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fiat seicento ignition point CINQUECENTO 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento possible ecu problems

Hi everyone My friend recently bought a very low mileage 2001 seicento mpi . Everything had been perfect with it until it started idling up and down and occasionally wouldnt start. The fault was intermittent but got worse to the point where it was undriveable badly misfiring and idling badly etc A little history that I know about the car it had its ecu replaced and possibly the throttle body due to

Hi Just an update This car is still of the road as I have not been able to get another loom. It seems that the 4af m7 ecu is fairly rare in the seicento There seems to be no specific date were fiat switched to the mini ecu . I have obtained a loom from a mini ecu as these are common is it possible to wire this into the connector My other option is to just get a complete mini ecu loom lock set etc

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 fiat seicento sporting 1.1 2000 wont start

i have just finished rebuilding my seicento after a blown head gasket. everything has gone smoothly so far untill you guessed it. when i went to start it. the timing is ok ive double checked and it turns over fine. but i have zero fuel being injected i can see when i look at the single point injector. there is also no ignition either. as in no spark on any leadign module. i didnt even disconnect that

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Wiring Problem 2 lol..

Hi all currently trying to start the car and we have a wiring problem which i think could be possibly be down to the fiat code system.... Hopefully someone on here may know what the fault is. Simply between the battery terminal connections (without the battery being in place) we get no contact between the two terminals. Upon putting the key in the ignition and turning the key to the 1st click we are

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento Non starter 2000 weird

hey there can anyone help with a very confusing problem im having with my v reg seicento. in the past few months its started being an absoulute pig to start. in a morning or when its been stood cold it will turn over choke a bit then eventually it will kick in a start. if i was then to drive 200 yards on the road and go into a shop or something it wont start at all. to the point where iv almost flattened

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help needed for my poorly Seicento

I am new to this site and am hoping someone can offer me help or advice about my car (apologies if I am posting in the wrong place) Only had it 3 weeks and the head gasket (not sure if I have spelt it right but im a girl) went on it. Had that repaired and now the bloomin thing wont start. Auto electrician said it is the key and that it has lost its memory (I never knew cars even had a memory) he also

if you have the RED key you can recode your car. did your car definatly have a red key some cars dont. look on your key there should be a symbol of a triangle with rings around one point. if your symbol has a number 2 underneath you dont have a red key. as for a fix 2 options i can think of - 1. go a scrap yard and get a second hand ECU lock set and keys and just replace the whole lot. 2. go fiat

Originally Posted by AppleSei Alternator might have had it At this point anything might have had it Comrades lets proceed logically. First thing ye mechanic next door needs to do is to try and start it (5 or 6 times) and assuming it doesnt start pull a spark plug and tell us whether it is wet or dry. If its dry its a fuelling problem if its wet its an ignition problem.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 New owner of a seicento S 1.1-Starting issues

Hi Folks Just joined the forum as a newbie to fiat after being in Alfas and Saabs for longer than I ought to have been. The seicento Ive bought wont start after a period of being stationery. I will deep charge the battery once its towed back but assume there is a need to touch the pos and neg terminals before re-installing the battery to re-set the ecu into learning mode. Also I am making an assumption

Originally Posted by Rizzstar You havent explained much about why it wont start. With my Grey fiat I had an injector and CODE lights that turned out to be a filthy crank sensor (oil leak above it mixed with road dirt leaving a thick gloop over it so it couldnt sense engine rotation). Cleaned it and worked ever since. Well he did insinuate it has a flat battery - and a dead battery can stop a car being

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq fan running when ignition off

No big deal -- I actually prefer it that way (fears about heat soak etc) and the fan does come on when the motor is running anyway and at around the 90 mark and does turn itself off. But should it be so Its an N reg Sporting. Id always thought that they were wired so the power to the fan was cut when the ignition was cut. Also were all Cinq Sportings fitted with central locking (If yes I need to diagnose

Think my cinqs stayed on when the ignition was off. to be honest though its a pointless idea as the pump isnt circulating and even if it was the components would never get any hotter than they were at that point. Kristian

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Audi style driving lamps on a seicento sporting

Hi I decided to buy some led driving lights to put in the gap below the headlights and bumper however upon further inspection i cant find any nuts to get the front bumper off (apart from the 2 just inside the bonnet ) any tips also has anyone else done this and know how to wire them in and have a seperate switch rather them being on all the time

Originally Posted by Batthumb666 Hi I decided to buy some led driving lights to put in the gap below the headlights and bumper however upon further inspection i cant find any nuts to get the front bumper off (apart from the 2 just inside the bonnet ) any tips also has anyone else done this and know how to wire them in and have a separate switch rather them being on all the time Wire wise if you want

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Push button start & ignition cutoff

okay so i want to install an ignition cutoff switch a fuel pump cutoff switch and a starter button. Ive seen this one asked before but i didnt really see the information i needed there so im starting a new one. I think i can just go and wire the fuel cutoff switch in series with the inertia fuel cutoff switch so either one of them would cut off the fuel (sounds like a safe idea) However im a bit puzzled

okay i installed the ignition switch and starter button but i didnt want to fiddle with the fuel pump. This is because afaik the fuel pump is disconnected when you turn of the ignition so theres no point in cutting it separately. Ill post pics soon. Didnt have any problems with the parking lights thing i probably wired it differently (i only cut the ignition not all power.) Kritip If i wanted to cut

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Petrol spitting seicento - airlock

A few days ago my seicento tank was nearly empty so I went to put more petrol in and couldnt put more than 17 quids worth in before the pump stopped. Today I went to put some more in and could only get six quids worth in (embarrassing paying for 6.60 worth of petrol like (a) Im skint and (b) am one of those people who cant round it up to the nearest pound ). After six quid a whole load of petrol shot

It does seem weird. The fuel gauge pointer now points south west before ignition and over the unlit empty light when driving. So now empty three quarters full Figure when it gets to south Ill try and put more fuel in Am gonna work out how many miles Ill get to a tank and keep an eye on it that way in future. An inconvenience to say the least on a car which has never been much further than Liverpool Manchester and with only 11k on the clock..

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Earth Electrical fault - Seicento 03

Hi all Currently my sister in laws seicento power sttering light is on and has no power steering but also if you start up and then either go to reverse or put on the brake the engine stops and the dash lights all go out except the clock also FPS on flashes constantly. I have taken all seats and carpets out changed battery and earth cables that I can find sure some were corroded but no joy I have cleaned light connections and bulb holders and am now out of ideas. Can anyone help Cheers Phil

Hi just checked the alternator no problems here Inline with above voltages does anyone know where any more ground points are that are causing brakes reverse lights and dash light problem I have repaired- 1) Behind rear bumper 2) Replaced from battery to chassis 3) From chassis to Gear box other 4) 1 more under front of bonnet on left front. If you turn key to just before start dash lights come on

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Will cinq 899cc ECU work as ignition only

My fiat 850 has the most unreliable igntion in the world and it is making me tired replacing bits all the time. I did think I would swap the whole engine with a cinq 899 including injection (same engine) but I dont want to lose the carb and the performance of the high lift cam plus have to fit bits for injection. Current engine already has cinq bottom end and has hole on timing cover for crank sensor.

I am working on it I promise. It just takes so long to make your own loom and integrate the swanky new parts with old ones sympathetically. I wont do it again in a hurry. Have been completely rebuilding my Westfield after a crash for the second year in a row. I also got very unnecessarily distracted with this 850. Ultimate impulse purchase. No use for the thing when it is working and in the way when

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Intermittent Ignition problems.

Hey all The problem is... when i get into my car turn the key 2 clicks all ignition lights come on... everything seems fine and dandy until i turn the key further as to start the engine and everything seems to die. Clocks dash board lights anything electrical seems to stop plus engine doesnt even attempt to turn over. When i turn the key back.... everything comes back on. (however resetted.) Its been

how did the problem start has it always been like the electrics cut out when you try to start only the biggest current draws should be restricted when the key is at the engine start point like headlights heater fan. thats just to maximisze the power to turn the starter. its tricky without seeing the car but the fact the engine makes no attempt to turn over makes it sound like an immobiliser fault but

FIAT PANDA Advice...Fitting a cigarette lighter point....

Hi I have an 06 plate fiat Panda Active and when i bought the car i found there was no cigarette lighter point. Obviously i would like to get one fitted as theres only so much battery life on a sat nav...and i need it for long journeys So i was wondering if anyone has had this done and knows of a rough price of how much it would cost and any recommended places to go get it done any well known garages

or have the scrimped on the ignition lock too Most cars I have driven have had an ACC position where some electrics are powered up but not everything (ideal for sitting in the car with the radio on). The Panda has Off Mar and spin the starter so in MAR while you listen to the radio all manner of electrical & electronic beastie is munching on your battery. Trev Original Pandas Cinquecentos and seicentos

Originally Posted by HP. Original Pandas Cinquecentos and seicentos have the same arrangement. In the MAR position you wont be using a lot of electrickery as the fuel pump only runs for a couple of seconds if you dont start up. The ignition isnt using power if the engine isnt spinning. You can turn headlights and heater fan off if you want the current draw isnt very much. Itd only really be an issue

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 KeyIgnitionElectrical probs

Hi tonight I put the key in turned the key and nothing happened ignition ticking over but nothing more than that. Yesterday the same thing happened but I thought it maybe that the petrol was quite low although not on the red. So off I wandered to the nearest petrol station to get a can of petrol chucked it in the car and attempted to start up again and it sprung into life as it usually does. However

Originally Posted by Cooter cheers dave. now why wouldnt the aa bloke have known that or can it only be heard in chinks The AA dude is much brighter than me when it comes to fault diagnosis but his other key theory was BS My ignition seems looser than other cars there must be a switch or contact point in there somewhere for the fuel pump and the way I had the key meant it wasnt catching. Liam

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento 1.1 sporting stalling problem

Hey Completly new to this I have a 1998 seicento sporting 1.1 I have had so many problems with it recently and cant seem to find a solution so any advise would be greatly appreciated about 18 months ago it kept stalling and cutting out when it was driven so i took it to a fiat garage and had new fuel and air sensors fitted then a year down the line it happend again so brought a second hand carbereta

Hi mag The fan should spin freely with a flick from a finger. The fan should run even with the ignition off be prepared to let the paper clip go. There is a fuse which may have blown or either the radiator switch or earth point may have failed. When the temperature light glows it is time to select neutral and coast to a safe stop if you possibly can to let the system cool. Id not run the engine until


please can anyone help my seicento schumacer sporting was running very well until last sunday when it lost power and the amber engine warning light came on. when i stopped it sounded light it was not firing on all cylindersi swiched the engine off for a while and tried again but still the same no other warning lights came on could it be the coil packecu unit or fuel injection system the car starts

It could be any of the things you mention plus slipped timing or a blown head gasket. Start with the easier cheaper options. First start the car up at night bonnet open look for blue sparks. If there are any points to the ignition leads. Next run the car pull out each plug in turn look for wet plugs. Nore down which cylinders they come from and paste the results.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Tips on buting a Seicento Sporting

Hi guys I am looking at a few of the above tomorrow and was hoping for some tips on what to look for please. Thanks Scott.

u cant get them cut as such as far as i know unless you have an original red key to copy (which there would be no point in doing if u had the red key lol) you have to replace the lot (ecu locks ignition etc...) but thats only if the shit hits the fan. My old cinq didnt come with a redkey and i never needed it. Just depends on if ur lucky lol

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento 1.1 mpi ITBs

is it possible to put ITBS on a 1.1 8v sei mpi has it been done where would i start i can make a manifold at work as im a fabricator but how would i tackle engine manage ment what size bodies would i need im guessing small to keep flow rates up if anyones done it let me know please

Indeed I agree craig anything smaller than 30mm would be perfect but nothing bigger as you will get throttle bog. Atleast then you can still have the option to swap out for the 1242 8v bottom end . Im half tempted at some point to make my ports smaller on my head as a test people on the bike forums are always saying how much of a difference it makes with flow and power boosts. You could fit carbs and

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento camming

just had the idea of fitting a cam out of a 1.2 punto 8v into my 1.1 sei wondering if this would increase performance or are the cam shafts the same

Originally Posted by finchycento Just wrote to the bloke with the 866 cam will it make much difference too many informations ...... is not worth to replace only cam next change setting of cam timing belt a bit and a point of ignition (on pulley) a bit of course clarences should be set as for 1.2 75HP not like for 1.1 ( even should be smaller then manual provide) it add few HP in some rpm (not in whole

Originally Posted by kyller too many informations ...... is not worth to replace only cam next change setting of cam timing belt a bit and a point of ignition (on pulley) a bit of course clarences should be set as for 1.2 75HP not like for 1.1 ( even should be smaller then manual provide) it add few HP in some rpm (not in whole ) lets say over 4000 rpm to get better results u have change program in

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento cooling fan not cutting in

Hi All I have a problem with the cooling fan not switching on. The fan works fine if I remove the wires from the green thermo. switch on the rad. and join the wires. I bought a new thermo. switch and this did not work. The fiat dealer got me another but still does not work. I believe the switch should just create an earth across the contacts when hot so tried putting in it boiling water but this did

I have tried the heater bleed screw with the heater on and liquid does come out. Most posts seem to be pointing to air in the system but I am not sure what else I can do. I mentioned that the temp warning does not come on now it does not light up when the ignition switch is initailly turned on either but presume it should

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Spark Plugs for Seicento

I am trying to get rid of this stupid pinking problem which has plagued my seicento since Ive had it I cured it the first time by reducing the gaps on my NGK plugs to 30 thou the second time I cured it by changing plugs to Bosch Super plus. Now its come back gradually and its worse than ever. Before it only ever pinked on hills and badly when cold. Now it does both of these but pinks whenever accelerating

Originally Posted by rallycinq Does the MPi have a knock sensor Cheers SPD MPI has a knock sensor. It will retard ignition if it senses knock but will not advance till just before the point of knock (so using higher octane fuel is pretty much a waste of money). I cant see it being plugs (if it were using a colder range of plug -- going up one number on NGKs for example) would be more effective than playing about with the gap. I doubt its pinking.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento on bike tbs (question)

hi all just wondering if anyone has done this i would love to do but would it work on a standerd ecu or even gsxr carbs or something any help would be good oh my car is the spi so i also need help with what i need to swap it to mpi cheers mike

running batch was fine. im just saying it turned out better with sequential i have rather large injectors and have them timed to shoot all the fuel it needs before the valve open.took a while to find the sweet point kritip has the same (even has sequential ignition) and he said it was much better too

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento sporting mpi flatspot holding back headache

hiya peeps im after a bit of help with the little beast the headgasket had gone on the seicento that was done a couple of weeks ago but since then it has not run right it wont idle smooth and when driving it from from cold it wont pull clean from low down and hessitates alot till you start reving the gonads out of it this seems to dissapear when warm but if you give it a slight rev when idleing it

Originally Posted by rallycinq Absolutely sure its spot on at both marks Cheers D Im with David on timing fag but Id check again the CAT does not like missfire. And you are correct a load missfire could be coil packs i.e. voltage but leads plugs timing (Davids point above) or any thing else can compromise ignition under load. Check all the air pipes to throttle body (TB) are connected and not damaged as well that is easy to do dont knw if you can interchange them on a MPI TB . Noel

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento wont start

Hi all I am new to the forum and really could do with some helpadvice. I have just brought a seicento Sporting 2001. The car had been standing for about 8 months without being stated I was told by Green Flag after I had fitted a new battery that the block had seized as it had been sat for so long. I got the car home and set about sorting the problem after removing the spark plugs i was able to turn

Originally Posted by Pep0 your description is too abstract... when you turn the key what happens can you hear the starter click but the lights dim independent of a more detailed description try pushing the auto in 5th with the ignition key in your pocket it should turn the engine over resource ably easily I will try and reply to you all in one message Yes the starter does click when trying to start

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 no brake lights on seicento

missis only found out when a friend was following her so i checked the fuse and that is fine its both brake lights plus the tailgate brake light. Side lights are fine. Has anyone else had the same problem

Looks like my assumption about earth switching was not correct it would have to be incorrect becuase the circuit would be live at all times (silly me) I have had a chance to look at some wireing diagrams and the switch is ignition powered (Int) sending voltage to the rear clusters when the break pedal switch contact is made. Live feed problem So if the switch is in good order (which you must check)

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento - smooth idle jumpy running

Morning good fiat people. Ive been the proud owner from new of a relatively trouble free Black fiat seicento Sporting for 9 years now. But working from home I barely use it now and want to sell it. Thankfully it sailed through the MOT but has a lingering issue that Id like to fix before selling. It starts and idles just fine but when pushed - especially on a hill - it begins to struggle jumping and

Originally Posted by macmonkeymark as well as trying 2 new condensers with no real success. condensors or did you mean coils cos condensors are found in cars that have a distributor and older type ignition with points

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 1.1 Sporting problem

Hi folks just new here. I have a problem with my 1.1 sporting (2001) its becoming very sluggish (feels like im driving in 4th when i should be in 2nd) and the EOBD light is on. Is this an easy fix or am i going to have to bite the bullet and take it to the garage Thanks in advance for your help.

ok just checked for spark on 1 and admittedly cant see anything (im sure this was checked on monday but the spark was very weak) rundown so far of activity Diagnostics check 1 Coil 1 changed plugs 1 & 4 changed along with relevant leads earthing points cleaned up on coils 1 port compression checked - and found to be ok (didnt have time to check all ports) electrical supply leads to coils checked and

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ignition timing

hi just wondering if anybody has had much luck with altering their timing (possible advantages and disadvantages) when they are setting up a turbo 1242 60 cinq is it worth doing easily done etc

Originally Posted by Asteris What is the height of your decomp plate and how many degrees did you had to add The plate is 2.5mm plus two thin metal HGs minus considerable head skim. I would say 1.8mm total lift give or take. The timing is 4 degrees from 0 on the scale but I honestly cannot tell if the 0 point matches the original pulleys 0 point. (Though 4 degrees makes sense according to my paper calculations).

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cooling fan deactivated with ignition key

Hi. I live up a 400 metre hill and at this time of the year my cooling fan comes on when I get home. I do not know weather to keep the engine running until it goes off and I am also thinking about rewiring it to bypass the ignition switch. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Originally Posted by fingers99 Id be inclined to fit a temperature guage. If everything else is OK the cooling fan will prevent mishaps. If it isnt it may delay them nothing more. Cheers fingers I agree obviously it is better that the fan is working I just worry what underlying issue it is revealing Its impossible to hear if it is running when you are driving but it is surprising to pull up at a junction

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 ignition live and headlights on - which wires

got my dash in bits at the moment wiring in a vacuum and temperature gauge. I need somewhere to tap power from for them. For the lights in the gauge i was thinking the green and black wire that comes out the instrument panel (haynes says it for illumination) and for power i want the feed which is switched by the ingnition. Im not sure which one that is tho so if someone could point in the right direction - thatd be great cheers [8D] Cinq Sporting - and yes its broom yellow

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Need new ignition coils

hi im wanting some new ignition coils for ma cinq how much new and how much second hand just so i have a idea on the money

oh and another point dont steal from scrappies. they are keeping many of us on the road and ive learnt a hell of a lot from my time in scrapyards. They need the money just like any retailer does. Plus many have ing huge guard dogs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinquecento wont start on ignition

im really puzzled as it wont start on the ignition and acts like it has a flat battery but the starter motor and alternator are both fine. the car bump starts but doesnt start on the ignition from jump leads. i have fitted a new battery and nothing has changed its like the battery is flat i have been told it could be a short somewhere in the wiring so there isnt enough power to the battery but i have no idea has anybody got any ideas on what this could be or how to sort it

Did you connect the jump leads to the battery f so try it the correct way. Positive lead to battery negative to the earth point (stud like thing sticking up) on the inner wing. If it now starts on the starter follow thhe battery earth down to its mount undo it at the wing clean it up vaseline it and bolt it up again. If not get back.

I didnt try that and i dont have any jump leads at the moment but do you think the earth points on the front of the car need a good clean


Hi uno lovers ive just posted a thread and pics on turbo collective about bleed valves as im fitting my new techniclutch and lightened flywheel before xmas and want to turn the BOOOOST up but theres to many valves to choose from idealy want to fit under the cig lighter ashtray flap on the mk2s so is adjustable from the cockpit then a friend of mine said the proper way is the performance actuator which

Originally Posted by oldskoolmk1unoturbo Andy what do you class as modified internals This is from Sporting fiat Club. You cannot use unleaded in your Uno T unless it has the later red black or green spot on the ECU . Modification In General What sorts of power and performance can you expect Here we are going to focus on the initial steps of tuning to bring the cars up to around 130 - 140bhp at the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Technical Engine Info

Just thought the following would be useful to some of the members..... Power Unit and Drive Train Info The engine used in the Cinquecento Sporting is an 1108cc version of fiat s F.I.R.E. engine which produces an adequate 54 horsepower at 5500rpm and 63lbsft of torque at 3250rpm when combined with the cars weight of 735kg this equates to a figure of 75bhp per ton. Mechanically it is a simple and yet

FIAT PANDA III Panda 100HP 3 Months Review

Hey After owning my Panda 100HP now for around 3 months I decided to give it a quick breakdown on the good and bad points and hopefully answer a few questions for those intrested in the new 100HP Panda. Firstly the Good points 1. One will notice as soon as they start the Panda that very attractive ignition noise that is usual herd from a much more expensive and powerful car which I know is minor but

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 No Power- tried new ECU & more now what

At a loss here 1999 fiat seicento SX with 35000 original miles wont start there doesnt seem to be power going to the new ECU . Checked all fuses not a fuel problem replaced ECU -but it looks like there is only a spark in about half the 4 prong plug could it be a break in the wiring between ignition & ECU Could someone suggest a place to start The car will start once in a great while I can hear what

FIAT PANDA Fitting a rev counter

Im gunna be fitting this tacho... Heres a pic of the back of it. I know the blue wire needs to be connected but dont know to which port And what other wires need to be connected to the other three ports Cheers guys __________________ 1993 fiat Panda 1242cc 16 valve   Quote   21-06-2012   2 Aston Martin Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2012 Location Hull Posts 1624 Thanks 30 Trader

ive picked up a seicento rev counter and what ive figured out its.. hmm easier just to take a picture.... right the Red wire is a live Black is a earth Yellow is illuminationside lights and the Blue wire is the ECU pickup. i am running some tests on this one of mine to see what triggers the the needle to move. my plan is to wire the red and black into a 12v source then just to dab the blue wire onto

FIAT UNO II Distributor installation on 900cc OHC engine

I am a newbie on here and also a newbie to fiats in general. I posted a similar query earlier in the technical section and was informed that the Uno section would be a better place to ask... so here goes... I am wanting to use a 0.9l engine from a sciecento to drive a generator saw bench oat roller threshing machine and some other bits of kit. The engine will be running on wood gas created by partially

Interesting use of a pushrod engine The Uno Panda use the 903cc engine the seicento and Cinquecento use a modernised derivative in 899cc guise. For the UK I believe fiat dropped the 903cc engine from the Uno August 1992 when cat converters and single point injection replaced carb for emissions reasons. It appears that the Cinquecento used a version developed for emissions compliance but as well as

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fao-gazybabes

emergency Start Up Procedure The 5-figure Electronic Code Given On The code Card. 2.turn The ignition Key To mar The Accelerator Pedal To The Floor And Keep It There.the Injection Warning Lamp Will Light Up For About 8 Seconds And Then Go Out. At This point Release The Accelerator Pedal And Get Ready To Count The Flashes Of Warning Lamp 4.count The Number Of Flashes That Code On The

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 1.4 8 valve sei

ive just got hold of a 1.4 8 valve punto gp block which im going to fit my p75 head to ive sorted the compression out just need to sort the timing gear and water pump out to make them compatable with the p75 timing gear and belt ill let you all know how it goes if anyone else has tried this feed back would be very welcome

Originally Posted by cc1 Its about where the missing tooth is to set the timing reference. The seicento 1.1 has 2 types of pulleys and from experience interchanging them upsets the Ecu . The missing tooth denotes top dead centre I have compared pulley from 1.1 1.2 and 1.4 and they were all the same the ecu uses top deaf centre as the ignition and fueling start point the pulley and its cut out is a

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 IAW ECU Live Mapping & Tech Info

OK promise is a promise. I will try to do it in steps and be informative but at the same time I do not want to provide you with all my knowledge I think that you should try things yourself if you are brave enough (and have tons of time to spare too ). At this point I would also like to strongly state that despite the things I am planning to write about my knowledge is limited in certain areas (I am

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq 899 Idle sppeds max revs

Can anyone tell me what the optimum revs max power is on the 899 ive got a tacho and at idle it reads about 400-500rpm ad when the engine sounds loudest it is about 2800-3000rpm. Is my tacho right or not Adam

Originally Posted by POWL I think you really need a after-market ECU to sort out a turbo properly as recent discussion with the new owner of that engine has revealed the fiat ECU will work but isnt really good enough when you start to go a long way down the tuning road. VAs literature states The Electronic Management System has been re-programmed to adjust the ignition timing to suit the requirements

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 1.1 SPI head 1.2 MPI block

Hi guys Ive had a pretty thorough search through the forums but sorry if its been done to death already. My car has the 1108 SPI engine that comes standard with all cinq sportings. A friend around the corner from me owns a 2002 punto 1.2 which I believe makes it MPI It recently blew its head gasket and he has come to the decision that he wants to scrap it (bit of a shame really I offered to fix it

I wish youd use conventional modes of commenting -- it would make life so much easier. Still Quote Engine mount grinding it is then. Only on 16v. Quote The map uses set tables with programed parameters for deviation within set limits but has to have a reference point which is calibrated within the map . Isnt that leaving aside the petty bourgeouise jargonising pretty much what I said Quote How does

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Having a Few Probs I need a bit of help

right will get straight to the point i dont have much money so PLEASE no one say get a mechanic to do it Ive got a .9 Sciento which is having a few problems here are my probs im having with it and can anyone help me PLEASE 1) My head lights are pointing down so i can hardly see 3ft infront of me even with full beam how can i move them up when the inside switch is right up. (i had a go but a screw snapped

to tighten the belt. not a clue (im honest) 3) most the time when im breaking my lights dim... quite a bit dont have a clue why its doing that. probably what is called an earth fault rip the back of the car to bits and locate the earth point (wire with a ring crimp on) unbolt it clean the post surrounding body work and Eyelet with a bit of wire wool then put back) im usually alright with my lil fiat

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