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JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop side window trim

anyone ever replace the window trim on the side windows on your hard top The dealership has said the trim is 43.70 EA an I am not willing to pay that. I have thought about supergluing it but dont want to risk damaging the hard top. I have not been able to find any replacement trim on quadratec or any other site for my year. I have a 2004 jeep wrangler Sport the windows are not about to fall out an

Good thread mine is going bad too watching for response

go to a auto window place they will have the seal

I called an auto window shop an they want like 100 per window they told me that the window trim is for looks only an they would have to cut the window out then reseal it with the new trim saying that it is labor intensive. his suggestion was to just finish tearing it out since it is for looks only. that doesnt sound right to me. I understand that the window trim is not holding the window in but having

JEEP WRANGLER hardtop side windowstrim.

Does anyone know where to get replacement side window trims for a YJ hard top a friend of mine has offered me one for free but the windows arent in it although he has them but doesnt have the trip that holds them in place.

Check out part number FCL488489

JEEP WRANGLER Need source for hard top side window trim...

I have been searching the net all evening and cant seem to find a source for that plastic trim that goes around the side windows on the hard top. Anyone know where to get it Thanks Steve

Universal Weatherstripping kit Complete jeep weatherstipping kit Sorry its not just the window piece but if yours is anything like mine the doors are going to need it too.

If you cant find it locally let me know. I can get you it pretty cheap...I just went to a local glass repair place. I brought a piece of the trim and they game me what they had that was really close. I just installed mine the other great and makes it look alot better.

OK Q-tec swears that the stuff they have listed is for the windshield. I guess Ive never seen a windshield seal like that one. I found this at Tellico4x4 but it says it is only for 76-86 CJs (24 for each side ). Anyone know if the hardtop side windows are the same for CJs and YJs Thanks.

I finally found a reasonable source for the side window moldings for the hardtop - 11.75 per side at this link . The Mopar part number is 55175170 and is the same for both sides. Go to the link and enter the part number in the middle of the page and select jeep. If you need the clips the Mopar part number is 55134656. Quadratec is the cheapest place for the clips at 3.99 each but they dont carry the

The fastest and easyest way to do this would be for you to buy new gaskets (that surround the window). Cut the old ones out the window will fall right out easy. Then when it comes to putting it back in you simply put the window into the gasket wrap a small cord or string around the gasket and set the bottom of the entire unit into place in the hard top. (This is best if done while mounted on the jeep

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop side window replacement - How To

Hey guys. My wife backed into my hardtop (which was sitting on the garage floor) and busted the passenger side window. I wanted to replace it myself so I bought the replacement glass from a friend who owns an auto glass shop. I searched the forum for a how-to but came up empty handed. So I went ahead and did it myself (learning as I went) and I thought Id post this on here for some future victim. First

JEEP WRANGLER Hard top window trim installation question

I just picked up a factory hard top for my wrangler I purchased some new trim for the side windows does anyone know how this installs Not sure if it needs to be silicone in or what. The dealer wasnt helpful at all Thanks

JEEP WRANGLER Hard Top side window weatherstripping

so i need to replace the weather stripping on both side windows of my hardtop. Quadratec used to sell it but for some reason they longer do. i searched as well as did a live chat on their website. where can i find this i was going to do a paint job and weatherstripping replacement on the top before installing it for winter. kind of on a time crunch now. Dammit Quadratec i thought you sold everything

Just so everyone knows that molding does nothing but look good. The window is held in with urethane and not the trim. Go look at a new vehicle with a fixed glass you will notice no push in trim. I pulled my trim a when I got the jeep.

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop side window removalreplacement.

Hi all What is involved in removing the side windows from a TJ hardtop and subsequently replacing them Looks like its just the outer gasket and a seal. Is that all Im looking at Is it a royal pain to deal with Thanks for the help D

That outer trim piece is nothing more than cosmetic. They are glued in with some sort of window sealant. Both of my side windows were loose enough to just pop off with some pressure. If theyre still stuck in there good I dont know how you would remove them without damaging the glass. I purchased a tube of sealant from a glass repair shop set it in some boiling water and glued them in myself. New outer trim and good as new.

JEEP WRANGLER Replacing side window seals in a hardtop

Replacing side window seals in a hardtop can the outer seals be replaced without window removal I have old seals that look like they were cut too short and there is a gap where they were clipped. Just got my windshield done today and they Fd up the inner seal... waiting for the inner seal then Safelite will most likely be redoing there own work again Anyhow I am looking at all my window seals and trying to get things trimmed up.

Quote Originally Posted by AC_Spiderman I have old seals that look like they were cut too short and there is a gap where they were clipped. Theres another small trim cap that goes on the ends of the seals on the bottom of the window at least on my 89. When one fell off it looked like the trim had about a 1-2 gap on the bottom. You may be missing those.

On a hardtop the EXTERIOR trim can be replaced without removing the glass. There is a small connector at the bottom that joins the two ends of the trim. Dealer part s... 55175170 Moulding-23023073 one for each side 55134656 End Cap-W23043017 one for each side.

Quote Originally Posted by Feetwet On a hardtop the EXTERIOR trim can be replaced without removing the glass. There is a small connector at the bottom that joins the two ends of the trim. Dealer part s... 55175170 Moulding-23023073 one for each side 55134656 End Cap-W23043017 one for each side. Once you take the windows out and remove the glue what do you replace that with We are stripping our hardtop

Okay Ill try my best to answer all your questions...Bear with me.. Work can be done off the jeep as long as the top is sitting Flat not tweaked or torqued. The opening should be reasonably clean. Some old sealant can remain as long as there are no gobs or chunks of old sealant that would prevent the glass from laying up flat in the opening. Clean the area with Acetone or Alcohol clean and DRY is the

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop side window seals

Does anyone know where to find these any links I cant seem to find a definative answer on the web or on here in old posts.

The urethane must be good stuff. Last weekend I found a freshly-trashed hardtop in the woods on a logging road 40 miles from nowhere. The only salvageable part on it was one side window. I popped off the outer trim thinking I could easily remove the window...uhhhh not gonna happen. Pried on it tried to cut the seal stood on the back side of the window nothing moved. If it comes out it will be in several thousand pieces.

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop side window seals where

Im having one hell of a time finding side window seals for my 95 hardtop. I keep coming up empty handed on the internet searches. Is this actually a dealer item still from 1995 Any help finding seals or alternative methods would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

do yours leak the rubber strip around the window isnt actually a seal its just basicly trim same as around the windshield. The windows are held in place and sealed with I believe urethane sealer you can buy the stuff at napa or any decent windshield shop should be able to hook you up. I cant imagine it costing much to remove and reinstall a side window in a hard top.

I just got done doing this to my hardtop the windows were loose so I finished cutting them out with a razor knife from the inside then used the 3M urethane to glue them back in. but first I ordered the trim from the weather strip store on ebay. It was pretty easy to do. the hardest part was cleaning the glass of all the different goop the PO tried to seal them with. I left some of the old urethane on the hartop but cleaned off the glass completly.

JEEP WRANGLER Door SealsHardtop Side Window Seals

Picked up a 92 YJ with hardtop and full hard doors - no rust for a DD and a few FS trails. The seals around the doors are shot and the seals around the side windows on the hardtop are brittle and falling out. Getting new seals for both. Are the seals glued on in places on the doors Do you just start pulling the seal out around the hardtop glass and slowly push the new seal in behind it and work your

You dont need to use sealer for the rear side windows. Theyll push right in. Youll need to be carefull to clean out the channel the gasket pushes into or it wont fit properly. I even needed to trim from the outside a little of the rubber on the gasket on the inside of the window. That doesnt sound very clear but youll see what I mean.

I started doing that yesterday (trimming the rubber gasket on the inside of the window) but then got nervous that I was removing the sealant that holds the window in place. Its a B&% getting that stuff out.

Door seals were easy to replace as 92YJer said. Pull the old seal off. The pins left from the old seal can be pushed through the hole. No gluesealer was needed. I still have to do the hard top side window seals. When I pushed the new seal in it wanted to pop right back out. I got frustrated after fighting with it after an hour. The seal is shaped like this ) I might have to trim the first chevron off the seal to get it to fit. Waiting for warmer weather.

I just installed new seals around my side windows and the hardest part of it was getting the old rubber out. I also thought a few times that I was removing to much but finally got the new ones pushed in all the way. They look a little bumpy in places but I hope when warm weather comes and the sun hits it a few times that it will smooth out better. If not I may try to pull them our on a warm day and

JEEP WRANGLER Drivers side window binding

03 sport with full doors when I roll up the drivers side window it will get 34 of the way up and it will bind. The problem is the window glass is pushing forward into the door frame if I push the glass back towards the rear of the door frame with my hand it will roll up fine seems there is half to three quarters of an inch of play that allows the upper front corner to push forward causing the binding.

Had the same problem in my Montana van (which I gladly traded for my jeep a couple years ago). they said I needed a new window sealtrim for a couple hundred . I sprayed silicone lube in the crack all round the seal that the window slides along and no more binding always went up smooth after that (although I had to do it a couple times a year fall spring)

JEEP WRANGLER Side Window Install Help

Im about to reinstall the side glass on my YJ hardtop after having it repainted. I was looking up some adhesives and urethanes to do the trick and now I have a question. The parts store I went had the 3M urethane adhesive in a caulk-type cartridge. They also had the butyl rope that can be used to fill the channel. My question is what exactly is the correct way to do this install Ive read to fill the

I believe the rope should only be used when the window has a rubber gasket to hold it in place. In the case of the side glass in the hardtop there are no gaskets used so I would believe the adhesive cartridge would be the better choice. I myself removed the rubber trim surrounding the exterior glass and the glass is now held in place only by the adhesive.

JEEP WRANGLER oem hard top rear(side)sliding windows kit

Is there any kit available Has anyone done the conversion himself

Could probably use one of the radius sliding side and maybe trim your top for it to fit httpwww.provent-windows.compages...hellmodels.htm

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop Side Window Rubber Seals

Hey Everyone I have an older hardtop (I think with the vents on the side bought it used so not sure what year) and the rubber seals or trim around the window is badly rotted and needs replacement. I searched and found some posts. I was wondering if anyone has a detailed procedure for replacing these. My local glass shops seem reluctant at best to tackle this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop window trim

Does anybody know where I can buy replacement black trim that goes around side glass on YJ hardtop. Its dried out and shrinking quite a bit and keeps coming out. Is this the only thing holding the glass in Thanks Pat.

Nice YJ. Like the pic. Your side glass is glued in using a polysulfide automotive sealant. The trim is decorative only. Most glass shops carry an assortment of rubber trims this type is shaped like a T the leg goes into the glassopening and the top of the T covers the glasshardtop edge. This is also a Dealer Item. The replacement trim will be pre-bent to follow the curves on the four corners of the

JEEP WRANGLER Mud caught in window sil trim scratcing glass

Went wheeling last weekend and had to deal with some wet North Carolina clay. I know better to roll down glass windows with mud on them so I just ran the ac. Pressure washed jeep and now I can hear sand in the window rubber seal and I also see the scratches on the glass Vacuumed and cleaned the seals it seems better now. Mad about the scratched glass on my new jeep. What did you guys do to get it all cleaned out

Quote Originally Posted by wilywillie Try polishing the glass....Ive had a lot of mud on my windows over the years and Ive never heard of the glass scratching. Plastic windows yes but not glass. Im not saying it didnt happen but WTH Had the same thing happen to the rear drivers side window on my JKU after some trips up some dusty trails (no mud). Never had that happen on another vehicle that had dirty

JEEP WRANGLER hardop rear window trim question

I took a picture of this because I want to find out if it can e replaced or are we stuck with it It seems like the seal of this piece around the window is actually coming away fron the window. This piece is rusty and in bad shape on the top but the sides are pretty good. Here is the picture https174.photobucket.comalbumsw...andjeep013.jpg

JEEP WRANGLER Driver side window loose...

New 2 door JK power windows driver side window shakes like it is loose. It works and goes up and down but seems loose inside. When I put it down very clunky and not smooth. Any one else or anyone have any ideas thanks...

I notice the same. The rubber window trim is creaky as well - the dealer is going to replace it on Monday for me. I hope this will help a little but the window is really loose if you open it partially and shake it... anyone else

JEEP WRANGLER Hard Top Side Window Seals

I ruined my side window seals today on my hard top pulled them out to prep for paint and I think they were to cold and stiff tore both of them. Does anyone know where to find these searched the web and can seem to pin them down

You can get these trim pieces here Just search for your year and look under removable top.

JEEP WRANGLER Problem with my auto windows

My driver side window started vibrating as it went down for 3-4 inches when it was around 75% down. If the jeep is perfectly level it will not do it but if there is any tilt at all it vibrates. The passenger side window never does this. I took it to the dealer who fixed it and its still doing it. Additionally I found a small 1 inch vertical scratch on my window but I dont know if its from debris on

JEEP WRANGLER Jeep Window Replacement

I thought I would share with you all what I did to replace my shattered plastic window. It was below 0 one morning and I was letting my TJ warm up and I locked the keys inside. Usually I just pull the window back and push the seat up and unlock the door. Only it was so cold the bottom plastic part shattered like glass. Below is how I fixed it and its holding up great after 2 months. Tools 1) Speedy

JEEP WRANGLER Headlight trim ring paint job

Ok I have been wanting to do something with the trim rings. I am not a fan of chrome and was about to paint them body color but was still wanting something more so it got me thinking. My body is red and I have used a Candy Red Transparent paint in the past to color tail lenses. This paint was transparent and I figured over the chrome this would give some good color and depth with the chrome as base

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop Rear Window Leak

2003 SE. Noticed some water in the floor just inside the tailgate. Took awhile to find the leak but discovered that the plastic strip along the bottom of the rear window was cracked clear through both sides. Water running down the window runs through the crack behind the rubber seal and runs down the inside of the tailgate. Read the service manual and the rubber seal (which is OK) and the plastic trim

JEEP WRANGLER Window Seal Question

Here are pictures of my outer front glass seal and hard top side glass seal. If Im replacing these seals do I need to do the inner seals The inner seals appear to be fine. These outer seals appear to be easy to install. It looks like you just press them in. Is this true or do you need to run a thin line of glue along it. Does anyone have the parts number for the front glass seal hard top side glass seal and cowl seal Thanks Hard Top side Glass Outer Seal Front Glass Outer Seal

Quote Originally Posted by Feetwet Which part The hardtop side window trim is definately available through the dealer. As stated above I didnt need the windshield trim so I never asked the dealer about that. The hardtop side window trim thats what I need... windshield trim you can get on ebay for like 10 dollars.

JEEP WRANGLER Soft top back window

Clips keep popping off back window. Maybe Im doing something wrong. Any tips on making sure Im connecting the plastic clips right

Quote Originally Posted by Bruno03 No yellow foam stuck inbetween...the clips sound like they lock but if you push on the window the clips pop right wind will obviously do the same...I am talking about the 2 plastic Clips that they give you with your soft top package...they clip your window bar to your interior jeep trim I never even realized they clipped until today until you mentioned this

JEEP WRANGLER Loose Front window Jam trip pieces

Hey folks I am new to jeeps and checked out a Wranger Unlimited X today. I really liked the quality of the vehicle build over all. I thought the dash seemed nice and tight the weather seals looked good and every knob had a pretty sturdy feel to it. The only odd thing was the plastic trim pieces that cover the inside of the front window pillers. These were EXTREMELY loose. I could wiggle them back and

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