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KIA CEED ED front door speaker kia pro ceed3 1.6 cdri.

hi i have a ennoying rattle coming from the front passenger door speaker area i think the speaker area looks seperate from the door panel does anyone know if this area comes off (does it just pull off or is there any screws ) or do you have to remove all the inside door or ill just have to turn my radio up

Check thhe Audio Upgrade pt1 sticky thread at top of this ceed forum mate. Full instrctions on removing door panels there

KIA CEED ED replacement doors...

Hi all I wass hoping someone on here might know the answer to this... I have a kia ceed hatchback 5 door 2010 facelift model and recently some lovely person drove into the passenger side....and drove off Im now left with quite a bit of damage to the entire left side front wing front and rear doors and the wheel arch. Its looking pretty expensive to have repaired but there are some doors available off

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KIA CEED ED Auto lock doors not unlocking

Hi all. my ceed will lock all the doors as normal when you start to drive off but when you come to a stop she will not unlock as the manual states.she has always done this since i bought her so Im not sure if this is due to manual override or if its a fault.has this happened to anyone else and dose anyone.the warrenty is no longer valid as the preveuis owner dident keep up the services.any help is greatly appriecated. 08 ceed ls 1.6 CRDI estate.

off but when you come to a stop she will not unlock as the manual states.she has always done this since i bought her so Im not sure if this is due to manual override or if its a fault.has this happened to anyone else and dose anyone.the warrenty is no longer valid as the preveuis owner dident keep up the services.any help is greatly appriecated. 08 ceed ls 1.6 CRDI estate. No not a fault. A kia

mine dose the same in the front passenger door but what i didnt explain very well is that the back doors will not unlock after pulling the key out of the this the same with all ceeds also did you disabled the system on your sportswagon

the same in the front passenger door but what i didnt explain very well is that the back doors will not unlock after pulling the key out of the this the same with all ceeds also did you disabled the system on your sportswagon My first ceed was a SW LS CRDi and over 2 years I didnt have any problem with the back doors operating differently to the others or the tailgate. A kia

KIA CEED ED Proceed Door wind noise

I recently purchased a Proceed (61 plate) and I am experiencing what sounds like wind noise issues on my car. Low speed is fine but once the car gets up to 70mph there is a audible drone coming from the drivers door rear of the car. I have had it back and forth to the garage and an even had the kia dealership take a look and test drive in it. Initial thoughts were tyre noise or uneven wearing of the

KIA CEED ED door speakers

hi does anybody no the speaker size in the front doors of a 2008 pro ceed thanks

KIA CEED ED Door Locking Unlocking Problem

Yesterday I had a strange situation where the doors would not lock. I got home and just could not lock the doors. After opening and closing each one the doors did lock so I put it down to perhaps a sticky mechanism or something. This morning I unlocked the car fine came to work got out and tried to lock the doors - nothing. Only the drivers door was unlocked and none of the doors would lock. I restarted

KIA CEED ED Pro ceed GT - remove door trim

Does anyone know how to remove the Pro ceed GT door trim (I want to upgrade the speakers) I worked out there is a screw under the rubber pad on the horizontal door handle but not sure if the door open lever has one Obviously the panel clips in around the outside as I cant see any screws holding it on. Thanks.

Here is a you tube video that shows a rear door pannel being removed front should be almost the same.

KIA CEED ED 7 year warranty on nearly new Kia

Hi I am new to this site as I have only very recently bought my very 1st kia. Bought my car 28th May 2012 collected it the following week. Car only had 10 miles on the clock yet it was registered some 8 months before. Date of registration is 29th October 2011. Will my 7 year warranty start from when I bought it. Bit unfair if I lose out on 7 months warranty on a car that has barely moved all this time. Any answers greatly appreciated.

Love the ceed sw2 dont love the support not received by kia when it comes to the Franchise Approved Used Cars. Bought our ceed in Scotland with only 13800 miles. kia touts kia Approved Used cars are hand-picked according to stringent requirements. All are less than 18 months old and have covered less than 18000 miles. So rest assured your kia Approved Used car is still in prime condition. Every kia

KIA CEED ED Buying a Kia Ceed

Hi Im hoping to buy a 2007 kia ceed 1.4 Petrol shortly can anyone give me any tips on what to check when buying. What I normally do when buying cars is find of the service intervals for things like the fuel air & oil filters belts fluids e.t.c and check that they were are all done on time but I cant find a service interval sheet for the 1.4 ceed. Any other tips are welcome. Cheers.

Hi There is a service manual at httpceedonline.infodocsmanuals...nglish_rhd.rar when you unpack the manual open ENGED2010MY9.pdf It basically says Enigne oil 12months20.000km (12.500miles) Valve adjust 80.000km (50000miles) by authorised kia dealer. Fuel filter 36 months 37.500 miles Brake fluid 24 months 25.000 miles Spark plugs 24 months 25.000 miles The 14 uses a timing chain. I would check the

KIA CEED ED How to disable auto locking in 08 Ceed

Hi Folks. Wonder if anyones tried to crack this without taking the car to a kia dealer. According to the handbook it is possible to disable the speed-dependent automatic locking which we find very annoying and a bit too nanny-ish to live with by taking the car to a dealer. Presumably they wont do this FoC however. Anyone know how to DIY this Is there a fuse that needs to be pulled or does the car have

say if they have to plug it in for a service or other works then it doesnt cause them any hardship to press on or off. I bought my car used so I just asked my local dealer and they were happy to switch it on sometimes I get out and open the door before the car catches up and I find myself locked out of a back door. no hardship for the remote control Anyways Im finished praising it. I do think kia

and be able to use it if your circumstances make it a wise idea I must say that so far I am very impressed with my auto ceed which I bought three weeks ago with just 20k on the clock and over three years of the warranty remaining. It is amazingly well assembled and exudes a real quality feel - dare I say it like a German car The way the doors thunk when they shut is pure BMW or maybe even VW - kia

KIA CEED ED pro ceed wind noise.

Hi I have a big problem with wind noise after 80kmh. All the rubber seals were changed inluding the side window. It used to be very quiet car and now its a dissater. Service doesnt know what to do. The wind noise is coming somewere from the both doors. Is anyone else has the same problem

Hi I have recently purchased a Proceed (61 plate) and I am experiencing the same wind noise issues as yourself. Low speed is fine but once the car gets up to 70mph there is a audible drone coming from the drivers door rear of the car. I have had it back and forth to the garage and an even had the kia dealership take a look and test drive in it. Initial thoughts were tyre noise or uneven wearing of

KIA CEED ED Kia Pro_ceed GT

Hey guys take a look at the all-new Pro_ceed GT turbo model kia Pro_ceed GT Turbo Teaser Image kia Blog 2013 kia News

Quote Originally Posted by Nikola Not sure which previous Pro ceed are you talking about as ceed is noticeably different than its Pro cousin. Especially if you refer to MK1 models... The Mk 1 ceed and Proceed have the exact same bodies from the B pillar forwards as do the later Mk 1s with the Tiger nose the Tiger nose did arrive later on the Proceed. Because the front door on the Proceed is longer

Quote Originally Posted by Nikola Hoods are different. doors are also different. (shape). Headlights... On top of my head but I think windshield is angled differently. I wouldnt comment the rear they are completely different from behind. I agree for the interiors. The ceed and the pro (MK1 models) were not designed by the same man. Taking your points one by one. Hoods are different. If you mean the

I absolutely disagree ceed & Pro_ceed are markedly different externally ceed pro_ceed They share the bonnet & front wings. Bumpers rear section rear lights boot hell even the roof profile is different and front windscreen is longer & shallower I tried to find similar angle photos of MK1s as both didnt change much externally after that. Interior wise yes although the pro got the facelift interior before the 5 door afaik .

Yes the back end is different they are 2 less doors not difficult to spot but other than the Pro having longer front doors the metal work at the front is identical. The windscreen angle is the same it just looks different in photos because of the longer doors. I think people are getting confused because the Pro hung onto the old front longer but the old Pro front and old ceed front were identical as well.

KIA CEED ED winter

I am looking into purchasing the kia ceed but i live in the uk and it can be very bad here for car windscreens and doors freezing. My current non kia car can easily take 15-20 minutes to de ice and there is also a great amount of de icing required on the inside of the windscreen Can anyone advise on how hard and time consuming it is to defrost the car Also can anyone advise if the 3 is worth the extra cost over the 2 as i want to get the best value for my money

defroster seems to work as well as any of my previous cars perhaps a bit better the rear works well too. As has been mentioned if parked in a garage then no problem if out doors takes a bit to warm up and remove the frost. I only had to get the scraper out a few times last year but I was parking in an open air parking garage. This year I have my own enclosed garage so that should be better. kia

KIA CEED ED remote engine start kit

I am having trouble finding any information on this type of kit fro the ceed well actually for any car. I see the kits on E-bay but not any companies installing any. These are very popular in the US where I came fromn and are very handy in winter or summer. The kit allow you to remotely start the car with AC or heat on and will run for 1-2- minutes and auto shut down to protect eh car. It also has

appear to think its OK providing the ignition and doors are locked and the alarm is on. The car will still be running and unattended thus illegal. For the odd few days its cold enough to be an issue why bother. I just scrape the screen with a hard rubber scraper that does no damage to the car or environment. And when you have made changes to the vehicle wiring any problems will be yours to sort kia

KIA CEED ED Kia Pro_Ceed GT Sketched as a Convertible Model Should it be Built

A speculative drawing depicting a possible convertible version of kias Pro_ceed GT sports hatchback surfaced on the kia-World enthusiast website today. Even if you missed the one too many door lines on the cars profile somewhere deep inside the article it is stated that this particular concept is only speculation. kia had previously toyed around with the idea of a four-seater soft-top cabriolet version

KIA CEED ED Very bad day...

Fridays are usually good right Weekends almost here and were all in a jolly mood Mine was rather good on my sunny afternoon drive home until a car pulled out in front of me that is.... Photo 1 can you spot the carefully parked car in this woodland scene Photo 2 & 3 show the damage once wed managed to extricate my beloved CJ Basically on a twisty section of road with 40mph limit quite heavy traffic

quarter plus front bumper and that sub frame of course. Main thing is nobody was injured at all the old guy admitted liability and gave me a written statement to that effect they even stayed with me at the pub awaiting the tow truck and gave me a lift home which was nice. So Ill keep you posted on the details once I hear from body shop or insurance co. But for the moment I dont have a beautiful ceed

KIA CEED ED How I like KIA )

Well I emailed kia Head office Customer Service advised I bought the car two months ago and that my dealer was unaware of any TSBs on my car and if they could confirm if I was due any. Within 24 hours I have had a call advising I can get the following front door Interior Handle Assembly front End Module Wiring Repair Rear handle door latch (my dealer thought that was the driver door) Headlamp moisture

KIA CEED ED Kia Ceed SW 2013 speaker upgrade

Hi I would really like to replace the speakers of my kia ceed SW 2013 but I cannot figure out how to remove the door panels of the kia ceed SW 2013. I looked at the audio upgrade threads but this does not help me for the 2013 model. I hope someone already upgraded their speakers and has some pictures on how to remove the door panels front and rear and also the dashboard speaker. Best Regards Tom

Hi can anyone tell me where the screws are located to remove the front and back doorpanels of the new kia ceed (2013) The first image from the last post is missing. Also I like to replace the tweeters on the front dashboard. Maybe someone has already done this and can tell me how to remove the cover. best regards Tom

KIA CEED ED Stone chips turn rusty

Been to the dealers today and had some pictures taken to be sent away to see if this is covered Its just at the rear lower of the doors (both sides) seems to protrude and take a pounding from stones. I know cars are bound to take a few hits but this seems a little excessive. Be nice to hear from them next week with a thumbs up for a respray.

My pro_ceed has the exact same problem. Dirt and stones just fly up from the front wheels and blast the paint away at that spot - the door is somehow badly fitted. Or badly designed... Also try looking right in front of the rear tires just above the bottom of the car. Here mine also has a similar problem. But remember its in front of the rear tires not at the back

Regarding chips. In Sweden all new normal ceeds have plastic film on exposed area but the Pro_ceeds do not. Film for ceeds exist as spares but not for the Pro_ceed. Strange. I went to a local firm who make stickers ad materials etc. They cut out pieces for the rear section of the door frame and for the lower side in front of the rear wheel. They used same film as they use for motocross bikes. Looks very good.

KIA CEED ED I need help about the interior lights - Ceed 2009

Hello A friend of mine change the interior lights to green led lights and it looks amazing. I wanna to do the same in my 09 ceed but i dont know what is the connector of the lights. so do you know what is the connector so i can order the same connector for the new led lights that i want to buy. (the led is going to be in the middle - the light that turns on when you open the door the two front single

KIA CEED ED New Car - Kia Pro_Ceed

Hey Guys Im looking to get a new car and the kia Pro_ceed has caught my eye I was just wondering if you guys would be happy enough to answer a few of my questions to help me in making the right decision. Because Im only young and only have a few years no claims Ive been looking at the Pro_ceed vr 7. It seems to come with most of the things I would want but I was also wanting to know if it has the optional

KIA CEED ED DIY Audio upgrade part 1

Considering that I have not found any DIY articles about the audio upgrade I decided to write my own. Since I didnt have enough time today this is part one which includes changing the front speakers with new wires into the doors and isolation of front doors. Tomorrow I will hopefully have time to finish the install of the power cable the ground cable and the cables from the front doors to the boot.

When you have all the screws unscrewed its time for plastic poppers. I found it the easiest to start at the bottom in the middle. There are 10 poppers to pull out and its rather easy (I got the doors off in less than 1 minute including the screws and without breaking any plastic poppers) Before you take off the panel you have to remove the tweeter panel. Its rather easy to remove but start at the bottom

For the speaker upgrade I went with the MB Quart RVF 216 speaker system that I had in my basement. Comparisment between the new and the old speakers. Than it was time to get the new speaker wires into the doors. Considering that I will have 4x130w rms amplifier for the front system (2 channels for the front and 2 channels bridged for woofer) I couldnt use the original wires as they are too thin (I

KIA CEED ED Temperature wrong after bodywork

I just had my kia proceed driverside quarter panel ( think thats the correct terminology ) replaced after some pleb ran into it then drove off without leaving any insurance details ( grrr still angry ). The work seems fine but I have since noticed that the tempterature gauge is showing the temperature far too high ( around 10 degrees ). When I got the car back I noticed that the clock was reset. Does

might want to check the radiator and condenser for dust from the bondo restricting air flow... Body shops are very dusty places. Take a garden hose to both (engine side to front grill). Also check your air filter for dust. If both the clock and the radio have been reset the the battery was run down to dead from the body man probably playing the radio and leaving the doors open as he worked. Your ceed

KIA CEED ED Not just another Pro ceed.

Hello to everyone. Im AndiI-m from Romania and I decided to present my car with all the modifications that are made by me. I bought the car in July 2008 and in March 2009 I started working on it. I started working for the audio system. I added to two subwoofers alpine type R two Alpine MRP M650 amplifiers a SinusLive amplifier for mid and high frequencies (not connected yet).Ill change the door speakers

Hello everybody. An update Last year the car has received a few gadgets - Multimedia Unit Kenwood dnx 5240bt - 17 LCD display only for exhibitions - LED undercar just for fun and shows. 2 months ago the car went into a rebuilding process. It was a hard and meticulous process but the finished result was as expected. I try to keep the original lines with some aggressive accents. Interior -Full cross-leather (seat elements of the board dome (roof) armrest and door panels). -the front seats were modified -finally have integrated speakers in door panels -carbon look central console Exterior -front bumper rear bumper completely changed -wheels were painted matte white -car-went down by 15 mm in total - 45mm. (Suspension only) -reconfigure the exhaust on the back to fit the boxes in the new rear bumper. Im working on some small things that I want to keep secret until completion so that are some future plans. Here are some pictures Best regards Andy

KIA CEED ED Excessive smoke on start up

Good afternoon this is London calling I have a major problem with my kia ceed crdi 115hp. When starting from cold(ish)...normally after standing for 4 hours or more my car misfires and emits clouds of blue smoke. This clears after a few seconds and the car performs faultlessly afterwards. The smoke smells of unburnt fuel. My average fuel consumption is 55-65 MPG and the car drives very well. However

Hi amistilhappy Coming from a former ford owner I have to say switching to kia was the best choice I made probably more because my Focus was the runt of the litter... Anyway I advise that whilst the car is smoking you take it to the dealer and you sit it infront of their building in front of their shiny new cars and you let it smoke all over them... 1) they wont be happy cleaning soot off the shiny

KIA CEED ED Original speakers in Kia ceed

Hello everyone. Its my first time here after buying a 2010 kia ceed. So far im enjoying the car even the stereo. Its not the Pioneer HU and the Kenwood speakers i had in the old car but still... not bad. I would like to know which factory speakes comes originally in that car. Thanx.

13 cm 15Watt in front popped to the metal inner part of the door I replaced them with 16cm 130 Watt 2 way Sony Xplods which improved the sound quality a lot. You will need an adapter ring to fix 16 cm speakers.

KIA CEED ED Change speakers in new KIA Ceed

Hi All I am getting my new kia ceed 2013 5d in less than a week. And already now i am planing some small upgrades (Audio wheels toning e.g.). Does anybody know what speaker size goes in the doors and do you have any recommendations I guess i need a HighLevel amp. if i need to install a Sub in the trunk Thanks.

Can someone also answer another speaker question... The 2013 Pro_ceed specs mention a 6 speakers system but I can only see 4 speakers. 2 in the back and 2 in the front doors. No tweeters on the A-Pillars

Quote Originally Posted by glenn_bot Can someone also answer another speaker question... The 2013 Pro_ceed specs mention a 6 speakers system but I can only see 4 speakers. 2 in the back and 2 in the front doors. No tweeters on the A-Pillars Hi Tweeters are placed on the dashboard. I think thats their way of thinking of a 6 speaker setup . I have bought new front Phoenix Gold 65 speakers I am going to replace the original with. Need to drill some new mounting holes but should be easy enough.

KIA CEED ED Kia Ceed 2nd generation

Must say that am not seeing any posts regarding the second generation ceed why is to so Havent even seen any pics of forum member cars of 2012 and up models. Can we step it up a bit Lets start with a nice ceed GT here

Quote Originally Posted by Grizzle Next car for us is a ceed GT in red 5 door Tech although in white above looks bloody incredible. The new ceed are great to drive very well screwed together huge difference over the mk1 and mk1 facelift. Red is an awesome color. The only thing is that you can not differentiate and put an accent on that lower red lip that is as you can see always red regardless the

KIA CEED ED Interior Light bulb replacement

Guys n Gals.... (now then now then)... Seems my pros interior light has died. I popped to Halfrauds at weekend & they dont list an interior bulb for the pro_ or ceed. Any idea what bulb type it is so I can easily get a replacement edit Googling seems to tell me its a standard R239 Festoon bulb. Having looked at the ceiling unit I cant even work out how the cover comes off Any tips from you experienced

Quote Originally Posted by deeps My user manual says it is an 8w festoon bulb. Isnt it in yours Yes its an 8 watt bulb. However for the front foglights it is 27w for the 5 door and estate but a staggering 55w for the 3 door according to the manual. I wonder why the 3 door has fog lights twice as bright as my 5 door

KIA CEED ED removing rear light cluster

Hi Has anyone removed the rear light clusters on the SW to change the bulbs I took out the 5 securing screws which sit between the cluster and the rear hatch seal this seemed to loosen the fitting but it would not release not wanting to force it I refitted them. Is there another fitting inside the car or are the clusters held in with some type of snap on fitting thanks

Dave I was fitting my towbar (estate) and the reason was to identify the wiring cables. I though I may get access to the loom below the lights but its not possible as the there is no room for connections. The cluster just pops out it is held in place with snap on metal fixings just have to pull hard. To do all the wiring is a major pain as you have to dismantle most of the interior boot trim I placed

KIA CEED ED Bodyshell noise.

I have noticed on my car that the A post where the door restraint attaches flexes and clicks when the front doors are opened fully. This happens on both sides. The noise can be produced by opening the door fully and gently rocking it with one finger.I have checked that the restraint attachment bolts are tight. Does anyone else have this noise (problem).

KIA CEED ED A bad day

Went back to my 15 month old parked car today to find that some bastard had hit the side putting dents in both the front wing door and broken the door mirror assembly. Also now the window does not completely close. Isnt life sometimes a bitch My insurance company asked if I knew who did it Even if I did Im bright enough to know that would just mean more delays in getting it fixed because of arguments

KIA CEED ED dimming dashboard lights

Can anyone help with a question on my 2010 ceed 3 auto diesel. I recently had to have most of my dashboard removed by a kia dealer (the reason is a very long story maybe for another time) anyway after getting the car back when I turn on the front and rear lights the radio panel lights dim ( which I understand) but also the climate control lights go out completely (the climate control still works).

When switching on your lights all lights dim but remain on including front & rear door window controls steering wheel controls and the Ac controls. The brightness of them all is then adjusted by the knurled wheel on the dash to the right of the steering wheel next to the headlight level adjustment.

KIA CEED ED Installing an underseat subwoofer - query...

Im seriously considering getting an under-seat sub woofer for the pro. I dont want to install 18000W of stomach mashing sound system just want to get some reasonable bass in the car and keep the current volume level. Regarding the excellent sticky guides (audio upgrade 1 & 2) - LINKY I found Crammonds original article at ceedOnline and wanted to check something with you audio gurus... On this rear

That is not a good idea. If all u want to spend is 110 quid then buy a 110 quid set of speakers for the front doors. Those will give you better bass than those so called subwoofers that you are considering. And as a bonus much better highs which will improve the overall sound quality by a lot. The factory speakers while not complete garbage if you have the separate tweeters in the mirror housing are

Thanks Mike useful to know the connectors are the same Just noticed Crammond does mention that C1 connectors dont work. Ive only heard proper sound systems in cars never one of these micro subs so will accept your experience on them being crp. I would upgrade the front door speakers if it wasnt such a major task hence thinking a neat solution like those mentioned would be a clean way forward. Really

KIA CEED ED Lil&733 bit of everything

Recently i ve purchased TV tuner (aftermarket) for my kenwood DNX5280bt and installed it myself... This is where i stash the tv tuner and cabels

Then i buy STP damping material and installed it also myself... front and rear doors Tomorow arrives my new spekers pics soon.

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  • 2009-2011 Kia Ceed Drivers Side Front Door Bare Shell Met Silver - Sheffield,United Kingdom (150.00 GBP)
  • 2009 KIA CEED LEFT FRONT DOOR WINDOW MOTOR - United Kingdom (24.99 GBP)
  • kia ceed 2007 on front door lock ,latch - Belfast,United Kingdom (39.00 GBP)
  • kia ceed 2007 on front door lock ,latch - Belfast,United Kingdom (39.00 GBP)
  • Kia Ceed Cee'd OS Front Door Internal mechanism (Drivers Door) 2008 (57 Reg) - High Wycombe,United Kingdom (60.00 GBP)

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