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NISSAN Versas gone...

I knew this day would come... I traded in my Versa for a 2006 Nissan Murano S AWD. Black with charcoal interior and chrome trim. I had to find something with AWD for the winter weather (I live in the mountains). I regret this decision greatly. I loved that damn car. Id still consider buying another Versa if it would fit my needs and I will still recommend one to friends and family. Its been 2.5 years

in the intereor. The back seats do not fold flat and in the cargo area you need to lift things up and out (in the matrix slide straight out) and it has a goofy looking 5th door that is narrow on the bottom. I dont think its a good looking car on the outside either. I may consider the Huyndai Elantra Touring more horse power 138 and nicer looking than the Toyota or Nissan You really like the hyundai

KIA CARENS New Rondo - Comparisons

After test driving several vehicles I purchased a new 2009 Rondo EX V6 (Java with Black leather interior and premium package) today. Hopefully this post might help people looking at the following vehicles 2010 Honda Fit Sport 2009 Toyota matrix S (lightly used) 2009 and 2010 hyundai Tucson 2010 hyundai Elantra Touring and 2010 Scion Xb. Fit Sport The most fun to drive of the entire bunch the most fuel

View Seat adjustment motor for HYUNDAI MATRIX

KIA CARENS On ending up with a RONDO

I currently drive a 1996 Pathfinder. Cant afford the gas any more. Continue to need space. Have always loved AWD. I like what I seen with the Rondo. Would love to know which other options people looked at before going to their Rondo....and WHY. Tnx

in the Consumer Reports reliability study. It ranked 24th in the JD Powers initial quality study and has recently jumped to 12th. It ranked near the bottom in the JD Powers 2006 long-term dependability study--hardly that impressive but the same study also noted that Kia had improved twice as much as any other brand in the past three years. It also ranked 5th in the Warranty Direct survey. Plus hyundai

NISSAN JUKE Is the Nissan Juke a good buy if....

Ill be buying my first car very soon--Im a recent college graduate and Ive waited a long time for this. The things Im prioritizing are good mileage safety storage space cost (since if the first 2 are good the car will pay for itself). Ive been looking at the Honda Civic hyundai Elantra Toyota Corolla but the truth is that I want a small crossover because I have stuff to carry and Im in that phase of

the Honda dealer. Thanks Just FYI the Juke storage capacity is a bit limited. The slope of the rear hatch makes it so things in the trunk need to be shorter than the seats and the back seat is a little cramped for tall or portly friends. They are 6040 and fold flat though so with them down it becomes a huge space. If you need a bigger vehicle and dont care about the turbo have you considered the hyundai

NISSAN I Drive A Versa Because I CHOOSE To

When we went shopping for a new car this time around we researched and test drove more vehicles than for any previous transportation Ive owned. The vehicle I had coming off lease was a turbocharged 2003 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser (a VERY rare model and a blast to drive). Every vehicle was test driven a night in the country to evaluate headlight effectiveness and interior visibility. Some vehicles have

Well I just checked again. There are now 329 reviews on Yahoo and the Camry still has a lowly overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. Thats a pretty fair sample size By way of contrast the Versa still has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars over 97 reviews. The Volkswagen Jetta sedan also has a rating of 4.5 stars but only on 24 reviews. The Subara Impreza too is rated a 4.5 on 40 reviews. hyundai

FIAT DOBLO JD Power survey

I was having a read of the survey in Whatcar magazine and I couldnt find the Doblo listed anywhere. Its supposed to be a comprehensive survey why isnt it there They list the Berlingo.

how subjective th JD power survey is. I selected Family Cars and MPV took al the sliders up to vey important except for vehicle exterior which i left at unimportant which is apt for a doblo. Selected update list and the Doblo now appears at No. 3 This must be the JD Power survey best kept secrets the results were Models to Consider 32 PRIORITIES 1. SKODA OCTAVIA 2. HONDA ACCORD 3. FIAT DOBLO 4. hyundai

KIA CARENS The Real Rondo Demise

The US Kia site does not show the Rondo as of today. It is on the rebate page(2009 model). Its not in the new vehicles area. Darn

Quote Originally Posted by Tubaryan12 True but the Toyota matrix lives on. Other cars are still in that segment Dodge Caliber Nissan Cube Scion xB Suzuki SX4 Subaru Impreza Wagon Honda Fit. No need to name hyundai Kia just canibalizes the other. You can add to the list Nissan Rogue Honda Element Volkswagen Tiguan Mitsubishi Outlander and the Calibers cousin Jeep Compass. Etc. Like the

NISSAN JUKE Buying My Juke January 2nd - What are the New Juke Owners saying

Hey everyone Getting a decent deal price-wise just curious what new owners are saying. Im getting the 2012 S AWD automatic no options. Just looking for a SUPER DEPENDABLE great handling great milage commuter vehicle that looks kinda cool and fun to drive. Nissan looks like they got it right. Okay off to read some other posts Ill check back later on. Thanks

youve taken a couple long test drives and compared it to some other vehicles and can afford it then go for it. But honestly if mileage is more important to you than the power ride height styling etc Id go for a different vehicle...there are other hatchbacks with AWD that get better mileage as they dont have the powerturbo like a Subaru Impreza Toyota matrix Suzuki SX4 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback hyundai

TOYOTA YARIS If theres no sedan coming would you buy a Corolla liftback or go elsewhere

OK weve read the rumors so far that suggest Toyota is dropping the sedan. As a hypothetical (to those mostly interested in sedans) even if youre not considering a purchase anytime soon what would you now do if theres no Yaris sedan to buy To liftback owners I ask that you not vote [for the liftback] and skew the poll since thats probably what youd buy anyway. Thanks. Just wanna get a sense of where people stand and to see if Toyota is indeed making a big mistake.

Quote Originally Posted by KSIbucky why would you want a sedan over a liftback anyway Have you ever tried to fit any cargo in the car with people in the back seat The trunk in the HB is TINY I love my hatchback but if I were buying a new Yaris today it would be a sedan no question (unless I were to fork out for a matrix). Of course if there were no sedan available Id almost certainly jump ship for a hyundai Accent or Ford Fiesta.

FIAT PUNTO Alloy wheel fitment

Hey Ive been trying to sell some alloy wheels on Fiat Forum for a while however Im not really having much luck so Im going to resort to selling them on eBay. Something which I really didnt wanna do because eBays daylight robbery if youre selling something expensive Anyway to the point - I know that the Puntos wheel fitment is 4x100 ET38 (dont really know what the ET38 bit means tbh) and I was wondering

35 to 45 56.1 Civic CRX 84 to 00 4x100 35 to 42 56.1 Civic 1.8 Aerodeck 97 to 01 4x114 35 to 42 64.1 Civic Type R 01 5x114 40 to 50 64.1 CR-V 95 5x114 38 to 45 64.1 HR-V 99 5x114 37 to 45 64.1 Integra Type R 99 5x114 35 to 45 64.1 Jazz 01 4x100 35 to 45 56.1 Legend 91 5x114 42 to 50 70.1 Prelude 2.2 97 to 01 5x114 45 to 50 64.1 Shuttle 95 to 00 5x114 40 to 50 64.1 Stream 01 5x114 38 to 45 64.1 hyundai

NISSAN Newly revised EPA mileage

Using the 2008 test specification httpwww.fueleconomy.govfeg...r.jsp 6-speed 26 City 31 Highway 4-speed auto 24 City 32 Highway CVT 26 City 33 Highway Now stop your bitching. 1st Nissan 2002 Xterra XE supercharged 5-speed (rare) 3 suspension lift 2 body lift 41 transfer case gears 33 in mud terrain tires on 15 steelies. Missing front plastic bumper. httpwww.pbase.comsmsxterra 2nd Nissan 2007 Versa S HB 6-speed.

Thats about exactly what Im getting on average. Although my freeway is a little lower when I drive over 70... as expected. Some others 04 Accord became 2131 (same as I was getting) 03 Toyota Corolla became 2837 (I beat that regularly) The Honda Fit manual is now 2834 Yaris manual is now 2936 matrix manual (more our cars size) 2633 Aveo manual - 2333 hyundai Accent - 2732 Suzuki SX4 - 2126 It looks

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