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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 16v fuel rail hose connection

Hi all I have a bravo 1.2 16v fuel rail on my 1.4 project much like the lower one in this pic (courtesy of arc I believe) Could someone tell me what connector needs to go on the end of the fuel hose to connect to the fitting on the end of the rail please Thanks James

you need a new fuel line. try using eper to get your part number and price.

again and again thanks jug I will do that

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FIAT BRAVA 182 1.6 Bravo Fuel Consumption

My 1997 fiat bravo 1.6l seems to use a lot of fuel. IT might just be the norm but I am reading about folk getting loads more miles than me. Out of 10 pound of fuel I get around 40 miles which the current fuel price beign 1.30 pounds of average. Does this sound correct Its mainly in inner city miles I am doing. The car was recently MOTd and the emmisions passed well within the tolreances. the car had only done 34000 miles too.

Hi. Thanks for all the replys. My clutch was slipping so just had new clutch fitted and they told me my coolant was low due to a bust hose so car was going over mid temp level a lot of the time. This has now been fixed so will hopefully give me a slightly better comsumption. I also put new spark plugs in too. As for the exhaust When the car starts up from cold you can hear a slight blowing noise coming

thank you m20b25 yes it supplies fuel. When the car didnt start i didnt realise that whilst i was trying the petrol was just pumping out of it and I ended up in a lake of petrol. think Ill take your advice and go for a new one.

area well . Im looking forward to your updates. If you have not already have a nosey around the forum for inspiration. bravoBravaMarea Guides Section View all the bravos In the Members Motors section View all the bravos In our Forum Garage View all the Bravas In the Members Motors Section View all the Bravas In our Forum Garage __________________ Parts Wanted. I will consider any new original fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo TD black smoke emissions

My 98 75TD bravo failed the MOT at the weekend due to excessive black smoke. The car has been stood for a few months but I gave it a good drive around before the MOT and changed oiloil filter fuel filter etc before the MOT. The pass level is 3.0 and mine was showing 3.97 average. I have since replaced the air filter added some stop smoke products to both the oil and fuel and also added some diesel

Hello you may have an overfuelling problem as jug suggests. Is the engine pulling properly i.e. as powerful as usual . Check all your hoses esp from turbo to inlet manifold . Then check that the turbo is working properly although when just revving the engine for testing there is no real boost produced. Have a look at the pump and make sure the cold start advance is not stuck on and have a look for

what utter tripe next time you are out in the garden with a water hose stick your finger over the outletsee how the pressure builds up and how finer spray you get but you dont get any more water out of the pipe after all the metering is already set by the tap. Sooo you get a better burn ie more power quicker pick up and therefore do not use any more fuel. Now take my tunnig box on my 80k bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.2 Y reg problems

My bravo was feeling sluggish on acceleration so decided to take a look under the bonnet. Took the cover off the engine and found a hose that comes from the (i think its called) air inlet duct and goes into the rocker cover and into the area above the first fuel injector had perished and a big crack had appeared. Went to 3 scrapyards couldnt find a bravo with an engine in it so did a botch job with

Originally Posted by Stilo Stew Hi Folks. Just wanted to share a recent &8216problem&8217 with my 1.9 Multijet (120 Version). Had noticeably less power than usual between 1500-2500 rpm on the way into work this morning (Was quite embarrassing pulling away from junctions lights etc.) Managed to limp into work. Checked all hoses etc at lunchtime nothing loose. But noticed that the fuel filter connectors were slightly lifted and pushed them back down (made a click when pushed). Went for a drive and power had returned All is well again Could the fuel filter have been the problem I&8217m not sure if the 1.9 8 valve has an EGR valve so I&8217m hoping that this is the answer as the car is an &821707 plate. Any comments would be much appreciated. Cheers. well if the pipes were kinked in anyway the engine might of been getting starved of fuel... your lucky it didnt just cut out when you put your foot down if it was the fuel filter causing the problem If the power has returned though after you sorted that out.. that must of been the problem well i would of thought so.. out of interest where abouts is the fuel filter on the bravo

fuel filter connections do not just unclip themselves I to have noticed my diesel filter connections are lifted but not to the extended of unclipping theres say a 1cm of movement which is normal as soon as pressure is present the hoses lift up a little. Are you postive you heard a click. As anyone been under your bonnet lately I dont think you have resolved your issue.. take it to the dealer for a diagnostic scan.. its free and worth it.

FIAT BRAVO II 07 diesel 1.9 150 MultiJet - No Power and No Faults (apparently)

After an uneventful drive home from work on the last day of the year the missus starts the car to take us out on new years eve and it has no power... struggles up to about 3000rpm and just about makes 40mph although it managed to struggle up a long hill... So mechanic searched hoses bypassed fuel filter but couldnt find anything. And did many other things in the course of a fruitless days searching.

FIAT BRAVA 182 BRAVO TD 100 no power NO MAF

hi i have a 1997 bravo TD 100. it has 90000 on the clock it also has no power changed the fuel and air filter no difference cant find a MAF sensor its a manual fuel pump so not sure if it has one also the turbo makes a fairly loud whistling could this be a jammed wastegate or is the turbo allways loud also where is the wastegate in relation to the turbo itself ie on top any help would be very much appreciated was looking forward to owning a bravo but mine is junk cheers

The TD100 turbo is a bit of a whistler anyway so you should not go on noise alone unless its really load and doesent go away when the revs get up. Make sure there are no cracked loose split hoses or holed intercooler. You can do a basic check for boost by squeezing the hose from the intercooler to manifold with your fingers and giving the engine a good revving you should feel the hose fill out a

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo eobd problem

hi plz can anyone help I have a y reg(2001)fiat bravo 1.6 hlxlove the carjust got it back off my ex after 2 that time it stood for a while and was never i immediately did a oil and filter changeas it was well over due.and put some stp petrol treatment in the fuel tank to clean things upjetsd etccar running brilliantly never betterhowever only problem is a few days ago the eobd

there isnt an eobd light on the bravo do you mean the light that looks like a hose pipe squirting fluid if so thats the fuel injection system fault light or more commonly called the engine management light. it only comes on if there is a fault 99% of the tme due to a sensor fault or failure. unlike most engine management lights it can not be reset be the dealer or anyone else it turns itself off automatically

FIAT BRAVA 182 Same old story fuel pump gage

hi fiat bravo 2001 16v Just came on this morning - flashes occasionaly on and off but engne and car slighly shaking on low revs not purring - seems fine when i speed up - can i fix in myslef or is it off to the garage for soem costly work

there is no fuel pump light i think you mean the fuel injection system fault light (looks like a hose with water coming out). the fuel injection system fault light on fiats is the same and the engine management light on other brands. it simply means the ecu has noticed a fault or out of range signal. that could be anything so a diagnostic at a dealer is probably the best thing to do at this stage.

FIAT BRAVO 150 mjet power loss right through rev range

Hi i hope some one can add some thought on this before i seek a garage the cars a 57 bravo Mjet sport done 138k. problem is coming home yesterday i went to overtake & nothing there previous to this every thing was normal no strange noises or anything plenty of power. had to crawl home at high revs in low gears to get it to pull accelerating is taking for ever & no boost after the magic mark so i dont

FIAT BRAVO GSR Kit Fitted and Reviewed

Well finally got round to fitting the GSR induction kit yesterday So here are some pics Before GSR Kit Removal of old Filter GSR Kit Fitted Review Immediately the first thing to hit you is the being able to hear the dump valve now it has a very pleasant pssst sound . I then took it for a quick drive the noise coming were amazing lots of whistling dump valave and just a little chatter plus a slightly

I think it allows the engine to breathe easier.. allows more air in and thus make it more powerful. Air to fuel mixture Ive seen k&n filters for the 1.9 multijet on ebay but just the filter kit which are various pipeshosesbrackets. I hope what i said is correct but im sure someone with more knowledge will sum it up better for you UKDucatiman. Btw hows ur mapped bravo doing.. i had mine map and had to revert it back to standard.

how did you get dual twin tailpipes on your bravo I was told this couldnt be done because of the spare wheel well being in the way of the right hand side... AND... more importantly... theres a fuel pump hose right next to where the right hand side exhaust box would sit... VERY dodgy.

FIAT BRAVA 182 How to get the fuel out of the petrol tank

Hi all Please can anyone tell me how to get petrol out of the fuel tank as we have just bought another Brava. Thanks Julie.

Disconnect the fuel filter it should all just run out of the hose there. Might take a while though.

Originally Posted by julieiito Hi cheers for the reply but where is the fuel filter I never tried this before but once I was told that you could disconnect the hose connecting to the fuel pressure regulator (it should be not to far from the injection rail in case it is multi-point) and then turn the ignition on so the fuel pump is activated draining the fuel tank rather quickly. Whatever you do be extra careful - for obvious reasons

Originally Posted by nunesaf I never tried this before but once I was told that you could disconnect the hose connecting to the fuel pressure regulator (it should be not to far from the injection rail in case it is multi-point) and then turn the ignition on so the fuel pump is activated draining the fuel tank rather quickly. Whatever you do be extra careful - for obvious reasons Dont do this youll

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo wont go...

help please.. my 1.8 hlx has a problem. the car idles at about 750-800rpmwhen driving the car it hesitates to pull offnormal driving is okbut if i get to a hill..forget seems to be ok in the morningi.e auto chokebut then it just goes down hill.when stood still the temp gauge goes just bellow halfway and the fan kicks inwhen im driving the temp reads about 2 lines from coldthe bottom. i have changedoil

the noise is still there after an exhaust change so it is definately something we need to investigate further. Originally Posted by Skate2create Air inlet leakage that was my first thought. interestingly your idle rpm when warm is actually a little bit low (should be 850 in an ideal world but 800-900 is expected) and an inlet leak would usually cause a high idle rpm. however that could still mean you

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.4 SX jerking and popping Help

Hi I have a 1998 fiat bravo 1.4 SX which I bought recently. However today as I pulled out on a roundabout and put it into 2nd it started jerking quite violently and every time it jerked there was a popping sound coming from (i think) under the bonnet. It then stopped but did it again when I got up to 4th. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason to as or when it does it but it seems to do it more

Originally Posted by musclemuse No to both of those And no injector light either Hi might be worth checking all your electrical connections under the bonnet ie- Battery plug leads and take out your spark plugs and check those what kind of service history has it got That engine has just one injector so could be clogged and worth putting in some injector cleaner in the fuel tank and run it down the motorway see if that helps. Also worth checking for air and vacuum leaks on the hoses and pipes.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Adding Horsepower to My Bravo

Ok i have a bravo SX 100 16v which offcourse has 103bhp. I have been thinking on adding more horsepower for a faster car not that i am saying that the car is slow but i want it a bit more faster than it is right now. I recently taked to my mechanic about adding an induction kit and he didnt advise it he prefered adding a chip. So what do you think guys i want something that will boost up the HP by at least 20 bhp or more without ruining the engine. Thank you for your time

i have heard people say things like between 1 and 5 bhp. depends on the filter and things. obviously the wider the filter and the larger the filter the more air you can get into the engine. also some people have wide hoses connecting from the filter to the engine to get even more air in to the car. the more air you can get in to the engine the better the fuel combustion. which means the faster the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo stalling problem

Can anybody please help I bought a 1.8 hlx bravo year 2000 with a snapped cambelt After fitting a secondhand head(Cheaper option)the car runs ok but really struggles to tickover.If i rev it and leave itit will cut out once the revs drop back down Now this may have been like this before the cambelt snapped or maybe not When doing the cambelt timing(no locking tool)i noticed that there is a bit of ley

you need to check the timing. is the fuel injection system fault light illuminated (looks like a hose squirting water)

FIAT BRAVA 182 BravaBravoMarea head lights

Do they have a slight tint of yellow or something Ive just put in bulbs which are pure clear white in a another car (not a fiat ) but in my Marea Weekend ELX they look rubbish I hope someones gonna say take the covers off and clean them - thatll definately fix it. Anyone ) -- ts86 98 fiat Marea Weekend ELX (1.8 16v). - Kenwood MP3 head unit - De-Restricted standard air box - NGK VX Platinum plugs (BKR7EVX)

My lights were a bit yellow as well as Pete says it could be a power thing. I also had water in mine a bit of rag some tie wraps an old coathanger and an hours worth of cursing sorted that out. Still got a bit of condensation so it looks like an old hairdryer and a length of rubber hose next.[)][)] The lights are still not very white. Im going to fit some xenons. Ill let you know if it makes any difference. Got more additives than fuel in my tank.

FIAT BRAVA 182 how to gedt fuel out

have a r reg brava 1.4 need to empty the fuel out but can not get a hose in to get it out does any one know a other way or where the fuel pump is so i can disconnect the wire and run it off that way cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel warning light

Hi I have a P reg brava 1.4 sx. The problem i have is that ever now and then i will go on a journey and the fuel injerctor (the red 1 that looks like a spraying hose) warning light comes on and stays on untill i turn the engine off... then when i start again on my jouney back sometime upto 2 hours later the engine starts but as i put my foot down there is no response for a while will not move then

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.4 fuel filter leak

Hi Ive got a 98 1.4 that is leaking from the rear-side of the fuel filter. I pulled the plastic cover to have a look. The bracket is quite rusted so I couldnt get it off and the clamp around the filter itself is rusted beyond recognition of how to get it off. My theory is that the filter is gummed up enough that when the pump pressurizes the system it leaks out of the inbound side of the filter. But

I just swapped out the filter. I used one for a 95 Xantia that a fitment chart claims is the same as the proper one was out of stock. Its not the same the ends are bulged a bit as is suitable for a hose-clamp type fitment not the plastic fiat ones. Since I didnt feel like riding my bike back to the shop (already 70 km today to get there and back) I hacksawed off the bulges. Works fine. For those interested

FIAT BRAVO mjet 150 hesitating on acceleration

Help please anyone The last couple of days ive noticed my 57 plate bravo has been occasionally hesitating when accelerating. Firstly I thought perhaps id imagined it as it was very subtle however yesterday I was moving off in 1st and had my foot right down yet no acceleration. Also on the motorway when pressing the accelerator it either speeds up immediately or hesitates before doing it. There has

Try checking the hoses related to the turbointercoolerairfilter etc they could have a rip or have become loose and cause your loss of power. Also when have the fuelairfilter been replaced last

FIAT BRAVO Difference between 120 and 150 T-jet

Is the difference only in software or is there something more Im asking this for my own curiosity Thx

As standard the 150 is a high compression turbo engine with whats got to be the smallest turbo i have ever seen on a petrol turbo car With the high compression this means that it is still torquey whilst off boost allowing better driving capability BUT this means when running higher boost levels the piston is then under higher extremes of pressure and heat which in long term causes detonation Ide imagine

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel and Temp Gauge Problem

For those that remember my wet carpet thread clearing out the plenum drains and usage now that the Passat isnt very well has dried out the interior. Still got the sunroof to seal to the roof and the drains to clear but I think the major culprit was the leaf mulch in the plenum. Next problem.... The fuel gauge VERY rarely moves from the empty and the reserve light is lit. Plus the temp gauge is hit

on the 1.6 there is only 1 coolant temp sensor for both the gauge and ecu . i would try replacing the instrument panel to see if that cures it (you will need to adjust the mileage). it is also possible that the thermostat is stuck open causing overcooling have you checked if the coolant hoses are hot when gauge says cold

I believe the thermostat is ok. The heater blows warm by the end of the road and proper hot within a couple of miles although I havent checked the hose temp. Where is the sensor Ill try earthing it with the ignition on that should give a full hot reading at the gauge. -- Rene

FIAT BRAVA 182 fuel pump gone

Hey write bad but hope you understand Im from Norway. my 96 1.4 will not start. but if I fill the fuel directly into the carburetor it goes to the fuel is used up. I think its fuel pump i cant hear any buzzing even if I take onn and off the wires on top of the tank . fuel pump

can I use a pump that connects to the hose other similar objects are sold they should be connected directly to the tubing and shall replace the original pump. or do I need the original pump.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel Filter and Rear Wiper

My friend has a 1998 1.6 Brava and I tried to change the fuel filter the grey tags broke off the connectors as soon as I touched them and I cant figure out how the dm things come off Advice welcomed. Also the rear wiper doesnt work only on intermittent setting and there is a clicking from the wiper motor area when the ignition is turned on. Is there a relay in there or is it something more serious Again advice wecomed. Thanks in advance. Pete.

I think the rear wiper is supposed to work intermittantly. As for the clicking noise I use to clean the connectors on the tailgate and to get rid of it.... As for the water jet the valve might be clogged try to clean it or replace it with a pice of pipe of some sort. You can find it under the bonnet just beneath the windshield to the right just follow the hose Hope this helps

up close and perosonal myself. Looks like its sat a bit far back maybe pushing it on and putting a little fuel pipe jubilee on lightly will sort it. Check the other end of the hose to see if its been messed with. Never had success with non-genuine budget sensorselectrical parts myself and vowed never to waste money on them again. __________________ Parts Wanted. I will consider any new original fiat

Originally Posted by Adrian bravo Damn i was typing sparkplugs in my last post and removed it before posting . After seeing that spark plug Id be tempted to get a compression test done on the engine. If the guys that changed the cambelt did it by the book cylinder 1 spark plug would have been removed to fit a top dead centre guage to time the cambelt so that spark plug must have been ok at that time.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Emissions problem.

Hi everyone fiat bravo 1.6SX 16v (S reg) Just an update on my problem I posted earlier this month. The car is still overfulling on tick over. Failed its MOT again on emissions. Fast idle good and passed at 0.23% Natural Idle CO failed at 10%. What have I done so far. 1) New coolant temp sensor. 2) New Lambda probe. 3) another throttle body. 4) another air sensor in manifold . 5) New spark plugs No

Originally Posted by fiat_-_bravo If it is spitting fuel out through the carb have you checked the fuel presure regulator. this engine is overfueling and spitting back because he removed the top of the throttle case which i assume means some vacuum hoses will have been removed.

FIAT BRAVA 182 where exactly are the bleeding screws in a 1.6 brava

I have a few pics hopefully it will help locating the bleeding screws i went to a lot of mechanics and none were able to find a single screw please mark the location on the pic and also whats is the loose hose that is marked on this pic Attached Thumbnails         __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds   

Originally Posted by fiat37 That hose is for fuel vapour intake. On 1.6 bleeding points are bottom hose to the radiator in hose leadeing to internal heater and small-diameter hose on thermostate housing. There is also 1 screw next to starter motor which allows you more complete draining. is it supposed to be not connected to anything so that makes it 4 screws is the location of the screws in 1.6 diffrent

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help with 77 Fiat Spyder...

Hello everyone I am new to this list and I have a question about an old school fiat . I am working on my buddies 1977 fiat 124 Spyder with the 1.8 DOHC motor. The problem began when he broke the timing belt at a low speed and since it was an interference motor the valves were bent pistons dented etc. I told him the best thing to do would be to totally rebuild the motor. Thats what we did honed the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Good garage in Manchester

Hi I need to get my bravo booked in for a full service somewhere. Does anyone know of a reliable garage in manchester that will do a good job of it Im looking for something along the lines of what Powerfiat would do (but they are in Essex). Quote Full Service (12000miles) Oil change filter change replace air filter replace fuel filter replace pollen filter ( where fitted ) replace anti freeze check

you can do it all yourself. if you really dont feel confident get a haynes manual. you dont need to completely change the brake fluid just top it up (if neccessary it may not need it). same for gearbox if you get the fiat sump plug key you can use that to remove the gearbox filler cap and then simply dip your finger in the hole to feel for the fluid if you cant feel it top it up (pour some gearbox

FIAT MAREA 185 my Marea 20v no frills

I started this on the 30th January 2010 I love Marea Weekend 20vs this is my 3rd one and the cheapest so far. It all started in december when the hunt was on for a cheap Marea to mod I had some criteria though... it had to be a 147 it had to be cheap and had to have mot and it had to be modded on a very limited budget. Impossible I here you say well I started buying my parts in december on Ebay and

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ecotek CB

Anybody got any photos of this fitted on a 1.6 bravo. I had a quick look under my bonnet and couldnt see the brake servo hose. On me old AX GT it was hard to miss it. Thanks

The ecotek needs to be fitted close to the manifold so that it has maximum effect. The fuel purge brake servo fuel regulator and sometimes the blowpast recovery hoses all meet those requirements. I would not use the fuel regulator hose as it may give injector lag as the ecotek lowers the vacuum. The blowpast recovery hose sometimes has a non return valve fitted in the block in which case its no good.

FIAT MAREA 185 1.9 JTD smoke

Hi I have a Marea 1.9 JTD (year 2001) with 110.000km on the clock and it has black smoke coming from the exhaust. It does not burn any oil since ive driven it 8000km so far and did not notice any change in oil level since ive changed it. Water levels OK too. Starts OK (no smoke) even when cold. The thing is when accelerating and revs are above 2500 black smoke comes out from the exhaust. If revs are

Sumplug I would agree with you for the older bravos and Mareas however the JTD is a common rail engine. The pump is purely providing pressure to the rail. It does not have any control over timing or injection quantity. The common rail pump does not need to be timed. The injectors are electronically opened there is no spring in there to adjust for pop off pressure. If you had any debris in the injector

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