fiat seicento heater hose

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fiat seicento heater hose CINQUECENTO 170
fiat seicento heater hose CINQUECENTO 170

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento S - Heater Blowing Cold again

Evening folks Wonder if i can pick your brains again My daughter has a seicento S 1.1litre 02 plate. I had a few issues with the cooling system way back in November 2012 but got it sorted with some great help and advice from the forum. However.... The heater is blowing cold again have bled the system and topped it back up and got it blowing hot again. Two days later it is blowing cold again. Coolant

Sorry all one more thing... As i havent got the car here to check... Am i correct to assume that the hose connected to the thermostat will be secured by a fiat style jubilee clip and will therefore need removing Can anyone tell me what size of clip i need to get to replace it Apologies for being so needy -) Promise that will be it for now anyways. Cheers Paul

the thermostat comes in a ducting so you can get a hose clip from 1st factor you drive past by waving ducting might be a OEM fiat clamp as you can reuse them...

Evening all Thanks so much for everyones input on this. A bit of an update along with a further request for any advice. Daughter brought her car home this weekend so i could fit the replacement thermostat. She left Northampton with everything appearing normal checked Oil & Coolant levels (apparently even checked the windscreen washer) before setting off all found ok. As she left the A46 (with about

when you move the lever from hot to cold it is supposed to move the valve you need to remove the sound insulation aft of the engine and check if it dont move easily set it to hot and tell offspring to divert to wind screen and not touch risks of leak then google Eurocarcare for phone and phone you need the whole matrix expensive take battery out remove insulation unclip hose clips etc difficult... clips pigs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Internal Diameter of Cinquecento Heater Hose

Hi there Im trying to install a temperature gauge to my cinquecento but I want to attach the sensor to the heater hose instead of the coolant hose. So Im hoping somebody knows the internal diameter of the heater hose so I can buy the right adapter. On another note does anybody know which way the system flows because I assume it will need fitting at the start to get a true reading.

Originally Posted by golemsmate Hi there Im trying to install a temperature gauge to my cinquecento but I want to attach the sensor to the heater hose instead of the coolant hose. So Im hoping somebody knows the internal diameter of the heater hose so I can buy the right adapter. On another note does anybody know which way the system flows because I assume it will need fitting at the start to get a

whitz My brother is the mechanic fitting this so my technical knowledge is rather limited but do you mean that it wont matter if its put on the coolant or heater pipe My cinquecento is the 0.9 one. Ive got a list of adapters from demon tweaks but Im not sure if the heater pipe is the 8 1516 or 30mm. thanks for the reply

I dont know if Ive read the guide wrong but it appears that the guide recommends attaching it to the coolant hose. httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...e-fitment.html cheers

quiet possible but hoses flex and move and if put on a car with a heater tap may not tell the correct temp if not in flow mode or if water level drops air in heater will not tell you your engine is cooking.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Heater hose - bleed screw

Hi all I want to change the coolant on my Cinq Sporting and give it a good flush but Ive noticed that the bleed screw on the heater hose isnt there It looks as though its been snapped off at some point and the hole filled with a resin sealant or something Am I OK to flush and bleed the system using the 1 remaining bleed screw (from the rad I hink) or might I have problems and need to replace the heater hose as well Cheers.

i would replce the hose since your doing the coolant anyway

yup - makes sense. Any idea how much they are Any recommendations where to buy them or is it a dealer job Cheers.

Any old hose the right size will do the job...just pop down a factors or halfords Kristian

i snapped mine with very little effort ha just orderd one from fiat bout 15 quid if i remember correctly

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 bottom heater hose for 1.1 sei needed.

Desperately seeking bottom heater hose for 1.1 v reg sei. hose has the T piece which goes to the throttle body. Help Tim

This one

No he is on about the one from the matrix to tb and inlet Iirc I have one pm me for details

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 bleed screws - anyone spare a heater hose one

im on the scrounge managed to snap the bleed screw on the heater hose of my cinq sporting anyone got a spare kicking around they can give me Cinq Sporting - and yes its broom yellow

you can always put a nutscrew in the hole till you replace the hosehad this in my renault days more than once The fiat Cinquecento Fun While It Runs

i dont want to knacker where the screw goes in tho. i dont need a new hose literlly just the screw ( Cinq Sporting - and yes its broom yellow

all the bleed screw isis a bolt with a fancy top and a groove down the side.just get a bolt(diy store) with the same thread and diameter and jobs a goodun.ive done this loads o times.the 5 turbos used to pop out and i started getting spares out of the scrappys but the bolt works) The fiat Cinquecento Fun While It Runs

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 t piece bottom heater hose

My car just failed its MOT. Actually the problems it failed on are easy fixes but during the emissions test the t piece for the bottom heater hose blew up. Does anyone know a good place to get hold of a replacement I have tried ringing all the local scrapyards. Thanks

may be get something like these but obviously you need to know the diameter of the original hose first Ming

Hi My MoT place has a notice that they only accept the auto for test on the condition that it is servicable for emissions test etc. ... The fan on my Sei runs for most of the test always worried & the girl who sits in the drivers seat all ways turns off the heater blower... Noel

I repaired the T on my original hose. I placed a thin inox piece of pipe inside each future connection then used some metal braces to connect it all. Its almost better than original and it has made 70.000km or about since my artwork repair.

i managed to get one from a breakers yard. there is no t piece the actually hose is all one piece inc the t. cant see that snapping for a while

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Sporting Overheating

Hi all. I recently passed my test (4) days before this event and have been learning in my fiat seicento Sporting (S reg 45k on clock) for a year. I really like the car. Ideal for city driving - very fond of it - far more fun to drive than any of my instructors cars. However... Within a space of 2 hours it got broken into (in an area normally regarded as posh) stereo robbed locks on both sides ruined

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento - Boiling Coolant

Hi Ive been taking a look at my Sisters 900cc seicento which has started boiling over out of the expansion tank cap. This had happened once or twice before she got it to me. She had bought it a few months earlier and had no problems in those months. Initial investigation Car idling hot water flows around heater ( smaller diameter ) hoses as expected oberved by feeling the hoses. Eventually Thermostat

Originally Posted by barrymckenzie73 Hi Initial investigation Car idling hot water flows around heater ( smaller diameter ) hoses as expected oberved by feeling the hoses. Eventually Thermostat opens and Top Rad hose gets hot. Radiator starts to get hot at the top. Before bottom rad hose gets hot ( 3 mins ) the car boils up. If the heater with its small pipes is working the water pump is probably fine.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento 1.1 overheating.

i have a seicento 1.1 porting 2000 that had a head gasket replacement. the car been sitting around for two years before hand. i replaced the head gasket thermostat water pump. when i run it up and bleed it it seems to run very hot. the fan kicks in and out when neccessary do fiats always run this hot i also have very little heat coming through the heater blower. and the hoses that go into the matrix

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 1998 seicento radiator help needed

Hi guys and girls recently registered and said hi after finding site whilst info searching. Need some help as my gf has bought a seicento as her first car she loves it small nippy and great for around town. the main problem weve got please bare with me as im new to fiats is the the main hose in the bottom of the engine that leads to a 4 branch which goes to the bottom of the rad into the heater matrix

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 seicento 1.1 overheating

Hi there my lil seicento 1.1 abarth need help its over heating and dumping its water out of the expansion tank filler cap. I fitted a new cap and thermostat bled the system and its still the same The fan does kick in but only as its dumping its water. There is no mayo on the oil filler cap or dipstick I done a compression test which read 190psi (13bar ) across all four cylinders I have an aftermarket

Hi If the pump has all the impellor fins intact put it back. Unless coolant looked like gin fill with proprietary mixed metal coolant flush run per instructions then undo bottom hose and stick garden hose in coolant filler. Remove fan temperature switch and any (calcium carbonate) deposits on its face ( if the auto is SPI ). Refill (with antifreeze) and bleed both points. Restart auto and check that

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 need help with heater

hi basically my heater broke on me and tried all the fuses and noticed that the big fuse (30amp) behind the battery had blown replaced this and then found out that my rad fan had seized so fitted a new one however i still have not got any in car heaters is tyhere anymore fuses or relays that could have gone as i dont wanna have to take it out please help cheers jay

Originally Posted by The K man so the fans are working yeah is the cable pulling the flap shut to allow the heater matrix to flow the hot air is there any water leaks onto the footwells on the Sei it works slightly differently to the cinqs - there is a valve that controls the waterflow to the heater matrix (comically called a cock by fiat hehe). There is a fuse for the cabin heater in the fuse box


Bit of head scratcher Taking granddaughter home yesterday afternoon gone about 10 or miles temp warning gauge came on stopped asap on lidl car park. water in tank (only a bit) boiling like a badun. left it to cool a bit then topped up with buxton spring water (Lidils finest) got to destination (about another 8 miles) no prob. Got RAC out to check it chap had good look over said he suspected heater

Funny this. Im about to drain my entire cooling system on my Sei. I would put in one of the over the counter coolant flush fluids and run the car for a while. If you need to bridge the terminals on the fan Id do that. Then drain the lot out and flush it thru with clean water. Hopefullyyou are able to get a hose to your car. Im going to have to go to a mates to do this. youll need about 4.5 litres of

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Overheating Seicento Sporting

I bought a 52-plate seicento Sporting yesterday. On the drive home I stopped with the engine running for about 10 minutes. I noticed the high coolant temperature warning light was illuminated but it went out again after driving for about a minute. Back home I popped the bonnet and let it warm up again. The warning light came back on but the fan didnt kick in. I could see the water bubbling away in

If it has not done an old faithful water geaser you are probably ok. There are two bleed screws when the engine is cold undo the one between the driver headlamp and the coolant header tank when you only get water tighten it it is a little hose stiching out of the inner wing. Then undo the one at the end of the little hose sticking out next to the heater bulkhead when you get water retighten it. Until

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