienced in remapping and tuning ecu then they probably are pretty good. i just think if the ecu tells the injectors how to work and you put a chip in between that message

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2004 Vito 115 - problem with rear side door

I have a problem with the rear NS side door on my 04 vito. It will not latch when we close it. Cant see anything obvious when looking at the latch mechanism itself. Has anyone else experienced the same issue - what was the fix The front passenger electric window has failed also - I believe this is a common issue Replacement regulators are advertised on Ebauy for less than 100. Has anyone used these

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 06 window regulator replacement

Hi I am about to purchase a window regulator replacement kit for the drivers side window (right hand side in Australia) and was wondering if anybody had instructions to replacing this. I have looked at it by taking the door trim off... And it looks complicated as well as hard to get in reach of all the regulator parts. Cheers selim

Hi I have a Dec 05 build 115 and am also in Oz. My drivers window does not go all the way up. When I try to close it it gets to about 34 up then goes down. I have to put my hand on the glass and pull it back towards the rear of the van to get it to close. What problem are you having Peter

Yes I spoke with a dealer. They said the rain has the effect of drying out the rubbersrunners in the window. He said all merc vito owners should grab a can of SilicaSilcon spray and tear the runners to a blast every now and again to avoid premature motoro failure. I will grab one as soon as I can find the time and report my findings here. I noticed before this became a major problem that the window

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Central Lock and the electric rear windows

Hi guys My name is Leonid and Iam from Moscow vito vans are quite popular here. I own a 2002 vito 110Cdi. The question is - do you know if the vito have some kind of central lock reset function like in E-class. I suspect the problem with my electric rear window is because of that. The thing is that the elctrical motor opens the right rear window only if the car is unlocked and the doors are open And

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Completely removing rear wipers on 2004 Vito

Ive recently purchased a 2004 vito with twin rear doors and windows. The windows are blacked out and there are panels inside meaning they are opaque. I would like to put a logo for my company on there but the wipers are in the way. Is there a way of removing the wipers and plugging the holes theyre attached to with some kind of cap Or am I stuck with them

the wiper is a simple nut on the outside of the spindle and a couple of securing screws on the inside. there are no special covers for the holes as the wipers are one of the few standard bits on all windowed vitos. Ive seen blind grommets used - from an electrical or electronics or car shop (including halfords)..... Ive also seen plumbing blanking plugs used.. the type used to blank off tap holes in a new sink.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Help upgrading rear courtesy light in new Vito

Hi guys Ive got a 2006 vito panel van and want to upgrade the frankly pathetic rear internal courtesy light with some nice bright LEDs. Ive got a solid bulkhead fitted and no windows and it would be nice to have enough light to get changedeatwhatever after mountain biking. I have already ordered some high powered Luxeon Rebel LEDs and appropriate drivers but when I pulled off the existing light I found

Another mountain biker here. I cant help from a technical side Im afraid but I stuck one of these in the rear of my 06 windowless van and its a great upgrade. (264) 42mm 9 WA SMT Leds Festoon 1W16W output Cool White by Ultra Leds U.K Maybe the spec will help you work out what you need to build yours. I did think a couple of units in the tailgate shining downward when its open would be cool when loading up and night.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Rear window heater

Quick question The rear window heater on my 1998 108d vito dosnt appear to be working Ive had the switch out and checked the current and thats ok. Can anyone tell me though if the switch is a simple onoff switch. Currently when I press it it returns to the off position on release - is this correct thanks in advance

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 WANTED Sliding door window for a 99 vito

Hey im lookin for a window for the slinding rear left side door. Dose anyone know where is the best place to buy it

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W638 Rear window motors inactive

I recently purchased a 97 V230TD and the rear power windows dont operate. Ive taken the rear interior panels off and I see that one is missing the flexible shaft that connects the motor to the black window handle. This window can be unlocked and opened by hand but without some persistent friction or force to keep it open it just closes itself under gravity. When operating the control switches (front

I have exactly the same problem. can anybody help with a wiring diagram for the windows. My vito used to have a disability lift in the back so I am thinking that the windows have been disconnected where ever they plug in. Need a bit more time to investigate further a dwg would be a great help.


After much deliberation Ive decided to sell my beloved V112CDI. Ive come into a bit of money and I think Im gonna buy a VW T5...sorry guys Im gonna be leaving the mercedes collective - its been emotional Anyways thought Id give you lot a heads up before I start advertising on the usual classifieds type websites... mercedes benz V112CDI vito 125Bhp 2001 (X REG) 127000 on the clock. Taxed until end Aug

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 1998 108d vito traveliner breaking

Hi all - ive just re-registered (formerly richbaker78) - a sad day im afraid my trusty 1998 vito traveliner has broken for the last time. The rings have gone and it smokes bad so Im thinking of breaking it if there is enough interest. I need to keep it rolling so i can tow it to the scrapper but please let me know if you want any bits - any reasonable offers Things of possible interest lights all good

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Change of Hobby Forces Sale - Vito

For Sale &8211 mercedes vito Van 1998 mercedes vito 108D MOT until end of Feb 2009 6 months tax 132000miles (jut over now by 50miles) Ply lined and insulated Fully removable kart rackbed with storage underneath 18inch Brabus alloys (&163500 when I bought them last summer) two new tyres on rear fronts have plenty of life in them both wheels and tyres are vanload rated not been curbed. Just had new front

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Buying a Vito

Hi all I am new to this forum so hello to everyone. I joined the forum as I am looking to by a used vito and was interested in peoples opinions. I am looking into buying a van for few reasons (work holidays and carting my motorbike about in etc) and at the same time being my everyday car. I chose the vito mainly on the looks above anything else I dont know much about the van but been doing a bit of

had the engine replaced which makes me a bit wary. Should I be curios as to why it has had its engine replaced and for what reasons.... Should a van with on its second engine be reflected in the price and would it make any difference to the reliability of the car etc - basically is it anything to worry about On the other hand the seller informs me that the engine was replaced due to a recall by mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 110CDI W638 noob alert

Hey Dunno the decorum really but hope this is OK. Introduction and a few questions please... Bought that 2001 (UK Y reg) vito 110CDI recently from a Finnish guy called Vaatanen (no laughing at the back). Hes done a fair bit of work to it inc adding a second battery and wiring it to plug into campsites and suchlike. Hes also insulated and lined the interior and made a kind of bed of sorts. Its pretty


Preferably in white withwithout window may also consider other colour as long as in good condition As close to West Yorkshire as well please Cheers

Quote Originally Posted by vito-sam Preferably in white withwithout window may also consider other colour as long as in good condition As close to West Yorkshire as well please Cheers New mercedes benz vito Tailgate on eBay (end time 06-Dec-09 104920 GMT)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito seating and interior modification

Im looking for some advice about seating in a vito - I have trawled a number of threads but cant find the answer so forgive me if Ive missed it somewhere. Im considering buying an 03 vito Dualiner - two seats in the front then a row of three in the middle next to the glazed sliding doors then a load bay with metal panels and plywood panelling rather than windows at the rear. The tailgate is glazed.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Sliding Door Windows

Hi Does anyone know the part numbers for windows for the sliding doors in my XReg vito Has anyone tried 0800 195 1646 or does anyone else know of any other sources of these windows thanks Tim

im also looking into putting windows in my 99 vitohad a bit of luck the other day and managed to get the part numbers for the 3 different colours mercedes lhside door glass green a638 730 14 55 black a638 730 11 55 clear a638 735 09 09 rh side door glass green a638 730 13 55 black a638 730 09 55 clear a638 735 09 09 also got the rear side window part nos aswell if any one wants them the windows are

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2008 vito

I have a 2008 58 plate vito. Just wondering if i can purchase seating rails to fit rear seats into my van. Ive been told that i cant get rails on the panel van only traveliner and dualiner. Im confused as to what i actually have. I have the brown board flooring with tinted windows all the way round and the rear windows open with clips. If mine is indeed a traveliner or dualiner anyone know the part

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 help vito 108cdi seats

hi i own a 108cdi 03 plate crewcab factory fitted rear seat just bought a v230 vito on a p reg for the interior but when i come to swop the seats ect the seats dont fit as on my 03 vito the holes in the floor a slitly bigger is there any way round this plus how easy is it to install central locking and electric windows from the v230 to my 03 vito thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Just bought a Vito 111cdi and need some parts advice please

Just bought a 2004 vito 111 cdi and have some things to sort and could do with your advice please. The rear tailgate wont open fullypast head height without a push so think I need to replace the gas strutts. Not sure which are best to get The left side door wouldnt open at first but then did so not sure what was going on here. rear window tint needs re-doing. Not sure where to get this done or whether

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 638 suspension

Hey all. I need some info if anyone can help. I am almost finished doing the bodywork of my project daily driver 108cdi I have fitted windows to side doors removed ALL rust from the van smoothed bonnet badge removed all other badges barring grille logo and I now just have to finish spraying the rear of the van and colour code the bumpers. Once that is complete I am lowering it and banding the new caddy

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 winter camping in my 110 vito

Ok guys Im doing my vito out as a bike transporter and camper and also to use in Scotland for the odd snowboard trip Ive been to to many race paddocks in my time and frozen my nuts off so Im doing a proper job this time I was wondering if any of you lot have ever camped in sub zero temperatures in your vans the last time I hit the scotish slopes it was -12 at midday

an eberspacher in it which I gave to a mate. Just take an extra pair of socks and a decent quilt Currently camping in the south of France. No problems with temps here In fact the opening rear side windows have been a huge blessing.........and of course you wont find them on a T4 80mph all day on the drive down. It easy to take for granted just how comfortable the van is. Niiice Why are you on benzworld

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 If you were buying a new Vito Dualliner Sport

Greetings... I am about to purchase a BRAND NEW (Never had a new Merc before) Black vito Sport My partner and and I are going to use it for camping mainly. Id like to get a flavour of your experiences and wishes so if you were I what extras would you specify and why... Currently I have on my list Sun Roof Swivel Heated Comfort seats (2) in front Alarm Privacy rear windows Extra Tint on Windscreen Cheers Nigel

Quote Originally Posted by enveetee Greetings... I am about to purchase a BRAND NEW (Never had a new Merc before) Black vito Sport My partner and and I are going to use it for camping mainly. Id like to get a flavour of your experiences and wishes so if you were I what extras would you specify and why... Currently I have on my list Sun Roof Swivel Heated Comfort seats (2) in front Alarm Privacy rear

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 information on a vito van needed

Hi I am looking to build a new custom project van based on the early shape vito what I would like to no is what is the best model to bse my project on as there are so many models. I am after a panel van with ewindows c locking 1 piece rear door and turbo desiel. ac etc. what models came with this spec as standard. been looking at 110 and 112 but whats the difference. thanks for your help.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito dualiner

Hi newbie here all being well I will picking up a cheap dualiner 98 next week with it just to transport my kids and dogs about. I plan to remove the rear seats and then refit the rear 3seat row behind the drivers seat for the kids leaving me with large load space to have cages installed for dogs. I was wondering if an original bulkhead out of a panel van would fit behind the seats so just after sliding doors to seperat the rear Anyone have any ideas or experience

All our rear seats are on red handle quick release fittings so I first removed each individual seat from the lower frames This made them a bit lighter and easy to take out as the lower part is very heavy. Then I put the three seat row in place fixed them using the old two set holes and marked out and cut on the floor covering where the last holes were. The quick release hold down clips went straight

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 hi from aust any modified vitos

hi im from newcastle australia and was wondering if there were any other aussies on here or people who have modified there vito or use it for motorbikes i have a 99 vito 113 lowered 80mm on 19s fully lined with black marine carpet (roofwindow panelsfloor the lot) with 5% visability window tint big stereo and fittedout to carry motos...ill post pics soon

Get some pictures up man Got a 2001 vito112 chipped with a gadget that plugs into the commonrail sensor which made quite a difference now looking at ways to impove the van inside at present its a 5 seater (2 up front) with the QR seats in the back 18% tint on the side and rear windows at present Im just using the standard position for the speakers which will have to change due to the size of them (too


Hi all Im wanting tints all around my van and wondered if it is a simple diy job with the right Film and tools. Has anyone attempted and failed or was it success Also how far can you go on the fronts(legalities) Cheers Neil

Not sure if this will help anyone but.... Got my rear window and two front windows tinted on the vito today Custo-tints in Leicester did a superb job and at a good price. One man on his own nice bloke and very helpful. Limos on the rear window and very very light on the front two. Recommended for anyone in the midlands area.

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