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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento headrest adjustmentmodification

Hi all Does anyone else find their front seat headrests are angled too far away from the back of their head Mine seem to be a mile away from my head even though think I have a good seating position (i.e. I dont have the backrest at 45 degrees like a NovaCorsa chav). I know that headrests are supposed to be as close to the back of the head as possible to prevent whiplash in an accident. As the headrests

Ive been wondering about for quite a while as well they are miles away from your head. Older seicentos have it padded and thicker so they sit much closer to your head. I wonder if puntos headrests would fit.

Thought about this myself - dont really wanna get rid of the ones that are in my sei tho (abarth ones) but I would imagine the older headrest style will fit...

So its not just me then . I thought about the cushion idea as well but I think Ill use grey gaffer tape instead of cellotape as it matches the grey trim better lol Why couldnt fiat have made them adjustable like nearly every other car It wouldnt be such a problem if the bloody things were removable (like the rear ones) then I could make a shield for the actual headrest heat the metal poles up with

Originally Posted by AppleSei IIRC I dont think the front headrests pull out think they would have to be hacksawed out i just think the backs just pull out. I can see what you are saying about better protection though they are pretty crap although remember we only got 1 star in the ncap anyway so is it worth it Ha Ha good point well made Its just that I like my headrests almost touching the back of

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 reference of the rear headrests abarth

reference of the rear headrests seicento abarth

Im looking for the rear headrests are the fiat seicento Sporting abarth 2002

Theyre headrestraints. Have you tried searching headrestraints on eBay etc

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 So I bought this Seicento......

Hallo folks Yes Im a newbie to this forum and fiats (usually its Mercs and Beemers for me though the odd Alfa does make its way into my garage until I get sick of it breaking then flog it and regret it immediately.....). So I dragged a buggered mini 1275GT out of a garage last week after a 23 year slumber. It was completely goosed but as I had the pink slip I sold it on for a tidy profit then looked

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Rideheight Seicento Sporting Abarth

Hi all.. I think I once read about the difference in standart lowering of the different types of the seicento but I cant find it now. Anyone who can enlighten me My seicento Sporting Abarth is from -98 if it does any difference. Can anyone eyeball how much she is lowered She is standing on 13 rims 16555 Tires. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat seicento Sporting Abarth -99 - Daily drive.

Thank you very much. I do have the leather steering-wheel and gear-knob both with red stiching. And the blue-checkered seats with abarth headrests. On the original sales-document it says seicento Sporting Abarth Soleil. I think it is a rare combo as mine is the only one I ever saw. I have put another tailgate on her as the one she came with was badly damaged and so were the window and spoiler. She had rolled backwards from parking into the backside of a truck.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Abarth

Hi there im new so please dont be harsh First of all i have just purchased my first car which is a fiat seicento Sporting Abarth... or atleast thats what im told. The seller told me that everything is factory fitted by fiat but I am unsure. The reasons I am unsure are becuase a) no insurance company (online) recognizes the Abarth edition. b) Not sure if the tinted windows are aftermarket or not c)

I dont think Custard is saying that it isnt an Abarth just that the tints arent standard and the fixing for the sideskirts is a bodge. Wheels headrests sideskirts etc are all Abarth. My Abarth has the Scorpion logo on the bonnet in place of the fiat badge and just under the boot lock. But then most fiat are built with what they had to hand at the time or what Mario or Luigi could find in the parts bins so badge differences are minor.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My seicento sporting.

This is my fiat seicento Sporting born with Abarth kit Spec Engine 1.1 8v fire motor Remus rear mufler BHP 54BHP Stock Wheels Summer 7x13 ET14 Smoor Roadster Winter 5.5x13 Cinquecento sporting wheels Tyres Summer tyres 17550-13 Fulda Winter tyres 14570-13 Nokian Suspension FK 7050 still to much 4x4 ICE Blaupunkt Styling Abarth rearspoiler Abarth side skirts Merkur Frontspoiler Merkur frontbumper trim

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Abarth

Hi Everyone I thought Id introduce myself to the forum my names Lewi and Ive just bought my step-son who is 16 his first car. The idea is that we work on it together to get it ready for an MOT. Hopefully if he scrapes his knuckles on it hes less likely to thrash the pants off it in a years time. Well thats my thinking. The car doesnt require that much work for the MOT but I suspect Ill be in here for

wiv abarth bits put on it has sporting seats (sept headrests) and the carbon look dial thing the front and rear bumpers are erly sporting my engine and car excuse the middle of bumper bein cut out....if ur sayin his ent sporting then ur saying mine isent Attached Thumbnails         __________________ Get up your asleep at the wheel   Quote   05-12-2010   21 wil83fiatseicento

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Seats Question

Hi Anyone able to tell me the diffreence between the schumacher sei seats and the normal mk2 seats

I thought the mk1 had a choice of red or blue...did some have an abarth logo on the headrest The mk2 then came out with the grey and black ones - possibly with abarth on the headrests although looking at some pics of the schuey not all have the abrth badge and some standard sei (sportings) dont have the headrests at the back... wondererd what the craic is...would love a set of the abarth schuey ones

the kit and alloys but their badged differently they dont have any badges on the headrests. the mk2 S and SXs have smiler seats but no rear headrests (although Im not 100 percent if the SX has or not) Attached Thumbnails   __________________   Quote   14-05-2009   7 AppleSei RIP L181 VBB   Join Date Feb 2005 Location West Yorks Posts 11494 Thanks 194 Trader Rating 4   Re seicento

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 abarth headrests

Hi all been offered two abarth head rests How much do these go for because im led to believe they are fairly sought after

They are Who by.... & why Its just a headrest with an Abarth logo on it - whoopee do. Definitely getting a faint whiff of heifer faeces from whoever is trying to flog these off at an inflated price. You could just as well buy a headrest with a Ferrari logo on it- it wont make your fiat look like a Ferrari.... or go like one for that matter. Save your money & spend it on something more worthwhile- alcohol women or whatever floats your boat.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento headrests

Hi Does anyone know how to remove the front headrests on a fiat cinquecento 899cc My car seats are bad and I want to put covers on them Please help....

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Rear Seat head restraints for Seicento

Hi Took a punt on an ebay sale for my daughter and she now has a basic 02 seicento with all the ususal stone chips and marks that never show up on the photo but never mind it all seems to work (apart from the handbrake but thats an ongoing issue). Oh yes and only one key With my daughters Polo I went to a scrapyard and upgraded her rear seats to those with head restraints. A very cheap and satisfying

I thought all mpi seicentos (2001 onwards) had rear head restraints but evidently that isnt the case. Keep an eye out for the late model sportingsabarthsschumachers as they will have rear headrests personally I would take the front seats too so they all match plus the sporting seats are more comfortable

The basic MPI S model didnt come with headrests which it appears is what the OP has bought for daughter You dont need to look for a sportingabarthschumi interior exclusively - In MPI form an SX interior is exactly the same (rear headrests present and colours same) barring an abarth logo stitched on the headrests of an abarth or schumi model If you want an SPI interior you will need to look at sportings

If you want to stick with the better split-folding rear seats as found on the MPI cars then the S model (Eclipse Blue cloth) did have rear headrests as an option.... so they are out there somewhere -its just a question of searching scrappiesfleabay etc or maybe someone on here will swap their rear seat section with yours as most people want to ditch their rear headrests. The SX model had headrests

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento rear seats into Cinq help please

Help. I have heard the Cinquecento and seicento rear seats are a direct swap with the lower brackets included i have done a quick search on here but cant find the threads i was looking at a few months ago. I have a chance of doing this either tonight or tomorow night but a quick look seems like the rear top latch locating points are different slightly as the mounting holes in the rear quater panels

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Sei Abarth Headrests (front seats)

Folks Does anyone know if its possible to change the headrests on a Sei MPi sporting Abarth seat The drivers seat headrest is damaged and once Ive located a replacement (anyone have one theyd sell me) Id like to change it. Any ideas - can it be changed Cheers Jon

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  • FIAT SEICENTO SPORTING ABARTH HEADRESTS - Billingham,United Kingdom (0.99 GBP)
  • Fiat Seicento Headrest Centres Blue Chequered Design x2 - Yeovil,United Kingdom (5.00 GBP)

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