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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Coil on Seicento S for Rev counter

Hi Im currently attempting fitting an aftermarket rev counter like Malin Dixon did to a cinq. (By changing the resistor inside the rev counter). However I now want to connect it to pin 19 from the ecu which is one of the coils. Its tricky to get too and i dont want to damage the plug. Can anyone tell me where to find an easier place to connect to the wire Thanks

rev counters will work on just about any spark ignition engine. The biggest issues are finding the coil wire and setting the rev counter to the correct number of cylinders which is the number the coil supplies not the total for the car. It is not very neat to take a signal from the coil. It is neater to take a signal from the ECU which uses the crankshaft sensor to know the revs. This is what fiat

Hi Malin I was told that the Sei does not have ignition coils like the cinq does hence this solution not working on the Sei. I have tried to do all the solutions on the FAQ but I cant seem to get any of them to relate to the Sei. I dont feel confident enough to start unplugging the ECU and start tampering with stuff there unless I know a cast iron solution that will actually work Is the crankshaft

Ok then my next question is where are the ignition coild located on my Sei or what should I be looking for Mikey543 I belive there was a ECU diagram on the FAQ for rev counters explaining what each pin is for if you havent already got it. Pin 23 is correct for attaching a rev counter to I have read that in someones fiat workshop manual that is where the signal. If you have identified it then it might

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Ignition Coil Problem..Help

Hi The Engine Management Light has come on 3 times now on my seicento. The first time i went straight to the garage and he read the failure as a problem with one of the ignition coils. He cleared the fault and it didnt come on again for another few weeks (which was about 2 weeks ago) so i took it to get the fault read again and it was the same thing. But the guy at the garage said to just leave it

if theres a light on theres something wrong simple as. tbh you mechanic doesnt really sound like he knows what hes doin and if he does hes putting off workin on your car for some reason... gives you an idea of how much it will cost try local motor factors (NOT HALFRAUDS) they may well be cheaper. easy unbolt rebolt job and a couple of electrical connectors.

Beware some mpi seicento has a common ECU fault. what year is your seicento could you post the number on the ecu Ming

Thanks for the replies.. The seicento is a 2001. So are these ignition coils easy to replace yourself Or does a garage have to do it Because everythings a little cramped in the bonnet of a seicento.

so easy even a girl could do it

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento ignition coil

Hi can anybody please tell me what ignition coil is needed for a cinquecento 1.1 on an S plate Im afraid i am totally unfamiliar with these cars my mate has one & hes been told it needs a coil but just after buying one on ebay ive now heard conflicting details regarding which type of coil it needs.. are there many different ones for these cars Also whats the deal with the clutch cable.. is there an

it doesnt have an ignition coil in the traditonal sense. it has two coil packs that are triggered by the ECU . they are on the right hand side of the engine above the thermostat. they are the same coil packs as found on most of the fuel injected 8v fiat engines. clutch cables.. there is a design flaw with the clutch cable on the RHD cars. to go through that many cables though id say the clutch itself

Thanks very much for the info it was very helpful.. i assume that those coils are both the same & can be replaced individually i have bought a single one off ebay so hopefully i can just replace the faulty unit. I will check the clutch cable myself too to see if it has broken or simply become disengaged.. cheers for that. Oh and say hi to the rabbit pls.. its ears are mad nice one

Hi again i removed & tested the twin coil units (marked BAE 800) & one of them was open circuit on the secondary winding the other unit showed a resistance of 3.68M ohm.. now then the unit i got as a replacement is marked BAE 800B and has secondary resistance of only 7.23K ohm both have a primary value of 0.7ohm & are marked 12v.. Ive no idea what the correct values ought to be but considering the

The nominal value of the coils 20 degrees C is Primary 0.5 to 0.6 ohm secondary 6.6 to 8.1 K ohm IT has been known when they fail to fire HT back up the LT side and cook the ECU so always better to be safe than sorry

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Coilpack Wiring

Hi Apologies for starting a new thread but cant find my problem so far among the many coilpackECUwiring issues... New GF means a new car to get to grips with and trying to solve an electrical (I think) problem on a 2001 seicento Sporting aka The Yellow Peril The car had been running inconsistently for a short while especially in the wet when according to GF the Peril wouldnt go over 40 and suffering

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Need new ignition coils

hi im wanting some new ignition coils for ma cinq how much new and how much second hand just so i have a idea on the money

When i thought my ignition coils had gone my mechanic mate told me that usually once one coil has gone the second goes about a week later...something along them lines anyways. I thought you changed ignition coils in pairs Congrats on the ebay win.

Get yourself into a scrapyard take an allen key set and a 10mm socket with a ratchet find yourself a seicento (as these are the newest and most likeliest found i got mine off a 52 plate need them for my 16vt coupe) get them off put them in your pocket with your tools then get something small off the car like a blanking plate pay for that and walk out It works out much cheaper LMAO

Originally Posted by BlackBeast Get yourself into a scrapyard take an allen key set and a 10mm socket with a ratchet find yourself a seicento (as these are the newest and most likeliest found i got mine off a 52 plate need them for my 16vt coupe) get them off put them in your pocket with your tools then get something small off the car like a blanking plate pay for that and walk out It works out much

I know and know of loads of people who take parts from scrapyards as you probably do to ive heard stories of sets of alloys turbo s and in some cases doors bootlids and bonnets going missing all of which cost hell of a lot more than 2 coils how the hell people take those i dont know So dont have a go at me

FIAT STILO Cross threaded bolt hole on ignition coil. 1.2 16v 2002

Hi everyone The other day I was driving to a customers house and I went over a bumpy road and my 1.2 Stilo just started acting very strange misfires at ANY revs its almost like if I put the accelerator down fully it starts to judder but if I keep it like half way up it doesnt. Ive had issues with the ignition coils in the past I changed all the sparks about 3 months ago so its doubtful they have gone.

the coils on all the 8v fire engines from a seicentopunto will also fit just so you know. and the bracket it bolts too can be taken off and replaced with a scrap yard part (from a 16v. wouldnt cost you much. ALTHOUGH you will need instant gasket to put it back on and be careful not to break the metal gasket thats in there too -). but you would get to look at the gears that make the cams spin which is always nice P

could try other highstreet autoparts shops.. or a scrap yard

Can I suggest that you do a little diagnostic first. With the engine running and using something insulated remove and refit each plug lead in turn. Note which make no difference to the idling. Then swap the coils and repeat. Then you will know if its a coil problem or not. Cheers D

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento sporting 01 misfire

Hello Guys I own a 2001 fiat seicento Sporting. The problem Im having with it is a misfire. I do have a light up on the dash (orange one just below where the picture of a key comes up) From the start... about 6 months ago it develoed a misfire on startup it would fast idle and then drop very low in the revs but with a good rev it would go back to normal sometimes the light would go off sometimes it

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Schumacher - ECU Internal Errors

Hiya Im asking this on behalf of my Mother In Law. She has a seicento Sporting which has had a problem with one of the warning lights since she bought it. I think its the injection lightengine warning light. It comes on at random when its started up it doesnt go off when driving at all only when the ignition is fired. If it is on when fired up then it will stay on IYKWIM until its turned off then it

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