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fiat 500 ignition cable II
fiat 500 ignition cable II

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FIAT 500 II fiat 500 airbag ecu module problems

hi there i have a fiat 500 1.4 sport the airbag and seat belt lights are on and when i start the car i get a message on the dash for a few seconds saying fuel cut off unavailible can this be repared.

hi there i have one of them leads to but i have had no luck i there i will try agian in the morning this is the set i purchased so wil i put one off the coloured end leads with the kline one or just that one and would the airbag ecu show up on body computer sorry for being a pain but there some many different References on what to do and coloured leads.

FIAT 500 II Broken handbrake ratchet (and EPAS error light)

Hi All Its been a while. Used to frequent these forums a lot I guess that just says a lot that our little 2008 500 has been reliable and easy to live with Or that I am just lazy about getting on here. Anyway I havent driven the car in a while (its a family car that is used by a few people and Ive been at uni for a few months) but the first thing I do with the car and Im presented with a couple of issues.

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FIAT 500 II Interscope Sub & Amp

Evening all Anyone know how the interscope sub & amp work For a start where is the amp I read its in the boot behind the lining on one side and there is a small box in there but its plastic and I would have expected some exposed metal for cooling with 35W output. Also its signal is clearly on the rear channels - is it fed from the rear speakers or is there a seperate line level feed Thanks

Originally Posted by pearce_jj I dont suppose your documentation includes a wiring diagram..... Of course I have it Hope it helps Component Code - Description A001 - BATTERY B001 - JUNCTION UNIT C015 - DASHBOARD EARTH DRIVERS SIDE C030 - LEFT REAR EARTH D001 - FRONTDASHBOARD COUPLING D006 - FRONTREAR COUPLING D020 - DASHBOARDREAR COUPLING D030 - DRIVERS FRONT DOOR COUPLING D031 - PASSENGER FRONT DOOR

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Cinq 1.2 MPI conversion yet another question

Im currently working on my Cinq to convert it to a 1.2 MPI engine. As suggested to me on the forum I ripped out the 1.2 MPI engine loom an fitted a original Cinq loom. I couldnt find a cinq on a car junkyard that had a KeyCode. I checked my cars keycode reader and the cable wasnt attached to anything. Also tyhe codebox was gone. As the new ECU doesnt have a KeyCode I desided to take the engine loom


Hi uno lovers ive just posted a thread and pics on turbo collective about bleed valves as im fitting my new techniclutch and lightened flywheel before xmas and want to turn the BOOOOST up but theres to many valves to choose from idealy want to fit under the cig lighter ashtray flap on the mk2s so is adjustable from the cockpit then a friend of mine said the proper way is the performance actuator which

Originally Posted by oldskoolmk1unoturbo Andy what do you class as modified internals This is from Sporting fiat Club. You cannot use unleaded in your Uno T unless it has the later red black or green spot on the ECU . Modification In General What sorts of power and performance can you expect Here we are going to focus on the initial steps of tuning to bring the cars up to around 130 - 140bhp at the

FIAT MAREA 185 Engine is running unstable at idle speed.

Hi. My Marea 16 ELX is running unstable at Idle speed. The ingnition system the ECU and the Idle speed stepper motor has been tested. Does anyone have an idea

Thanks guys. I had a fiat workshop take a look at it. They cleaned the Idle control valve and i worked for a couple of days . Now the problem is back. It runs at around 850 rpm and then drops below 500 for half a second or so and returns to 850. This happens with both cold and warm engine. The car is driving me nuts. (gearbox ABS unit air con pump ignition coil and clutch cable has been replaced within the last year)

I use my iPod via a wireless transmittercradlecharger that plugs into the cigerette lighter. It isnt ideal. The sound isnt that good and when you switch the ignition off the trasmitter switches off. Also the fiat cigerette lighter sockeck (JAX) are very loose. As you drive around the country you need to re-tune the thing and to re-tune it you need to make sure the auto scan facility on the radio is

FIAT BARCHETTA Speedo and odometer not functioning

Hi all had my B for about a year and just come back from a driving holiday in France (very nice ). About half way through the journey my speedo and odometer stop working (while driving). Mentioned this to a mechanic and his recommendation was to replace the sensor on the gearbox. So a couple of questions.... 1. Does this sound correct I have read threads that mention dry joints on the back of the instrument

(10000 ohm) resitor between Pin1 and Pin 2. Now rappidly connect and disconnect (with the ignition turned on and a rate of about 2 per second or faster) another 10K resistor bewteen Pins 2 and 3. Does the speedo needle move If not try removing the resistor between pins 1 & 2 and repeat with just the resistor on Pins 2 and Pin3. Does the speedo move now If not then try both tests again with a 5K (5000

FIAT UNO II Help Uno Wont start

Hopefully somebody can help me. Ive got a uno L reg with a 999 Fire engine. It has single point bosch fuel injection. (mono jetronic i think). It was working fine then suddenly stopped and it wont start. There is a spark and all the electrics appear ok. When I try and start it the injector doesnt appear to spray any petrol. So thinking it may be a fault with one of the sensors and the injector I changed

your injector It is a solenoidal valve (or something similar) and it could be interrupted in its coil. You can also check this coil by measuring the injector resistance you need a tester in OHM position and you have to test the two correspondent injector connections in the same jack that I described before but from the throttle body side. The first two connections are temperature sensor (approx 500

Ive also suspected however Ive buzzed the demister all ok. Ive also unplugged the actual wiper cable and checked the voltage its coming out around 80mv on power off. When i switch on ignition and flick the demisterrear wiper switch its getting around 400500mv. Very straight.... Im going towards the front of the car


ok battery is a brand new varta alternator is putting out 14.4 volts 14.2 with the lights on. Its been fine since monday when the batt went in and now em gets home and it wont start. The stereo turns off if the revs drop below 5000rpm and the wipers are slow as hell. It started first spin when she got in it at college and within 8ish miles the stereo was cutting out. Now its home the ignitions on fine

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