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JEEP WRANGLER Seats or seat covers ideas

Im looking at a new set of seat covers or even seats. My seats are in great condition however I dont really like the look and dont feel they compliment my jeep well. I got a set of black and red neoprene seat covers which looked great then a summer of the top and doors off came and the black is faded terribly which is easy to see with a all black interior. Also with people climbing over the tire into

I just ordered mine from the ebay store over the phone Tuesday and I think they may have screwed my order up. I ordered them for an 04 but the receipt that was sent to my email stated that they were for an 08. I called to correct but no one there spoke English so Ill probably have to send them back and wait even longer. Anyway make sure if you order these from the Ebay store that you verify before getting off the phone (if you call) that your order was placed right.

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Cleaning 2000 TJ sahara seatscovers

I have a 2000 TJ sahara and the previous owner had the jeep since day 1 down the jersey shore so there is a bit of funkmustyness. I already pulled out the carpet and I was thinking about pulling the covers off and washing them in our washer machine using cold water so they dont shrink How hard is it to pull off and put back on the covers when washed Or should i do something else seats are in mint cond as jeep only has 22k summer driven miles on it Thanks Don

Mine dont have any stains or rips they just have a funky musty smell that I would like to get rid of. I thought I read a thread on here where someone took the factory material off washed them and put them back on

Quote Originally Posted by Donzijeep Mine dont have any stains or rips they just have a funky musty smell that I would like to get rid of. I thought I read a thread on here where someone took the factory material off washed them and put them back on Dont over think things.Spray one of 100 cleaners on them.They will look and small like new.

JEEP WRANGLER Seat covers or New Seats

Im going to be running top off during the summer and want some seats that are reasonably water resistant. Should I be looking at getting some budget aftermarket seats or some quality seat covers My jeep has a clean appearance and I want something that will look good. Any suggestions toward specific covers or seats

I picked up a set of smittybilt seat covers last summer for my 88 YJ and Im liking them (about 150 for front and back seats if I remember right). They take waterrain and make the inside of the truck look WAY better. Ive always liked my seats (Ive had the thing for 21 years...) and didnt want to replace them.

JEEP WRANGLER Spicegreen seats or covers

I was out yeasterday and saw a 97 wrangler Sport with the same color combo as me (greenspice). I could see he had greenspice seats (possibly just covers). Anyone have these aftermarket seats Who makes them Thanks for any help

spice sidesback and green inserts (cloth) If so those are factory Sahara seats.

Spice sides green in the middle and a band across the back of the seat back. Thanks for the help It definitely wasnt a Sahara though. Gray fender flares. I would have asked the guy but I figured running lights wasnt justified.

Are those covers I think the ones I saw were a little different. I think the side bolsters on the seat were tan and the green was where your butt and thighs were. Im going to wait awhile longer before I swap out my seats but thanks for the offers. Looks like there are 2 fronts and a back seat available.

Quote Originally Posted by FL 4.0L Are those covers I think the ones I saw were a little different. I think the side bolsters on the seat were tan and the green was where your butt and thighs were. Im going to wait awhile longer before I swap out my seats but thanks for the offers. Looks like there are 2 fronts and a back seat available. If they had some tan on the top they could have been seats out of a YJ model Sahara

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Need input for new seats in 2000 TJ for owner with back problems

So I have some back problems (i.e. crushed vertebrae and herniated disc) and I need to upgrade the seats in my 2000 TJ to something with more support. Right now I have the stockers that originally came with the truck. I just want inputs from anyone with similar aliments that have upgraded their buckets and what works. I appreciate the help.

I feel your pain. I too suffer from back pain. Sometimes from my wife. Seriously I have spinal stenosis in my neck and lower back. I went with Bestops Trail Pro seats the are stiff but support the back very well. Give you an idea I am 511 at 240lbs and I have found these seats more comfortable than my other newer vehicles do to the hole back is supported not just the lumbar seems to distribute back

JEEP WRANGLER waterproof seatsseat covers

Can someone please recommend a good brand for me I know they wont be completely waterproof but id like to get the best ones out there. Ive been looking at neopream but have heard mixed reviews. Also Im on a serious budget so cheaper the better.

Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bransford Bestop makes a very good looking and good fitting set of waterproof (totally) seat covers. Ive had them on two different jeeps and they do a good job while looking good. The bestops look great and fit tight. With that being said I have a set sitting in my closet because they cause my back to sweat so much. They dont breathe at all but they do a VERY good job of keeping water out.

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ does a 92 jeep yj have high back bucket seats

i need seat seats are the stock grey seats in front. im guessing they are high back (tapered to the top) i can measure height if needed to be sure.

29.5 inches high seat back theres a time limited sale on some covers so i have to head out right now..plse email me at tvoth2 (no space of beating) if you can and know the answer. thanks.

JEEP WRANGLER Stock seats and a sore back

Does anyone else have a problem with there being no lumbar support in the stock seats (97-02 style) My back can hardly take it anymore and I cant tell if my seat is just worn out from the previous owner or if the seats are actually that bad. I tried one of those pillow things but it never stays in place. How did you solve it Any covers with a pad sewn in that doesnt shift all around Or will I have to swap the seats out for something else

JEEP WRANGLER new seats or seat covers

Hey everyone ive been looking into some seats as well as seat covers i really like the corbeau baja ss seats front and rear i think they look cool and i wanted any opinions whether to do this or just to get waterproof seat covers any idea or facts would help thank you.

I am looking into seat covers as well however best top does not have the back seat in spice only in black. I will call them to check this is strange. Anyone here has bought front and back seat covers in spice color

Yep really strange I checked both and and they only show the back seat cover in black. I believe they must offer it in spice color since they have that option for the front seat. Ill call them.

JEEP WRANGLER Cargo Liner that covers rear seats for Unlimited

Hi everyone I just got my Rubicon Unlimited yesterday to replace my beloved but aging 1994 Land Rover Defender 90 (which is for sale by the way). I got a great deal at a dealership that had 10 of these on the lot. I am not used to having all this fancy stuff like carpeting and air conditioning much less really fancy stuff like Sirius radio and more speakers than I can count. I want to protect the interior

I vote for get rid of the back seat if its always folded down strip that carpet and line it with some sort truck bed liner. Its sooo nice I love it in my TJ

I am considering doing just that but am not sure what to do about some of the wiring I see under the carpets. I did do bedliner in the interior of my Land Rover Defender 90 and that was a great choice (but there was no wiring or carpet to get rid of in that vehicle). But we do want to occasionally use the rear seats and I dont want to hassle with pulling them out and putting them back allthe time.

There is no wiring to speak of in the rear under the carpets. I have my Unlimited Linexed.. its the best. Great choice for pooches back there. See my post httpwww.jeepforum.comforumshowt...ighlightlinex Im looking to invest in a back seat hammock for my little buddy. You could also look into getting two of those back seat dog hammocks - 1 for the cargo area and one for the back seat They go in and

JEEP WRANGLER Seat Covers with Pockets on the Back

Looking for front seat covers that have pockets in the back (for maps etc). Nothing fancy and no neoprene. Any suggestions

I got some Iggee seat cover they are Synthetic leather not bad they just get a little hot in the sun. So far I have had them on for a little over a year and they have done their job well. I paid around 230.00 if I recall for all three seats. If you do a search for Iggee you should be able to find some more infoa and photos and yes they do have a good size pocket in the back of the two front seats

JEEP WRANGLER Seats or seat covers

Just bought a 93 and the seats arent in the best condition just wanted some thoughts on whether I should replace the seats or go with the quick fix and get seat covers. If I go with covers any suggestions. Not trying to break the bank

Do the neoprene tend to make your back sweaty

Quote Originally Posted by jgrindle13 Do the neoprene tend to make your back sweaty Its a lot more comfortable than the vinyl fabric found on my stock seats. I used to have to peel myself out of them. Now its not so bad.

i found a set of black and red ones on ebay neoprene front and back seats 165 nice

I went with seats from a 96 Pontiac Sunfire. Much more comfortable and bolted right in. Only set me back 35 or so for the pair.

JEEP WRANGLER Anyone put buckets seats in the back

Before you say why or are you nuts the reason is when my 4 year old is in his car seat and falls asleep his head will fall forward. I looked and I dont believe I can make the rear seat incline enough to make sure this doesnt happen. For those rare occasions when its not too windy too cold too hot or too whatever my wife will occasionally go with us and he has to ride in the back. Any ideas No..I dont want to put her in the back instead..well sometimes I do.

You might try walking around a salvage yard and looking at the front seats from some of the smaller cars and see how hard it would be to mount them to your floor then you could just get some seat covers or something so they dont look too tacky. My buddys dad did this type of think with their Triumph TR6 he thought the drivers seat was uncomfortable so he found that he could make a seat from I think it was a first or second generation eclipse fit in there without to much trouble.

JEEP WRANGLER NetsBags for the back of seats

Im looking for something similar to whats shown in this picture on the back of the driver and passenger seats. httpwww.quadratec.comproducts14147_03_07.htm Any input is appreciated thank you.

I have a set of seat covers I picked up from walmart they have pouches and a caribenor loop built in the back and they kind of lace up the sides for a tight fit. There some what water resistant too which is a bonus.

Quote Originally Posted by rock_rat I have a set of seat covers I picked up from walmart they have pouches and a caribenor loop built in the back and they kind of lace up the sides for a tight fit. There some what water resistant too which is a bonus. How much did that cost

JEEP WRANGLER Review - Newark carpet set and Garage Pro front seats

For anyone who likes feedback on products they may purchase I thought I would provide a review of a set of carpet and seats. I just recently replaced the carpet and front seats in my 95 jeep wrangler. The products I used were 1) Newark Auto Products Custom-Tailored Polyester Cut-Pile Carpet (JC Whitney part 189339) 2) Garage Pro jeep Factory Replacement High back Front Seat with Recliner (2x JC Whitney

JEEP WRANGLER Installed Bestop Seat Covers

I just received the Bestop Seat covers for my jeep Even thought I know there are plenty of threads about these covers I still thought Id post some pictures and my thoughts. I ordered them from for a pretty decent price. Ended up getting them in Dark Tan which is the same color as my soft top (replace-a-top sailcloth) Front seat 88.79 httpwww.4wd.comproductdetails.aspxpartID5134 Rear seat 79.99

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 1998 TJ Sahara seats vs. SE seats

Saw this post from a while back and I am wondering the same thing. I want to pick up some Iggees for my 1998 wrangler SE and Iggee has a nice deal on the front AND back covers but they list them as TJ SAHARA. After I read the above I emailed Iggee and they say that the seat covers are only for the Sahara ... is this really true If I go to their website they dont see Sahara specific seat covers ...


I was looking at seat covers online and I was wondering if anyone knows what agood water proof seat cover brand is

Quote Originally Posted by Chawietjes jeep Seat covers - Wet Okole Hawaii One of my friends has theese in his dodge fit GREAT look sharp and this is the same company that makes WATERPROOF. The downside is expensive For that price you can buy new seats online. There are a bunch of sites out there. But I do like all the options they give you on the Hawaii site. I bought some neoprene covers


What is the best seat cover to handle the weather especially shead the rain.

Quote Originally Posted by jfondren3 Thanks I had never heard of Iggees before but I do believe that I will go with them. I noticed that we have the same color jeep so what color seat cover did you go with I am thinking about black and gray because I dont know how close the blue would be to color matching. Do you know if its close to the same color as our jeeps Thanks for all the help and comments

Quote Originally Posted by hikerpaddler No one looking at my bestop custom vinyl seat covers would confuse them with them being reupholstered. Is there something you guys did do make them fit better Ive read from two folks whose opinions I value highly that they fit their jeep great but mine and my friends (1 TJ and 1 YJ) look baggy as hell. Any suggestions appreciated I literally had to pull mine

JEEP WRANGLER Cleaning vinyl seats

Just got a great deal on three seats for my jeep wrangler all three seats for 50 and that includes the sliderrisers. They are vinyl and need some cleaning from what you see in the pics. Now granted I will not be using the back seat I have one in good condition already and the driver I will patch up. What can I use to clean them up More than likely I will end up getting covers but still would like clean seats Help me out guys.


Was looking at some surfboards on eBay and figured Id browse TJ things for a little bit when I stumbled upon this link 1997 jeep wrangler TJ Neoprene Custom Seat covers 179.99 for the front and back seats and they have solid black and blackgray in stock so Im thinking about getting a solid black set. Anybody heard of these guys Checked out their website ( link ) and didnt recognize them as being owned


I have searched threads google and I guess there are no solutions to making the stock JK buckets more comfortable or at least I couldnt find any. Besides the hight adjusters not holding these things are bad on a long trip. Has anyone gone to an upolstry shop and had the seat re-stuffed I know Mastercraft makes great seats but are they comfortable for long trips I will always have a jeep but as I get

by 20181c I have searched threads google and I guess there are no solutions to making the stock JK buckets more comfortable or at least I couldnt find any. Besides the hight adjusters not holding these things are bad on a long trip. Has anyone gone to an upolstry shop and had the seat re-stuffed I know Mastercraft makes great seats but are they comfortable for long trips I will always have a jeep

JEEP WRANGLER BadGood Night Mud on Seat Covers

So my girlfriend convinced me take her off-roading the other night while we were at dinner (I read into that as lets go hang out in the woods) so i said absolutley ran home changed my clothes and went to a local place I know with her just to drive around. Its been extremely dry around here so i left the top and windows off thinking there would be no mud. Anyways I came to what looked like a dryed up

Quote Originally Posted by chan So to end a long story i have Georgia red clay stains in my neoprene seat covers and would like to get them out... Any suggestions Red clay That stuff is evil. Give me good ol Pennsylvania coal dust mud anyday I just came back from a jeep Jam down south and that red mud was all over my jeep. It didnt help that it rained the night before and I ran doorless and topless

JEEP WRANGLER Are Iggee seat covers worth the money

Im in the market for some waterproof seat covers for the jeep so I can go topless for the summer. I was planning on spending closer to 160 or so for some neoprene seats but I found some Iggee seat covers (front and back) for like 245 shipped. Im just wondering if anyone has them and feels like this is a good deal. Thanks Jeremy

would swear they were factory seats without covers on them at all. in response to the waterproof issue i think the material itself is waterproof but the covers consist of 6 pieces ( dr side seat back pass side seat back dr side seat bottom pass side seat bottom rear seat back rear seat bottom) and these pieces are not connected together so in theory if you got a ton of rain with no roof on the jeep

JEEP WRANGLER Suspension Seats

I have been loking around at seats lately and these seems to be the best deal going at 250 a set they seem like a steal What I wanna know is if anyone as experience with these jcw seats are they comfortable What all was required to get them to go in Are there adapters available

Can someone who has fixed back seats like these tell me how the access to the back seat is Do you have to first slide the seat forward then use that handle extension to tilt it If thats correct is it enough room to get back there The drivers seat in my 99 has seen better days so I was considering ordering some covers. For 200 for a pair of seats its hard to justify ordering covers. (I have tan interior) Im only hesitant because my kids are in the back seat of the jeep several times a week and I dont want it to turn into a problem getting them in and out.

JEEP WRANGLER Waterproof seat covers

Been shopping around for a set of neoprene camo seat covers. Just put in some Cav seats and need some protection. Im not afraid to spend some cash on a good set just not sure whats good or bad. Any first hand knowledge Thanks

Okole seat covers for over 10 years on my YJ and they are waterproof for all practical purposes. If water gets through them it is at a seam or seat belt hole not the material itself. That does not mean you will not get a wet butt after a rain They are waterproof in the sense that water does not go through them but they will get wet and absorb some moisture on the surface. When I lived in PA my jeep

JEEP WRANGLER My newused WJ Leather Seats

Picked up a pair of 99 Grand Cherokee seats on fleaBay and installed today. Install consisted of Removed seats from WJ bases Removed seat wiring hardnesses from original basesmotors Installed new Dorman seat heating elements in basesbacks Installedwired seat switches in center console Ran hotground to each seat Trimmed rear of seat switch panels for clearance over seat belt bases WJ bases dont fit

ordeal the OEM leather covers actually have heaters built into the foam backing of the covers and not the foam basis ... therefore the aftermarket heating elements I installed on the base cushions have to penetrate the thick leather covers. Would obviously work a lot betterfaster under thinner covers but seem to heat up on high setting just fine after a few minutes. Quote Originally Posted by jeepnBlake

JEEP WRANGLER Neoprene seat covers

Hey has anyone tried these httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorswseB...m250448782605 They look like they are well built and a good price

Quote Originally Posted by av8er50 Well I have a 4 wheel parts close to my house so I just order from them and pick it up at the store. Hopefully they will be in soon though. They called a few days ago and said that they got an email saying still a couple weeks. I cant wait they look cool. I got the red and black ones my jeep is red and I have changed the Rubicon decal to black and took the wrangler

JEEP WRANGLER I installed JK Seats in my TJ

I put seats JK seats in my TJ my old seats were beat and needed to be replaced. I really like the way the JK seats feel they are very comfortable It was a fairly easy job and everything works great.

by dualtjs Looks great. How about a write up including modifications required to get them to fit I purchased a complete interior from a 2008 Rubicon that was salvage. It had 9k miles. The seats are grey I cant use the console or the seatbelts that came with it. I wont be using the back seat it was a 4 door rubi and without extensive modification it wont fit. I really dont run a rear seat in my jeep

JEEP WRANGLER Best Neoprene seat covers

What experience have you all had with seat covers specifically neoprene seat covers I want them for the JK but cant find many options or reviews.

I have had the jeep seat covers (I thing they are the neoprene) on my 2002 TJ for the whole time that I have owned it. I took them off yesterday (because I am trading the TJ in on my new JK this week) and the seats look absolutely brand new. I did have a smell issue after getting them wet and then putting the top back on before the had dried.... but the smell went away after I took the top back off

JEEP WRANGLER Seat Covers...

Okay so I have a 2004 jeep wrangler Sport and I want to get the Browning camo seat covers with the pink trim for my jeep. Has anybody out there used these for their jeep If so how did they end up fitting Also I since they dont make a seat cover for the back seat with the pink trim Im planning on getting the regular Browning camo cover. How did that one fit

downpour. After drying out the interior I removed seat and back cover on drivers side to see what kind of damage I had. Answer - Bone dry save the back sides where the seat cover meets the seatback pivot. And that was not soaked.... just damp from some drips. I did have them made WITHOUT the hole for the seatback strap (that pulls the seat forward). I dont know what the fitment is like on newer wranglers

JEEP WRANGLER bestop seat covers

what are peoples thoughts on the bestop seat covers worth it other brands

Posted by Zew I have the black denim covers by bestop. I love them. Theyre waterproof and super easy to put on and they stay in place pretty well. Totally worth the money if you ask me. I got them because i changed my interior color from grey to black and new or used seats are too much money. I got them to cover up the ugly orangebrown pleather apex seats (theyre not that bad but not in a black jeep


The last two things to finish out the interior restoration of my YJ are the seats and the carpet. Carpet is not too tough to find. Does anyone make a GOOD set of seat covers or better yet reproduction upholstery kits for a 92 YJ I need to do all three seats. The foam is pretty good but the cloth has taken a beating. All of the seat covers I have used in the past have not fit right and have been an

I agree with the above if you want to restore your jeep. I have no interest in restoring my jeep I just wanted it to be better. My Cavalier seats are better than the stock seats (more comfortable more sideneck support recline) and they cost 35 from the JY on half price day. My rear seat matches well enough as I found gray Cav seats. I have cheap seatcovers from Wal-Mart on all three just because I

JEEP WRANGLER jeep seat covers

so im thinking i will probably be okay with bikini windjammer and duster with door surrounds. for storage when raining i amd thinking about the bestop all weather cab cover. my only concern now is the front seats which are fabric. id love to get the neoprene covers but now this project is getting pricey. anyone make innexpensive covers im even thinking a couple of trash bags stored in the back of the jeep to protect the seats when raining.

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