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FORD FOCUS II made a front license plate bracket for under 10

so i had a parking ticket a while ago than a couple weeks later got pulled over for it. (no ticket) than my friends dad who is a cop noticed it and asked me about it so i chose to make one since all i could find was 60 and up 2- 3 in L brackets 4- 34 in bolts 2- 1 in brackets 6- small washers roll of electrical tape just to protect the paint Attachment 25044

I might have to try this but mounted a little higher. That front grill plate mount it comes with is horrible I hate it so hard

FORD FOCUS Front license plate mounts

Does anybody make a front license plate mount made for our cars besides the stock center of the mouth one

Euro bracket is molded into the insert. USDM is bolted on. Out of sight out of mind in NJ its 35 ticket nominally higher in some towns. Stock bracket clips on and require 2 small holes set into the solid part of the grill drill n tap them and they are hardly visible when removed. Dont use stock anchors. Beats loosing a license plate because double sided tape failed or you drove up to far n touched

FORD FOCUS Impressions Focus ST vs. Golf R

Introduction . Hello to all. Ive been reading this forum for a while and this is my first post. I recently had a test drive in the ST and Id like to share that experience and get your feedback. To make things a bit more interesting I am comparing and contrasting the ford focus ST to the VW Golf R as I came close to buying a R early last year. By way of disclosure I have never owned a ford or VW vehicle

FORD FOCUS New Intercooler

I was wondering from people that have installed intercoolers before what would the hp increase be around with an aftermarket intercooler installed on this car I know what a intercooler does i just wonder how much of a gain will it increasefree up.

Originally Posted by crow Something tells me (like everything else so far on these cars) that ford did a pretty good job of matching the intercoolers up to the power levels. Might not see too much of a gain at stock levels but would be more advantageous at higher boost levels. I would imagine it would help due to the heat sensitivity of the car. Torrie has been using the water methanol injection. I

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO III 199 Ford Fiesta not as good as Grande Punto

Thought I would post my opinion on the new ford Fiesta having spent the day behind the wheel of one. I drove the 1.25 Style Plus. Having read rave reviews of the Fiesta I was looking forward to trying it and comparing it to the GP. The GP dosnt always get the best reviews to be fair. The Fiesta looks nice though I didnt like the small wheels with plastic trims that were already looking tatty. The interior

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Long sucess history

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 25th Anniversary Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG edited 05-24-2004 The classic Cross-Country Vehicle celebrates an impressive anniversary It is now 25 years since production began of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The Stuttgart-based car maker unveiled the robust Cross-Country Vehicle to the pubic for the first time in 1979 since when it has delivered a total of some 175000

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