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FIAT BRAVA 182 Coupe suspension to Bravo 1.2

Is this possible Is it a good bad idea to get used suspension and put it on another car If it works will the suspension lower my car Specifically the shock absorbers. Also which springs will i need

its not possible and even if it was it wouldnt do you any good. the mounting points are different at top of struts lengths are different front and rear hubs wont connect to shocks on front shocks wont connect to arms on rear it would be more difficult than a coupe brake conversion. get springs for your car and if you still arent satisfied then get some gas shocks too. personally i think a set of lowering

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.2 16v front suspension

right every time i go over a puthole or grate with my front ns wheel. the car shunts to the right and knocks. ive replaced the lower arm to no avail. bit stupidly but after the test drive and it was the same i did the bounce test. (should of done that first) it seems as though the shock is shot. as it dont stop bouncing. am i right in thinking that what it is anyone else had these probs and so on that...

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Well traded in my Stilo Abarth Manual against a bravo Sport 150T in Maranello red with 18 alloys Dual Zone Climate Control and pick up tomorrow. Took one for a test drive 2 weeks ago and well couldnt resist especially as it will sip fuel like a nun opposed to the Abarth that is a gas monster plus power and speed wise they are both fairly close.

car on a daily basis and really not want to get out of it but go around th eblock one more time what colour you also thinking of sorry guys I will have to borrow a digi camera as mine broke a while back and have not got around to getting a new one but will get one in next day or so for some piccies. But first impressions of the car in under a week of driving it IT DOES NOT feel like driving a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo hgt daily driver

Thought it was about time i posted up some pics of my new daily driver... She nothing special seems a solid car with a huge service history. First thing on the list is a new MAF which should turn up on my door step not sure on the cobbled together intake piping so will be replacing that with something suitable. Do need the standard flexi piping from MAF to TB if anyone got one as mine

check you brake discs are not warped. you said you have changed the tires so its not them unless they are not balanced correctly. when you go round sharpe corners does the car seem to not wanna go in that direction when you put your foot down. i would go to the garage straight away to be safe there is something loose in you suspension and i would recomend you driven at 140mph Proud owner of a bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 100 16v HLX MOT Failure advice

Hello everyone just back from the MOT testing station with a failure and a list of advisories. just wondered if anyone can give me any guidance on estimated price to fix for partslabour on these are they serious or common that kind of thing iam not very technically minded so iam clueless really. thanks in advance failures 1. offside front track rod end ball joint has excessive play 2. nearside and

FIAT BRAVO Trolley Jack

What ones do people use Are there adapters that can be had to stop the jack from digging into the sill And if not what point do you use to jack the car up from

A big rock or lump of concrete behind the rear wheel to stop it rolling back in front of the front wheel to stop it rolling forward . Trolley jack under suspension arm ends (subframe end at front spring cup at rear.) If you use the sill jacking points you need a block to fit or make one to fit. Beware the tyre-shop boys who just jack up on the sill and you have to repaintseal after each trip. (My drive-on ramps are too steep for the low front of the bravo. and I never use axle stands because I saw some collapse once)

FIAT BRAVA 182 My track Bravo

Hi guys thought Id share a few pics and the story behind my bravo track bitch. I bought it off a mate as a boggo HGT last year as a runabout and was going to keep it standard but I warmed to it and it ended up with a few mods. 500 notes later and i picked this up taxed and full MOT Drove it round for a good few miles like it was dead happy. Bit thirsty for a daily driver but I didnt really care Then

Hi steve you maybe arent too far away from me welcome to come and have a look alternatively I am racing at mallory park near Hinckley on Sunday if you want to have a look then. Regarding the Pectel the reason I ask is G and G motorsport who maps mine are highly involved with PectelPI and Phil who runs it is the most honest and direct operator I know - trusted 100%. Bit of a way though in Horncastle

Thanks rich and Im in leicester so ill pop along on sunday and have a chat. I know mallory well. I understand the tipo and bravo shells are very similar does the suspension cross over etc any other shard parts also after some decent suspension and where do i get the madeno solid front arm kit Its going to be a budget build really as I have another project lined up so any help or advice would be great Im a ford man really but doing this as something different. Steve

FIAT BRAVO 2nd cambelt change

So the bravo has just been in for its second cambelt change. Its now just passed the 140000 mile mark with each change at around the 72k ish mark. I asked the state of everything they said tensioners were fine water pump had a little bit of play but the cambelt itself wasnt in the best condition. He said there were deposits of rubber that were making the belt not run straight (if you know what I mean).

FIAT BRAVA 182 Creaking from drivers side rear suspension

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. The bravos mot has expired (2 days before christmas ) and im just getting a few jobs done before the mot (little things like adjusting handbrake & changing the front panel that holds the radiator up). Now everything is done but im getting a creaking noise from the rear drivers side suspensionwheel arch area. Ive had the car on the ramps and cant see anything

FIAT BRAVO Bravo with HIDs as standard

Do they make a bravo with HIDs as standard.. Just want to know how the system works. As in does it have auto levelling suspension or auto levelling headlights Im guessing that would be as simple as a tilt switch for the auto levelling. Washer jets as well would just like to see how they look on the bravo. Are they just little jets on the front or do they extend out on a arm like the golf cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo JTD project.

Would a bravo if fitted with HGT wings and bumper be able to house a 2.4 JTD preferably the 20v from an Alfa If I do get the chance to make a project car it would have to be ecconomic to make up for the hike in insurance - thus the JTD . Upto 250bhp in a bravo.. well all projects have to start with a dream right

means an alfa 2.4 should sit on a Marea 2.4 front chasis. That means I can use Marea lower arms driveshafts hubs and suspension. Mechanically getting the engine to fit seems the easy part. The hard part will be how much of the Alfa electronics I need to bring over So the hunt is on for a snapped cam -belt HGT (or some other engine failure) and a body-munched Alfa 2.4JTD. 170bhp version. The bravo

FIAT BRAVO Positioning Axle Stands

Perhaps a stupid question - but where do I position axle stands Need to take front wheels off to get one repaired and the car will be sitting on stnads - but Ive no idea where they should be positioned. Anyone able to help please Diagram or pictures would be most appreciated. Thanks.

elearn says eLearn - Contents To raise the vehicle using lift arms or a workshop lift arrange the ends of the arms or the lift in the areas shown in the diagram only. Take care on the SPORT versions not to damage the side miniskirts The vehicle should only be raised at the side. After lifting the vehicle support it on safety stands. It is absolutely forbidden to lift the vehicle by positioning the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo HGT track day car

Hi all im currently preparing a hgt 20v as a track day car and was wondering if anyone had any hints or tips for preparing these. So far i have removed the aircon stripped the interior removed all the sound deadening fitted bucket seats and harnesses put decent front discs on fitted ds2500 pads fitted bonnet pins and removed the catch cable and lever fitted an induction kit and a better exhaust. i

Youve done the main stuff but Id put a bolt in cage in. Spring rates - stiff 130 Nmm rear similar on the front Lack of good quality dampers for this platform I have seen pro-flex fitted to coupe rally cars. I have AST fronts are simple McPherson as you know not too hard to spec. Rear suspension is the issue non adjustable trailing arms are very heavy and a pain for a track car with toe in and no neg

FIAT UNO II Uno front Wheel bearing Removal ...

Hi.... I Planned to replace my front wheel bearing but i cant find the Wheel bearing removal procedur in Haynes Manual. Anyone can help me .... Thanks pal .....

high-pressure clips which leak. But that will be a story for another day... -Alex Attached Thumbnails           __________________ SOLD 03 Stilo Abarth Selespeed 02 Spider V6 SOLD 00 Spider TS SOLD 09 159 JTDm SOLD 88 Uno Turbo i.e. 71 850 Coupe in bits... so really just the one car Last edited by alexGS 20-07-2007 at 1318 .   Quote   20-07-2007   14 The Sultan bravo

FIAT BRAVA 182 General suspension problem.

I got my 1996 1.4 Brava_SX from Austria from 15 years now i currently live in Romania i have this problem with my ride quality i think its way too rough so i decided to try and fix it somehow ive spend 3 hours at 3 different mechanics and the couldnt find a single problem in the back except the After-Market KYB Excel-G Shocks ive got on the car are so hard that makes the ride unbearable is it normal

clunking over bumps) are due to worn front wishbone bushes - also on Tipos and I guess Puntos. On my car I have changed these also drop links track rods track rod ends - all over time. Very common areas for wear and noises.... On my Tipo (1995) a lot of crashing from the back end was due to failed subframe mounting bushes - you can find some special replacement bushes for the Tipo and Bravabravo

I was thinking exactly that too. worn front wishbone bushes 2 of the mechanics found that also they suspect the drop links im in a dilemma i dont really know if i should buy whole arms or just the bushings the joints on arm ar still great no play in there but the bushings....not so good also my rear subframe mounts look okay last time i checked the rubber was in good condition ill check the break

Bebyko no more videos please.... you need to change the front wishbones and droplinks for sure so decide which mechanic you like and which supplier you will use If you are very unlucky then the main ARB bushes (to the car) could be worn but I think this is not common. While the front end is dismantled check the track rod ends and also release check and grease the shock strut top mount bearings. For

If its one thing i hate the most its not giving a car problem a proper diagnostic fiats are so complex that my problems could be caused by a lot of things i cant just start trowing parts at this car i need to make sure 100% that the parts im changing are the ones causing the problems and im saying that cause im a god damn student and as you can imagine i dont have lots of pennies in my pocket i came

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Bravo a few questions

Hello all Ive recently acquired a new V reg bravo (SX80) and have found a fair few faults with it. (So far) I got it from a family member who seems to have abused it somewhat. Firstly the handbrake rocks slightly from side to side. And when you pull it up it pulls to the side ever so slightly. This has made a piece of metal (what I assume to be the cable adjuster) push up against the gaiter and crack

Well I took it to a garage and got my car back yesterday. Apparently the knocking was the ball joint on the front passenger suspension arm. They replaced the arm and now it is all fine. Only cost about 70 quid. Dunno if that is good or not 1 down 2 to go...

FIAT BRAVO A worrying noise

Evening all Wonder if anyone else has had this Recently going over speed bumps the car makes a knocking noise just doesnt feel right it never used to do it. Took it out today and its got worse feels like something has worked loose and Im a bit worried it might be something serious. It just happends over speed bumps and seems slightly worse on the right hand side. Sorry not much more info but anyone had anything similar Thanks

I had a issue of a knocking from the front suspension but only in the wet i know a lot of others experience this. Ive taken it to the dealers who didnt seem to find any faults. The replaced the top suspension mounts but still the same the anti roll bar and links are fine. I decided to inspect my self and now i dont hear a single noise this is what i did.... put car on a ramp and got some WD40 lubricated

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.6 rear suspension

Hi everyone Im about to replace the rear shocks and springs on my Brava 1.6 Trofeo can annyone recommend a good shockspring combo and keeping to standard height I was thinking either Monroe or KYB both seem reasonably priced on ebay Thanks for any help

Originally Posted by bluejohn125 Hi yes I fitted Excel-Gs all round to my Brava a few years ago they are good value and feel slightly firm or sporty (at least when you first fit them you notice). Im happy with them although I like trawling ebay to see if there are any bargain Sachs or Boge units as they are very good too. The ordinary Bravas bravos and Mareas all seem to take the same shocks unless

FIAT 500 II Is this normal (handlingsuspension question)

The current setup on the car is koni adj front back with eibach sport springs. I have recently changes tires and went from the stock to 19550r15 dunlop fasttrack .On the highway yesterday doing about 140 kmh when suddenly the car in front of me braked in an effort to avoid it (I did) I braked and swirved at the same time (although the braking itself did the job i didnt changes lanes). The scary part

extreme comparison time in my bravo compared to my 500 at high speed on the nurburgring i was able to carry much higher speed into the high speed sections and if i did lift it wasnt upset at all in the 500 at Hohe Acht (uphill left hander after Karussell) i nearly ended up in the armco because of rear instability (induced by a small confidence lift) and had a big tank slapper which the esp took over

Originally Posted by RobW extreme comparison time in my bravo compared to my 500 at high speed on the nurburgring i was able to carry much higher speed into the high speed sections and if i did lift it wasnt upset at all in the 500 at Hohe Acht (uphill left hander after Karussell) i nearly ended up in the armco because of rear instability (induced by a small confidence lift) and had a big tank slapper

FIAT BRAVA 182 Knocking on front end.

Hi Please someone help I have a fiat BRAVA 1.2 manual 2001 Yreg. I tried doing a wheel spin at a junction but rubber didnt burn the wheels just jumped up & down rapidly. I regret doing this now as the car has developed a knocking sound on the front end. It only seems to knock while the car is in motion. Gears feel fine steering feels fine clutch feels fine. The knocking gets quicker as the car speeds

Originally Posted by John Knight So what makes you think its NOT the gearbox then Is it easy to check if the droplink is smashed Experience. Ive smashed 2 boxes and they never make the wheel hop like you described which sounds like a suspension component has failed. If you jack the car up you can see the drop links from the anti roll bar attached to the front arm. While looking at the arm if the boot is split the ball joint is gone which also creates a knocking noise

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Problems - Door Latch & Suspention Arm

Ive a 98 Brava 1.6 ELX with 2 problems that i hope some one might be able to help me out with The two bolts at the front of the passanger side front suspension arm conecting it to the subframe keep loosening off. Is there any way of stoping this happening should there be a locking nut on them I think that I broke my drivers door Latch at new year when it froze. I have managed to get into the door but

FIAT BRAVA 182 help with unsafe bravo

Got an 80sx (1999) and ive only started using it after I totalled my other car last week. The bravos been off the road for 4 months. Few problems with it but the one I canmt get my head round is when the car goes on long corners it feels really unsafe and the front wheels start to slip. there is also a lot of movement forwards when i brake. I am very handy at things but have no experiance or knowledge

They have the NCT over here which is the equivelant but is only tested every 2 years - due again in 2 months. When we bought it there was obviously an impact on the car once upon a time the front right headlight has the brackets still broken. Clean snap but all still in place and the lines on the bonnet look uneven. Checked it at the time and there was no obvious signs of damage to frame - got rac

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravobeastie update

i just rang my dad to see what was going on with the car cos shes been at the garage for just shy of two weeks. he said funny you rang cos hes just stood at the garage watching shaun (the car fixing man) put the head back on basically it was the HG and not injectors or inlet valve like the AA man said... tbh i never trust what they say cos when Candices timing belt slipped he said it was the ECU i

today i took hub assembly off the suspension wishbone and steering and removed perished engine mount ready to replace new one tomorrow then i gotta attach recond drive shaft and take her for a shake down if she dont pop again hurrah something else i did today covered the centre console arm rest in black leather to match the rest of the front interior ill get some pics tomorrow when its re attached.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo pulling to one side when braking at speed and knocking noise

My bravo p reg 1.6 sx pulls to the right when I brake over 50 MPH. I also get a knocking noise when I go over a bump. Also when I turn right it feels like the car is turning weird. I jacked the car up today and spun the wheels. None of them seem seized. I then found a thin bar running horizontal from back middle of engine compartment to a suspension component. The thin bar has two bushes at each end.

It will be one or more worn front suspension components all fairly standard wear and tear on these cars. Chief suspects normally (especially for clonks on bumps) are the lower wishbones track control arms. The bushes on these wear regularly. Change the whole unit if faulty not too difficult or expensive. Otherwise it sounds like your anti-roll bar bushes may be shot the ARB is linked to the wheel

Originally Posted by jug only hard part is getting the nut off the top of each strut make life easy on yourself and have the top nut loosened on both struts before you start work. Oil all bolts well before you start work. Rears are easiest. Shouldnt require spring compressors. fronts - as Jug says loosen the top nut before starting. You will need to drift out the bolts holding the strut to the hub carrier - a flat ended cold chissel is ideal. Also while you have the brakes and strut out the way - might be an idea to replace the lower arms as the outer ball joint isnt renound for lasting very long on mid-sized fiats .

Originally Posted by Hellcat Oil all bolts well before you start work. Rears are easiest. Shouldnt require spring compressors. fronts - as Jug says loosen the top nut before starting. You will need to drift out the bolts holding the strut to the hub carrier - a flat ended cold chissel is ideal. Also while you have the brakes and strut out the way - might be an idea to replace the lower arms as the outer ball joint isnt renound for lasting very long on mid-sized fiats . had the offside ball joint replaced recently but will bear it in mind. cal

FIAT BRAVO Leon 1.9 tdi fr of multijet

Hi my first post i have been toying with the idea of buying a 2005 leon FR for a few weeks now but put off by a few things like the leaky door seals i have just came across the bravo multjet 150 sport which i have been reading about they both have similar performance and fuel economy. What im asking is what niggly problems does the multijets have a need to be aware of and why do u prefer these over the Leon Thanks great forum Dave

the dynamic above the sport has a fridge and armrest with small storage... front and rear electric windows... and climate control the sport misses these as standard and has bigger wheels... rear spoiler... and side skirts (not sure about different suspension etc)

Originally Posted by JFL the dynamic above the sport has a fridge and armrest with small storage... front and rear electric windows... and climate control the sport misses these as standard and has bigger wheels... rear spoiler... and side skirts (not sure about different suspension etc) The Sport also has ESP which the Dynamic doesnt.

Originally Posted by JFL the dynamic above the sport has a fridge and armrest with small storage... front and rear electric windows... and climate control the sport misses these as standard and has bigger wheels... rear spoiler... and side skirts (not sure about different suspension etc) The dynamic comes with a fridge tell me more lol is this as standard

Originally Posted by RobW the standard bumper occasionally grounds out over speed humps on a non lowered car so an aftermarket item would just get destroyed Drop the rear more to raise the front. I find its actually the bolts that hold the suspension arms onto the subframe that scrape

FIAT BRAVA 182 big squeek

hi all my 97 hgt has just developed a big squeek at the rear of the car when i go over big bumps in road and it also has a quiet squeek when going over small bumps but cant tell where quiet squeek is coming from any ideas as to what can be causing this. could it be shock spring or bush at rear it doesnt squeek at all under accelaration or braking any help would be great cheers tony

Originally Posted by bravotony hi discoverd big squeek is coming from front drivers and little squeek at back drivers can anyone tell if i can change just the bushes and if so which ones how much are the bushes and how do you do it. if i can change just the bushes which ones on front and which on back. if i cant change just bushes what do i need to change cheers tony Do you get any clunking noises You would tend to replace the Anti-roll bar bushes on the front as they can squeak however worn rubbers on the swing arms and drop links too can cause squeaks. I cant tell you which to replace without experiencing it for myself. So change the cheapest first. The rear bushes well they dont technically exist. But there is a bush on the swing arms that can perish. If you goto Select fiat bravoSteering & suspensionBushes youll find what you need. All are Genuine or OEM parts.

FIAT STILO A bit modded Stilo from Poland )

Hi i want to present you my car I bought it 2years ago and i think it will stay with me a little more time. Now it has 162 000 km on the clock (10 000 after mods). The description is translated from Polish so sorry for possible mistakes as I dont know the english names for some car parts Ok so lets go fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD (192_XE1A) year 2002 Stock power 115ps255nm 40002000rpm After some mods 172ps340nm

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla diesel making pinking noises

Hi Im getting a strange noise from my 1.9jtd multipla i noticed it last week on my firs ttime towing a caravan. Its a similar sound to petrol engine that pinks its when its at the lower end of the rev range up to about 3k revs id say. If i slow down in 5th and hold the car under braking with the clutch up its very evident. Its almost when the engine goes slack Any ideas in where i should start to look

Another thing about the Multipla is the lack of granularity when it comes to parts bushes are shot cant buy replacement bushes (from fiat anyway) but they will supply a new arm same with the front ARB bushes shot new ARB . Parts arent ridiculously expensive but as you say they do wear out front arms are annoying as Ive had mine replaced recently and like you it cost me a pair of tyres as well although

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Is this luvduvs 3rd (and final) official complaint

Those who have been on FF for a while would know that Ive had my fair share of pain with my GP. Heres the latest and possibly final straw that would push me over the edge In a nutshell the car is pulling to the left and has caused uneven wear to the front tyres - front left has only 3mm left while front right has 5mm. Whenever I take a left turn then let go of the steering wheel it does not return

more than generous. When I bought the car the intention was to use it not leave it over night at the dealers every month. Yes there are courtesy cars available but theyre charged at a per day basis. Now why should I be paying for anything when its supposed to be under warranty Safety aside every time the car is driven its costing me money in premature wear and tear. Now that both the dealer and fiat

FIAT STILO The last owner of my car....

....only had it less than 6 months.... looking at the log book which I am about to post off (no signature from registered keeper) shows she acquired vehicle 1882011. I dont know why but I suspect she they had some of the typical issues I have read about-sky roof speakers etc and some issues at the MOT in February. I think they gave up at that point and decided this car wasnt for them - after fixing

Hmm if its had 3 owners & the last 2 have been since 2010 then the first owner might not have been fiat afterall. Maybe it was actually bought from a dealer in the Bristol area rather than being registered at the docks - if it was a press or employee car as i originally thought then it wouldve probably been sold by fiat after a year & then the 2 subsequent owners had it from then. In this instance

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My 1368cc 16v Cinquecento

Engine 1368cc 16v Stilo engine Lightened flywheel Mk1 Punto Sporting inlet manifold bravo 1.6 16v throttle body Brava 1.2 16v fuel rail Stilo 1.4 16v injectors Punto 85 Fuel pump. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator Megasquirt engine managment system with LC1 wideband lambda controller SFS Hosing with BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox Ceramic coated Supersprint 421 manifold decat stainless centre section and

FIAT BRAVA 182 pulling to left and then a clunk all ok then repeats

Hi can anyone help me. Ok ill do my best to describe it when driving along at slow or fast speed the car pulls to the left when accelrating then a clunk and its ok then dose it all over again i have checked the following. Both lower suspenssion arms replaced Both CV joints replaced replaced power steering fluid all bolt on subframe and steering rack tight Track rod ends all ok Cant feel it through

Originally Posted by Thrisey I would have a look at the lower suspension arm bushes and make make sure they are tight as well check ball joint pinch bolts are good and ball joint is where it should be . Have a look at suspension top mount front subframe mounts as well. Would also look at the front brakes arethey sticking loose calipers etc Did it start this after any work done if so what was it and was it done properly my 1.6 sx bravo 1997 does same but pulls to right. clunk comes from front driver side wheel

FIAT BRAVA 182 2 turns lock to lock

anyone know anything about the viability of fitting an alfa 145146155 or similar steering rack from what i have researched the front suspension bottom arms and other components of the alfas all seem to be bravo hgt parts or coupe and so on howether the hlx like mine has diferent bottom arms with a smaller pin on the ball joint and anoyingly more expensive but hay i have 2 new ones now but i would like

FIAT BRAVA 182 clunk clunk noise

hi all we have a 1.6 brava its on a t plate but ive had 2 tyres fitted to the front for mot when you drive in a straight line passange side middle of car i get clunk clunk sound like cv this does not happen when you turn left or right. am i right in to suspect inner cv or is there any thing else i should be looking for as a man at a fiat breaker yard said somthing about frontsubframe mounts which lost me thanks for any advise given

Your post is a bit confusing... are you saying that the problem started when you had the new tyres fitted If so then it should have nothing to do with CV joints or subframes unless something got damaged or fitted incorrectly... Cant comment on the CV joint theory its possible that on an older car they can go but I dont think its a common fault (at least not on fiatforum). The most likely and usual

&163150 i used to charge &16350 for any car and i thought that was expensive. its very easy to do yourself. rather than write it out again heres one of my previous efforts reposted to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the

to fit rear springs you jack car up to just before the point where the rear wheel is lifted into the air take nut off on bottom of shock jack car up higher until shock is clear of trailing arm slot old spring off swap the rubber bit onto the new spring slot new spring into position slowly lower car until shock is back in position bolt shock back onto trailing arm you can do both rear springs very quickly

Example offers of car parts fiat bravo front suspension arm

  • FIAT BRAVO MAREA COUPE TEMPRA FRONT WISHBONE SUSPENSION ARMS X2 46474556+57 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (44.99 GBP)
  • FIAT BRAVO BRAVA TEMPRA TIPO FRONT WISHBONE SUSPENSION ARMS X2 46423822+23 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (42.99 GBP)

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