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fiat ducato fuel stop III 250
fiat ducato fuel stop III 250

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FIAT DUCATO HELP 14D fuel stop actuator.

My ducato Camper is on a 14D chassis. year 2000. I had an incident with intermittent running. The garage that got me going was Diesel specialist. They said that I need a new stop actuator. They pointed at the Thermal advance control and sent us on our way. I investigated the stop valve and CANNOT locate it. I cannot locate a single wire brass top lump on the pump. Please can any one indicate where to locate the valve. The thermic device is working properly. Thanks

stop solenoid is the only thing that stops someone nicking your van later models its buried under the immobiliser circuitry and an armour cover that needs to be cut off.

Can you please be specific as to the location of the switch on the pump. There is a black plastic cover over something towards the rear ( Right hand side of the pump viewed from front top ). It has a multi wire entering through the cover. I cannot find pictures of this pump. If you know of a location with one it will help. Thanks M

pm sent

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2007 Ducato Fuel Filter

Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos

Originally Posted by Stusledge Hi Does anyone know if there is a special tool required to change the fuel filter element on a 2007 2.3 jtd ducato i thought it was just a matter of unscrewing the top & replacing the element but the top refuses to budge on both ducatos See previous post - quote - Hi I think the procedure would be the same for the 3.0 but

Originally Posted by sumpplug Hi all i have just renewed fuel filter on my 2007 2.3 ducato I first removed two fuel pipes inlet & outlet removed two bolts from bulkhead disconnected electric plugs from top & bottom of filter housing this left me with filter full of diesel which i emptied out into waste container then lying filter housing on its side placed top black ring in vice and unscrewed filter

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Fuel Pump

Hi all This is my first post to this Forum hope someone can be of help. I have a 2004 ducato 2.8jtd Motorhome (bought from new) which has done 62k kms. Just had it in for its 1st MoT and annual service the garage reckons theres a slight leak around the diesel fuel pump which they reckon will need replacing. They reckon the cost of this will be about 6-700 quid. Contacted the dealer we bought this thru

thumbnails of the Injection pump & its location As for whether this is common surely the seals could be replaced or something rather than the complete pump assembly I would be checking as to where exactly the pump was leaking from. In the first pic the numbers 24 & 8 are seal gaskets & 7 is a pressure regulator & 9 is a valve. Hope this helps Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO 2.8 manual fuel system bleeding how

The fiat forum bus is broke it had water in fuel filter light on but still ran i drained it out but then it wouldnt start think air got in an self bleeding system isnt working. the wires on the bottom of the drain plug have snapped off but i am told this wont stop it starting how do i bleed from injector pipes. tried loosing them one at a time turn over no bubbles just fuel do back up then same for

FIAT DUCATO ducato 2.0 jtd engine stopped

hi looking for a word of advice my van has broke down. the engine just stopped going. it turns over and sounds like it wants to fire but isnt. would i be right to check fuel flow ie if it comes through glow plugs etc and that pump is working. where would i find the fuel filter need to check its not blocked. also would it be worth checking cam crank sensors. i think th ecu unit is in engine bay on right

Hi Chris Not sure if I can assist but location of fuel filter (if same as Boxer 2.0) is behind air filter on passinger side of engine bay and diagnostic socket is below steering wheel inside cabin. Sorry I cant assist with problems best of luck. Regards Stewart

thanks for ur input guys have now located ecu socket and had it checked. it brought up crank senser as the fault. i have changed the senser but it still wont start we reset the ecu also. i am going to check wiring to see if wire to senser is broken sumewhere also need to check the fuse. i dont know which fuse it is i looked in my owners manual but still not sure which fuse to check. anyone know which

FIAT DUCATO Fiat Ducato 2.3 - Non-Start Buzzing from Fuel Tank

Hi Currently in Africa had a very cold night (-10) and this morning van will not start. Turns over fine but there is a very loud buzzing from the fuel tank area - presumably the pump or perhaps the filter Maybe weve used some dirty diesel and the filter is blocked or maybe the pump is dead Can anyone offer any advice Thanks

Hi Not sure of the situation in Africa but here in Australia in certain places during winter they change the Diesel fuel delivered to the colder parts of the country because in winter with the normal summer diesel fuel the waxes in the fuel solidify thus blocking the filters as well as being very hard to pump through the fuel system. I have experienced this years ago although in my case it actually

FIAT DUCATO II 2.8 TDI 1999 Fuel Pump

Pump not running 3 pin plug has earth and 6volts to it & 1 pin no feed. Cant find how its fed but JTD book says they are 12v dont want to put 12V on and blow it as may be speed control as would not expect pump to run on full power all time engine running. Any clues folks Thanks Mick

wont start then this is quite likely to be a problem with the immobiliser. If you run a search on the forum there are quite a few threads on how to bypass this (but does require a bit of mechanical and electrical dexterity) Thanks for reply Crosskeeper. Is TDI not JTD seems TDI does not have fuel pump in tank like the JTD has but little info available on TDI would be nice to get a CCT diagram ducato

Ive contacted Member but we need BDM software to perform the immobiliser bypass within the ecu if anybody has this let me know please. Is there an emergency fuel cutoff switch reset switch on this model Does anybody know if the immobiliser ultimately stops the fuel in the pump or are there any other things it does. Thanks guys

FIAT DUCATO 2004 (53) Ducato 11 2.0JTD Fuel Pump Problems

Hi guys......newbie needs some fiat guidance if I can please. My fiat ducato started running on after killing the ignition a few days ago and today will not start thinking that the problem was linked I started digging I found out that fuel pump or fuel pump relay problems are common on the ducato - I took the air filter pipe off and sprayed ez start straight into the inlet - she started to turn over

Not starting is not unusual at all there are a myriad of reasons however the interesting bit is since you say it ran on with ignition off I would first check your ignition switch as the jtd engine is totally electronically controlled - it cant run on itself like the old mechanical diesel would when the stop solenoid was brokenstuck. The orange wire from the ignition supplies the ecu on pin 58 via fuse

FIAT DUCATO Fuel Gauge Sender Access

Is there an access plate in the cab to get to the tank sender and if so where is it I have looked underneath and cant see anything obvious. My cab is motorhome and all carpeted etc. in thick luxury so a good starting point to look would be good. Oh its a 2006 2.8 and actually a Peugeot Boxer but ..........hey Thanks in advance. Harvey

Originally Posted by ingram Australia do you pay road fuel tax on the diesel from the service station or like New Zealand do you get it tax free and then pay a mileage charge ( I cant spell killometerage ) As far as I am aware it is a fuel tax - full stop. The heating fuel oil market is practically non-existent here. Primary producers (and others) get tax rebates etc. for their on-farm diesel

FIAT DUCATO Fuel Filter Leaks

I have a Rapido 790 on a ducato 2.3. mjet..2009 model at 8000mls... have had 3 breakdowns with fuel filter leaks...these leaks are very heavy with severe loss of fuel and no loss of power..latest leak this morning after i left it at garage for 1st M.O.T...veh. has been SORN.d for 3 month and has only done 50 mls since AA fitted last filterseal..any help please..nobody seems to have a answer for this problem.. truckman7

I have a ducato 120 multi jet and Ive had the same problem Stripped the assembly completely and re tried. Problem stopped (for now) I couldnt see where the half tank of diesel had leaked from.

I had this problem when i changed my fuel filter I had to tighten it with a strap wrench to stop it leaking a better solution might be to replace the filter housing with an inline filter or aftermarket fuel filter housing.

FIAT DUCATO Fiat ducato maxi 2.8 wont start back up when stopped

hi everyone Hope you can help because 2 mechanics cant My problem started 2 days agoup until then it was starting up and running perfect.then I went to fuel up and it wouldnt startthe only way it can start is spraying engine start into the air filter once started it runs sweet until you turn ignition off then back to square one.ive had the usual obvious checks (fuel filter etc) all clear and fine...Im stumped and hope someone can help.

Originally Posted by Brighton67 hi everyone Hope you can help because 2 mechanics cant My problem started 2 days agoup until then it was starting up and running perfect.thlen I went to fuel up and it wouldnt startthe only way it can start is spraying engine start into the air filter once started it runs sweet until you turn ignition off then back to square one.ive had the usual obvious checks (fuel

I put it down to fuel pressure rail sensor or egu sensor not 100% as Im no machanic.

There could be a number of things that it could be...its really not worth trying to second guess Get the diag done first. Low fuel pressure when cranking can certainly give your symptoms Engine get addicted to easy start...and often once you start using it you will always have to.

On that engine there is a 2 common faults. you may have an injector leaking of to much fuel or a split seal on the fuel pressure regulator. Checking them is easy enough. Give me a shout if you get stuck.

FIAT DUCATO II 2.8 Jtd 2001 Fuel injection control lamp constantly lit

Ok I have been searching the net for clues regarding this and found several. However my problem remains. It all started in the beginning of march some weeks after having bought the Hymer Swing... While driving on a short 5-day holiday I noticed on the first day that the red injection lamp was lit. I did not notice any power loss nor any increase in fuel consumption. The light remained constantly lit

update Today I decided to replace the incinerated fuse and fuse holder. I installed a 10A fuse and well nothing happened. Fuse is not burnt so far and injector light is still on. All injector cables have been re-fitted and there is no significant tension on anyone of them. Injector light is still on. About added equipment Yes a Tow bar is installed as well as an alarm system. Small fuses could be servicing

I have an 05 2.8jtd. The engine light comes on while driving If I stop and try to start it wont start for a few tries but then starts OK with no red light but I dont get any misfiring while the light is on can it still be the injector wiring

and could be fatal. Diesel fuel is also very poisonous and given the astronomically high pressure used in common rail diesel systems accidental ingestion or injection of fuel into the human body can cause death. if in any doubt please refer your vehicle to a specialist. Please chock and make sure the vehicle is in gear with the handbrake full on before venturing underneath remembering that a fiat

FIAT DUCATO III 250 07 ducato 160 multijet wont start

RE 2007 fiat ducato 3.0l 160 multijet have suffered a few odd things with my van recently ( see ) but this is the latest every now and then it wont start turns but wont fire. (engine light has been on since the fuse box problems about 4 weeks ago) no problem all i do to get it going is turn off and try again and it fires up straight away every time.

FIAT DUCATO Help with Fiat Ducato 2.3 not starting

Hi all Can anyone help me out with this please I have a Hymer fiat ducato 2.3 55 plate and has been perfect for 4 years . Then I had a flat battery and the garage tried to jump start it with no avail So I fitted a brand new battery . Now it just turns over And the immobiliser key code is not lighting up at all .. Can anyone help please.. Thanks paul..

the fuel pump. As a test before resetting normally you should be able to hear the pump working in the fuel tank under the vehicle on just turning the ignition on dont try to start -pump stops after 10-15 seconds when pressure builds up if no pump operating noise is heard try - Simply press the switch until it clicks home to restore the auxiliary pump earth connection see previous post -

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2008 Ducato 2.2 100bhp Idle erratic when cold

Can anyone help me. Over last 2 months i have had trouble with the engine dipping on tickover as though it is about to cut out. It has been fiat again first it had new egr valve then problem continued then second time had a software download on ecu and cured it for about a month now its started again so back to fiat and they admitted they have a few doing it and dont know what it is. So are saying

on the filter and letting the run off sit in a glass to see what it looks like. Oh I should add andy that I recently came accross a user friendly free software that looks like it supports ducato with a cheap cable from ebay you should be able to check sensors and reset errors for under a tenner. I havent used it personally as I have higher end solutions but it seems to be fairly popular. httpwww.fiatecuscan.netHowToUse.aspx

FIAT DUCATO I 290 1993 Ducato 2.5TD Power Loss at over half throttle

I have a 1993 fiat ducato 2.5TD based Hymer which has started behaving erratically periodically. It usually happens when the engine is warm and following a short stop after a fairly long run. eg stopping for fuel. The engine starts and ticks over fine. It pulls away fine until I press the accelerator more than about half way down. The engine then suddenly loses all power until I ease off the throttle

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2004 2.8 engine starting problems

Hi I have fiat ducato panel van motorhome 2004 2.8 engine I switch on wait for the glow plug light to go out then turn the key. The engine turns over at a good speed but the engine doed not start. I switch off and repeat the procedure and the engine will fire up normally. If I stop for a short period say getting fuel the engine will start first turn of the key. My fiat Dealer says it could be the rpm sensor phase sensor ecu ..... Any ideas Peter

FIAT DUCATO Starting problem 04 JTD 11

Hi everyone. Been using the forum for many years for solutions to the many problems my van gives me but now Im stumped. Im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Ive got a 2004 ducato 11 2.0 JTD . Ive never had any problems with the engine until about 3 weeks ago. One morning the engine just wouldnt fire. It turns over nice and fast no warnings on the dash just doesnt start.

FIAT DUCATO Sudden Engine Cut Out while driving

My 2.3 2006 ducato has had a difficult fault since new it will suddenley cut out for no reason while driving the padlock key light comes on and I have to freewheel until stopped. Then switching off the ign key and switching on again and it will start up occasionally it will no fire up 1st go but after a numer of tries. A friend had a similar problem with a Peuget Boxer( Same vehicle nearly) which caused

FIAT DUCATO Starting problem no headlights no panel lights starter works but engine doesnt

Maybe some experienced ducato 1990 techs can help me to figure this out When I turn the key to on there is missing only - the headlights - the cockpit panel lights All other visible electrical appliances seem to work fine. When I turn the key to start the starter motor works allright but the engine doesnt come on. (It sounds like the engine does not get fuel.) fuel tank is full battery as well. All

I called 7 dedicated fiat workshops. Each company was asked the same questions. Each partner in conversation was given the exact model esp . the year of manufacture which is 1992. 1. Is there someone familiar with the model 2. Can I please talk to an expert Being put through to an expert 3. After explanation of all the symptoms can you figure a solution If there was no solution beyond bringing the

FIAT DUCATO Ducato problem

HiI have a 1988 ducato camper 2 ltr petrol After a run of approx 15 milesand more or less the same milage every time the engine starts to splutter and come to a stop as though out of fuelAfter a wait of about 3 or 4 mins it starts again no problem and will run for a few more miles before it happens again I have changed the in line filter the fuel pump air filter and plugs and even run with the fuel

Originally Posted by pushfit0_1 HiI have a 1988 ducato camper 2 ltr petrol After a run of approx 15 milesand more or less the same milage every time the engine starts to splutter and come to a stop as though out of fuelAfter a wait of about 3 or 4 mins it starts again no problem and will run for a few more miles before it happens again I have changed the in line filter the fuel pump air filter and

FIAT DUCATO Diesel specialists my eye

So heres a new one for you all. Any of you who have been reading my posts about my poorly ducato will know that its with a so called diesel specialist to locate the issue. Today after 10 days of head and butt scratching theyve managed to get it running but only on 3 cylinders. The mechanic monkey had the following account so we blanked no3 and got it running it made a rattling noise like a cam rattle

Well folks its not often that I do this but today I am eating my words As a result of the above sequence the diesel garage stripped the engine out of my non-running ducato and took the head off her before even getting as far as the heads problem number 1 was found in that number 3 injector was clearly bent with some sort of impact mark on it - very strange neither the mechanic or I had ever seen this

FIAT DUCATO 2003 Ducato 11 2.0jtd Cutting out issues

Hello everyone i hope you can help. My ducato 2.0jtd had a cam belt done when i got it back the belt was noisy i questioned it and i was told this should go when belt stretches if not bring back so i did and the manufacturer has agreed to change the whole kit free of charge But 2 days after the belt change no1 the van started to cut out whilst sitting at 60mph (2500rpm) eml on and stall. Once stopped

FIAT DUCATO II 2003 2.8JTD Cuts Out When Tank is 12 Full

Hello all Been hovering around the forum for a little while but thought it was time to join as it is a mine of knowledge I was hoping someone will be able to help me with this problem... My 2003 ducato 2.8JTD Rohill Minibus was intermittently cutting out with the red injector light coming on. When the AA chap came out he read a fault code of P0191 (Low Pressure in the Common Rail). I wired an LED to

FIAT DUCATO Mysterious MIL Lamp lighting up

Hi everybody New problem if any body can help with this one 2005 fiat ducato maxi lwb 2.8jtd (iveco engine 8140) 100k The Mil lamp comes on if you ask the van to drive at reasonable speed then it seems to go down on power till you reset the lamp. Only problem is there is no fault code stored in the module for the reader to read Any body had the same problem or know a cure for it It was doing this

wires look good the van runs ok all day at 60mph and up to 3000 revs but if you dare to push down on the throttle pedal to ask it to overtake the engine light comes on it keeps running but if you stop it to try n reset the light it will not start straight away as previously mentioned it seems it needs 20 to 30 secs to do something. Seems fuel related but no idea where to start as it seems these ducatos

FIAT DUCATO dashboard

i have a 2001 ducato motorhome i am having problems with the dash the rev counder has stopped working the tempature gauge and fuel gauge flutter up and down so you have no idea what the engine tempature is or what fuel you have on board also the low fuel light stays on even when filled up any help please i am baffeled

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Fiat Ducato (2008) x250 instrument panel removal

Can any one help My fuel gauge has stopped working and been diagnosed by the local fiat Commercial dealer as an instrument cluster problem. I have found a new instrument cluster and would like to fit it. Can anyone advise me on how the instrument cluster comes out I have found two screws which were removed but the cover seemed firmly fixed so I didnt force it. Thanks.

FIAT DUCATO 2.8JTD engine cuts out

Hi I need help with a 2002 ducato 2.8JTD. Engine dies intermittently hotcold after a few hundy ks or 2-3 times in as many ks. We have replaced rail pressure sensor pressure reg tank pumpgauge unit. DTC P0191 Diesel Pressure Test is the only code up. The other day the injection light came up and fuel gauge dropped (a few days after tank unit was replaced) so checked wiring. Thought fault was in the

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Fiat Ducato 2008 Multi Jet

My other half bought his van in May and since then it has done not much short of 30k. Due to work commitments he has found it impossible to get the poor thing serviced and so it has only just been done this weekend. This is the fun part at about 20k the oil warning light came on obviously - chip fat would have been more use than the black sluge that was in it. Then the light for water in the diesel

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