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FIAT DUCATO 2.8 manual fuel system bleeding how

The fiat forum bus is broke it had water in fuel filter light on but still ran i drained it out but then it wouldnt start think air got in an self bleeding system isnt working. the wires on the bottom of the drain plug have snapped off but i am told this wont stop it starting how do i bleed from injector pipes. tried loosing them one at a time turn over no bubbles just fuel do back up then same for

Attached is a diagram from the iveco manual for bleeding the fuel system on the 2.8 non CDR engines with explanation included but the location of some of the components would be different on the fiat . I would remove the fuel filter again & fill it nearly to the top as practical without spillage on reinstallation with clean diesel then reinstall it. Then follow the steps as per the attached diagram

if all the wires broke off the bottom of filter drain plug would it prevent it starting

Originally Posted by dave if all the wires broke off the bottom of filter drain plug would it prevent it starting Hi Dave I would think not as the two wires are for the water sensor on the bottom of the filter. Our 2.8 JTD was brought new with a recall less than a month later to recify the missing wiring harness (or not connected plugs) for the water sensor & the obviously non working water in fuel

all working now thanks for the help

FIAT DUCATO I 290 Fuel System 2.5d Sofim 1990

Hi My first post so hello all I recently purchased a motorhome on a 2.5 d ducato base. Very good service history etc. Never failed a m.o.t. Accept I noticed at speed on motorways sudden engine cuts out - probabl fuel I thought. Under the bonnet I noticed the fuel filter had been completley bypassed Sent it into fiat who serviced it made the same comment but didnt know how to proceed. Suggested I

Hello I have the 2.5tdi Sofim 1991. I dont know why your fuel filter would have been by-passed but The sequence on mine from memory is as your second option tank----lift pump-----filter----injector pump I cant check at the moment because I am away from it. There are fuel flow arrows on the filter top housing on mine. If you also have them it may help you a bit. Good luck with it. Phil

Thanks for that Phillip. In the end I went for tank--lift pump--filter----injection pump and so far fingers crossed my problems seem to have gone away

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FIAT DUCATO Fuel gauge system.

Hello All 2000 ducato 14 2.8itd motorhome. I have a problem with the fuel gauge system. The indication is erratic fuel levels below 34 full. I have replaced the sender unit and this has not made any difference. I believe that the gauge is ok and is reflecting the input to it. Can anyone help or advise please as Im getting fed up with looking to filling up after 200 miles. Its ok in UK but gets a little stressful elswhere

i have a 2001 2.8jtd hymer b754 i have exactly the same problem with the fuel gauge. something i will be looking into soon with a mechanic friend. it will read from having 34 full to the fuel light coming on.... like you say clock watching on the km to know when to fill up is silly. will post a reply when i find a solution assuming we do -)

FIAT DUCATO II fiat ducato 1996 fuel pump fuse or relay

Hi guys I have a 1996 fiat ducato 10 (just a white van) and i was thinking of changing the fuel filter. but i can seem to find where the fuel pump relay or fuse is (so i can relive the pressure in the system). it doesnt seem to be any of the fuses in the glove box compartment but there are 2 more under the hood. and then a bunch of relays when i remove the dashboard. Any help would be great Cheers

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato 2007 fuel gauge

I lost my keys for my ducato 100 multijet (ford engine) and was quoted to death to have locks changedre-coded ecu .(as keys were lost near home). So I went for the option of replacing with used parts from a van breaker. I had to replace ignitionecufusebox all works fine now plip opening starts etc but the fuel gauge does not work and the warning lamp flashs constantly any ideas chaps does it need a

Ive found a wiring diagram which shows the system I hope its of help. Couldnt find a key but I figure that its something like this. CAOO - Ignition B511 - ECU 1211 - Tank sender unit and pump assembly 0004 - Dash gauges fuel gauge Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance   

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2.3JTD fuel filter leak advice needed....

My 2005 ducato 2.3JTD has just sprung a leak from the fuel filter housing it appears to be a hairline crack at the point where the lower bowl is flared for the pipe entry. Two questions really First how many other fiat Alfa vehicles (or any other makes) use the same components (marked UFI Filters This might improve my chances of finding a like-for-like replacement on a vehicle being broken

FIAT DUCATO Air in fuel

Hi I have a 1994 fiat ducato 1.9td with a strange problem it wont maintain fuel pressure. I am using a hand primer because I cannot find any sign of a primer on the lift pump or the filter housing. When I do get the bleed hole full with the hand primer the system loses pressure over a few hours. Have checked for leaks using the propane and carb cleaner method and found nothing. Could it be a lift

Hi Mikeythanks for the reply I was beginning to give up hope of an answer. Its a strange problemusing a hand pump I tested the low pressure side up to the pump by capping off the supply pipe and it has no leaks but when I reconnect the pipe to the injector pump and pumped the hand pump again there is air in the system. It seems to be sucking air from the high pressure side which I didnt think possible.

FIAT DUCATO II 2.8 Jtd 2001 Fuel injection control lamp constantly lit

Ok I have been searching the net for clues regarding this and found several. However my problem remains. It all started in the beginning of march some weeks after having bought the Hymer Swing... While driving on a short 5-day holiday I noticed on the first day that the red injection lamp was lit. I did not notice any power loss nor any increase in fuel consumption. The light remained constantly lit

I have succeeded to attach a photo of the mentioned fuse block. On the photo the the melted fuse terminal is already removed but the below description hopefully can help. The fuses from front ant backwards are 40A 40A 60A 30A 50A REMOVED MELTED FUSE 2A Btw the two red terminated cables are the ones that were connected to the melted fuse holder Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

Hi. Just wondering if this is an added on fuse box tow baralarm system maybe. If all the electrical bits are working it must belong tosomething that has been removed.

update Today I decided to replace the incinerated fuse and fuse holder. I installed a 10A fuse and well nothing happened. Fuse is not burnt so far and injector light is still on. All injector cables have been re-fitted and there is no significant tension on anyone of them. Injector light is still on. About added equipment Yes a Tow bar is installed as well as an alarm system. Small fuses could be servicing

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2010 Ducato 3 Litre Engine Larger Fuel Tank Upgrade

I have just had my standard 85 litre ducato fuel tank replaced with the larger 125 litre optional tank. Replacement went well at the dealers but I have noticed that the trip meter and fuel gauge bahave as if it still has the 85 litre tank. Discussed it with the machanics involved and they say that the sending unit on the tank and the intrument cluster are the same part number for both tanks and this

Hi Corkman I passed on your comments re a bent float hanger to the mechanic at the local fiat dealer who advised me that I should put two tankfulls of fuel through it and it would recalibrate the system and the fuel gauge reading would correct itself. This does not sound logical to me what do you think I drained 80 odd litres out of the 125 litre tank and after draining the first 30 litres out the

FIAT DUCATO ducato fuel starting problems

Help changed fuel filter & now cant get rid of air in the fuel. It is a 1999 ducato. Also the cold start light doesnt appear on the dash. is there an electric fuel pump connected to cold start lelay. Any help would be great. Jwa

hi im am not new to deiselsi am a H.G.V. teck but i reciently got stuffed in a deal with a MAREA td100i intend to keep this as it is ideal to use for sea fishingi have changed the cam -beltoilfuelair filters. to get the motor running i put the fuel system on a 1 gallon can it ran with only the smallest derv knok i then changed the fuel filter (what a mess)full of red and slurrynext came the AIR filter

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 2.3 - Non-Start Buzzing from Fuel Tank

Hi Currently in Africa had a very cold night (-10) and this morning van will not start. Turns over fine but there is a very loud buzzing from the fuel tank area - presumably the pump or perhaps the filter Maybe weve used some dirty diesel and the filter is blocked or maybe the pump is dead Can anyone offer any advice Thanks

Hi Not sure of the situation in Africa but here in Australia in certain places during winter they change the Diesel fuel delivered to the colder parts of the country because in winter with the normal summer diesel fuel the waxes in the fuel solidify thus blocking the filters as well as being very hard to pump through the fuel system. I have experienced this years ago although in my case it actually

FIAT DUCATO Second fuel outlet for a webasto heater

I have recently arrived in Australia from the UK and have purchased a new ducato 180 (euro 5) Motorhome. I am installing a webasto heating system and seeking help on the easiest way to obtain a fuel supply for the webasto. The tank appears to be plastic and the existing low area supplying the engine fuel and breather pipes does not have any spare space for a second stand pipe. I am doubtful if dropping(removing)

Hi On my 2.8JTD I installed a second stand tube. The top of the fuel tank was accessible through the cab floor. I have heard that others have put in a T piece in the fuel inlet side of the fuel supply loop that supplies the injector system. I suggest you ask your question on a motorhome forum such as one of the UK ones or I strongly recommend you not use a second tank. Stale fuel fora growth in the fuel will inevitably cause failures.

Originally Posted by PeterM Hi On my 2.8JTD I installed a second stand tube. The top of the fuel tank was accessible through the cab floor. I have heard that others have put in a T piece in the fuel inlet side of the fuel supply loop that supplies the injector system. I suggest you ask your question on a motorhome forum such as one of the UK ones or I strongly recommend you not

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 2.8jtd fuel problem

I have a problem with my van and just cannot get my head around it it all started today when i took the low pressure fuel pump out ( pump in tank ) for a good old clean as it was whirring quite loud sure enough there was loads of crap in the pump i used some fresh diesel to swirl around the pump and tip it back out i also blew down the two nozzles on top to make sure all the crap got out. Put the pump

The fuel system is self-bleeding. Turn the ignition on but do not start the engine. Listen carefully near the fuel tank and hear the pump circulating fuel. Wait until the sound is steady with no gurgling and air sounds. Then start the engine. Good luck.

Id be guessing something to do with the pressure regulator on the high pressure pump possible due to dirtdebris in the pump. Could be a lot of things though rail pressure sensor third piston deactivation solenoid sticking injector wiring cam sensor sensor gap. Diagnostic will narrow things down. One thing you can do is disconnect the rail pressure sensor the ecu will then default to a predetermined

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Fuel Pump

Hi all This is my first post to this Forum hope someone can be of help. I have a 2004 ducato 2.8jtd Motorhome (bought from new) which has done 62k kms. Just had it in for its 1st MoT and annual service the garage reckons theres a slight leak around the diesel fuel pump which they reckon will need replacing. They reckon the cost of this will be about 6-700 quid. Contacted the dealer we bought this thru

Brian I would suggest that you take the vehicle to a reputable diesel injection system specialist rarther than the fiat agent these people would be able to identify the source of the leak and hopefully recommend a more cost effective solution. I did this will my old diesel VW transporter and received excellant service. Beekay


I have a 1995 ducato based mhoime. Does it have an EGR valve fitted to the exhaust manifold and if so can it be blanked to increase powereconomy. Would a mOD like this affect emmissions. I think LR Discovery 200300 TDiand ford Transit are well know for this MOD. Thanks

Originally Posted by mhman I have a 1995 ducato based mhoime. Does it have an EGR valve fitted to the exhaust manifold and if so can it be blanked to increase powereconomy. Would a mOD like this affect emmissions. I think LR Discovery 200300 TDiand ford Transit are well know for this MOD. Thanks The egr if fitted is at the righthand side of the intake manifold you will see it immediately if you lift

FIAT DUCATO How To Change A Fuel Filter On A 2.8jtd

Hi Just found this site. My motorhome based on a 2004 2.8jtd has now done 16000 miles and i want to change the fuel filter. In the old days of changing a filter on a BMC engine the fuel system had to be bled which could be a pig. Could someone please tell me in simple stages how this is done. Any help would be appreciated. Steve & ann. --------- teensvan.

First make sure the ignition is turned off Remove the air filter housing top. Remove the air filter element itself from the housing - this can be a tight squeeze. Remove the 3 retaining nuts at the bottom of the housing & the 2 x worm clamps from the housing to the snorkel & the engine breather & remove the air filter housing from the engine bay to allow access to the fuel filter. Loosen the 2 bolts

Hi When I wrote that guide it was the first time I had changed the filter & didnt have a container of fresh clean diesel handy at the time but as there does not seem to be a way for me to edit or add to any of my threadsposts once posted on the FF (unlike other forums) I cannot revise it. But I agree with moodrater I would change it to read - use fresh clean diesel to fill the new filter bearing in mind the very fine tolerances that are used in CRD injection systems. Cheers

FIAT DUCATO 28 idTD fuel injection please help

hi i got problem with fuel leak... the fuel injection pump looses fuel i want to repair it with my friend he is automechanick. he need to know the manufacturer of the fuel injection pump and if it is possible some kind of service manual. i was looking for it in eper but found only part number which is subcategory 1022601 - fuel INJECTION system (Tab14) compatibility M4 M5 M6 M8 M9 AC14 - ROTARY INJECTION

and could be fatal. Diesel fuel is also very poisonous and given the astronomically high pressure used in common rail diesel systems accidental ingestion or injection of fuel into the human body can cause death. if in any doubt please refer your vehicle to a specialist. Please chock and make sure the vehicle is in gear with the handbrake full on before venturing underneath remembering that a fiat

FIAT DUCATO Immobiliser problem on Ducato motorhome

Hi I have a 1999 Hymer motorhome based on the 2.8 TD fiat ducato. The immobiliser has decided not to recognise the ignition key and at the moment its stuck on my driveway.Ive tried the both the slave and master keys and the engine cranks but wont fire and the CODE warning light on the dashboard stays on. Ive had a word with my mechanic and hes asked if anyone knows if theres a diagnostic socket on

difference to changing the battery I may have done something else Im not aware of a sequence of all those things that has buggered it up but it seems a bit crazy to me. I put a pic of the ID plate up dont know if thats the chassis number though.. Really appreciate your help so far I hope I can return the favour sometime. Dan Attached Thumbnails           __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO II 05 fiat ducato common rail

engine turns over fuel getting to injectors but wont start offers with aerostart

You can only bleed the low pressure supply side as the common rail systems operate at such a high pressure it is dangerous to touch the high pressure side. Here is a post on how to bleed the fuel system after changing the fuel filter. I would assume the 2.0JTD would be the same My article on changing the fuel filter can be found here-

FIAT DUCATO Understanding all the model varieants

Hi all Im reading on here about X250 ....thought that was in a Gerry Anderson TV show. Anyway does anyone out there have a definitive list on all the model variants what X250 or any of the other numbers actually refer.. For example I have a ducato 2003 (which I believe is the facelift model) Motorhome with the 2.8JTD engine No doubt this question has been asked before I have done a search but cannot locate Your assistance would be much appreciated

This is my understanding of the evolution of diesel ducatos First generation fiat ducato ran from 1981 to 1993. In diesel format it was mainly 2.5 (non-turbo) or 2.5 TD. Second generation ducato two sub-types pre and post facelift Type X230 (pre-facelift) was made from 1994 to 2002. The gearbox was modified at about (but not exactly) the same time as the model facelift came there are just

Originally Posted by BGD This is my understanding of the evolution of diesel ducatos First generation fiat ducato ran from 1981 to 1993. In diesel format it was mainly 2.5 (non-turbo) or 2.5 TD. Second generation ducato two sub-types pre and post facelift Type X230 (pre-facelift) was made from 1994 to 2002. The gearbox was modified at about (but not exactly) the same time as the model facelift came


I have a fiat ducato kon tiki motorhome. its a 2.5td on a 1996 n reg. last year the cam belt snapped and a friend rebuilt the engine from another engine. however he put the wrong fuel injection pump on the engine and its now running bad because the pump on it is from a non turbo . ive tried to get the right pump however apparently there are three types of pump made for this engine. i dont have the original and i have no idea how to to find out which is the right make for my engine. please help

given Vin number see below. There seems to be a two different part No.s for the injection pump for an 8140.47 engine code. - 99447221 - AC14 Rotary Injection Pump - 99483828 AC14 etc new is considerably dearer than above Number To use ePER follow below instructions- 1. Click on the ePER link on the ducato home page click GO on the first page to accept GB etc 2. click on spare parts then select fiat

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2.8JTD starting problem

Hi Can anyone help with an intermittent starting fault on a 2002 ducato 2.8jtd. This vehicle has had a fault for 18 months it cranks but wont fire. Starting fluid ether etc will allow it to start but only use it as a last resort. Cranking speed is about 270 rpm expected fuel pressure is 300 Mpa actual pressure varies from 60 to 100 Mpa. These figures are as recorded on various scanners (Bosch KTS fiat

Dont know if you can bypass the system i wouldnt have thought so if its a fuel pump as then you would run out of fuel but maybe i would consider buying a fuel pump off a breaking ducato it will save you a lot more money also consider ebay for a second hand one. And consider getting a qoute elsewhere if you manage to get a part fiat charge extortionate rates I would also ask for a new fuel pump at 900 quid fitting not a reconditioned one Hope this helps

FIAT DUCATO Cruise control on a Ducato 2.8 JTD

Hi fiat fans Id like to introduce myself I have a motorhome based on fiat ducato X244 2.8JTD Maxi with 146 HP (2002-2006 model) and Id like to install the cruise control o better to say activate the ECU and change the steering wheel to another one with the cc buttons (I did it in my Seat Leon several years ago). As getting one of these steering wheels seems hard to do I was thinking on connecting directly


On a recent holiday in our 2005 ducato Motorhome we noticed diesel leaking from the engine bay area.To cut a long story short it turned out to be the bottom of the fuel filter.A plastic thread thing had broken allowing diesel to leak out.As we were in Germany the replacement filter was fitted by a Ford garage(I dont know why either) Howeverthe replacement filter does not have this plastic thread thing

(it comes with a threaded plug in it) because as you have stated CRDs do not like water in the system & without it youll never know till its too late. From what I have seen these water sensors themselves seem to be a common part between makes as some appear to be the same between brands the only difference being maybe the connection plug on the end (which could be rewired). I have no doubt a fiat

FIAT DUCATO II 2004 2.8 liter ducato motorhome will not start

Hello folks wondering if someone could help out a couple we have here in the U.S. from Germany with there motorhome. We are in the process of aquiring a diagnostic interface cable to work with the multiecuscan software our customer has downloaded. I believe the correct interface is the kkl cable If someone could verify that it would be appreciated or maybe even a link to the correct one for purchase

Originally Posted by circ1977 We havent charged this couple a dime yet and fiat is actually stepping in to help these folks out. So we will see what they come up with we just started selling fiats here in the u.s. last year and all we have are 2 passenger car models so far. We did sell sprinters in the past and still have them come in for service. Im used to common rail with cummins but the euro set

Heres a update on the no start we recieved and examiner scan tool from fiat and found 80 bar on the fuel rail pressure sensor while cranking or just key on(did not change). So to eliminate the rail sensor as a culprit I got some resistors and found some to jump the 5 volt supply and the return wires and it read 1250 bar and tried cranking it but it still did not start.In the meantime the customer

FIAT DUCATO I 290 1992 fiat ducato

Hi there I am glad Ive found this site...maybe someone can help How do I check fuel injection timimg on my 1992 2.5 diesel (Hymer camper) fiat ducato Im getting loads of white smoke at tickover & pressure in the cooling system & no blowing back through the I guess that side of things is okay...Injectors were only replaced 4000miles ago so they should be okay. No turbo so not

FIAT DUCATO ducato 2.8jtd injector light & glow light fault

Hi Guys need help with this one .. starts great but injector light stays on and glow light stays on about 20 seconds after start up then glow light stays out but injector light stays on all day. van drives great with no power loss or misfires . The lights are just annoying me and i am anxious that i may be causing a major problem if i keep driving it like this .

cylinders When idling it should only use two cyliinders in the pump to supply engine fuel. Our fault meant that it wasnt cutting back onto 2 cylinders at idle. Basically it was using 3 all the time and the rest of the system was compensating. I would (for the sake of not overlooking something and blowing up your engine etc) get a Diesel injection specialist to check it out. I dont think a fiat

FIAT DUCATO II 2005 2.8 JTD injector replacement shock

Hi. This is my first post...actually just found the forum after trying to figure out if the bill I just got for replacement of all four injectors was reasonable. I live in Brisbane Australia and the ducato owned by the organisation I work for started running rough yesterday with the injector warning light on. I took it to our service mechanic who advised I take it to a diesel specialist which I did.

wiring to the number 4 injector is too short causing a bad connection resulting in misfiring & the injector warning light coming on. In most cases simply removing the connection & replacing it will fix the misfire which would have happened during their injector replacement. I wouldnt be surprised at the cost of the injectors - out here it is cheaper to buy Iveco engine parts rather than fiat

FIAT DUCATO 2.5TDi starting problem

Hi All I have a 1996 ducato 2.5TDi based motorhome with low mileage. It has always been a good starter-two turns of the engine and it fires up never stalling even from ice cold. At least it used to..... In August prior to our holiday in France I took it to my usual mechanic for a service. Since then it has not been starting well at all. From cold it sometimes takes 15-20 turns of the engine before

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