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kia ceed complete dashboard ED
kia ceed complete dashboard ED

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KIA CEED ED dimming dashboard lights

Can anyone help with a question on my 2010 ceed 3 auto diesel. I recently had to have most of my dashboard removed by a kia dealer (the reason is a very long story maybe for another time) anyway after getting the car back when I turn on the front and rear lights the radio panel lights dim ( which I understand) but also the climate control lights go out completely (the climate control still works).

KIA CEED ED Kia Ceed SW (2008) remove lower dashboard

Hi all I bought a second hand kia ceed SW from 2008 this week and I just broke of a piece of the interior Its the flap above the ashtray. Ik have some pictures below. Does anyone knows how I kan remove that part of the dashboard or how to remove the complete ashtray Many thanks Some photos httpwww.xcess.betmpDSCF0951.JPG httpwww.xcess.betmpDSCF0952.JPG

Quote Originally Posted by El_Bartos Does anyone knows how I kan remove that part of the dashboard or how to remove the complete ashtray If you dont get an answer from this forum but get the information from another source please let us know. I have not broken it but would like to get the ashtray out.

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KIA CEED ED CD player sounds much much better than usb aux or ipod

Hi people. I have Pro ceed 2011 with this cd system From the first time I bought car I used mostly usb stick to play music. And most of the time I tought that audio system is very bad very poor quality it sounds like crap. Some days ago i put some mp3 cd.. and i noticed that sound is so much better. It has more bass more treble more everything. It just sounds right. With usb or ipod or aux i could

Oh how I wish Id not found that 15 second hold setup thing. My stereo did sound just fine but its all changed now sounds flat mid range bass overload & scratchy treble ( not in a good way). The Loudness and audio settings were on but cycling onoff by clicking right right right (or left left left) seemed to change the audio profile to a different setting every time. This morning I thought it had reset

KIA CEED ED That useless climate control fixed at last

Far from being set & forget I have spent far more time faffing around with the knobs for the CC than I ever did with a traditional manual system. (Oh and people please dont try to tell me that it has manual override - it doesnt. The temperature controller works in a completely different way to a mechanical heat setting.) When the system is happy with the cabin temperature it reduces vent flow to a

KIA CEED ED DPF regeneration process - for diesel owners

Anyone know how the DPF regeneration process works on ceed diesels Its one of the things that we should really be aware of as it can cause many problems on the new diesel cars. When does the regeneration kick in and are their any signs to look out for I was hoping that there would be a light or something letting you know it was happening but cant find any info about it in the manual. You should drive

Quote Originally Posted by sapa I know all that. I was wondering with the ceed how you know when regeneration is taking place so if you are coming to the end of journey you can just keep driving for another 10 minutes. What are the noticeable signs I think all cars should have a light on the dashboard that lights up when its happening so you know whats going on Reading the manual page 795 as I understand

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