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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel Level Sensor Stuck

Hey all just got meself a 98 fiat bravo 1.2 16v SX and have had no problems until now The fuel level seems to be stuck on empty even when I fill up. I have also seen the needle jumping up and down the gauge. Any ideas on how to fix it Is there any way to get to the level sensor Cheers.

Tap the dashboard it should be ok then. If not the contacts inside the dial are loose you will just have to take it out and clean the contacts. There are few posts on the forum about how to clean the contacts.

FIAT BRAVO Fuel gauge rarely shows totally full

Hi all Im new to the forum and am after a bit of advice please. I have a 2008 bravo 1.6 diesel multijet. On quite a few occasions when filling with fuel the gauge will never read completely full. Even if I let the fuel pump click off several times the needle still only gets up to appx 7 8ths or so of what it should do. This is not every time but happens more than it should- certainly the last two fills

Welcome to the forum. Priming the fuel pump will take away fuel from the tank and since the level sensor is in the tank priming it once or more times will not make any difference. Did you get the car new or SH is this a new problem Do you use the same service station and the same pump when you fill it up I suggest that at your next fill up you let it fill up on auto and then very carefully add some

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FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.2 16 valve 1999 flat spothesitation

hiya everybody . ive got a neigbours brava here with hesitation flat spot tied putting the launch on it it gave me a code p1143 (if i remember corectly) i tested the lambda sensor the heater is ok but the o2 sensor voltage was .0mv at all rev ranges the voltage is comming at 480 mv from the ecu ime going to change the sensor anyway but is there any other issues i should be looking for just thought ide run it by you guys before i make a move.... ....shuggy....

fitted in at this point that would be 180 out on the crank if the timing was to be set with no1 at tdc .but it would be clipp ing vaklves big style if it were out that much so i guess the timing is ok were to go next a.a pin out test the car is running fine now at idle it will rev out great no problems there but as soon as its put under load the car just boggs out . in the world of non fiat

dont guess the timing is ok. what did you use to time it a compression test would be very useful now. Originally Posted by shuggy the car is running fine now at idle it will rev out great no problems there but as soon as its put under load the car just boggs out. that is what happens when you have poor compression so timing is still top of my list. Originally Posted by shuggy in the world of non fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel question

Hey guys I noticed that whenever my Brava is a bit low on fuel (a bit above the last white dot on the guauge I never let it go below) the car sounds a bit rough and sluggish a little bit slightly noticeable. When I put in more fuel and wait for a little while before I start it again everything gets back to normal and the car runs as usual..... From time to time I put in a bit of Redex and all is normal

clean and then drain the fuel tank to clear all the dirt out. to reverse the pump you should depressurise the fuel system then remove the fuel outlet pipe near the engine and place it in a container filler with clean petrol. turning the ignition on should activate the pump it will pump constantly in an attempt to build up pressure this will clean out the filter. i havent tried this method on a bravoa

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Issues

First introductions been into Alfa and Lancia for some time however daughters first car gives me an opportunity to revisit my youth (er right) as I had many a fiat 127 Strada Tipo etc. Wifes car is a 145 so not in unfamiliar territory but the bravo is so much more accessable. I fix all my own Alfas but the bravo has me a little stumped 1) uneven idle and injector light on probably the lambda as everything

both the idle speed actuator and the MAP sensor on the inlet manifold were changed by the previous owner replaced with brand new parts I even have the old ones in the new box. I did not do an ECU reset after doing the temp sensor but I did a full one only a few miles before after doing the lambda . The only area I have not explored is the fuel pressure regulator that sits in the fuel tank although it runs ok it does sound similar to an old X19 I had when the float level was wrongly set. I have not looked at this as it would have no bearing on the cold start issue so discounted it the only other thing to experiment with would be to take off the crankcase ventilator to see if that has an effect. Will fiddle again this weekend I have three Alfas and none have been as much of a PITA as this bravo.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Un-Fixable Bravo 1.6 97

Hey again guys. Alrite i bought i 97 1.6 16v bravo with 87k on the clock. It has a re-accuring problem. I start the car everything is fine...a week later its gets lumpy and starts to cut out while youre driving it. You put your foot on the accelerator it back-fires and the revs drop dramatically with a buuuurrrrr sound until it stops dead. It will not start again it will just keep on turning over and

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine oil level display question

Im just sat reading me owners manual as not much else i can do for me baby til my tools arrive. And I just read about the engine oil level display That comes up when you put your key in the ignition well I hadnt paid much attention to it but says here if during the ignition there is an interruption or fault on the detection circuit the oil messages flashes for ten seconds. if at the next start up

much else i can do for me baby til my tools arrive. And I just read about the engine oil level display That comes up when you put your key in the ignition well I hadnt paid much attention to it but says here if during the ignition there is an interruption or fault on the detection circuit the oil messages flashes for ten seconds. if at the next start up the oil message flashes again go to the fiat


Well i passed my test last thursday and had to wait all weekend to monday so i could get to armagh to tax my car So car taxed i set off to clock up some miles staying close to home and then getting further away i collected my new wheel nuts went to see if my cd player could be fitted which it couldnt and then just drove about for a while then coming round a corner second gear then i accelerated away

the pump on the assembly which contains level sensor However the Electric fuel pump can be split from the assy and serviced alone This bare fuel pump (apparently) also fits SYTEC REPLACMENT IN TANK fuel INJECTION PUMP FOR IN TANK PUMP MODELS ONLY SUITABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING MODELS BARACHETTA 1.8 16V (SRIS) 1998 - ON BRAVA 1.4 12V 101995 - 101998 BRAVA 1.6 16V 1996 - 1998 BRAVA 1.6 IAW 16V 51995 bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 my fiat bravo is running erratically

bought my bravo last week off a family friend she had owned it for 6 years with no problems i then started to drive and filled up at the petrol station with premium unleaded the next day i started the car and it was ticking over high at 1500 revs and was difficult to drive as the tick over remained high even as the engine got warm there are no warning lights showing on the dash board i have since found

There are some very good advisers on the board and a few of them are in this string...and Im not one of them. But when I got my first bravo 1242 16v CF3 I had problems too. Check your plug colouring to see youre getting a clean bang check the HTs and coil and battery &8211 for a new owner it might be an idea. I found a tear in one HT lead and when I replaced along with nice strong Varta and new plugs

FIAT BRAVO Dashboard lights

Does anyone have a scheme to keep the dashboard light always on even if the headlights are off Id like to have my dashboard lights always on because sometimes its hard to read the speed. Ive taken a look at the e-Learn but I couldnt find any thing about this subject. So if some one has a clue on this subject Id be most obliged.

I think that the signal comes from Body Computer FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION The ignition-controlled supply (INT) for the instrument panel E50 reaches pin 3 of the Body Computer M1 via the line for fuse F37 of the junction unit under the dashboard B2. The direct power supply reaches pin 2 from the Body Computer M1 via the line for fuse F53 of the junction unit under the dashboard B2 Pin 1 is earthed. The

FIAT BRAVO boost gauge

hi was wondering if any 1 has fitted a boost gauge on a multijet iv got a 150 16v sport and want to fit a turbo boost gauge but dont know ware to plumb into for the signal any help cheers

Originally Posted by Tad-bravo you must buy this first Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Scan tool Electronics and then use an app on your phone if you use android the best app is called Torque. just bought and installed this and Torque app on my SE X10i both working well have set a custom display with boost and coolant temperature cant seem to get a intake temp sensor configured

FIAT BRAVA 182 Errors P0170 and P0130 Bravo 1.2 1999

I had a hole in the exhaust and i received the following errors P0130 - O2 sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 1) and P0170 - fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1) after i fixed the hole (brand new exhaust before 6 months ago) i received only P0170. Now i receive both of them again I didnt check for a new hole but a dont think so. I have also high levels of HC (Hydrocarbon) at exhaust emissions... Is

FIAT STILO Bravo t jet engine in stilo

I heard that the stilo and the new bravo are the same underneath. So would it be possible to put the 1.4 t -jet engine into a stilo

Originally Posted by clock34 but if you can live without a functional CAN system then it will fit and run quite well -). A car will not function without certain elements of the CANBUS working. It controls everything from fuel pump and level gauge to the temp sensor in the instrument panel and brake lights etc. Not as simple as can you live without it unfortunately

Originally Posted by Most Easterly Pandas A car will not function without certain elements of the CANBUS working. It controls everything from fuel pump and level gauge to the temp sensor in the instrument panel and brake lights etc. Not as simple as can you live without it unfortunately it is it just means you need to use a aftermarket ecu to run the engien and fit the fuel pump on a switched live.

FIAT BRAVA 182 fuel injector light and other electrical demons

hi im new to this forum but from reading it you all seem very helpful and full of knowledge so here gos i have a fiat bravo 1.6 and as im accelarating slightly usually the fuel injector light will flash on but as soon as i accelerate a little more or brake it gos out ....usually this will result in a judder of the engine also. and just lately im having this problem of when i slow down from a high speed

first the brake light check your fluid level when the fluid gets low the light will come on sometimes (usually when going roung corners or braking hard). on a 1.6 its always tempting to scream injector failure (or coil failure) but in this case it does not sound like the injectors or coil pack are the problem. the main clue for me is the engine cutting out. when slowing down the injectors do not inject

FIAT BRAVA 182 emissions fail after new lambda sensor and new cat

hii have an x reg bravo sx 1.2 16vit failed the mot for exhaust emissions. i replaced spark plugsair filterlambda sensor and cat and took it for a again failed on emissions.i have attatched the fail sheet. could anyone help me in the right direction as to why it failed and what to do nextthanks __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise   

Originally Posted by pk1uk any help please How many miles on the car and when did it last have an oil & filter change All engines burn a little oil older ones burn more and old oil will push up Co2 levels. Try the temperature sensor maybe If that has failed it could be over-fuelling thinking the engine is still cold.

OK. Well... my car is re-mapped because the chipping thing didnt look right to me especially a cheap chip all it does (if it is a chip and not a resistor) is over-fuel the motor by fooling it electronically. It might pass the MoT with the chip removed or the over-fuelling may have caused bore - wash where oil is washed from the cylinder bores by high levels of fuel leading to high oil burning. Can

I would normally suggest getting the system interogated but I am not sure what protocol a V reg will be. Might be worth having a look at the resistance of the temp sensor assuming all levels still correct. Cheers SPD

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel injector light HELP

I have just purchased a fiat brava sx 1.2. But so far Ive had nothing but problems After Ive driven approx 15miles the fuel injector light comes on. The car then seems to lose a bit of power. Before the light comes on the car drives very smoothly. The other morning driving home the light came on again followed by the battery light and the oil light and the steering went really heavy. I waited at the

Got diagnostics done faulty throttle position sensor. However and its a big one engine started making horrific squeeking noises def not fan belt squeek although sounds like one x1000. Def coming from engine however car now being scrapped as mechanics think engine about to seize despite normal oil levels and care taken over car. Wont turn over for more than 5 seconds unless throttle held open.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help with brava 99 1.6sx 16v Fuel system

Hi Guys Please bear with me have a long story to tell. Had some trouble with my 99 plate 1.6sx 16v Brava. It started with the dreaded injector light coming on and staying on at low revs. I looked through this forum and found it was a comon fault normally being an injector failure. Sure enough I had two open circuit dead injectors. Replaced both dead injectors with some 2nd hand ones from the breakers

FIAT STILO Fiat stilo cuts out fiat cant work it out

Hello there I have a fiat Stilo with the awfull problem to cut out every time the fiat think like doing it. It wil cut out and give the errors like esp abs asr and loose connection. At the beginning the problem started ones in a week later ones every day. I could start the engine again and the problem was gone. The problem now is that the car wont start but after 5 - 15 minuts the car will start again.

power. So any problems there or anywhere in the feed to relay T9 will cause intermittent relay operation Do you have wiring diagrams __________________ 02 Stilo 1.6 Dynamic 3 door 99 bravo 1.2SX Last edited by Deckchair5 30-10-2009 at 1846 .   Quote   30-10-2009   23 T14086 Forum Moderator   Join Date Sep 2004 Location Bristol Posts 29792 Thanks 1031 Trader Rating 0   Re fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava miss fire.

Hi all I have a 2001 1.2 brava 80sx. Its been a good little runner up until recently. The car started to miss fire under load about a month ago ( engine management light flashing then staying on ) so I did some research and replaced the coil ht leads and plugs and it ran spot on until now. Its started misfiring again So I replaced the air filter hoping this was the problem but hasnt cured it. I had

Heres an update. I removed the TB and cleaned it out ( it was filthy ) and the car idles fine now. Driving the car is now miss firing again ( especially after over run ) and is using a LOT more fuel than it did. It also kicked a load of this out of the exhaust ( see picture ) Thank you for all your inputs and advice. __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Stalling Problem HELP

Hi I have a fiat Brava 1.2 2000 X Reg only owned for 1 week. My problem is that I can go for about 12 miles with no problems then all of a sudden when I come to a stop ie junction the car just stalls on me. At the same time I noticed that the petrol gauge soared to full then slowly dropped back to fuel level in tank then yesterday the same thing happened again but this time the fuel gauge went to empty

FIAT BRAVA 182 my car lost

my car has lost it ump it is very slow at pulling away and iv had it up on the ramp and i cant figure out wot it is

i made a straight through exhaust for my 1.6 bravo (downpipe back) and it didnt like it one bit. ive made exhausts for several cars and never seen an engine where back presure made so much difference in my life. putting the cat back on made a bit of difference but i ended up going back to the full original exhaust which improved performance and fuel economy a lot. still i wouldnt assume samanthacoopers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.2 new engine wont run

Help and advice desperately needed... I picked up a nice cheap Y reg Brava 80 with fogs alloys etc but an engine that had apparently seized at 106K miles. The owner and his garage say it did run briefly afterwards (AA started it) but would then seize again. Got a matching 31K basic Brava engine from a breakers via the internet was assured that they checked it ran before they removed it. Both engines

what is the chance of the old engine and the new one both having the timing out in a similar fashion causing the same problem. if anything you can rule out the engie and everything else that was changed over including any sensors attached to the engine. i agree the crank sensor is likely but that should show up on a diagnostic with an obvious fault code (although any diagnostic tool other than a fiat

FIAT STILO Blue smoke on cold start

Hey guys Looked through a few of the threads on here and not really sure of any definitive answer...but basically on a cold start my JTD (16v multijet) will let out a puff (fairly big) of blue smoke. Its not parked on a hill or on any steep incline for any long period - my drive is flat. I only bought it a few weeks ago so has a 6 month warranty (hopefully anything needing attention will be covered)

jtd multijet smoking on start up 3 YouTube - jtd multijet smoking on start up 3 heres a recent rolling road(no blue smoke at all under loadlittle bit of black) YouTube - sussexas Channel YouTube - sussexas Channel maybe its a bit worse than that now (with decat)but still clears as quick(35000 miles) a few other 16v owners had similar issue have another search im sure one went to tech center and fiat

FIAT STILO Warning message on startup

Just lately a warning massage saying sensor fault comes up on the display aswell as the orange triangle lighting up. It does it mostly when i first start the car but the missus has said it has done it while she has been driving it Any thoughts to what it it it goes out after a few seconds aswell.

(easily available on Ebay) is all youd need to read fault codes and clear them __________________ 02 Stilo 1.6 Dynamic 3 door 99 bravo 1.2SX Last edited by Deckchair5 01-10-2010 at 2023 .   Quote   02-10-2010   7 robnic Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2010 Location Mansfield notts Posts 64 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re Warning message on startup Ok so i got the laptop and fiatecuscan

FIAT BRAVA 182 trying to trace engine problem......

Im clutching at strawst trying to find the cause of the problem before I take it in for a diagnostic Id like to try all possible diy angles Car is fiat brava SX80 1.2 2000 reg. Engine management light came on flashing at first when under acceleration now constant. Acceleration is extremely sluggish verging on severely handicapped Cruising is fine its just when the engine is under extra load it seems.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Management Light Temp Gauge

After driving for about a hour tonight in my 1.6 bravo 100 hlx the engine management light came on and the temp gauge dropped from about half way up to the C cold indicator and then began to fluctuate as we drove on. Any ideas and i would be extremely grateful thanks in advance

I suppose it might affect the ECU regulation of the fuelair mixture as engine is always coldcool running rich Probably affect engine in the long run Not a particularly difficult job (correct tools always does a Haynes Manual). Most important of all have lots of patience. It can get frustrated at times. This is what I can remember when I had a go myself 1) Drain coolant removal of coolant

FIAT BRAVA 182 Couple problems.

1. The engine sometimes takes along time to turn over when the engine is hot it has a new battery and starts better in the bitter cold than when the engine is hot had a quick search and someone said they changed the injectors and that sorted it is that likely to be whats at fault 2. Last week when i started my car i could hear what sounded like water trickling somewhere under the bonnet it was quite

How old are the plugs are they the gapable type if so they may need cleaning and re gapping or new plugs. You could have the early signs of a coil problem or it may be and engine managment sensor on the blink what does your engine temp read when it refuses to start stright away is it on the cool side if it is then maybe you are over fueling as the ECU thinks the engine needs some for want of a better

FIAT BRAVA 182 valve timing 1.2 16 v

How do i do the valve timing on this engine. i have put the locking tool in the for the camshaft and got all the pistons level but i dont know what the position of the crankshaft should as regards the crank postion sensor. The timing belt was taken off and the engine was turned as i thought there would be timing marks to put it back together. i have tried to start it with no joy it spins over very

Originally Posted by perfectpercy I have locked the camshaft and set the pistons so that they are level MDC i think is what it is called then i have refitted the belt. when i turn the engine over it just spins as though there is no compression. On the crankshaft pulley there is a space between the teeth this i assume is for the crank position sensor. does this control out the ignition timing Maybe

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava wont pass emissions (NCT)

My uncle has a 00 brava 1.2 for the last 8 years and in that time the car never had problems passing the emissions test (NCT) it keeps failing on the co low idle is reading .67 where as .50 is the limit lambda is reading 1.00 which indicates that it is working . So far we checked the exhaust for leaks air intake for leaks changed the plugs and cat but still wont pass we plugged the diagnostics into it but no codes came up . Any ideas would be much appreciated before i pull my hair out over it

The max the car is allowed is .50 CO on a low idle Youve got .67 When your getting the lamba to read the voltages should be moving up and down from 0.01 to 1v some are .1 to .9 Showing the car is seeing and altering the fuel mixture level If the voltage is simply Stuck at 1v itll be running richer then it should im assuming been a 2000 its a not got a pre and post cat It could be a Dead lamba to me

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.8 misfire- what am i looking for

My mate has a 1.8 brava late model w i think. anyway it has got a misfire when pulling off is fine on idle and no warning lights and recovers at speed. apart from the usual (HT Leads) what should I be looking for I understand that this engine uses coil packs one for each cylinder. If it was a pack would the light come on Also if it was an injector fault would a light come on

cheers jug had a look and its misfiring from starting and through the rev range to 4000rpm then fine. No engine management light or injector lights so to test that system i unplugged the MAF sensor (i think- in airflow pipe and connected to ignition wiring) and created a fault critical to performance and got errors on the dash so that system works. Plugged it all back in and faults cleared immediatly

FIAT BRAVA 182 how do ypu tweak the turbo to give more boost (brava JTD)

have a brava 1.9jtd and have been told i can tweak the turbo to give more boost is it possible and is it easy to do. it is a standard turbo aswell btw cheers

Originally Posted by matty_jones_1989 have a brava 1.9jtd and have been told i can tweak the turbo to give more boost is it possible and is it easy to do. it is a standard turbo aswell btw cheers Not really as yours is a JTD . On older non ECU governed engines you were able to tweek diesel engines by doing 2 main things which need doing in balance and at low levels to maintain reliability and safe

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