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FORD FOCUS Help with removing wheel studs in the front

Has anyone ever replaced wheels studs on a focus I tried to do it today but had no luck. It seems that theres no space for the studs to come out of the back of the hub after its knocked out in the front. Im attempting to install extended studs for 10mm spacers

Originally Posted by ugly duck The studs will only take shear loads if the wheels move on the mounting surface. If that happens youve got a problem. The wheels wouldnt stay centred on the hub and would pound out the studs in short order not to mention vibrate and shake as the cars going down the road. My truck (2002 F150) is not hubcentric and yes even though the studs are beefier than in a car the

FORD FOCUS Weird front calipers

So Im taking off my front brake pads right now and you know how most calipers have two bolts to swing the caliper up This one just has the two that mount the caliper to the hub... or am I missing something lol

Originally Posted by The Chad Hell who knows what I took apart then News to me I just popped it off saw the grease and thought well I dont want to screw with that... and moved on. Hopefully that can save me some cursing next time I just swapped stock for stock - sending the old ones to Carbotech to get some XP12s cut for the track. Prestige ford in Garland did a great job bending my heat shield (while

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FORD FOCUS First timer with new wheels

So Ive never bought a set of wheels before but for my OW st i want new ones. Ive never done this before so I dont know what everything means. I know tirerack you can just put in your car and it shows what fits and i know these are 18s and 55 mm offset. So whats the difference between 45mm that i see many are purchasing and 55mm (stock) I want to use stock wheels to save money and I dont want any problems

When discussing wheel fitment there are several issues to consider. I do not know what you level of knowledge is on this subject so I will simply go over them all. Hopefully this information is helpful to you. First and formost you have to determine the basic dimensions of the wheel. Considering you want to use the factory tires then you would need an 18X8. That means that the diameter of the wheel

FORD FOCUS HAVE YOU BROKEN A WHEEL STUD - Please read and reply if this happened to you

So this is insane to me pulling into my garage with wheel slightly turned I heard a solid thunk noise. I thought it was a steering issue until I checked lug nuts the next day. One was missing on the left front and upon further inspection I saw that the actual stud had broken off Now I have been driving street cars off road vehicles and the likes thereof for over 22 years and NEVER have I seen this.

Changing studs on front is neither easy nor cheap. (remove knuckle press out hub press out bearing replace stud new bearing possibly new hub wtf) stupid arse knucklehub design.

FORD FOCUS I Has anyone used a 35mm offset wheel with factory ride hieght or 1 lowering springs

I am consdering a wheel with a 35mm offset in conjunction with 1 lowering springs. I feel like this fitment could be tight. Does ANYONE have experiance with a 35mm offset on their ST W or WO lowering springs. Any information would be greatly apreciated.

Originally Posted by Mipwnyew Nice For me personally I went with the 10mm spacers extended studs in the front and rear because it was a good compromise between stance and daily driving (at least 50 miles a day for work). A 5mm adapter is a lot easier for the front since there is enough thread on the stock studs to hold the wheels on safely and you wont have to go through the trouble of grinding the

FORD FOCUS Tire Drone and Cupping

I was curious if anyone else was in a similar situation. Ive had my ST for 14 months with 17k miles - almost 100% highway commuting. For the past month Ive noticed a progressive drone coming from the right rear wheel. There seems to be a slight vibration around 65mph. I took the car to the dealer who told me the tire has cupping because I didnt rotate the tires with every oil change. I have trouble

Swap the fronts to the rear and if you still have drone you may have bad wheel bearings. Theres a thread on bad rear wheel bearings. I have those same symptoms but in the front. I will be replacing the hubsbearings. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk

FORD FOCUS Warped Rotor (After Curb Hit)

Question front left rotor gives out a squeak every wheel rotation and creaks with vibration when applying brakes. Does this mean I have a warped rotor or could the issue be deeper The Story Hit a curb with the left front wheel due to ice. I took it into Big O Tires since it was close and my alignment was shot (I thought thats all it was). They said I needed to replaced a control arm inner and outer

Originally Posted by pmaltinsky do you have access to a dial indicator some times you can borrow tools from parts stores. you could raise the front of the car put the dial indicator on the lower control arm then look for runout on the rim and the rotor. you should also take the rotor all the way off and test the hub I dont have access to a dial but I could look around to see if I could borrow one from

JEEP CHEROKEE 94 Ford D60 coil bucket issues

I know someone who is reading this has swapped in a later model ford D60 or knows of someone who has - my question is how the hell did you fab up coil buckets to fit in that tiny space between the pumpkin and the inner knuckle that didnt raise the springs 2-3 I recall a build up on NAXJA a while ago with someone who trimmed the spring pads off however I cant seem to find it.

a source of knowledge. I just did a quick search for ball-joint high steer set ups and it didnt bring back much (like you said) but Solid makes some that need to be milled and I think Dynatrac makes some but for that price might as well buy another axle . I got on craigslist before I checked this forum and saw someone parting out a 96 Dodge with a D60 front. Having little information about the ford

FORD F150 Send it or spend it. Totaled FX4 S.Crew. wpics

So I just got it paid off in April this year. Was really starting to focus on building it into a semi-prerunner. I say semi cause I drive it everyday and theres very little desert around here in Kansas. So it still needs to be streetable and useful. Insurance adjuster says some frame damage and would most likely replace the frame. So the cost shoots way up and most likely shes totaled. Anyway Id like some opinions whether to send it to the junker or spend the money to buy back and customize.

Everyone was ok. I guy driving an 04 Durango turned across our lane at the last moment. We were traveling close to 30mph. And since I had focused my attention down the street I no longer was looking at the Durangos front tires to see his intentions. My 8yr old daughter was more curious than scared. Shes a tough cookie like me. It was funny actually to see her crawl all over the truck to inspect all

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