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fiat ducato full throttle III 250
fiat ducato full throttle III 250

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FIAT DUCATO 2.8JTD Ducato motorhome engine hesitancy

Hello all. I have recently bought a well maintained ducato Maxi based motorhome which has done 35000 well maintained miles. The vehicle is a 2001 registered 2.8 JTD (M13 spec i.e. no EGR valve) 232 version which is a pre-facelift model. I have an issue which refuses to be found and I am not sure if it is a fault or a trait with these vehicles. I have nothing to compare my wagon with. To describe the

Hi John CS. Yes my wagon is drive-by-wire and it has checked out fine on the diagnostic pc. I saw the results myself. The software declared no errors present and the voltages of the two tracks were rising and falling with the pedal movement max voltage about 4.5v on full throttle. Im not sure what Injection specialist was consulted. All I know that it was in Bristol a firm that the Dealership I am

surging that a passenger has readily noticed. It is not specific to gear or engine speed but one can usually induce it in 4th gear easily between 40 - 50 mph. One can also either open throttle further or release it slightly and the problem goes away. When cold the engine can seem a bit jumpy. Under the warranty that came included with the purchase the wagon has spent a good amount of time with a fiat

and could be fatal. Diesel fuel is also very poisonous and given the astronomically high pressure used in common rail diesel systems accidental ingestion or injection of fuel into the human body can cause death. if in any doubt please refer your vehicle to a specialist. Please chock and make sure the vehicle is in gear with the handbrake full on before venturing underneath remembering that a fiat

FIAT DUCATO Australian Fiat Ducato water ingress unsealed engine and rust

Re Australian fiat ducato water ingress unsealed engine and rust Hi to all the fiat ducato owners across the world . It feels strange yet empowering to be able to communicate from here to so many so far away all at once . As you will have gathered I live in the best country in the world Australia especially if you love the Motor Home experience. Which I do. There is an endless supply of larrikin characters

fans ix ac fan unit 2x hvac controllers 1 x oil level sendor 1x rhs headlight 2x spare wheel carriers 3 x engine idlers and the list is climbing its done 257000kms but most of this happened in the first 85000 fingers crossed it keeps going cheers adam Hi No your not the only one as I have come to find out through sites such as this and word of mouth. Wow you really have had a severely faulty fiat

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2008 Ducato 2.2 100bhp Idle erratic when cold

Can anyone help me. Over last 2 months i have had trouble with the engine dipping on tickover as though it is about to cut out. It has been fiat again first it had new egr valve then problem continued then second time had a software download on ecu and cured it for about a month now its started again so back to fiat and they admitted they have a few doing it and dont know what it is. So are saying

Originally Posted by Andy 418 fiat garage are saying everything is in parameters. Im now wondering if it could be a fuel issue I always fill up at morrisons and after Reading reports on it not good. Trouble is I dont do many miles and notice on there pumps it says there diesel has 7% biodiesel in. Only says in small writing though. Anyway I always keep tank full very rare it goes under half. Van can


Flat spot whilst pressing accelerator When changing up the gears and pressing the accelerator pedal there seams to be a flat spot or the feel as if the engine is about to cut out then the power comes straight back and that happens all through the gears is there anything I can look at theres no management light showing whilst driving my van is a 2ltre hrs swb 2004

Your ducato is drive by wire so the throttle pedal just turns two potentiometers (just the same as volume controls) in a box where the throttle pedal pivots. If you follow the throttle pedal lever youll find it. Make sure the connections are good first of all. There are two potentiometers for safety in case one fails at full throttle position. You should be getting a fault display if one of them is failing bigtime though.

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 2.0ltr petrol lacks power

In December last year I used a pressure washer to wash my van. After washing my van developed a profound misfire and shortly after that stopped running all together. Shortly before Christmas I had the van towed to a garage and it has remained there ever since. During the last four months the van has been fitted with new electrics (coil distributor cap plugs leads etc.) and the carburetor has been stripped

If it dies as soon as the choke flap is opened its a sure sign of a carburetter fuel blockage. I dont know the details of the carb fitted to your van but in general in a bog-standard multi-jet carb closing the choke creates enough suction to draw fuel through the main jet. Idling and slow running is handled by a separate small jet or maybe two jets. The main jet (sometimes called the power jet) doesnt

FIAT DUCATO III 250 06 multijet 2.3 idles strangely as if flap opens

hi I could do with some advice as my 0607 Iveco ducato 120 multijet idles funny it ticks over ok but after 2 mins it makes a noiseengine note goes deep as if a flaps opening or shutting up and you can feel air blowing out of the air intake if you blip[ the throttle it stops the air blowing out of air intake and noise goes. when idleing for another minute it does it again .ie tried blanking the egr

On my old 2007 120mjet I had a slight lack of power under acceleration at aprox 50000 miles then the fuel inj warning light came on my mechanic mate popped his fault code reader thingy on and it was the throttle body the flap had worn out instead of a smooth openshut it was tough nearly seized motion and opened in like stages or a bit at a time so the air flow was either too high or not enough dependent

FIAT DUCATO Starting problem 04 JTD 11

Hi everyone. Been using the forum for many years for solutions to the many problems my van gives me but now Im stumped. Im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Ive got a 2004 ducato 11 2.0 JTD . Ive never had any problems with the engine until about 3 weeks ago. One morning the engine just wouldnt fire. It turns over nice and fast no warnings on the dash just doesnt start.

Thank you all for your help. Im more mobile and managed to plug the laptop in and have confirmed that on turnover the fuel pressure is only reaching 100bar maximum on turnover. The engine spins at full pelt as normal and the readings from multiecuscan indicate no voltage drop and no error codes. If I get the engine started with a little easy start the pressure reading are normal i.e. at 300bar at idle

FIAT DUCATO III 250 X250 3litre 2007 Engine power loss

Hi My 2007 3 litre van keeps popping up an engine light the garage read the codes and it was the throttle control body. This has been replaced. Now I have a new problem. Occasionally the van has no power engine is still running and continues to drive but put your foot down and it very slowly accelerates. Take the van out of gear rev the engine no problem at all quick response to the pedal. Then after

FIAT DUCATO Intermittent Clutch Slip

I have a 2009 Rapido motorhome on a 3 litre ducato 25k miles while down in Spain I thought I felt a bit of clutch slip when climbing if I was in 5th gear at around 50mph. A couple of times it would knock the cruise control off. As we wanted to make sure I got home I changed my driving style using the lower gears more. Never seemed to experience it again all the way home through Spain & France took

I appreciate other things can cause the cruise to dis-engage but this was just one symptom I also noticed the increase in revs briefly when not using the cruise control. This would happen when climbing a moderate hill keeping the throttle pressed would not keep the clutch slipping. Its as if I had briefly lightly pressed the clutch & then let it go while still accelerating. It also took about an hours drivee before I noticed any slip so it seems to get fully warmed up.

FIAT DUCATO 2.8jtd motorhome

hiya guys newbie on board with a problem as usual not into this model but have some knowledge going back 25 years or so. we have power loss on engine at full throttle (heavy foot)has gone into limp home whilst climbing steep hills (diagnostic light on permanent) Diagnostic light flashes intermittantly in service but no power loss using light pedal and slower build up no diagnostic light appears fuel

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