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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting coolant temp warning light inop

Can anyone help. Ive recently bought a 99 seicento Sporting and Ive noticed that the coolant temp warning light doesnt come on when you switch on the ignition. I took the unit off the dash and checked the bulb which is fine so now Im struggling with where to next hunt for the problem. Is it that the temp sensor is faulty and thats why the warning light isnt illuminated on switching on the ignition Any help would be much appriciated.

that the coolant temp warning light doesnt come on when you switch on the ignition. I took the unit off the dash and checked the bulb which is fine so now Im struggling with where to next hunt for the problem. Is it that the temp sensor is faulty and thats why the warning light isnt illuminated on switching on the ignition Any help would be much appriciated. If you have intention to keep your fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento ignition coil

Hi can anybody please tell me what ignition coil is needed for a cinquecento 1.1 on an S plate Im afraid i am totally unfamiliar with these cars my mate has one & hes been told it needs a coil but just after buying one on ebay ive now heard conflicting details regarding which type of coil it needs.. are there many different ones for these cars Also whats the deal with the clutch cable.. is there an

it doesnt have an ignition coil in the traditonal sense. it has two coil packs that are triggered by the ECU . they are on the right hand side of the engine above the thermostat. they are the same coil packs as found on most of the fuel injected 8v fiat engines. clutch cables.. there is a design flaw with the clutch cable on the RHD cars. to go through that many cables though id say the clutch itself

Thanks very much for the info it was very helpful.. i assume that those coils are both the same & can be replaced individually i have bought a single one off ebay so hopefully i can just replace the faulty unit. I will check the clutch cable myself too to see if it has broken or simply become disengaged.. cheers for that. Oh and say hi to the rabbit pls.. its ears are mad nice one

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Clutch cable relays in the way

Im trying to remove the cover in the passenger footwell of my 1998 Cinq sporting to replace the clutch cable. As the top screw was hard to get at I tried this highly technical method (rip the thing it screws into out of the bulkhead ) fiatforum.comcinq-sei-technical118313-help-clutch-cable-change-issue.htmlpost1237126 (I cant post a proper url with less than five posts). Its nearly there but now the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Immobiliser cable

Hi everyone I recently bought a 99 seicento and during a clean up I managed to snag the Immobiliser cable and pulled it clean away from the ignition barrel. Dont ask me how I managed that Ive no idea Anyway I need your advice on whats the best way to rectify this please as Im not exactly loaded and would be grateful for any helpadvice... am based in Wiltshire. Thanks...

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 sei sporting rough idlingpre ignition

hi any advice appreciatedive just fixed my daughters car (yet again)this time it was the old fav.the clutch cable.after fixing the cablei started the carand it was erratic idling hilo hilo once it had first it would cut out at junctionsbut not now.once it would not startfor acouple of it possible ive dislodged a cable at the passenger footwell(brains)or in the engine compartment.ive

cheers pete it was the sensor pipingit had came loose with me plunging my arm in to check the clutch cable.fixed it in i owe you.keep up the good work great forum.thanks to all.bye for now.)

Eh he didnt do it from cold the post quite clearly says he switched the engine off which would imply your honour that the engine had been previously running. My learned colleague stating that the accused was using a cold engine cannot be proven. Furthermore flooring it with the car in gear will not suddenly result in a load of revs until the engine gets up to speed. I will concede that if the changes

Quote Originally posted by rallycinq No no problems driving without a clutch. Most Cento owners are very adept at it. Cheers D Driving a car without using the clutch is one of those things you should learn as soon as possible. Its surprising the sheer variety of cars that you have the opportunity to drive when clutch cables go bad Of course you will find the best cars to practice on are company cars

Quote Originally posted by rallycinq Eh he didnt do it from cold the post quite clearly says he switched the engine off which would imply your honour that the engine had been previously running. My learned colleague stating that the accused was using a cold engine cannot be proven. Furthermore flooring it with the car in gear will not suddenly result in a load of revs until the engine gets up to speed.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Audi style driving lamps on a seicento sporting

Hi I decided to buy some led driving lights to put in the gap below the headlights and bumper however upon further inspection i cant find any nuts to get the front bumper off (apart from the 2 just inside the bonnet ) any tips also has anyone else done this and know how to wire them in and have a seperate switch rather them being on all the time

Originally Posted by Batthumb666 Hi I decided to buy some led driving lights to put in the gap below the headlights and bumper however upon further inspection i cant find any nuts to get the front bumper off (apart from the 2 just inside the bonnet ) any tips also has anyone else done this and know how to wire them in and have a separate switch rather them being on all the time Wire wise if you want

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento injection light

Please save me from doing a Faulty Towers (beating it with a tree branch) to this jinxed car. Car Jan 99 Siecento sporting. Purchased 5ish years ago with 29000mls has now done another 25000mls(total 54000mls). In this time it has had 2 exhausts 2 radiators petrol tank engine sensor front hydrolic pipes headlight modul handbrake cable(this is just what I can remember off the top of my head) plus the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Instrument Unit Removal

Can someone point me at a previous post on here (or tell me how) that shows how to remove the Instrument panel (the Speedo) so i can change the bulb behind the speedo dial. Its a 99 seicento. Thanks ( I have been looking but cannot find any threads)

peice of piss......... theres a screw at the top of the pod you can see it from in the window screen right near theback near the dash undo that then take the 4 screws from below the ignition casing..... rove the bottom ignition case then look underneath at both sides and there will be a screw either side (near the rubber flappy bits of the stalks) undo them and remove the top part of the ignition casing

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Back again overheating seicento

hello again peeps im back with another problem of overheating after the last time the cars been fine except that i always had to have the heaters on hot in heavy traffic which i can deal with.. anywayz the other day i did a short journey and the temp light come on so i pulled over and it did a polly(boiled over) i couldnt hear the fan its a 2001 seicento schmacher no ac i aint a newbie and changed

environmently friendly disposal of WD40 suggested. the ECU is probably ok the light tells you that pulling multi way connectors indicates lack of caution wiggling is normally sufficient spraying aerosols into TB invites starting by Desiel and a cunning way of attempting to blow a head gasket you need to address the rad or pump replace the thermostat first just in case then if the heater is really hot

Originally Posted by fingers99 Might be someone friendly with swimming trunks nearby Originally Posted by Pep0 environmently friendly disposal of WD40 suggested. the ECU is probably ok the light tells you that pulling multi way connectors indicates lack of caution wiggling is normally sufficient spraying aerosols into TB invites starting by Desiel and a cunning way of attempting to blow a head gasket

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq wont go in reverse after clutch cable replacement

Hi guys The Cinquecento 1.1 Sporting wont go in reverse. The clucth cable snapped the other day so i have replaced that now even with just the ignition on it wont go in reverse anyone had this before

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help Seicento not starting

Hi guys Im new to this forum recently bought a seciento sporting and today tried to wire in an amp and sub. Ive done it before so i thought everything was going smoothly until i tested the stereo to see if the sub would kick in and it didnt. I then tried turning the engine on but it wont start. Anyone got any ideas do you think its the power lead connectd to the battery

try connecting an ignition live(one on the iso lead)to check it powers up. if so then ensure oyu have the correct cable on the loom

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Coil on Seicento S for Rev counter

Hi Im currently attempting fitting an aftermarket rev counter like Malin Dixon did to a cinq. (By changing the resistor inside the rev counter). However I now want to connect it to pin 19 from the ecu which is one of the coils. Its tricky to get too and i dont want to damage the plug. Can anyone tell me where to find an easier place to connect to the wire Thanks

Hi Malin I was told that the Sei does not have ignition coils like the cinq does hence this solution not working on the Sei. I have tried to do all the solutions on the FAQ but I cant seem to get any of them to relate to the Sei. I dont feel confident enough to start unplugging the ECU and start tampering with stuff there unless I know a cast iron solution that will actually work Is the crankshaft

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 1.1 Sporting problem

Hi folks just new here. I have a problem with my 1.1 sporting (2001) its becoming very sluggish (feels like im driving in 4th when i should be in 2nd) and the EOBD light is on. Is this an easy fix or am i going to have to bite the bullet and take it to the garage Thanks in advance for your help.

ok just checked for spark on 1 and admittedly cant see anything (im sure this was checked on monday but the spark was very weak) rundown so far of activity Diagnostics check 1 Coil 1 changed plugs 1 & 4 changed along with relevant leads earthing points cleaned up on coils 1 port compression checked - and found to be ok (didnt have time to check all ports) electrical supply leads to coils checked and

Magnecor also come in blue 8mm Electrosports version or 7mm black Electrosports cable which is more than enough for a road car TBH the KV85 8mm lead is way more than you would ever use on a a road car unless its turbo d as turbo cars generate more heat and put more stress on plugs leads etc 10mm is big over kill and you really do not need them an they will not fit in the lead guide as well. Aaron.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinquecento wont start on ignition

im really puzzled as it wont start on the ignition and acts like it has a flat battery but the starter motor and alternator are both fine. the car bump starts but doesnt start on the ignition from jump leads. i have fitted a new battery and nothing has changed its like the battery is flat i have been told it could be a short somewhere in the wiring so there isnt enough power to the battery but i have no idea has anybody got any ideas on what this could be or how to sort it

Hi I always clean the battery terminals and the battery cable connectors with nylon scourer from kitchen and clat immediately with copper grease. But Davids questions are important. Noel

Clean the battery posts and battery cable connections internally with nylon scourer then coat with copper grease and remake. You need to do that when you fit a new battery. Noel

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Double Clutching and the cinq clutch cable

This technique sounds interesting and a good thing to do but I have a few worries concerns... When shifting from 2nd to 1st to come to a stop or rolling stop its not too keen to do it unless I double clutch it which is fair enough but with the cinquecentos brilliant clutch cable double clutching surely puts more wear on this part i guess what im trying to ask would be if the benifits of double clutching

Originally Posted by ronnieronson it doesnt hurt to double clutch - especially when working up the gears as it allows the engine (if you time it right) to slow the gears down a fraction and gear changes become very smooth instead of massively jerky.... Take a read of this httpen.wikipedia.orgwikiDouble_declutch Strangely the only case Ive heard (literally) of this being done is in the film Bullit

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Reading SPI ECU Data logging

Hey peeps Hope this would be helpful to some of you guys I have basically summerised the long and detailed ECU project thread and got this working for the simple minded like myself Basically this will allow you to data log several variables - Rev - Air Temp - Injector Period - Pressure (think this takes it from the map sensor) - Throttle positions - ignition Advance - Voltage - VAE (not sure what this

FIAT UNO II Uno 999 FIRE ie erratic idle on warm up (Bosch SPI)

I have looked at several similar threads to my cars problem. It is a K reg Uno Hobby 999cc with SPi . From cold it starts perfectly and initially sounds great. It starts to get rougher the warmer it gets. I have replaced plugs leads dizzy cap vacuum to no avail although the vacuum did cause some improvement. Short journeys are fine but once temperature has raised car is a nightmare in traffic. It will

vacuum pipe tomorrow. Ill also have a look at this plunger and check the ECU cables. I am warming to the idea of the accelerator cable needing adjustment as when I floor the pedal when the car is in neutral it drops then picks up. Im still quite suss as to why the plug that fits into the side of the SPi under the accelerator cable had the clip missing. I am reluctant to take it to my local fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 stereo on permananthow do

The stereo in my fiat seicento is permantley on i even when ignition is off have to take off the face to turn it off i tried changing the red and yellow cables over do i have to put the yellow and red together and plug into the red live from the engine please helpps the stereo only works with both live and permanent connected


Hi uno lovers ive just posted a thread and pics on turbo collective about bleed valves as im fitting my new techniclutch and lightened flywheel before xmas and want to turn the BOOOOST up but theres to many valves to choose from idealy want to fit under the cig lighter ashtray flap on the mk2s so is adjustable from the cockpit then a friend of mine said the proper way is the performance actuator which

Originally Posted by oldskoolmk1unoturbo Andy what do you class as modified internals This is from Sporting fiat Club. You cannot use unleaded in your Uno T unless it has the later red black or green spot on the ECU . Modification In General What sorts of power and performance can you expect Here we are going to focus on the initial steps of tuning to bring the cars up to around 130 - 140bhp at the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 New car two problems...

I bought a seicento Sporting Abarth last teusday and I have two problems. The starter hangs some times. I know the last owner replced the starter twice and the car recently got a new ignition barrel. I thinks it must have something to to with the ignition barrel as the starter stays on even after the key has been pulled out. Result a fried fuse. I want to resolve this by placing a starter button on

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq MPI Punto 75 conversion

Just nearing the end of my punto 75 conversion and am a bit stuck with the wiring.I have a punto manual which has helped me ID most of the wires on the Punto side of the loom but the wiring diagram I have for the Cinq is a bit wierd. Was wondering if anyone knows what all the wires are (punto and cinq) so I can check my work so far and finally get the bloody thing running If they uploadhopefully you

Originally Posted by cc1 Code box under dash Steering wheel side. If its not connected to ecu You may not get the code light to go out on the dash so unplug. So on the right side of the car I have a the steeringwheel on the left Do I have to join wires or is unplugging enough Quote Wires Alternator. B. Red from battery Brown to ignition. D. BlackViolet to charge lamp. Starter solenoid. Red to ignition.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Its officially driving me mad

I have proudly been a owner of a P reg Cinq for the last 4 weeks or so. I had intermittent starting issue so replaced the crank sensor. All working again or so i thought. On the way back from pickup some punto sporting alloys today stopped the car to check something. Didnt start again. Ended being towed home by breakdown company. Anyways they tested the car at the roadside and no spark and no fuel

it out and reconnected it leaving it loose in the engine bay (wasnt sure if the nut and bolt earthed the relay) Cranked it over and one turn of the started fired it into life. Needless to say i am very happy I would like to thank all for your help this forum is invaluable. You rock I have attached some images of the Assed up alarm work Attached Thumbnails     __________________ 1997 fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help Weird Clutch Issue

Hi All Was on my way home tonight when I got the annoying snap and clutch pedal hit the floor great I thought bloody cable drifting to a halt I then noticed my engine wasnt on ignition lights lit up tried the keys turning over and not firing So pulled over and got my fiat screwdriver and removed the inspection plate from the clutch connection under the dash cable intact (puzzling) then thought it was

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq 1.2 MPI conversion yet another question

Im currently working on my Cinq to convert it to a 1.2 MPI engine. As suggested to me on the forum I ripped out the 1.2 MPI engine loom an fitted a original Cinq loom. I couldnt find a cinq on a car junkyard that had a KeyCode. I checked my cars keycode reader and the cable wasnt attached to anything. Also tyhe codebox was gone. As the new ECU doesnt have a KeyCode I desided to take the engine loom

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 subwoofer help

I just bought a sub with a built in amp. What do i need to do to power it from my stereo

Run a decent sized power cable from the battery with an in-line fuse. Run an earth cable ftom sub to an earthing point somewhere convenient. Run RCA cable down opposite side of the car to the stereo...assuming your stereo has a pre-out connection. And finally a remote cable from the stereo or ignition feed so the sub will turn off with the ignition off...or youll have a flat battery. This is all assuming

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Switched live for stereo feed

Hi all Thread title pretty much says it all - Wheres the besteasiest place to run a switched live from for the stereo Obvious answer being the ignition but are there any handy switched live cables that run near the stereo that i can just tap into Rather than taking half the dash apart I put a new head unit in my girlfriends 00(W) seicento a while back and it drains the battery if it goes unused for

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 loss of power

Hi I was driving back from work in my 998cc Cinquecento and the power began to decrease. I couldnt go above 40 and the injector light came on occasionally. It does start but wont rev. Any ideas

of battery followed by running the engine at tickover until the cooling fan comes on for the second time... etc... The engine is now fantastic - very smooth and responsive - Missfire has gone Injector light comes on with ignition key and then goes out in a couple of seconds not to be seen again.... Please find below the correct Bosch part number for a Lamda sensor to fit a Cinquecento and seicento......

FIAT STILO Fitting aftermarket stereo

Hello My factory fitted Visteon radio started playing up - the internal FM amplifier was faulty and most times I had to turn the radio up to max to hear anything (even then it sounded tinny). Ive removed the radio and bought a fascia to replace it which allows me to fit a standard radio. Im trying to fit an Aiwa CT-R429MYZ Radio Cassette Player which has standard ISO plugs. However when I connect it


Some of you may remember some time ago I purchased a black Sei ragtop to sell. Well I didnt get round to selling it and now the sun has finally come out for a few days Ive been using it to cruise to work with the top down. However it has that rather common and rarely solved rad fan not working problem. I love a challenge so lets see if we can solve it. First thing I checked was the green 30amp fuse

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fitting power steering to a Cinquecento

i have been asked to supply the parts required to fit power steering to a cinquecento on the list already is pump lower column rack ecu wiring column stalks Reading through other posts there is mention of a speed sensor where does this go Also people say the top mounts (on the suspension struts) are different. A bit of info on how and in what way they differ would be useful. What could be the outcome

Originally Posted by jiminwatford If your customer is happy with a single layer of assistance you can use a single clock chip. Can he use the existing speedo cable James the sei has electronic speed. no cable. A sensor is screwed into the box where our cable goes. but I wouldnt worry. as long as the ecu gets an engine running signal (connect the wire to the fuel pump cutout switch behind the dash)

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cutting-out

Hello all. Its been a while since I posted something but on the positive side I feel more Cento Fanatic than ever. I now own 2 Cento Sportings Ive been a Cento Sporting owner for 4 years now it has 170.000km on the clock and apart from head gasket gone no other serious issues so far... it just drives and goes like hell. Now Ive purchased another Cento Sporting... its a clone from my first one. Its

Good morning all. Last night new MAP sensor in to no effect. Acording to your tips here and on a portuguese forum I can nail down my issues to some common failures High iddling -Stuck accelerator (all tested and fully functional) -Incorrect valve tuning or iddle sensor busted (changed iddle control for a brand new fiat Cinquecento Sport one) -Iintake leak (tested with suitable equipment and intake

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 IAW ECU Live Mapping & Tech Info

OK promise is a promise. I will try to do it in steps and be informative but at the same time I do not want to provide you with all my knowledge I think that you should try things yourself if you are brave enough (and have tons of time to spare too ). At this point I would also like to strongly state that despite the things I am planning to write about my knowledge is limited in certain areas (I am

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Main relay the little white box thing

Hiya right some may know Ive had some startingignition problems with the cinqy sporting lately. Ive had the aa out twice the first time he put it down to my ford transit key being on the same keyring as the fiats The second time (this morning) the aa guy was much more helpful in fact after the car had actually started he still stayed to find the intermitent problem. Anyway it turns out that its 99%

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Starting Problem

Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me confirm this problem. Basically my Sei (1108cc) is having problems starting. Up until last week my cars been running fine for months suddenly it wouldnt start It was trying to turn out but wouldnt fire up. So i call a breakdown guy out. checks everything 30 mins later hes none the wiser until he touches something near the cam belt cover then suddenly it fires

satty that connector you are looking at is your temperature sensor it looks like a ht lead cus thats a rubber cover over it i very very much doubt this wud cause ur car not to start. One thing to note is that the call out guy probably touched the small starter cable which can very easily come loose i have had this on two fiats this is the white arrowed wire you have pictured on the starter motor there

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Dodgy fan in cinq 1.1 sporting.

My fan has been hardwired to always on with the ignition this has been done by wedging a small jump wire into the plug. Ive looked everywhere and cant find where this jumpered plug should be plugged into (once alien wire is removed) but I do have three mystery wires hanging down just to the right of the engine block theres a spade connector and from fist glance two snipped cables but no plug - I also

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help quick as you can

Can any one tell me how to wire my fan to come on with the ignition as I have an ecu fault and need this to get my by until I can afford an ecu many thanks

Thing is if you cant find a connector and separate it (which all being good should turn the fan on with the ignition) how can we tell you how to rewire it Its like trying to teach a 5 year old how to defuse a bomb. If I say I dont think its the ECU its just me being an opinionated arrogant old bastard. But Id guess that there are less than 20 people on the whole planet who know that ECU better than

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Haynes manual - wireing diagrams

Im trying to figure out the Cinquecento wireing. This is because I have to connect it to another engine (MPI punto 75) loom. As I was studying the diagrams I found out that the plug with the number 100 is the main plug that connects the engine loom to the car loom. This is diagram number 8. Also on diagram numer 10. As I had writen down the colors of the wires on both sides of the mainplug I could

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Having a Few Probs I need a bit of help

right will get straight to the point i dont have much money so PLEASE no one say get a mechanic to do it Ive got a .9 Sciento which is having a few problems here are my probs im having with it and can anyone help me PLEASE 1) My head lights are pointing down so i can hardly see 3ft infront of me even with full beam how can i move them up when the inside switch is right up. (i had a go but a screw snapped

to tighten the belt. not a clue (im honest) 3) most the time when im breaking my lights dim... quite a bit dont have a clue why its doing that. probably what is called an earth fault rip the back of the car to bits and locate the earth point (wire with a ring crimp on) unbolt it clean the post surrounding body work and Eyelet with a bit of wire wool then put back) im usually alright with my lil fiat


Having now solved the wiring problem (see HELP - ICE Wiring Problem thread) of gettin through the bulk head [much appreciated to those who gave suggestions - went with the speedo cable] now cant seem to get the amp to turn on. Its got power and audio connection.. However the head unit itself has RCA connectors but doesnt have a remote cable - to turn the amp on. Therefore as a result I connected the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Engine Problem

My sei is really starting to do my head in first of all it started mis firing then it seemed to lose aload of power and nw its started conking out on me randomly as im drivin about. I checked the plugs and leads their fine but my brother thought it might be the coilpack or the feul filter wot do you lot think

Originally Posted by rallycinq If its arcing in the area of the spark plugs you need a set of ignition leads. Cheers D ..and whats the difference between ignition and plug leads is it the same btw. do you think it will finally solve the problem new leads(or how do you call cables with endings between coil and spark plug) and new spark plugs ignition coil unit is already changed.. Thanks.. How much it will cost approx.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Help with elec problem

hi my prob is just fitted a new radio to my seicento and think i may of shorted a wire but ive checked all the fuses but have no 12v to stereo also my petrol gauge now stays at full untill i turn on the engine then it goes to whatever my feul level is i dint know what to do all was well till i tried to put in new stereo its a 2002 sportingany help please

Remove F15 and check for continuity first. F15 15Amp. Fuse box second row down 5th from left. cable from fuse box BlueRed joins Red Green Red to radio pins 4 7. Also feeds dash display inc fuel gauge on pin 17. C20 Right hand dashboard earth. Goes to pin 16 dash display Pin 8 radio. Black cable. F22 10Amp. Fuse box bottom row 4th from left. ignition swithed. cable from fuse box Light blueWhite joins

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