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mercedes benz s500 lock trunk CLASS S IV 220
mercedes benz s500 lock trunk CLASS S IV 220

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From what I understand from the forums after you have taken off the clamp you twist and pull the plastic cup off there is supposed to be an o-ring there to seal. This is not a vacuum pump but a hydraulic pump and actuator. Be careful it is quite powerful and can really hurt you. Only reconnect the plug when everything is installed (with ignition off). BTW How did you take the rod end and jack end off the mounting Just pry it off

See my procedure at Permalink 21 httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw220...mlpost5640847

Over the past three years my trunk needs more assistance from me to open even more so when its cold. I believe this will fix it

Quote Originally Posted by mhooshangi Do you know how to bleed air from cylinder (Rod) or no need to do No need to bleed I just closed - opened a few times and the trunk fully opens (when operated from the drivers door switch). It opens half-way when using the IR key but I think that has its own reason. Can somebody supply a control diagram for whats involved here (especially inside the trunk lid such

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Central Door Locking Problem S500

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It always helps to know the year but here goes. There are two different pumps the close assist located above the drivers side rear wheel. The lock-unlock lumbar gas door back up rods some headrests and 95 and up trunk release on some the trunk handle is controlled by it in others it is enabled by the close assist pump in the trunk assist line. The pump also provides back up vacuum when the engine is

Hello Peter Pls advice. So I finally joined the club I bought a 00 S 500 just a couple of days ago. It has 59K miles. I had it checked out at the local MD dealership and was told everything checked out ok. Well already I have found two electrical issues. 1. The trunk will not open. It worked alright when I checked the car out. I had to use the mechanical key to open it the remote or the trunk release

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 03 S500 Does the trunk have power assist

If I close my trunk gently It doesnt go all the way down. Manual says it has trunk power assist. Took it to dealer and mechanics notes said vehicle does not have feature Not sure who to believe Does anyone with a 03 have it PS ( I do not have a automatic trunk closing feature)

Sarv Show your dealer the 2003 model year overview at mercedes-benz Home of mercedes-benz Luxury Automobiles - the MBUSA site. Note that Pneumatic door and trunk closing assist are listed as standard features and are not identified among an option package. You should have the feature. You may also have in your original paperwork - the records from the purchase of your car - the original window sticker.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 I fixed my auto trunk problem 2002 S500

SYMPTOM Closes and locks great but does not open except with the key. I just wanted to thank everyone on this forum. I repaired my air diaphram that opens my trunk lid today. It was an easy fix because of the information posted on this forum I have saved over the time I have been reading these forums. THANK YOU ALL FOR the information I will keep striving to help others as well. I have learned a thing or two through my tinkering with the W220 as well as the W126 and the W201 chassis.

Sure thing Below is the write up and instructions to fix it yourself. It closes great but does not open. If this is the case there is a small disc shaped bladder that pops apart. This disc operates with air pressure. When it pressurizes it actuates a pin which pushes the trunk latch to open the trunk lid. Open truk with metal key inside of key fob. (insert metal key in lock and turn slightly counter

Quote Originally Posted by cameraman123 Any ideas for me Id say I have the same problem except that my key fob or trunk button doesnt even turn the vacuum pump on like hitting the lockunlock button does... Thanks YouTube - Merdedes benz W220 s500 trunk Opening Issues I had the same problem with CLK430 trunk light was missing which I replaced still no trunk light replaced trunk light switch and now remote button and interior button both work the trunk.

Looking for some help my situation is this - the trunk will pop up with the remote switch in the car and the button outside however it just pops up about an inch and wont open all the way. You can not here any pumps running or an air leak. I thought it was the struts that were weak and I replaced those - no change (thought it was their force that actually opened the trunk). So once you manually lift

Quote Originally Posted by ginosstar Looking for some help my situation is this - the trunk will pop up with the remote switch in the car and the button outside however it just pops up about an inch and wont open all the way. You can not here any pumps running or an air leak. I thought it was the struts that were weak and I replaced those - no change (thought it was their force that actually opened

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Having Trunk Problem with my 2003 S500

I am having an issue with the trunk to my 2003 s500the issue is that I cant open the trunk with the blade key the wireless key or the button inside the car to open the trunk all these functions have been tried the car is not in valet mode as far as I can tell there is no tension on the key when I try to insert it in the lockI think the trunk lock its self is broken I was able to open the trunk a week

what do you mean by try putting the tail of the mechanical key pointing either straight to the rear or straight to the front to insert the bladed key I have to put it straight up into the trunk it will only go left or right Ive tried every position with the bladed key to try and unlock the trunk and have had no luck the key just turns freely with no resistance as thou the lock its self is broken. Is

The mechanical key has a blade that you insert into the lock. Sticking off the end of the key at a right angle is the tail. That term tail is being used to allow some orientation for discussion of the key position in the lock. No the key should not turn that easily. Yes it appears that you lock cylinder is broken or disconnected. The key cylinder has two functions. One is to mechanically unlock the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Help needed 05 S500 door locks.....

My locks are not currently working on my 05 s500 and I was wondering if there is any way to test the vacuum pump I can pop the trunk and when i press the lock or unlock button on the keypad i hear a clicking but no vac motor running. Is the vac pump bad Is there a relay for the pump itself that could be bad My trunk release is also not working nor the trunk assist.(i have to open the trunk with a key) THanks for your help

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 2000 S500 no crank no nothing But doors lockunlock with key HELP

Help - I am battling a 2000 s500 with electrical issues. It has 130k on it and a Lorenser Kit . Here is what has been done I replaced front struts and lower control arms. No issues at all car is great. 3 weeks later I get a call that the car wont start when hot. Cooled off started it drove it to my house has the 2 MAF codes. Replace the MAF and Crank sensor for good measure it starts and runs GREAT

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 doors wont lock trunk wont open

This is the sequence of events last week I went to lock the doors with the remote the lights flashed but the lock didnt actually go down on the door. I also noticed the door didnt autoclose and the trunk wouldnt work at all. I found that a 20A fuse was blown in the fuse box under the rear seat bench I replaced the fuse and it was good for a week. Yesterday I walk up to my car press unlock the lights


Hi All I have a 2000 s500 that I cannot get the trunk to open with neither the remote nor the manual key above the licence plate. The trunk release and remote were working fine until one day stupid me while taking trash to the dumpster I kind of forced the trunk down on the trash. When I got to the dumpster and pushed the trunk release button on the driver side door I could hear the trunk trying to

To add to Gabbys suggestion you will probably have to use pliers when turning the manual key as well it turns farther than you think as it is against a spring mechanism which you need to turn it past. And it if has not been lubed recently it will be very sticky from lack of use. This lock cylinder is also backwards and to open the trunk you turn it to the left (counter clockwise) and it does not push

My trunk has been locked for 8 months AFTER WORKING PERFECTLY FINE and I just got it opened today with the help of a locksmith. Everyone kept telling me to go to the dealer and I finally had a locksmith that wasnt afraid to touch it. I own a 99 E320 and the key would not work in neither would the cylinder when I pushed it in to loosen the latch to open the trunk. Also the trunk Latch inside the car

Quote Originally Posted by mercedes mechanic Put the key in turn the key while holding the key in the turned position (left) press the key and lock directly up it will open. If it doesnt work use your other left still hold it and press the key AND lock directly up. Sorry you are posting incorrect information ... you do not need to press this lock cylinder in .... you turn it to the left COMPLETLEY and the lid will release.

First Im quite sure that posting essentially the same question twice in 5 minutes will get you nowhere fast brads. Post once wait a few hours and USUALLY someone who knows will answer your question. With regards to whether or not to push in while turning the key in the manual trunk lock I disagree with everyone that says you need to do this. When my CPS failed recently and someone (my stupid friend

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 2006 S500 Trunk help

I need help with my wifes 2006 s500 The trunk switch on the driver door and fob and the exterior trunk hand switch just stopped opening the trunk and we now have to use the hard key the trunk stopped the soft close about 5 months ago I read and performed the DIY on sealing the latch part 2207500185 and now the soft close is working again but the driver door switch and fob and trunk hand switch still

The metal key is sometimes referred to as the emergency key. When you use the metal key in the exterior lock cylinder in the trunk handle the cylinder may be left in either of two different positions after unlocking the manual lock and the key can be removed in either position. In one of the two lock positions the electrical release will work - in the other position the electrical release will not

Quote Originally Posted by wallyp Insert the metal key. Unlock the trunk by turning the key as far as it will go counterclockwise - tail of the key pointing to the left. Turn the key clockwise until the tail of the key points straight to the rear - this will be one-quarter turn. Remove the key. Try the release... HHHmmmm On my car the lock cylinder key opening is in a plane parallel to the ground.

OK let me try this again - I think that I may have confused a direction... The face of the lock cylinder is horizontal and facing the rear bumper (facing down). The metal key is inserted vertically. In the normal operating position (electrical releases work) the inserted metal key will have the tail pointing to the rear (at your face as you look at it). If you turn the metal key so that the tail points

While it is very possible that the key position is not your problem I want to try one more time... You said I even tried finding the second key position and could not find a position other than tail out that it will come out of the tumbler. My tumbler is vertical and the key is inserted up into the trunk lid currently with the tail either pointing to the rear or front of the car when I turn it counter

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 S500W220 Trunk will not unlock

This is merely a word of advice as I was able to resolve the problem but felt it is worth mentioning. Problem Went to the local grocery store and upon returning home mysteriously my trunk would not openunlock using key FOB release button on driver door nor using key installation in trunk. After reviewing the Encyclopedia I came across a Post by PeterLondonH and using WD40 to free up any crud that might

Thanks for the warning and confession. Glad after that malfunction that you were able to get out of both the trunk and the locks vise grip.

Well The best way to unlock trunk if anything else fails is to pull on wire that is attached to lock and the latch will release. the wire is going between lock and key hole and is in middle of license plate area so you can drill hole and pull on it and unlock trunk.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 trunk lock problem

04 s500 4Matic - does not have power close but does of course have the close assistsoft close trunk lock mechanism has decided to close itself about 1 second after opening i.e. the latch itself pops back to the closed position which then prevents the trunk lid from being able to close. Anybody see this before and have the fix Regards Kevin

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 I Need help lock my keys in the trunk

Hi all i need help on getting into my car aaa unlock it for me but i cant get the trunk open.... i dont have a spare key and i lock my key in the trunk.. i need any help or input on how to get the trunk open i have a 2000 s500

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 S500 trunk wont open

The trunk wont open with remote. I let it close and the next time I went to open it by remote it failed to open. Also tried the trunk release on the door. Still wont open.Any ideas

It is the actuator on the locking mechanism. I just had the same thing happen to me. There is a leak somewhere. There is a small diaphram that is only held together by compression clips. They are prone to go bad. You have to remove the linning on the trunk lid and look where the actual lock mech. is and you will see what I am talking about. The only way to open the trunk now is with the actual key

I guess this is the problem now...... trunk wont open even when the car is running with a jump start from the front.... Looks like the vacuum leak in the trunk locking mech. Now the question is How the trunk can be opened so I can change the battery It wont open with key..... It wont open with remote..... And wont open with the switch on the driver side door switch...... Even when the car is running...... Please help. Appreciate your time & help.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 S500 trunk self closingopening issue

I just bought a used 01 s500 without any extended warranty. Recently the automatic trunk openclose system no longer works from either the remote the trunk button on the door (red led no longer on) or the red trunk button. Pressing either the door trunk or remote just unlocks the trunk without any movement up or down. BTW i have tried holding the buttons for 5 seconds. i have already checkremovereinstall

Now the path is this. button on the door SAM 2 wire CAN ( here is DATA) CAN module in the trunk electric air valve air actuator lever pop open. Do you hear two hissses... when you press the button on the door Do not even think about making a hole in the key lock and pick the lock. Does not work. You have to reach the lever which pops the fork. ( just a hole and a wire).

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Trunk lid lockingunlocking problem

My trunk lid on S430 MY 2002 has been playing up -- sometimes staying locked other times not locking completely. I was able to open the lid with the mechanical key ( with considerable difficulty ). But I noticed a hissing sound.The doors do not self-close anymore but can be closed and opened with the remote key -- unlike the trunk. Once I remove the trunk lining I can see the vacuum pump and locking

I have a problem with my trunk as well and I hope this is not considered hijacking a thread if so I will get out. I do not have the hissing sound. My doors soft close fine. The fuse chart for s500 has Fuse 62 controlling the trunk however I have no fuse or fuse relay on position 62. Does anyone have the same issue. Can someone point me to a DIY for trunk fuse or tell me if they know if there is a way to install a fuse for a missing fuse relay. Good luck on getting your trunk working.

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