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FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 2.3 - Non-Start Buzzing from Fuel Tank

Hi Currently in Africa had a very cold night (-10) and this morning van will not start. Turns over fine but there is a very loud buzzing from the fuel tank area - presumably the pump or perhaps the filter Maybe weve used some dirty diesel and the filter is blocked or maybe the pump is dead Can anyone offer any advice Thanks

Hi Not sure of the situation in Africa but here in Australia in certain places during winter they change the Diesel fuel delivered to the colder parts of the country because in winter with the normal summer diesel fuel the waxes in the fuel solidify thus blocking the filters as well as being very hard to pump through the fuel system. I have experienced this years ago although in my case it actually

FIAT DUCATO How To Change A Fuel Filter On A 2.8jtd

Hi Just found this site. My motorhome based on a 2004 2.8jtd has now done 16000 miles and i want to change the fuel filter. In the old days of changing a filter on a BMC engine the fuel system had to be bled which could be a pig. Could someone please tell me in simple stages how this is done. Any help would be appreciated. Steve & ann. --------- teensvan.

First make sure the ignition is turned off Remove the air filter housing top. Remove the air filter element itself from the housing - this can be a tight squeeze. Remove the 3 retaining nuts at the bottom of the housing & the 2 x worm clamps from the housing to the snorkel & the engine breather & remove the air filter housing from the engine bay to allow access to the fuel filter. Loosen the 2 bolts

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato Fuel Filter

Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos

I undid mine in the vice too. Put the lid in the vice becvause its stronger than the body then get hold of the body wearing those grippy rubbery gloves to unscrew it. No bleeding necesary as the electric pump in the fuel tank filled it up again as soon as I had refited it and turned the ignition on. The rapid connectors are just like a garage air line where you pull the collar back to release them. There is a special tool but I managed to do it without.

FIAT DUCATO Fuel Filter Leaks

I have a Rapido 790 on a ducato 2.3. mjet..2009 model at 8000mls... have had 3 breakdowns with fuel filter leaks...these leaks are very heavy with severe loss of fuel and no loss of power..latest leak this morning after i left it at garage for 1st M.O.T...veh. has been SORN.d for 3 month and has only done 50 mls since AA fitted last filterseal..any help please..nobody seems to have a answer for this problem.. truckman7

I have a ducato 120 multi jet and Ive had the same problem Stripped the assembly completely and re tried. Problem stopped (for now) I couldnt see where the half tank of diesel had leaked from.

FIAT DUCATO I 290 Fuel System 2.5d Sofim 1990

Hi My first post so hello all I recently purchased a motorhome on a 2.5 d ducato base. Very good service history etc. Never failed a m.o.t. Accept I noticed at speed on motorways sudden engine cuts out - probabl fuel I thought. Under the bonnet I noticed the fuel filter had been completley bypassed Sent it into fiat who serviced it made the same comment but didnt know how to proceed. Suggested I

Hello I have the 2.5tdi Sofim 1991. I dont know why your fuel filter would have been by-passed but The sequence on mine from memory is as your second option tank----lift pump-----filter----injector pump I cant check at the moment because I am away from it. There are fuel flow arrows on the filter top housing on mine. If you also have them it may help you a bit. Good luck with it. Phil

Thanks for that Phillip. In the end I went for tank--lift pump--filter----injection pump and so far fingers crossed my problems seem to have gone away

FIAT DUCATO 2004 (53) Ducato 11 2.0JTD Fuel Pump Problems

Hi guys......newbie needs some fiat guidance if I can please. My fiat ducato started running on after killing the ignition a few days ago and today will not start thinking that the problem was linked I started digging I found out that fuel pump or fuel pump relay problems are common on the ducato - I took the air filter pipe off and sprayed ez start straight into the inlet - she started to turn over

FIAT DUCATO 2.8 manual fuel system bleeding how

The fiat forum bus is broke it had water in fuel filter light on but still ran i drained it out but then it wouldnt start think air got in an self bleeding system isnt working. the wires on the bottom of the drain plug have snapped off but i am told this wont stop it starting how do i bleed from injector pipes. tried loosing them one at a time turn over no bubbles just fuel do back up then same for

Attached is a diagram from the iveco manual for bleeding the fuel system on the 2.8 non CDR engines with explanation included but the location of some of the components would be different on the fiat . I would remove the fuel filter again & fill it nearly to the top as practical without spillage on reinstallation with clean diesel then reinstall it. Then follow the steps as per the attached diagram

FIAT DUCATO II ducato 94 fuel & batterey probs

I have a 94 ducato hymer motorhome. We have constant problems with fuel as the is a fuel filter near or in the fuel tank which blocks. There also appears to be a prob with older moldels were mould grows in fuel tank thus bloking filter. Anyone any ideas without haveing to get a new tank. Also have problem with starting batery is fully charged but wont start at times any previous had earth prob which

FIAT DUCATO II 2003 2.8JTD Cuts Out When Tank is 12 Full

Hello all Been hovering around the forum for a little while but thought it was time to join as it is a mine of knowledge I was hoping someone will be able to help me with this problem... My 2003 ducato 2.8JTD Rohill Minibus was intermittently cutting out with the red injector light coming on. When the AA chap came out he read a fault code of P0191 (Low Pressure in the Common Rail). I wired an LED to

Im not familiar with the set-up so forgive me for taking a stab at it (and if youve already thought of this) Is it a submersible pump hanging on the cable and delivery tube If so is it actually in the bottom of the tank Or is the pump part of the fuel level sender assembly and the suction pipe hangs down into the bottom of the tank If so I would expect there to be a weight of some sort on the end of the suction tube to keep it down maybe a coarse filter has this come off

Assuming there isnt a restriction in your fuel filter (you did replace it didnt you) the next pressure regulator up the line is on the high pressure fuel pump. Ive got no idea if it is adjustable or repairable or if a new HP pump is the only cure. It still fits my theory of the diesel warming up due to the hot returned diesel lowering the viscosity of the fuel. Maybe a good set of MultuECUscan results will show up the rail pressure varying.

FIAT DUCATO ducato fuel starting problems

Help changed fuel filter & now cant get rid of air in the fuel. It is a 1999 ducato. Also the cold start light doesnt appear on the dash. is there an electric fuel pump connected to cold start lelay. Any help would be great. Jwa

hi im am not new to deiselsi am a H.G.V. teck but i reciently got stuffed in a deal with a MAREA td100i intend to keep this as it is ideal to use for sea fishingi have changed the cam -beltoilfuelair filters. to get the motor running i put the fuel system on a 1 gallon can it ran with only the smallest derv knok i then changed the fuel filter (what a mess)full of red and slurrynext came the AIR filter

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 2.8jtd fuel problem

I have a problem with my van and just cannot get my head around it it all started today when i took the low pressure fuel pump out ( pump in tank ) for a good old clean as it was whirring quite loud sure enough there was loads of crap in the pump i used some fresh diesel to swirl around the pump and tip it back out i also blew down the two nozzles on top to make sure all the crap got out. Put the pump

As you have had the pump out of the tank I would suggest you first check to see if that is pumping just remove the inlet pipe of the filter housing and get someone to turn the ignition on whilst you hold a can or something under the filter pipe. if fuel spurts out the pump is ok if not check the pump and its electrical feed.

If the pump is full of crap then the filter is full of crap and the tank is full of crap strip it all out from the filter back and clean and dry meticulously . Do not reuse the diesel in the filter you need to be absolutely meticulous clean with changing the filter Is your tank rusty Aside from water resuspension of particles in the filter is the main cause of premature failure in common rail httpwww.afssociety.orgspring2011...egan-paper.pdf

tank is clean no rust nothing. pump is clean and is running fine. took filter out for now since i cant get anywhere to get the filter atm going to try bypass the filter with a piece of pipe and some clips just to check air isnt getting in through there.


Hi Newbie here Looking to do a service on my 2.8 JTD Camper. When changing the fuel filter is there a sequence to bleed it Also is it just a case of removing the oil filter draining the oil (when warm) & putting the new filter on Any special tools needed to undo the sump plug Thanks

Originally Posted by Riviera181 Hi Newbie here Looking to do a service on my 2.8 JTD Camper. When changing the fuel filter is there a sequence to bleed it Also is it just a case of removing the oil filter draining the oil (when warm) & putting the new filter on Any special tools needed to undo the sump plug Thanks After youve changed it you turn the key to the first position which starts the lift pump

FIAT DUCATO Fuel Gauge Sender Access

Is there an access plate in the cab to get to the tank sender and if so where is it I have looked underneath and cant see anything obvious. My cab is motorhome and all carpeted etc. in thick luxury so a good starting point to look would be good. Oh its a 2006 2.8 and actually a Peugeot Boxer but ..........hey Thanks in advance. Harvey

Originally Posted by ingram Australia do you pay road fuel tax on the diesel from the service station or like New Zealand do you get it tax free and then pay a mileage charge ( I cant spell killometerage ) As far as I am aware it is a fuel tax - full stop. The heating fuel oil market is practically non-existent here. Primary producers (and others) get tax rebates etc. for their on-farm diesel

FIAT DUCATO Fuel starvation

Hello People. Suffering from fuel starvation on my van. Put new filter on etc. Can you tell me if it has a lift pump or is the pump in the tank also would the pump have a filter in it before it goes to the filter on the bulk head. Model is 2.8 itdt. Thanks in anticipation Allan

easiest way is to disconnect the feed to fuel filter & turn ignition on for 2-3 seconds fuel should come out. This does not indicate the correct pressure however.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2008 Ducato 2.2 100bhp Idle erratic when cold

Can anyone help me. Over last 2 months i have had trouble with the engine dipping on tickover as though it is about to cut out. It has been fiat again first it had new egr valve then problem continued then second time had a software download on ecu and cured it for about a month now its started again so back to fiat and they admitted they have a few doing it and dont know what it is. So are saying

Originally Posted by T14086 correct no code means nothing to go on but a trained tech should be full of potential areas of thois kind of fault. Just by monitoring the parameters at cold start up should identify the fault area. fiat garage are saying everything is in parameters. Im now wondering if it could be a fuel issue I always fill up at morrisons and after Reading reports on it not good. Trouble

Originally Posted by Andy 418 fiat garage are saying everything is in parameters. Im now wondering if it could be a fuel issue I always fill up at morrisons and after Reading reports on it not good. Trouble is I dont do many miles and notice on there pumps it says there diesel has 7% biodiesel in. Only says in small writing though. Anyway I always keep tank full very rare it goes under half. Van can

Originally Posted by corkman The fords seem to be using delphi injectors but from the fiat parts catalogue it looks like the fiat is using bosch I left the van previous day so it would be cold when they tested it next day. Oil was changed at service last may and has only done 6000 on it. I changed it myself last week because I know garages can just put in whatever they have in the barrels they buy.

FIAT DUCATO I 280 Help.. new to diesel 89 2.5TD Fiat Duc Motorhome oil leak and other Qs..

Hi all I have just joined today I am new to owning a Diesel so bear with me right I have a 1989 fiat ducato 2.5 TD Hymer Motorhome. it has done 57000 ive not had it long originally German so it is LHD. I have the Russek manual which i dont find very useful ubnlike the Haynes ones but hey. I changed the air filter and oil filter and put new oil in ( didnt flush it out though) I noticed before there

Mark I am no expert on diesels but I will try to offer some assistance. Yes I would either give the dirty area of the engine a steam clean or if funds are tight buy a tin of Gunk and get the thick of the grunge off. this will help to see where the leak is. Water in fuel is generally down to water in the fuel filter so a change of filter and clean the inside of the filter housing. No idea of how to

FIAT DUCATO no start gasoline engine

hello thank you in advance for any help you guys can give. i have a 96ish 9 passanger van with a 4cyl fuel inj gasser in it. it quite running and will not start i can get it to fire with a touch of starting fluid so i think it a fuel delivery prob. i can not hear the fuel pump running the fuse is good and the collision fuel shut off has been checked this much i know. any wiring diagrams out there to

Not familiar with that one seems to be a car engine. The pertol ducatos here were worthless and scrapped or converted to diesel. Check for 12v at the pump if you have that take off the fuel line from the pump if you have fuel but low pressure check the filter in the tank. If filter looks ok probably the pump. The tank pump is fiat part number 7688480 but its about 300 quid not worth it. Bosch numbers

FIAT DUCATO Fiat ducato 1.9TD no power to lift pump

Hi all any help appreciated with this. Ive recently purchased a fiat ducato 2001 1.9TD based motorhome. Problem is its had its immobiliser bypassed by removing the receptor on the fuel pump in the engine bay. It was taking a while to start when we bought it usually 3rd turn but thought it just needed a service etc. So not sure if this has anything to do with the current problem which is there is no

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2.8JTD starting problem

Hi Can anyone help with an intermittent starting fault on a 2002 ducato 2.8jtd. This vehicle has had a fault for 18 months it cranks but wont fire. Starting fluid ether etc will allow it to start but only use it as a last resort. Cranking speed is about 270 rpm expected fuel pressure is 300 Mpa actual pressure varies from 60 to 100 Mpa. These figures are as recorded on various scanners (Bosch KTS fiat

FIAT DUCATO Injector Light BlinksLoss of Power

Hi to All Help required Please I have read so many threads on possible solutions that I am now totally confused so I am hoping that some Member might put me on the right track. I own a 2003 fiat ducato Motorhome 2.8jtd. Everything fine until on our way back from UK last November when all of a sudden the fuel Injector Light would Blink and would lose power for a few seconds then back to normal. this

FIAT DUCATO Hill Trouble

Hi All I wonder if anybody could give me some advise I have a motorhome with a fiat ducato 2.8 TD 2001 plate Chassis number ZFA230000 I purchased the motor two years ago when I first went on holiday down to Cornwall I had trouble going up some hills a couple of time I had to go down into first gear it got that bad I had 18 wheelers over taking me I took it back to the garage and they could not find

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 160 multijet maxi

Hi Ya Folks I need a a lot of info i think I have a fiat ducato 160 multijet maxi 2007(57) plate about 2 years ago the engine management warning light came on and was told by filling up a couple of times this would solve the problem as it may be water in the fuel(Problem solved it worked) warning light back on but this time have fueled up a couple of times and light still on with another problem the

I cant see how filling the tank would get rid of the problem of water in the fuel. Water and fuel dont mix and since the fuel is less dense any water will collect at the bottom of the tank. Once there its going to stay there until the tank is drained and if the water level reaches the pickup pipe itll get into the fuel system which will do the HP pump no good at all. Im not familiar with the system

FIAT DUCATO Mysterious MIL Lamp lighting up

Hi everybody New problem if any body can help with this one 2005 fiat ducato maxi lwb 2.8jtd (iveco engine 8140) 100k The Mil lamp comes on if you ask the van to drive at reasonable speed then it seems to go down on power till you reset the lamp. Only problem is there is no fault code stored in the module for the reader to read Any body had the same problem or know a cure for it It was doing this

wires look good the van runs ok all day at 60mph and up to 3000 revs but if you dare to push down on the throttle pedal to ask it to overtake the engine light comes on it keeps running but if you stop it to try n reset the light it will not start straight away as previously mentioned it seems it needs 20 to 30 secs to do something. Seems fuel related but no idea where to start as it seems these ducatos

FIAT DUCATO II 2004 2.8 liter ducato motorhome will not start

Hello folks wondering if someone could help out a couple we have here in the U.S. from Germany with there motorhome. We are in the process of aquiring a diagnostic interface cable to work with the multiecuscan software our customer has downloaded. I believe the correct interface is the kkl cable If someone could verify that it would be appreciated or maybe even a link to the correct one for purchase

Heres a update on the no start we recieved and examiner scan tool from fiat and found 80 bar on the fuel rail pressure sensor while cranking or just key on(did not change). So to eliminate the rail sensor as a culprit I got some resistors and found some to jump the 5 volt supply and the return wires and it read 1250 bar and tried cranking it but it still did not start.In the meantime the customer

Originally Posted by adlarplant dirty fuel is the fault of many problems glad to see u found the problem for the small extra cost i always replace the fuel filter at every service to try and negate this sort of problem cheers adam You are right there is a large study that concluded resuspension of particles in the filter due to vibration and movement was the main issue in reduced injector life outside

FIAT DUCATO Water in diesel warning light

Ive just started up my van (ducato 120 multijet) and while engine running the Water in diesel fuel filter warning light stayed on. What do I need to do to sort it out The van is a 2009

You do not need to take the filter apart. Any space in the fuel tank above the fuel level will be air. This will contain moisture as does the air around us. When the temperature is cold the moisture condenses on the sides of the tank and drains down into the fuel. The fuel rises above the water so some water is drawn forward to the filter which is designed to separate it out. When the water volume

FIAT DUCATO 2003 Ducato 11 2.0jtd Cutting out issues

Hello everyone i hope you can help. My ducato 2.0jtd had a cam belt done when i got it back the belt was noisy i questioned it and i was told this should go when belt stretches if not bring back so i did and the manufacturer has agreed to change the whole kit free of charge But 2 days after the belt change no1 the van started to cut out whilst sitting at 60mph (2500rpm) eml on and stall. Once stopped

FIAT DUCATO 2.8JTD engine cuts out

Hi I need help with a 2002 ducato 2.8JTD. Engine dies intermittently hotcold after a few hundy ks or 2-3 times in as many ks. We have replaced rail pressure sensor pressure reg tank pumpgauge unit. DTC P0191 Diesel Pressure Test is the only code up. The other day the injection light came up and fuel gauge dropped (a few days after tank unit was replaced) so checked wiring. Thought fault was in the

FIAT DUCATO II 2001 Ducato 2.8D No Accelaration

I have got a fiat ducato Year 2001 2.8D and it was sitting for 3 years. When I parked it the engine was fine. When I tried to start it yesterday the battery was turning the engine but it wouldnt fire. After a long day I managed to fire the engine but the acceleration is not working at all. I tried turning manually the accelerator (where the fuel pedal is connected) but it doesnt rise any engine rpms.

Originally Posted by andreascy25 Hi Moodtrater Thanks for the reply and as I can see all your sayings seem to be right and reasonable. I would like to define me with some details in some of your sayings 1. Oil light coming on and going off as expected . Yes the oil indicator lamp goes on when you turn the key just before starting the engine and then goes off when the engine runs. 2. Oil pump may have

FIAT DUCATO II 2001 1.9tdi ducato starting problems.

Hi all I was having an off day and drove straight past the petrol station this morning and ran out of fuel. I didnt try to restart it when it conked out until I had put some fuel back in it but it wouldnt restart. The recovery guy came out and after allot of messing around it still would not start. He cracked off the nuts of each injector and got fuel through but when it gets to the pump nothing happens.

if this is the peugot d turbo engine as fitted to early ducatos relays boxers then yes it will have a hand grenade type primer before the pump and bleed screw on either a bosch or lucas injection pump lucas pumps are sheeeeiite and feel rough acceleration and arnt as reliable bosch pumps are uber reliable no comparison in quality just water and dirty fuel that can wreck them over pumps

FIAT DUCATO New to Forum need your expertise.

Hi just like to introduce myself new to forum and need your help.I recently bought a 2004 2ltr JTD ducato swb diesel van. What a joy to drive everything in perfect working order oh forgot to say the service indicator was showing but I never bothered investigating it as I was going to get it serviced at some time but not yet. However driving home last week and without any warning the red engine light

Originally Posted by FreeSpirit Just an update I found while looking at the ECU Pinouts & descriptions - fuel temperature sensor fuel temperature sensor (1) incorporated in the fuel filter detects fuel temperature and sends it to the electronic control unit. When fuel temperature is excessive (outdoor environmental temperature condition engine under full load and tank on reserve) effective high pressure pump lubrication can no longer be guaranteed. The control unit determines fuel density and volume on the basis of input values and corrects output to limit engine performance. Maybe this could be a possible fault -if the fuel Temp sensor which is located on the fuel filter is faulty & whether this would enable the Injection light & produce your symptoms Hi FreeSpirit Thanks for the response as you say I have confirmed that the service interval indicator would not cause the engine to go into limp mode I will bear your remarks in mind as I also think it could be fuel related. The only thing that mystifies me is that when I topped the engine oil level up the light went out and the engine ran ok for a while. Still I have resorted to booking the van in with fiat I just hope they dont stuff me. Many Regards. Mick thanks again.

FIAT DUCATO 2.8 JTD on 55 plate what MPG

Hello I have just bought a ducato 2.8 JTD Maxi van on a 55 plate with 37000 miles. It replaces a 2.8 JTD Maxi van on an 02 plate with 150000 miles. The old van when first bought (50000 miles) returned 31mpg on a mixture of long distance town UKFrance driving this was a mixture of half to full load. At the time it was sold it returned 28 mpg The new van pulls a little more strongly in a mixture of condions

FIAT DUCATO 2.8jtd injector warning light

hi all got a motorhome with 2.8 jtd engine on a 56 plate mileage 20k runs well but came back from 200ml fast run few wks ago and when i went to drive it again wouldt start. engine turns really fast but injector warning light is on. tested all fuses ok disconected and reconected elec plugs on injectors disconected batt lead 10 mins even changed fuel filter still no joy help please and save me from dreaded fiat mdealers bri.

Just some basic checks that might help - mainly point 1. Turn the key ON and check that the initial check on the MIL and CODE warning lights takes place. Then check 1.if the inertia switch has cut in - reset inertia switch . 2.presence of fuel in the tank - feed pump located in the fuel tank is operating - The tank pump will go off after 30 seconds. 3.air intake circuit - check condition of air filter

FIAT DUCATO Koniki - Fiat Ducato engine problem

I have a constant engine fault with a fiat ducato engine on a swift kontiki camper van. This is the problem Home > Autos - Cars > fiat > Swift Kotiki lo... Post 1 of 1 Topic 1097 of 1097 Swift Kotiki losing power and missing like mad by veasey <> Jul 2 2004 at 0536 AM My father has a swift Kontiki that for the last year we have had constant engine trouble. we

It would help if you would explain the problem most of your post has come out as hieroglyphics You dont say how old the van is either but it sounds to me like fuel starvation and has apparently the symptoms of a blocked fuel filter. I suffered this in a Nissan many years ago where it would cruise ok but not go really fast then lose all power when more fuel is demanded for instance going up hills or

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2.8JTD Code Problem No 3pin plug

Hello everyone. I have a 2002 ducato 2.8 JTD . The battery went flat over xmas and once charged up the code light came on. I have read everything on this forum but to no avail. We have tried Flashing the Battery terminals Pos and Neg. Rewiring the plugs on the high pressure pump. We can not find any 3 pin connectors on the pump just two 2 pin plugs. The pump in the tank is working and we have fuel

FIAT DUCATO fiat ducato 2.5td -glowplug

I have a problem with starting my 1991 2.5 turbo diesel motorhome it turns over on turning the key but it wont start -wiring has been checked out -ok -could be the glowplug -it has only ONE-does anyone know about these glowplugs -been told it is a special one & could cost 75.00-surely this is not right It had been starting fine until recently -only had a problem sometimes if we stopped on a journey

Definitely not the plug in this weather as you mention it not starting after fueling Id check the fuel tank for sludge varnish water check the tank strainer to see if its blocked then check the fuel filter. Are you sure its turning over fast enough. The starter and or battery may be getting tired too.

FIAT DUCATO hard starting ducato

Hii Have A 03 2.3 Jtd 15 ducato Is Fitted With The Common Rail Diesel Engine.lately It Has Been Hard To Start When Cold And Will Not Start When Hot .when Hot You Can Spin Starter For 10 Mins And It Still Wont Warning Lights On Dashand Glow Plugs fuel filter Have Been Checked.tank Pump Can Be Heard Primeing......any Ideas.

FIAT DUCATO No diesel after 2.8d engine swap

just finished swapping the engine on a 2001 2.8 ducato but it will not start no diesel is coming through to the filter although the tank is half full the code light is operating normally and Ive checked the emergency cut off switch . Any idea of what it could be or what I need to do to rectify it would be greatly received the fuel pump is the one that came on the replacement engine is this fitted with an immobiliser related to the key and do i need to fit the original fuel pump Graham

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