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BMW SERIES 3 E36 Hyundai Santa Fe E36 M3

Yup. A small suv backed into my drivers door yesterday and my car is prob totalled. so.... show me your Alpine White M3 sedan 5-speeds for sale. -wot

Quote Originally Posted by crisscross So....what mods are you going to sell off of it Im in need of moar fast If I get an E30 WRX or 128i135i next then Ill be selling Dinan CAI Borla catback JTD aluminum underpanel glass lens HID headlights complete set of OE BMW euro-market clear turn signals KoniEiback suspension 2008 M3 shift knob 5 Motorsport stamped DS1s a full S50 motortransdiff set 3 year old

Sorry about your car though philip...yours is one of the cleanest avus m3s I have ever seen. If you do part it I have dibs on Dinan CAI Borla catback glass lens HID headlights complete set of OE BMW euro-market clear turn signals 2008 M3 shift knob K thanks

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 The end of an era...

From April of 2000 Ive had a 3 series BMW in the garage at all times. Be it my E46 323Ci my beater E30 318is or my wifes E92 328i. Well...Almost no more. It was inevitable. Theres just no justifiable reason for us to have more than one two door car or small sedan in the household anymore. While I dont exactly consider the X3 a 3 series it would have sort of kept the streak alive in that it was basically

the look of the Tuscon when she saw it on the road. Not sold on a SUV yet but lugging the little one around in a coupe has opened her eyes to needing at least 4 doors possibly an SUV. How does it drive My impressions with the 2010 santa Fe were that it was severely underpowered but perhaps the Tuscon uses the same engine and is lighter no The hardest part is getting over the fact youre driving a hyundai.

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NISSAN Have You Thought About Test Driving Anything Else

hey everyone im coming from an 03 altima but also own an 08 altima im pretty familiar with the cvt proscons anyhow im looking to get into a used rogue looking at 09s they go for about 13-15k with 100KM im in hamilton just outside toronto can any 0809 owners give me some feedbacks on there rogues as far as enjoyment of driving reliability etc i still havent test driven one but i have this thought in

UPDATE MY REVIEW ON THE hyundai santa FE So I took Ms.ImStricken and went again to the hyundai dealer to test drive the santa Fe. We took the exact model we would buy AWD fully loaded black on black with the navi & sunroof option (you men know that in order to appease a woman you have to give her the exact colorcombo she would buy- otherwise they call the car ugly- and dont even wanna test drive it.

KIA MAGENTIS II Hi New member here (sort of)

Hey... Alex here. I have been trolling around here for awhile finally thought I would post some stuff. I had a 2003 hyundai Elantra GT and sold it for a 2008 Kia Optima 2.4 LX back in February 2009 with 12000 miles on it. Before pic She now just has a smidge over 100000 miles but has been a great car with not one problem yet besides a recall for airbag clock-spring and a bad oil pressure switch. I

KIA SORENTO I JC Help Me Fix Sorento Elctrical Problem(s)

Hi All It seems some 03 and 04 Sorentos have been plagued with some nagging electrical problems. Those problems include - failed low beam headlights - failed brake lights - failed licence plate lights - failed dome light diode - failed front blower relay - resetting clock and - flickering climate control faceplate lighting. I am beginning to suspect this problem is traceable to - one or more specific

Hi guys and gals I have blown 2 low beam headlights (both sides) and 2 brake lights bulbs ( both sides) soon after the truck turned one year old had a hyundai santa fe and it never blew any bulbs in 3 and a half years I owned (traded it for the Sorento). Of course it happened after 12 months or 12000 miles so no warranty there I really think there is an electrical problem. LX 15840 miles Built June 2004 Miami Florida US Julian

NISSAN Heated mirrors

I have the 2012 Rogue s special edition. Just got it and like it although it makes no sense to me that you can only get heated mirrors on the highest end model. Can I install aftermarket heated mirrors Also does anyone else think that the stero system is sub par I was driving a 2003 hyundai santa Fe and that stero sound seems to blow this one away. Another complaint no auto headlights Very weird to me that such little things can only be had on most expensive models. Thanks everyone

TOYOTA FJ CRUISER Soccer Mom Grocery-Getter Makeover

Because the trail is really difficult between our house and the soccer field we opted for some minor modifications to our FJ. We ultimately decided to go with All Pro Offroad for the makeover. Weve got the front and rear suspension kit with Walker Evans 3.5 coilover adjustable reservoir shocks rear 2 coil springs upper and lower heavy duty rear links rear extended brakelines front All Pro bumper with

oh yeah.. update on the FJ... about 2 weeks ago as I slowed for a stalled car in my lane I got rear-ended by a little old lady who said she was trying to hit the brake... Her hyundai santa Fe was wedged between the BRAND SPANKIN NEW BUMPER and the spare tire. The cars were locked together and we sort of crab-walked in slow-mo for about 15 and luckily I avoided side-swiping the stalled car. (That would

KIA SORENTO II XM Prices on Sorento EX V6 (Fully Loaded) in California

I was just wondering if anyone could share what they are getting for pricing on a fully loaded 2011 Sorento (Limited and Premium Package 2) Im just wondering if Im getting a good deal... ) Thanks in advance I hope to join the owners club tomorrow (been yanked around at 2 dealerships already...)

I wasnt going to be spending a lot of time there). Whole deal took about 2 hours from me walking in to leaving with the car. The thing that pushed me to the Sorento was -Great engine (HPCurb weight was one of the best. 2nd only to the Subaru). Good MPG too. -6 Speed with manual shift -Interior quality seemed great compared to a lot of other cars. -Exterior looks pretty good too. Better then the hyundai

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