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fiat ducato fuel pump relay II
fiat ducato fuel pump relay II

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FIAT DUCATO II fiat ducato 1996 fuel pump fuse or relay

Hi guys I have a 1996 fiat ducato 10 (just a white van) and i was thinking of changing the fuel filter. but i can seem to find where the fuel pump relay or fuse is (so i can relive the pressure in the system). it doesnt seem to be any of the fuses in the glove box compartment but there are 2 more under the hood. and then a bunch of relays when i remove the dashboard. Any help would be great Cheers

Im no diesel specialist so please make your own checks but this model isnt common rail so the only pressure in the fuel filter & associated pipework is from the ignition controlled lift pump therefore probably drops to nothing when the ignition is off. James453 liked this post

FIAT DUCATO 2004 (53) Ducato 11 2.0JTD Fuel Pump Problems

Hi guys......newbie needs some fiat guidance if I can please. My fiat ducato started running on after killing the ignition a few days ago and today will not start thinking that the problem was linked I started digging I found out that fuel pump or fuel pump relay problems are common on the ducato - I took the air filter pipe off and sprayed ez start straight into the inlet - she started to turn over

Not starting is not unusual at all there are a myriad of reasons however the interesting bit is since you say it ran on with ignition off I would first check your ignition switch as the jtd engine is totally electronically controlled - it cant run on itself like the old mechanical diesel would when the stop solenoid was brokenstuck. The orange wire from the ignition supplies the ecu on pin 58 via fuse

Hey Woldo I did fix the ORIGINAL problem yes however I have a new non-starting issue now I am going to tackle tomorrow and start a new thread now to see if I can draw some ideas as a starting point. The original fix was relay T10 in the engine bay.

FIAT DUCATO II 2.8 TDI 1999 Fuel Pump

pump not running 3 pin plug has earth and 6volts to it & 1 pin no feed. Cant find how its fed but JTD book says they are 12v dont want to put 12V on and blow it as may be speed control as would not expect pump to run on full power all time engine running. Any clues folks Thanks Mick

wont start then this is quite likely to be a problem with the immobiliser. If you run a search on the forum there are quite a few threads on how to bypass this (but does require a bit of mechanical and electrical dexterity) Thanks for reply Crosskeeper. Is TDI not JTD seems TDI does not have fuel pump in tank like the JTD has but little info available on TDI would be nice to get a CCT diagram ducato

FIAT DUCATO diesel pump

does anyone know where i might get a diesel injection pump for my 1.9d w reg ducato i have been looking everywhere with no joy and they want a fortune to repair my old one if anyone can help please send me you tel no many thanks fingers crossed

hello mate i have a fuel pump its of a 19d citroen relay same moter I know its the same as i took the gearbox out of it for my fiat ducato 19d and it fitted right in any way. I have other bits and bobs too you can have the fuel pump for it. I dont know how muchwhat you been qouted for one i will give you it for half i can take some photos of it and post them to you. let me know thanks all the best

FIAT DUCATO III 250 07 ducato 160 multijet wont start

RE 2007 fiat ducato 3.0l 160 multijet have suffered a few odd things with my van recently ( see ) but this is the latest every now and then it wont start turns but wont fire. (engine light has been on since the fuse box problems about 4 weeks ago) no problem all i do to get it going is turn off and try again and it fires up straight away every time.

FIAT DUCATO 2.8JTD engine cuts out

Hi I need help with a 2002 ducato 2.8JTD. Engine dies intermittently hotcold after a few hundy ks or 2-3 times in as many ks. We have replaced rail pressure sensor pressure reg tank pumpgauge unit. DTC P0191 Diesel Pressure Test is the only code up. The other day the injection light came up and fuel gauge dropped (a few days after tank unit was replaced) so checked wiring. Thought fault was in the

Just been for a tiki tour with warning lights on pump relay wires. Stopped once no relay output. Tried again with a light between B and relay winding negative. Lost ECU negative at relay momentarily. B and Ign both ok at relay. Points to ECU fault. Ill redo test with light connected to pump relay wire at the ECU if it still fails it means relay and wires are ok must be either ecu or some other circuit

Update-- New Year Same old problem. Fitted an ECU KCU key etc out of another vehicle faulted 3 times within 1km of wkshop. Four more trips of a few km each before it faulted another 3 times. Code is now P0215 fuel pump Sugnal not valid. fiat examiner suggests pump pump relay ecu -- all been changed and wiring connectors insulation and continuiity. Have replaced wire from pump relay to ECU . I have

Just been for a tiki tour with warning lights on pump relay wires. Stopped once no relay output. Tried again with a light between B and relay winding negative. Lost ECU negative at relay momentarily. B and Ign both ok at relay. Points to ECU fault. Ill redo test with light connected to pump relay wire at the ECU if it still fails it means relay and wires are ok must be either ecu or some other circuit

Update-- New Year Same old problem. Fitted an ECU KCU key etc out of another vehicle faulted 3 times within 1km of wkshop. Four more trips of a few km each before it faulted another 3 times. Code is now P0215 fuel pump Sugnal not valid. fiat examiner suggests pump pump relay ecu -- all been changed and wiring connectors insulation and continuiity. Have replaced wire from pump relay to ECU . I have

FIAT DUCATO Ducato FPSon fault

Hi all ive had a front os collision in my beloved 2007 2.2 ducato multijet. after nearly 3 months wrangling with my insurace co i got the right to buy it back (cat d) so i got it on thursday by 12 noon today i tried to start it (job finished i though) but no it wont start I get a FPSon warning on the instrument panel and my hazards are on constantly as well as sidelamps and the central locking wont

FIAT DUCATO II 2001 1.9tdi ducato starting problems.

Hi all I was having an off day and drove straight past the petrol station this morning and ran out of fuel. I didnt try to restart it when it conked out until I had put some fuel back in it but it wouldnt restart. The recovery guy came out and after allot of messing around it still would not start. He cracked off the nuts of each injector and got fuel through but when it gets to the pump nothing happens.

if this is the peugot d turbo engine as fitted to early ducatos relays boxers then yes it will have a hand grenade type primer before the pump and bleed screw on either a bosch or lucas injection pump lucas pumps are sheeeeiite and feel rough acceleration and arnt as reliable bosch pumps are uber reliable no comparison in quality just water and dirty fuel that can wreck them over pumps

FIAT DUCATO Starting problem 04 JTD 11

Hi everyone. Been using the forum for many years for solutions to the many problems my van gives me but now Im stumped. Im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Ive got a 2004 ducato 11 2.0 JTD . Ive never had any problems with the engine until about 3 weeks ago. One morning the engine just wouldnt fire. It turns over nice and fast no warnings on the dash just doesnt start.

FIAT DUCATO III 250 ducato 2006 2.8Tdi coldhot start issue

Hi People hope there are some experts out there. Have a ducato 2.8 2006 with 72k on the clock. engine cold start is impossible unless easistart used. same when warmhot but will run all day if not switched off. work so battery as i killed it trying to start the thing new fuel filter all fuel pipes from filter housing to pump. new crank and cam shaft sensors fuel pressure regulator fitted.

FIAT DUCATO zolja012

I need wire connection for fiat ducato 2.3 JTD

cylinders 1 2 3 and 4 respectively. Engine management unit M010 is equipped with a CAN connection - from pins 9 and 10 connector A - to ABS control unit M050 - pins 29 and 30 -. Engine management unit M010 governs activation of the warning lights on instrument panel E050 from pins 21 and 14 of connector A if the injection system malfunctions. Peter Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT DUCATO II How many MPG from a 1999 Ducato 2.8D

Hi I considering the purchase of a 1999 ducato 2.8D LWB I was wondering how many miles per gallon I can expect to get from this engine with a light load (and careful driving style) Thanks R

Originally Posted by RFDD Sounds like good advice thanks very much There seems to be a lot of Peugeot Boxer and Citroen relay vans around which are a similar size price and year (1999-2002) - are either of these vans better on fuel economy or is 30mpg as good as it gets for that year of van Also does the LWB make a big difference in the fuel consumption or is it only marginal Cheers R If you get the 2.8 idtd or jtd the vans are virtually identical. The 2.5 in the relay and boxer is a PSA engine. The jtd can give you 32mpg driving normally 35mpg with grandad driving and good quality diesel driving hard with 70 on the motorway Ill still get 28-30mpg in mine. You have to be careful buying a common rail with high miles though. Bills for injectors pump sensors etc can add up to thousands. From memory lwb high roof is only about 10% heavier unloaded than swb lr so not much difference but the high roof does make a difference over 60mph where aerodynamics play a bigger role. The 06 on model ducato has excellent aerodynamics with a drag coefficient less than many cars. RFDD liked this post

Originally Posted by RFDD Thanks ill dodge the 2.8D then and keep an eye out for the 2.8 idtd or jtd I assume they are the slightly newer model from 2002 onwards When you say be careful with the high miles on the common rail engines how high are we talking The 2.8D I was looking at had 111000 miles. Ive seen figures online for 35mpg from the old PSA engines in the Citroen relayPeugeot Boxers - is

FIAT DUCATO Ducato 2.8 jtd wont start

Hi Wondering if any1 can help me with my van . Its a 2.8 jtd common rail diesel . Which will not start. Injector light stays on. Injection system fault. fiat carried out diagnostics check & stated that the it was the high presure pump (not the 1 in the tank). Ive changed this to no avail. Checked wiring. checked fuses checked for bent pins (connections tofrom injectors & pump) timing belt fuel (12


hi there folks wonder if u can help my 2001 ducato 20 jtd was running fine till tonite went to start her and she cuts out dead after about ten seconds if i try to start her straight away she just turns over but if i weight a couple of seconds she will fire back up till over and will take revs untill she cuts out again checked fuses realays n such even tried to plug her in but cant find the diagnostic

needed to be changed anyway. For starting the ecu sets the operation of the regulator according to the coolant temperature from an internal map . You should have a pulse width modulated signal about 180Hz on the regulator when youre trying to start. Hi all Im seeing a lot of talk on this forum about relays and fuses and my specific query is where can I locate a fuse for the fuel pump in my 94 ducato

FIAT DUCATO New Ducato not starting issue

Got a new one for everyone here. Around a week ago our company delivery van cut out whilst driving and refused to restart. Having a look under the bonnet the first thing I did was swap out relay T10 for a new relay and try again nothing Listening for the prime pump it is feint compared to normal but there Next step disconnected the feed into the fuel filter and turned her over there appears to be fuel

FIAT DUCATO no start gasoline engine

hello thank you in advance for any help you guys can give. i have a 96ish 9 passanger van with a 4cyl fuel inj gasser in it. it quite running and will not start i can get it to fire with a touch of starting fluid so i think it a fuel delivery prob. i can not hear the fuel pump running the fuse is good and the collision fuel shut off has been checked this much i know. any wiring diagrams out there to

I had a fiat tempra that had the same problem. Couldnt hear the fuel pump running at all. Initially I ran a live feed to the fuel pump in the tank and used a manual switch to check it all worked. It did and ran like that until I traced the problem to a relay in the fusebox.

FIAT DUCATO Swift Kontiki - 2.8 jtd

Hi hopin someone with prior knowledge who can help my motorhome has developed a series of faults its an 06 plate 2.8 jtd and on recent journey home engine mment light came on booklet reads injection system failure but also the speedos gone off diagnostics say a multitude of faults po148 p1612 po380 po382. its all double dutch to me and my mate is stumped does anyone have any ideas cheers

Just for reference if they are of any help here are the fault codes - P148 - fuel delivery error - fuel pumpinjection pump P1612 - fuel filter heater - Fuse wiring poor connection fuel filter heater relay fuel filter heater ECM P0380 - Glow plugs - Circuit A malfunction Wiring Glow plug relay fuse glow plugs ECM P0382 - Glow plugs - Circuit B malfunction Wiring Glow plug relay fuse glow plugs ECM Maybe of some help Cheers

FIAT DUCATO II Ducato 2.8 2002 van wont start after battery change

My battery was on its way out (jump starting it every day for 2 weeks) so i bought a new one. I put it in and it just wouldent start absolutley nothing all would happen is you would hear the starter turning over but not firing up. What i noticed was the heating coil light on the dash only came on for a few seconds at a time and then went out and never came back on. Which makes me think after some research

FIAT DUCATO III 250 Ducato MJ100 2008 wont start cuts out

Hi Im having problems with a 2008 Multijet 100 I will try and explain what is wrong It started with the van just cutting out and not starting with the T09 relay making a whining noise relay was removed and then replaced as you replace the relay you can hear the fuel pump running and stopping cycling all the time the van will then start again run for awhile and the cut out again with the T09 relay going

FIAT DUCATO I 290 1992 2.5td ducato bad starter

does anybody know what is in the square top of the injector pump my mhome has never missed a beat until last oct. when i must have got some bad fuel in franceit kept stalling on me but got home ok it still runs great but is a pig to start. i have changed all pipes lifter pump glow plug filters etc. but it still feels as if fuel is draining back to tank so i was wondering if there is a diaphragm in

Originally Posted by eric 83 hello it just keeps turning over for ages before it starts i have changed the lifter pump already and done all the tests to eliminate everything but the injectors and pump but the pump is going to be a pig to get to less access than a van i think the top of the pump has a diaphragm in to pump fuel in when reqd. but dont know if it will cause my probs. it goes great when

FIAT DUCATO Ducato LWB Welfare Bus 2.8D No Glowplug light

Still doing the campervan conversion on the above.Today added an additional battery which meant running a heavy duty positive battery lead to connect to the vans main battery. Had to fiddle with the main battery clamps which of course required me to dissconet the main battery. Well job completed & went to start the van. I noticed I had NO glowplug light & of course it would turn over but not fire.

The inertia switch for the fuel pump is usually just above and to the side of the battery on the firewall. You may have disturbed it knocked it with a spanner when undoing your battery terminal. It shouldnt have anything to do with your glow light but some models did have the glow relay high up on the firewall above the battery. you may have a loose connection. I think from memory its more than just


Hi Guys After a little help with the imobiliser fitted to my 2003 2.0JTD ducato. Im wondering how I will know if I have an issue with it - how exactly does it stop the engine from starting is it something to do with the fuel electrics etc I dont have an issue with it as yet but every now and again I get an imobiliser warning light come on

Originally Posted by moodrater You need to stop thinking about it like an old engine with immobiliser active you might as well have no engine all that happens is the starter relay engages the starter and turns the engine the ecu does nothing no sensors are read no actuators are actuated. The fuel circulating to return is because the pressure regulator is not operating. Its like if you remove the CPU

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2.0 JTD 11 Cutting Out

Hi guys have read through all the other poststhreads along this problem and cant see any others with same issue. Out of the blue last night my 2003 ducato just started cutting out. It would not restart straight away but after a few tries of the key it would come back to life. Each time it did so it would run for perhaps another 10 minutes then cut out again with only the engine management light coming

Yes fuel lift pump is 100% working it can be heard priming for 20 seconds or so when the key is turned. I have had an issue with the IGN relay previously so my first check was the said relay followed by the lift pump.

FIAT DUCATO Mysterious MIL Lamp lighting up

Hi everybody New problem if any body can help with this one 2005 fiat ducato maxi lwb 2.8jtd (iveco engine 8140) 100k The Mil lamp comes on if you ask the van to drive at reasonable speed then it seems to go down on power till you reset the lamp. Only problem is there is no fault code stored in the module for the reader to read Any body had the same problem or know a cure for it It was doing this

Hi all Well latest update refitted old fuel filter bled system as thread states and still no good. Engine light comes on under load acceleration. Now the interesting bit when the light comes on if you stop the van and try to restart its a no go. If you wait 30 secs it will start n run n engine light goes away now the little bit that might be a cause When the vans turned off after light comes on the

FIAT DUCATO Puzzling stalling problem

My 2002 ducato 1.9TD camper has an occasional problem with stalling shortly after starting for the first time in the day. Last year during a weeks holiday it happened on two successive days then was fine for the rest of the week. Each time it happened the van just lost power and as soon as I declutched the engine stopped. After coming to a standstill I restarted it and it was fine for the rest of the

Hi thanks for the contribution. As I understand it part of the immobiliser electronics is integrated with the fuel cut-off solenoid and is sealed within a potting compound which means it has to be completely destroyed to gain access to the solenoid power feeds. The connection to the key code unit is via a 3-pin in-line connector. Im guessing that the three conductors are 12V Ground and a coded signal


hi there still got a problem with my 20td ducato .its now showing up fault code .p191 fuel ptrssure control ...will start and run for about 2minutes sometimes then cuts out .when turning over shows a fuel pressure at comon rail of 112 bar.but dnt know what it should be or if the low presure pump in tank would cause this fault

Not having much luck are you mate I think I would be havinga close look at the fuel pump and the related relays and wiring. I would also check the earths and connections on the ECU has it got an EGR valve on that model My 03 jtd had similar problems when the EGR jammed up if ithas you could try blanking it off just to rule it out it only takes about 20minutes to do.

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