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fiat seicento hunting CINQUECENTO 170
fiat seicento hunting CINQUECENTO 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento 899 Idle problem (hunting badly)

Hi Im new to the Forum but thougth Id share this with you. My sons seicento developed a bad idling problem (No fast Idle from cold and bad hunting when warm). I put it on a Mac Scan and it showed up a fault with Idle Control stepper motor). Changed that (motor) but still no good. Noticed if you pulled the Vacuum pipe off MAP sensor it would idle quite nicely (but thats incidental) Went back to the

Its unheard of for a cable to break in a loom unless it has a partial damage from manufacture and burns out at that point. This is less a case on signal cables. Did you bell out the cable whilst disconnected

Yes disconnected multi plug from ECU and connector to Stepper Motor. Then Ohm meter showed open circuit between pin 2 on ECU and if memory serves pin 19 on Stepper Motor. Put a pulse tester on offending wire and it looks like its parted by NS of front cross member where its clipped (theres no accident damage). Ive only run the wire temporarily as I was short of time but Im attacking it to run the wire

As promised I stripped the offending (Green) wire completely out of the loom. For God only knows what reason (maybe someone had really pulled hard on the loom sometime in its life) the wire was broken around about the Temperature sensor area on the Cyl Head where it starts to lie in the L shaped channel thats runs round to the Injector TPS and Idle Control Motor It was a clean break completely through

It sounds like it was damaged in the manufacturing process. These things are made on loom boards and ty-wraps are often added and then cut off during the build sequence.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Jef and Seicento Sporting

Ok changes are Black Sporting Alloys Checkerd Roof Inside and Out Lowered on 7555 I think and HID lights Inside White leather bucket seats Poineer Headunit Poineer 6x9s x 2 Vibe Slick 12 Sub Sparco 3 Point Harness. Still some things to do to it the piece of vynal on the side of the puzzle im going to take off and i would like it debadging but thats about it __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links

well and know you can get some seriously good power from it but after consideration Im going to do minimal mods to it because I think in a seicento 120bhp is plenty So well see how it goes Thats how I sold her over 2 years ago and heres what she looks like now Looking sorry for herself but lots of tlc to come her way Watch this space gonna be some big changes over the year Jef __________________ fiat

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinq hunting

hi people im goin cinq hunting 2moz and was wonderin if sum1 would post sum of the bad points i shud look for onna cinq E.G. head gasketstappets ya no wat i mean i hope this would be of great help. thanks alot

just about everythinh ud need to know httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento-seicento43225-thinkin-buyin-cento-differences-each-model-here.html xxx

n my freaky sig where u going hunting u takin a gun there hard to catch this time of year most are hibernating xxx

Originally Posted by alainax n my freaky sig where u going hunting u takin a gun there hard to catch this time of year most are hibernating xxx I didnt get that for a whole 5mins

oooo found this httpwww.fiatforum.comshowthread....ghtabarthkit search is also ur friend xxx

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Scrapyard near Huntingdon

Anyone want any parts for almost any fiat let me know and ill give u the details 10x MK1 Puntos ( 60s 55s no 75s ) 1 X 899 Cinq 1 X seicento Sporting (SPI) 3 x Bravo ( the 3 door one ) dont relli know them too well Post on this thread if u wanna know more

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento idling problem

I picked my seicento up the other day and it has a missfiring hunting problem on idle i have no rev counter as its the 899 S but i can tell the revs are droping and picking back up its fine once going but on idle it does it its been serviced recent (plugs leads oil ect) so im thinking it could be something to do with the coil pack or is there a ICV on these any help welcome Thanks Danny

There is an ICV which could be dirty. Too tight a throttle cable and vacuum leaks are also cause for hunting. Cheers SPD

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My seicento 1242

Ive been browsing this site for a while now but only got around to registering today Ive had my seicento sporting for about 2 years now and i dropped in a punto 8v spi 1242 last saturday Ive got a couple of questions that im sure someone here can answer Do the 1.1 spi and 1.2 spi share the same head and flywheel Im looking for a 4 branch but do i go for a punto or seicento item and modify it Ive

Originally Posted by Todger182 Yea they do share the same head and fly. Smila has just fitted a p75 lower to his sei SPI head. Just gotta do the cams still. Are yoiu using your gearbox Thanks I thought the 75 bottom end was the same as the 60 yea i used the seicento box and the punto clutch and flywheel im having a bit of trouble with crank and alternator alignment but other then that its grand cheers

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Another Bye Bye Seicento Thread...

Well boys and girls - Zoe has now been popped on the classifieds and its time for me to buy a bike No doubt Ill be back at some point - if I ever find a new job Im thinking of holding out for a Cinq Abarth and making it VERY euro.... but until then - its farewell Thanks to everyone on here thats helped me out over the last couple of years

I think Im mainly cut up cos I loved that car sooooo much but also I think it springs from a lack of independance - and although Im working again 20hrs a week isnt really enough to fund a motor when youve gotta worry about where the rent moneys coming from sigh... some job interviews coming up soon though so fingers crossed Ill be able to at least pick up a cheap cinquecento or early mk1 seicento

Hi ive been hunting high and low for a seicento sporting fuel tank where did you get yours from

The block temp sensor has no bearing on the ECU it reads the one in the inlet manifold . Throttle cable too tight can cause it to hunt as can incorrect adjustment of the throttle stop. Have you got the vacuum pipes on the back of the TB the right way round Cheers D

Sorry I presumed the car was fully serviced if not thats the best place to start. Cheers D

Hi guys I have changed the fuel filter to a genuine unit and the hunting has now been only occurring during the first few seconds from the engine start while the auto-choke was on but after it went off the hunting stopped. Now (after a month or so) it has started occurring in between driving Does anybody know any other reason this is still happening If so please let me know cheers.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Hunting on Idle - TPS

Hello fiat fans The damn Cinq is playing up As mentioned in an earlier post I am selling it soon and it seems to all be going wrong Ive promised to donate part of whatever I get for it to this site once its sold too. Anyhow it has started to hunt badly on idle to the point it almost stalls. Occasionally it does stall. It also seems to hesitate at part throttle too. Ive done a bit of research on here

Its a 899cc if it makes much difference...

Could be temperature or air sensor

Originally Posted by arc Can you clarify what you did there Apologies for the misunderstanding - my brain is frazzled recently so much going on and I was trying to cover everything. I suppose if people are going to help me I need to be more accurate To confirm I disconnected the MAP vacuum pipe and it continued to hunt. As for the ICV you have me questioning what I did do But Im sure I removed the

Thanks Arc. I tried disconnecting the TPS and it made no difference. Ive also had chance to get a ICV and TPS from the scrap yard but they both made no difference. Whilst travelling there and back the car cut out a few times on idle and was differcult to re-start - could this give any clues Could the fuel filter cause hunting I only ask as the fuel filter hasnt been changed since Ive had the car (naughty I know)...

When hunting for air leaks on the inlet side a light spray of WD40 or similar or possibly easy start fluid onto suspected areas will cause a change in engine speed if it gets sucked in. Dont spray too much at a time. a) it gets messy. b) too much can cool the inlet manifold briefly also causing a change in engine speed. c) too much may upset fuelling and catalyst. If you suspect air leaks out rather than in washing up liquid will bubble nicely.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Hunting for Cenq facelift parts for my sis Help

Hello all -) Im not a fiat kinda guy myself but need your help My sister has just got a black cenq s 899cc (97) and id love to be able to help her out and give it a facelift in time for christmas Problem on searching the only thing i can find is clear indicators... I would be most grateful if you guys can help me out Id love to be able to source clear crystal headlights but im not even sure if these are even on the market Cheers Bell

Its still there - httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...t12264&cat55

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento speedo question

Hi all just a quick question my speedos not working I suspect it could be the instrument cluster as the power steering is still working. The clock and petrol gauge are still working so is it possible for just the speedo to be knackered or would the whole instrument cluster not work Cheers

if your fuel guage is horrizontal and on the right (clock on left) its a electronic speedo. if your fuel guage is vertical and on the left (clock on the right) its cable. happy hunting -) 1999 was also the switch over year so yours WILL be a electronic speedo give it a tap and if that doesnt fix it try a new pulse sensor on the box.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Seats Question

Hi Anyone able to tell me the diffreence between the schumacher sei seats and the normal mk2 seats

Originally Posted by pedrocinq So theyre from a sei mpi abarth Anyone got any to sell yes or a schumacher. Sporting seats are the samecolourmaterial but dont have the logo Stick up a classifieds or get on ebay to see if a set going or get hunting round the scrappies

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento supersprint.

Has arrived. the sticker on the unit says seicento but the welded plate on it says cinquecento Plus when I lay it next to the car it looks like its going to butt right up to the centre box. Is this normal or do I have a cinq box

Going off the thread topic a bit but it seems finished and you lot can surely give me some answers and ideas. Heres hoping your all subscribed As Im sure you know I have put the 1.2 16v engine into the Sei. I have the Super Sprint Punto 1.21.4 16v manifold which has a flange at its base. I need an exhaust system fitted for here on right to te end of the car. The standard bore of the Sei sporting is

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting coolant temp warning light inop

Can anyone help. Ive recently bought a 99 seicento Sporting and Ive noticed that the coolant temp warning light doesnt come on when you switch on the ignition. I took the unit off the dash and checked the bulb which is fine so now Im struggling with where to next hunt for the problem. Is it that the temp sensor is faulty and thats why the warning light isnt illuminated on switching on the ignition Any help would be much appriciated.

Just be glad you only checked the bulb before hunting for a non-existant problem

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento ECU and Star Trek punto

Hi. I am hoping Neil Barnacle or a similar tech wizard can help. My 1999 seicento is giving Air temp sensor error and Injector driver error when I use the star trek punto as advised and a VAGcom cable with the mod for fiats . I have it connected to a laptop with serial port and the latency set to the lowest possible. The car will rev when stationary but when I drive it it holds back suddenly when the

Also - the fact that the air temp tracks the water temp exactly as it warms up and then sets solid is indicative of the fact that the air temp sensor isnt doing anything useful. The injector cant be short circuit all the time or it wouldnt run at all but if its intermittent it would account for hunting revs. Doubly suspicious of that wiring loom. Neil

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 899cc Seicento idle problem

Hi I posted recently about my seicento having starting problems. I changed the Crankshaft sensor which seems to have helped. Now theres another problem. When the car starts it runs at low revs for a short time (also revving up and down on its own) then suddenly revs high for no apparent reason When you disconnect the TPS sensor the revs drop down and the engine runs quite smoothly. Any ideas

Yeah I have the same car and mine revs up and down on its own also known as hunting not sure why it does it.

Originally Posted by sexyseicentogal19 Yeah I have the same car and mine revs up and down on its own also known as hunting not sure why it does it. Originally Posted by rallycinq Throttle cable too tight andor map sensor air leak. Cheers PD Cheers SPD


Hi i have an Xreg 900 cinquecento that hunts badly at idle. Its like you are blipping the throttle. Also does an 1100 sporting complete exhaust fit a 900. Thanks Ash.

Thottle cable too tight is one cause. Make sure there is plenty slack at idle. You cannot fit a complete 1108 exhaust the manifolds come from different sides of the head but post cat you can use it although it will need an insert. The 1108 pipe is larger bore than the 899. Cheers D

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