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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 What yr where vito bodys galvanised

Can anybody tell me from what year the vito bodys where galvanised. Some say 06 others say late 07 others say that the ones with the new shape radio have been done can anybody clarify this Thanks.

are down to the metal. There is not a single sign of any rust whatsoever on the van and I mean nothing at all. Under the bonnet the chassis rails and under the van is absolutely as new. I would assume from this that vitos from 06 on are most difinately galvanised. Ive had umpteen Volkswagens and would not go back the vito has been faultless more or less. I have unbelievable service from my local mercedes

are down to the metal. There is not a single sign of any rust whatsoever on the van and I mean nothing at all. Under the bonnet the chassis rails and under the van is absolutely as new. I would assume from this that vitos from 06 on are most difinately galvanised. Ive had umpteen Volkswagens and would not go back the vito has been faultless more or less. I have unbelievable service from my local mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Water Temperature of Vito 112 CDI

In winter time my vito 112 has a water temperature of 58 degree Celsius even after a longer trip which is significant to low. DaimlerChrysler knows about this problem but offers currently no solution. Does someone has the same problem or an idea to solve this [(]

CDI engines do not waste much energy so there is less heat. The V-Class is fitted with a heater booster to solve this problem. I am not sure if the vito has it but the v-class unit is a Eberspacher D5WZ hydronic water heater and is 5000 watts You can retrofit the unit and add the Aux (parking) heater controls The complete kit is around Â475 if you have a reconditioned heater. I am about to add the

intercoolers or more precisely radiator type intercoolers are fitted to the more powerful engines. so with a 638 (upto 2004) the 108cdi and 110cdi generally do NOT have intercoolers but the 112 etc DO have intercoolers. if you buy a 110cdi and remap it you are likely to exceed the power of a 112cdi... this will mean it will run hot and an intercooler must be recommended. there is little difference

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Anyone chipped a vito

Im going to get my van chipped but dont know who to use ive read up as much as possible but i dont want to spend 400 on a kit when a 250-300 kit does exactly the same. Ugly

Ugly I very briefly looked into this the only thing I could come up with was a cationary note about overfueling basically what they said is that some chips just allow the engine to use excess fuel now on a petrol engine excess fuel leads to lower combustion temps but not so on a diesel where the temp increases with the excess fuel. Its common knowledge that when engines are first released they have

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Seized injectors at my wits end

Hi everyone just how bad does his problem get I have read every post on every forum and just about everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with my van I am on the verge of taking a sledge hammer to it before it costs me even more money. The story so far.......... I broke down 70 miles from home a few weeks ago edc light came on and the van would not start aa lifted me home. If the van was left

scrap vehicle or buy whole engine from car breakers Because it will normally come complete (checking injector hp pump codes match for ecu compatibility ) with all parts including turbo meaning old engine parts can be sold recouping some money . because once you add up cost of parts eg fluids gaskets machine work on a rebuild it costs more than replacement with warranty from breakers . example mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 8 months of trouble free motoring...

...then the low pressure fuel pump packs up I thought Id disturbed the pipes running into the fuel filter - i had to lift it up slightly to access the rail electrical connection to remove the tuning box for the MOT. a few miles later no power and then no engine - with an EDC light im stranded. I checked the fuel lines into the filter and it was bubbles galore. dragon truck and van in cardiff reckon

if I remember correctly - it basically burst spilling fluid everywhere) My mechanic sourced a replacement from the breakers for 70 My fuel filterslines were very problematic also which made the van very hard to start. The fuel somehow would run back down the lines when stopped leaving a visible air bubble The mechanics switched the vito filters etc for a slightly different setup from another mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 fuel lines

hey all. new to the forum. need to replace my fuel lines (300TD) figure its fairly easy just looking for something to check my work against. anyone know of a howto somewhere on the internet thanks

The type of linematerial you need is called viton. I replaced mine last year and it was straight forward. Just replace each line one by one so you dont mix any connections. Heres a great kit - Biodiesel Flexible Fuel Hose Replacement Kit for Diesel engines They also have just the tubing if youre not looking for the complete kit.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 OT Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Building A Car For Her Sweet Sixteen

. Reminiscent of the macbook gang... Jalopnik Plenty of boys begin lusting after cars at an early age ready either to dive into a project car or a brand new performance car (depending upon levels of means and motivation). But you dont often hear about those Mona Lisa vito gals so into cars they can do everything from rebuilding V8 engines to distinguishing the minute year-to-year differences in headlamp

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 280SL K-Jet and Ignition conversion to Megasquirt write up

This write-up will describe how I changed the old Bosch K-Jet fuel system on my 280SL -85 to a modern EFI-system and it will probably also work on the older Bosch D-Jet system. I will try to cover as much as possible regarding our engines when it comes to different options and installations but in the end anyone planning to build and installing a MegaSquirt EFI system will require that you do some

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W639 engine compatibility

Hi can somebody shed any light if w639 engines are the same or similar to C or E class engines and can engines interchange on same gearboxes marc

care of wiki answered most qs OM611OM646 (four) [edit] Main article OM611 The OM611 with the exact name (OM 611 DE 22 LA) was from 1998 to 2003 in the car the C- CLK-and E-Class used to and in addition it is Sprinter Viano and vito installed in the. The 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine has a displacement of 2151 cm the stroke is 88.4 mm bore and 88 mm. From 2000 with a slightly modified engine capacity

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 What is this bit of my engine Please Help

Hi Im looking to do an engine oil change but am a bit confused by a pipe to the right of the oil filler cap. Theres 2 pipes - 1 goes to the oil pump and the other i think to the exhaust. It has a screw top and has some liquid in it (is it oil - do i need to top it up) Does anyone now what it is Ive attached a photo to help. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks. 2002 vito 110 CDI

Come on fellas this is supposed to be a forum where we help each other out with helpful advice not put them down with sarky comments. Humour is all well and good in its place but theres no need to make fun of peoples lack of least not until you know them then you can poke as much fun of them as you like If you have nothing nice to say...say nothing. Halo Le Fish Oil changes on the vito

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V220 CDI Engine Cuts out dead restarts OK

Hi Guys Help please Just bought a V220 Ambiente Oct 2002 MY. Whilst driving it home (550 ish miles) it was fine for the first 200 miles at 80 -90 mph. Then without warning no noises or noticeable loss of power the engine cut dead so I selected neutral and coasted onto the hard shoulder. It seemed just as if I had switched off the ignition but nothing else electrical like blower lights wipers dash

I Think well Im convinced Ive found the problem............. Close of play last night saw the tank out sender swirl pot out on bench and disassembled. Swirl pot has no strainer just a spring loaded plastic pipe which presses hard against the bottom with a notch each side presumably just the right size to to let enough fuel through but not big lumps of crp Anyway swirl pot is full of what looks and

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