mercedes benz vito alarm fuse

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mercedes benz vito alarm fuse CLASS V 638/2
mercedes benz vito alarm fuse CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 103CDI (2003) Fuse Panel wiring diagram

Hi Ive recently bought a 2003 108CDI and Ive noticed that it doesnt have an alarm for when you turn the engine off without turning the lights off. With this in mind Ive bought a buzzer to fit which will do this but whilst I can identify the fuses (under the steering wheel) that I need to connect to Id prefer to do the job properly and take the feeds from the connector block off the back of the fuse

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fuses in Aussie Vito 113

Hi Guys Im looking for the fuse for the central locking from what I understand its in the front passenger theory. Ive looked everywhere under the dash on the passenger side and its got me snookered. I found the fuses under the steering wheel and under the front passenger seat. Could someone please help shed some light on where they are Thanks Darc.

On a UK V class. There are several fuses associated with the central locking most cover other functions as well. F1 7.5A Amp F2 30Amp F3 30 Amp are also associated with the central locking module but also control window and roof functions on a uk V Class If everything else is working eg windows alarm etc. and assuming it is the same as the V Class F4 25 Amps is the Central Locking control module (CL

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 112 cdi fuse box layout.

morning all i desperately need a picture of the fuse layout of a 112 cdi vito van. This is because i tried to use the work van spare key but it just set the alarm off constantly and in a blind panic i pulled all the fuses out to stop it at 6.30am this morning Unfortunately the van is missing its drivers manual [V] Help me please if you can post it or e-mail me a pic it will get me out of trouble Thanks in advance Ade.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito W639 115cdi engine wont start

Hi I have a vito 115 cdi. Had it serviced 59000km brought it home no problems. Next day went to start it put the key in turned it and all lights etc came on but would not start absolutely nothing. Pulled the key out put it back in and it started. Over the next couple of days used it a few times no problems. The mechanic had not reset the assyst service system so took it back. Came home no problems.

--UPDATE-- OK Now I have changed the battery so I know that wont be causing any issues. Although I didnt realise that you shouldnt just disconnect the battery when changing it but should connect to another as if jump starting so that the ECU doesnt lose all that its learnt or something. Now the alarm has started setting itself after 10 min or so of being left unlocked - not major but damn annoying

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 badger01s vito

Well I said Id post a report on how my vito was driving ... 1999 metallic blue vito CDi 110 piece of crap.... Electrics failed headlights dashboard etc Suspension at back worse sounds like many snooker players all practicing gear box hellish wont go into 2nd when cold and loose and wobbly when warm similar to stirring porridge instead of changin gear. bought her for 3000 spent 2000 on gear selctorengine

Right all thankyou much I have taken a little time to think things over..... Shes a good van really...I fiddled with the electrics cleaned a couple of connector blocks at the headlights and played around with the wiring at the fuse box and doors too. Only prob now is she wont lock without the alarm going off. starts up ok electric faults almost sorted suspension needs rebuilt again alarm wont go off

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 1999 e300 100k maintenance

past the 100k mark now on the e300 diesel. what big service is needed timing chain tranny service for sure ...

Quote Originally Posted by hapaschold past the 100k mark now on the e300 diesel. what big service is needed timing chain tranny service for sure ... 100K per the factory vs. typical use can be different things. If you have a lead foot it may be closer to the factory than not. Brief list i) Prior to the actual list look for leaks of fluids odd smells or wear patterns on tires accessory belt or squeaks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V220 project

A bout of temporary insanity has led me to get back into the mercedes 638 by rescuing a 1999 V220 CDI from being scrapped. It is a bit scruffy and has a well used interior but is basically sound. The first hurdle is the start error. Having recovered it to my drive on a trailer I spent the afternoon just checking that this is not caused by the simplest things. Car battery fully charged and absolutely

Quote Originally Posted by barneybrendan I had start error yesterday one of the 20 amp fuses on the side of passenger seat was gone. I had that with my vito 110CDI after fitting a stereo and accidentally dislodgong a fuse. The van would start and then cut out instantly. This one is much more frustrating. No central locking no backlight in the LCD section of the dashboard start error displays constantly


PLEASE HELP..i fitted a new ashtray and lighter today i had to prize the terminals off with a screwdriver and accidentally crossed the terminals there was a little the radio wont work the central locking has stopped working the alarm has also stopped working and the rear interior light wont work there is a funny clicking behind the dash somewhere. i have checked all the fuses under the seat and they are all fine..any clues what i have done please its 2001 110 vito van

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