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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito fuel pump

The newest fault now with my one problem a week vito is a strange whizzingsquirtingvibratingsucking kind of noise when i put my foot down. performance is the same as ever but this noise just kicks in say around 2700 3200 when you build up for a change up say. any previous experiance anyone. i got a sneaking feeling its the fuel pump do they make a noise when they on their way out. sorry about the noise

It could be the catalizator.


check the rubber tubes from turbo to intercooler under the vehicle

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito fuel pump 180 degrees out

Ive just changed the head gasket on my 2000 x reg vito 2.2 cdi. it is getting fuel to the injectors but wont start. a friend of mine has suggested that the fuel pump might be 180 degrees out. I wont be able to touch the van till tomorrow just wondered if it sounded reasonable or if anyone has any other suggestions Many thanks in advance

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Think were getting there with the knocking sound... Theres air bubbles in the fuel hoses can someone tell me where the fuel pump is located please

well presuming all 112s are the same then you have 2 pumps on the left hand side of the engine under the large engine mount.i coudnt even see them until i took the mount off luckily i was near a toilet when merc gave me the price of a new one as i nearly st myself

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 112 Electrical problem. Have no power to fuel pump.

Im not getting any power to the fuel pump. The one in the tank not the injector pump. Checked all relays and fuses. Changed injector seals 1 week before. Was running O.K. for a week. Can anyone help

MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER I 901 902 903 904 Mercedes Vito 108cdi pump problems

A first time Hi to other members. I bought a 1999 vito 108cdi. the engine was changed in 2010 to a engine from an 022002 model 108cdi. it is now 61198050558258 (just background information) It stopped and road service found no fuel in the line under the bonnet they tried an SU pump to try to pull fuel up to the motor and could not. The line has been blown through now. Thy said the fuel pump in the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 639 cdi115 fuel tank valve

Does any body know where to get a diagram of the fuel tank in a vito 639 cdi115 model. The issue Im facing is my vehicle wont take any fuel even when the tanks empty. For a while we where getting the bleeder blown out with air but now it wont work at all. We have to sit at the pump for about 30 mins and shout fuel into the neck of the fuel tank so it doesnt sense the fuel it full. Also it wont funnel

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito mk1 03 110CDI fuel

OK Guys heres a numpty question How does the diesel get from the tank to the fuel filter is there a low pressure pump in the tank My vito has been getting harder to start as the weather gets colder and today it refused to go at all so i fitted new glow plugs (olduns looked ok) and replaced the fuel filter now it still wont start seems there is no fuel getting to the filter but how does it get there

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 VITO 108CDI 03 air in fuel line

Hi there Im new to the vito world and have found myself rather stuck. Having read rather a lot of threads Ive been unable to find a solution to my problem. A couple of days ago after a couple of months of happy trouble free motoring my van broke down. As I was accelerating the EDC light came on and the van lost power so I pulled over and turned of the ignition. I tried to restart my van to no avail.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 112CDi Fuel Pressure Regulator location

My 112CDi 2003 plate vito has been a right bugger to start of late and I was browsing this forum and came across this post by ZX9 My bet would be the o rings in the pressure regulator at the end of the high pressure fuel rail. On starter motor the high pressure pump can not build up enough pressure volume to overcome that lossed through leaking o rings. With the engine running on easy start the pump


Hi Guys I have just replaced all the low pressure diesel fuel lines on the engine becaue of various broken plastic clips & now I have a leak at the pump but I dont know what the device is that is leaking. It is a black cylinder fastened to the outboard side of the diesel pump it has two fuel lines to it & also has a electrical plug on the side. It appears to be tight at both fuel connections but drips on the rear of the cylinder. What is this called please Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by Baggy Hi Guys I have just replaced all the low pressure diesel fuel lines on the engine becaue of various broken plastic clips & now I have a leak at the pump but I dont know what the device is that is leaking. It is a black cylinder fastened to the outboard side of the diesel pump it has two fuel lines to it & also has a electrical plug on the side. It appears to be tight

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 W210 E300TD - problems with fuel system&fuel pump

Hello guysI am own a 99 W210 E300TD.I wanna told you that i a have problems with leaking diesel fuel from fuel system and from fuel my engine block smell very much of diesel fuel.I know which is the problem cause...the all rubber rings from fuel system&fuel pump are old and damaged by high all of them must be replaced with a new set.I will attach 2 pictures to see guys

Heres a link from a fellow who has all the correct o-rings in viton instead of the Buna rubber that was factory. Ive used a kit from him and have had no issues viton for mercedes Engines at FRYERPOWER HOME It will also include the o-ring between the black plastic Shut Off Valve (SOV) and injection pump body that isnt noted in your pictures. Why did you remove the injection pump

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108cdi fuel problems

Hi guys Please can anybody help ive recently bought a vito it apparently ran out of diesel and has not started since. We have put diesel in and cranked the engine and towed with no luck. There is no fuel at fuel filter is the fuel pump electric if so is there a fuse or relevant relay i can check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

No Electric fuel pump on these. Fill the filter up with diesel - Then use brake cleaner or easy start to get the engine firing to bleed the diesel to the injectors. It will NEVER start if you dont fill the filter. I use a small electric pump to prime the filter I fit it to the fuel lines from the tank and force diesel to the filter and the pumps. The lift pump is just above the high pressure pump on the driver side of the engine. Hope this helps.. Ask any questions and I will answer asap

i have filled the filter up and had the engine running on easy start. Cant seem to get any fuel through fuel lines up to filter. Is there a small pre filter in the lift pump or anywhere prior to fuel filter. If it helps anymore the vito is a 1999 108cdi. Many thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Bleeding Vito Fuel Line - Confirmation Needed

Hi all I have managed to get myself one of these Diesel Priming Tool - Screwfix Direct Everything for the Trade Next Day from the local boat yard and want to go about bleeding the air out of my fuel lines. Its the 2 clear pipes which have lots of big bubbles in them This is my fuel filter Am I right in thinking that I attach my priming pump to the non return valve on the right coming towards me Thanks guys

Hmmm... I know this is a silly question but were you actually drawing fuel out from the pump Using a positive-displacement pump like the one you were using should cause the bubbles to move steadily along the tube. P.S. look on the bright side you will have a fantastic grip and collossal forearms pumping that fella for 2 hours

I did have trouble several times when I didnt get enough fuel out to get around it I adopted the following procedure ... it gets a bit fiddly but it worked for me. For this I had in addition to the priming pump a litre bottle (old screen wash in my case) a six inches of fuel pipe plus a brake pipe clamp (anything to clamp the fuel pipe closed). Sealey VS031 - Composite Hose Pinch Tools at

total stumped me for about a month & i got to the stage of chukking a gallon of unleaded over it lol... i came accross it by accident. CHECK the connections going to you injectors...i mean the eletrical connections on the top...i know you might say but whats that got to do with air in the fuel... but read on as i had same issue ase you have...see the pain in the rear i had with my posts httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsv-cl...ant-start.html

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Injector fuel pump woes

Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and could advise. I have a 2003 112 vito. A few months back the injector fuel pump blew leaving the van inoperable and had to be towed to repairer. The repairer explained that he had the injector fuel pump reconditioned with a new seal. A month later while climbing a steep hill the injector pump failed again and the van returned to the repairer with the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 E300 Fuel Injector Pump Reliability

Are the fuel injector pumps on diesels known for poor reliability I am writing on behalf a 1998 E300 turbodiesel owner who just had their second replacement fuel injector pump replaced within a year or so. The car has 80000 miles and was originally displaying symptoms of rough idle and power loss when the first pump was installed. The rough idle remained after the first pump was replaced. Next the

What Kajtek said. The injectors pumps almost never have to be replaced but these things are known leakers more so now it seems with ULSD fuel. Many including me are going to viton O rings - well see if thats the solution. Rough idle and power loss are the classic symptoms of air getting in the system from leaking O rings. Len

I have three E300 diesels (979999) and never had a problem with an injector pump yet. I burn B99 biodiesel in my 99 and it runs like a dream and smells like McDonalds Once you replace all the o-rings and all the clear fuel lines and delivery valve washers and seals with viton seals on the 606 engines you will usually never have a fuel concern again. All the lines and washers are available at the MB dealership. You can get everthing else online. Just remember DIESELS RULE - GAS DRUELS Ringer

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 97 e300 fuel pump replacement

I am having an issue where the car is surging a little at about 50mph and no load on the engine. I also see air coming through the fuel lines at an idle. I do not see any leaks in the supply lines and the O rings. I am thinking it may be the plunger in the fuel pump. It looks pretty straight forward mounted on the side fo the injection pump with two bolts. My question is is it that straight forward to change the pump I cant find a R&R procedure in All Data. Thanks

Before I bought my Growler I read up on the common problems. On of the first jobs was to replace all the O rings around the fuel filter and injection pump. I used viton replacements since it was my intention to run him on veg oil.


Hi all my fuel pump has died in my vito van do i need a replacement one (2090)or can i use an standard external one(32)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108d 1997 Fuel Filter Locations Please

Hi Ive been running on svo and tried some wvo but obviously this was not filtered properlyso van now crawling up hills etc and noticed bubbles in fuel lines etc. I changed fuel filter twice but still doing it although it runs ok when i put more fresh diesel in for a whileso im going to keep forcing the diesel in hoping this will thin out the veg oil enough to pass through filters etc. Does this engine

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 fuel pump

hi all my 108d vito wont start and if it does it struggles to keep running . would any of u know how the high pressure pump comes off. are there any special tools involved or tips that i should know. any help would be much appreciated thanx all

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V230 fuel pump

hi all am looking for a 7.22879.00 pierburg pump can someone give me a link to this pump

Hi ya here you go Pompa paliwa mercedes - A KLASA 140 160 vito - 7.22879.00 Martin

Quote Originally Posted by walsi Hi ya here you go Pompa paliwa mercedes - A KLASA 140 160 vito - 7.22879.00 Martin Thanks Martin I want a seller who accepts PayPal that guy accepts Skrill only now my Skrill is not up to date

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108D fuel and heater pipe sizes

Happy new year to everyone.....ive finally got enough money to buy my Diesel Veg conversion kit like this ATG Kit Photos so I can drive about on free chip fat before I order I need to know what the pipe diameters are for the fuel supply and return Are they 8mm Also what diameter pipes for the heater matrix supply and return...... obviously I could go and look but its raining and my vans parked 14 a mile its easier to be lazy and ask on here..... thanks in advance.

i hear what your saying...but the reason i chose a kit is that i do a lot of miles and therefore relaibility is a must. i am runnign WVO which varies in quality - the kit (since it preheats the oil) allows me to use more of this than I would by just pouring in WVO as it enables me to burn the thicker stuff that would otherwise not get thorugh your filter or would cause clogging. I know I can buy new

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Mercedes E300 Diesel Fuel Leak (OM606) 1995 - Later

The internet is a great source of information. However sometimes you cant find exactly what you are looking for. Thats why I want to share my findings in regards to my E300D fuel system. I am sure that many others have the same questions that I did. I hope this helps someone I just purchased a 1995 E300 Diesel a couple of months ago. I love the car but not the typical problems that come with it the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2002 108CDI Vito Injector Control Unit

I was driving my 2002 108CDI vito when I lost power and rolled to the side of the road. It would not restart it was towed to a local machanic who could not find the problem then over to an auto electrician who check the electrics and said they could not find any problems then to a diesel mechanic who diagnosed it to require a new fuel pump. They said they did not have the tools to do the job and that

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito dashboard switches

can anyone help with symbols on the dash switches bought used 2001 vito with no users manual. One switch which has the symbol of a fuel pump on it has now lit up with a red triangle. 14 tank of fuel and so far all seems to be running ok. Any idea what it is Can I get a user manual anywhere

the Water Separator switch (Diesel engines). The manual says The water separator serves to absorb the water from fuels which have a high water content. It is integrated in the fuel filter. The indicator lamp is located on the centre console. If the lamp lights up while the vehicle is being driven this indicates that the water separator should be drained. The water separator can be drained at any mercedes-benz


After much deliberation Ive decided to sell my beloved V112CDI. Ive come into a bit of money and I think Im gonna buy a VW T5...sorry guys Im gonna be leaving the mercedes collective - its been emotional Anyways thought Id give you lot a heads up before I start advertising on the usual classifieds type websites... mercedes benz V112CDI vito 125Bhp 2001 (X REG) 127000 on the clock. Taxed until end Aug

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 VITO injector codes

Hello everyone does anyone know about the codes I have 613 070 05 87 I have a chance to get some 613 070 08 87. Will it work does anyone know what the numbers stand for Cheers

Hi I have a similar problem to the one I am reading and need some advice I had my van stop for no apparent reason NRMA came out and said fuel pump I had the High pressure pump tested and found it ok and was told the lift pump was gone I replaced it and It did run but not well. A short time later it stopped again I took it to another repair shop as the first one did not want to see another mercedes

Hi I too am in Sydney. I enjoy my vito every day though sometimes it plays up as all cars do. The systems are fairly simple and with a bit of basic knowledge you too can enjoy and not worry when your vito plays up. There is a mercedes specialist in Kingsgrove( I know not close to Blacktown) who can put it on a Star scanner and see if here are any faults. That would be the first thing. Then check your

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108cdi (2004) w638 Will not start

Ok firstly new member so Hi from Australia Bought my vito about a week ago and has been starting and running fine. I did notice the glow plug light (when ignition is on) only comes on for less than 2secs goes out engine starts light comes back on for about 1min. BUT the other night the engine failed to start (and unfortunately had to get it towed to a friends place nearby). It has battery power engine

it will spin but no fire put battery on charge for a few hours (while still connected to vehicle ) re bled fuel line (vacum pump on return line ) to get all the air out changed the o rings in the pressure reg ( thing that lives at the gear box end of the fuel rail) checked cleaned all plugs and wires that i moved got local diagnostic guy over to check codes and fuzes he could not read the ecu mercedes

it will spin but no fire put battery on charge for a few hours (while still connected to vehicle ) re bled fuel line (vacum pump on return line ) to get all the air out changed the o rings in the pressure reg ( thing that lives at the gear box end of the fuel rail) checked cleaned all plugs and wires that i moved got local diagnostic guy over to check codes and fuzes he could not read the ecu mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 108 cdi Immobiliser

Im having some issues finding the immobilizer in that I cant find it. Is it supposed to be behind the dash cluster on the drivers side (RHD) sliding in a little bracket because if it is I have a piece of foam block there with a plug nearby that is black and square. Also my key doesnt look like it has a chip in it. So would it be likely that my vito doesnt have an immobilizer in it I need to find these to send it away for repairsdiagnostics. Thanks Stevie

hi all one for martin if thats ok...... hi all the drama i have continues in a short version.... drove vehicle to my work shop stopped it replaced 4 washers under injectors reassembled and tried to start .... it will spin but no fire put battery on charge for a few hours (while still connected to vehicle ) re bled fuel line (vacum pump on return line ) to get all the air out changed the o rings in the pressure reg ( thing that lives at the gear box end of the fuel rail) checked cleaned all plugs and wires that i moved got local diagnostic guy over to check codes and fuzes he could not read the ecu fuzes ok he could not read the ecu and as we tried to start it again will spin and with some engine start down the intake will run with starter still operating or with engine start it seems that we are not getting any pulse to the solinoids ontop of the injectors while cranking removed the immobliser box and got it checked with the key all ok has the ECU died also is there another box or relay there where is it what is a dme relay where the hadies does that live i really am at my wits end and the petrol can a lighter and a rag seems so apealing but its a customers car and i cant.... any one help mercedes benz vito cdi110 year 2000 built for asian market in spain chassis no vsa638 ....


Hiim new to this siteI have had my vito for two years now and great van but over the last year or so it has had a problem starting on cold and on hot forget it but will bump start and drive fine. i recently had air in the fuel pipes( the ones you can see top of the engine) and replaced the fuel filterthis was two months agoWhen starting on a morning it turns over a good ten seconds or moreand may start

It could be a few things really Camshaft sensor fuel line seals Injectors fault Lift pump or High pressure fuel pump My guess is its a seal in the fuel lines maybe the one that seals the return line from the fuel rail.. Try using easy start to start it one morning give it a spray and then turn it over. if it goes then it could be as simple as the fuel line seals but could also be the fuel pumps. If you need any other help check out Your one stop shop for all your mercedes vito New and Used parts and spares or give me a shout on the number on the site Mark

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 52 plate 2003 vito van 110 cdi

can anyone help please my van has been great up to now but has started having starting problems. on start it just turns over and over until no battery power left. changed the glow plugs first but still not ok. checked relay etc for ignition feed to each glow plug and all working ok. IF I BUMP THE VAN DOWN HILL IN 2nd GEAR IT WILL START EVERY TIME AND WHEN IT STARTS IT IS PERFECT WITH LOADS OF POWER

from what i have been told when you turn the ignition on the tank pump is programed to work for about 10 secs until van starts then the mechanical high pressure pump takes over................this figures why when i bump it off the van is fine untill i switch off and try to start by cranking it. i need to put inline another pump but more bar pressure or replace the original tank pump. spoke to a mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Fuel System Service

Below are some notes from a fuel system rebuild I did a few months ago Parts and Supplies Tools Rubber vibration isolating mounting screw standoffs (x4) Carb cleaner solvent and penetrating oil a can of each Anti-seize paste rubber-safe lubricants to slip fit rubber hoses before the clamp goes on Genuine Bosch fuel filter Tank strainer and the special 45 mm tool to remove it if you know the strainer

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Mysterious plug - Mercedes Vito W638

Hi Whilst replacing the o rings on my vito fuel pump regulator I came across a plug (close to the fuel filter) that looks like it should go somewhere but it has me scratching my head any ideas what this is for It is a 2003 (03) mercedes vito 108CDI Many thanks for any guidance on this.

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Testing injection pump on 240D

My 82 240D died on me coming home the other night. Went to pull away from stop light & stumbled and died. Got into a parking lot & changed both fuel filters. It looked like there was some air in the small one. I went to prime it & I could tell nothing was happening. I wasnt getting any resistance at all. Before when I changed the filter Id get fuel leaking all over the place. Does this mean my I.P

of the system I would loosen all of the fuel Injection Line Nuts up at the Injectors. Crank the Engine until you see fuel coming out from under all of the Nuts and tighten them up. After that tighten the Nuts at the Injectors and attempt to start. The sell new fuel SupplyLift pumps and they also sell 2 types of rebuild kits for the fuel SupplyLift pumps. Peachparts sells them and I have read mercedessource

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2002 vito 108cdi wont start

I have just acquired a 2002 vito 108cdi with 12 month mot and 4 months tax and only 98k BUT it wont start off the key without easy start and it will also bump start after having my well known trusted mechanic look over the van he said the van had new various parts such as new ecu new glow plugs new vacuum pipes and the list goes on theres no warning light on the dash and the only fault he could find

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2004 Vito Error Code 7100

Hi Folks My buddy has a 2004 vito CDi van and cannot get it to start. With Ignition on - the dash is showing an error code 7100. The battery has been disconnected - the code returns. Are there any mercedes Mechs out there who can translate error code 7100 please I have Autodata CD on the vito - but the error codes do not go as high as 7100. We are getting diesel through the system with only a couple

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 first time fuel filters replacement -(

wow unbelievable. i replaced both fuel filters in my 84 300dt. I then went to crank her.. no way.. did not want to start. took me 12 hour to get her going. battery died had to hook her up to my wifes odyssey for another 12 hour. finally i unscrewed the primer and pumped and pumped and pumped.. did not want to start.. re primed and again tried to start. all she did was crank crank crank... finally 12 hr later got her going... well the next time i will know what to do..

Quote Originally Posted by bribarn Ive seen a recommendation at mercedessource for the Monark pump instead of the Bosch for users of biodiesel or WVO. Anyone know why or have experience with that You can believe what you want concerning mercedessourses marketing but Bosch claims their Hand Primers have viton Seals inside. It is well known that viton is preffered for fuel Hoses when using biodiesel or WVO. Bosch Hand Primer has Dual edge viton seal Hand Primers

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 mercedes vito only 3000rpm

mercedes vito 110cdi 2000 model. I am having problems where my van will not rev over 3000rpm. Get you home mode fuel pump ok fuel filter has been changed. Snap on diagnostics no faults found. AA diagnostics no faults found. reverse switch changed speedo switch changed actuator changed All above OK Anyone any ideas on how to fix this issue Has anyone had the same or something similar. Any info would be appreciated Thanks

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