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fiat 500 fuel level sensor II
fiat 500 fuel level sensor II

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FIAT 500 II Fuel Tank Capacity

Hi all I recently changed my 09 MP Pop which had done 61000 for an 09 1.2 Lounge which has only done 19000 . My journey used to be up and down the A3 every day doing over 70 miles a day so was more suited to a diesel. Now I mainly do 40mph on normal roads with only a 15 minute blast on the A3 if its moving well so the diesel was needing too many oil changes for my pocket. I love my new petrol car but

Yes and also bear in mind that car fuel level sensors and guages are not necessarily accurate so your petrol on may be less pessimistic than the old car.

FIAT 500 II The mission make my 500 more refined

I was at a loose end on Saturday after breakfast (about 2pm) so I started on this After two hours I had a garage full of seats and panels and a 500 that looked like this... (see pics below) Its clear that the team charged with soundproofing for the 500 Sport were operating on a tight budget. After all when you have to fit two pretensioners to the seatbelts (one on the reel one on the lower mounting)

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by the ECU rather than fuel quality am interested to see what sort of % that shows as left when the car bleeps for low level. Still playing with all sorts of layouts and trying to get my head around the different options Richard has gone out at the mo so will go through it more with him when he comes back think he knows a little more about it than I do Please let us know as i consider the fiat

FIAT 500 II Shell V Power

Is there any benifit from using V Power in my Multijetor is it a waste of money

fuel I suspect they are all much the same although I have been told different retailers add different additives certainly I have heard many stories of people having problems with supermarket fuels. Personally I fill up wherever Im getting low or wherever is closest sometimes thats with a fuel company eg BP sometimes Tesco and Ive never in 17 years of motoring had any problems with fuel. The 500

has been said). Either it was too high to begin with and the two or more regens diluted the oil with enough fuel to tip it over the edge or the garage may have been sneaky and reset the oil degradation counter without actually changing the oil causing it to thin-out too much and cause premature engineturbo wear before eventually failing. A check of the parameters may help to determine this. TBH fiats

it urgently needs a normal regen itll put the DPF warning lamp on. If you allow it to finish (10-15 mins max) the warning lamp will self-extinguish. If for whatever reason its unable to complete a cycle and successive attempts fail to finish and cure the blockage the ECU will illuminate the EML along with the DPF lamp and a forced regen will be required. Oil level should never be an issue as fiat

FIAT 500 II LAD Motorsport Fiat 500

Has anyone seen the articles in Auto Italia (jul 09) or Performance Car (jun 09) I have just bought the very car and it is great. I have just spoken to Ernie Larton from LAD Motorsport and he informs me that Pipercross are making a run of production air filters from the prototype on mine. If your interested give him a ring. He is a top bloke and very helpful. All the mods he has done can be retrofitted

Originally Posted by Murano16v Yea that doesnt make sense. Old school you would change carb jetting and timing to make the most of any mods. Perhaps there is the capacity for additional fuelling and timing as part of the software. It would seem shortsighted to programme just the exact maximum theoretical amount of fuel injected for a given car without any margin for additional requirements due to varying

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Dynoed the M-Jet with TMC tuning box.

Hi All. Will post the graphs when I get the scanner fired up but the results were Peak power 98.6kW (132.2HP) 4000rpm Peak Torque 290Nm (213.86lbft) 2550rpm These figures are at the wheels (obviously). Is there a commonly accepted ratio for converting to flywheel figures

where taken under different conditions (barometric level ambient temperature altitude etc.) Even when used properly these correction techniques dont always represent a realistic picture. This is because different types of engines react to conditions changes differently. In other words there is no one-size-fits-all correction method. Altitude For example lets consider a dynamometer located at 5000

go up when idle. Did a fault test and car says revs are at a ceratain level when car isnt even on. Going to get garage to look at unless anyone has any ideas.... Also reads needs phonic wheel learn but I can get the process to work as it wont drop down from 5000 rpm very well sticks at 3000 so need the rpm issue sorting. Really quite happy this morning as I managed to fix 95% of the stuff the fiat

FIAT PANDA My Panda 4x4 Abarth Project

Thought it time to post some info about my long-winded build project as Ive had a few PMs about it. Have also now fitted the full compliment of 500 Abarth seats and the interior looks great I think. So to get that out of the way first perhaps. Front seats needed the same mods as nicely described by Lewey earlier this year - 3 of the mounts line up but you need to surgically remove the B-pillar mount

UNI-Q ECU with their iDriver module to fly the injectors. This has produced a nicely mapped motor that still makes 35mpg in day-to-day driving. It was only averaging 38mpg beforehand - a 90% increase in power for only an 8% penalty in fuel. Those Rotrex units really are very efficient. Injectors went up from 145ccmin to 215ccmin and my engine used the small Weber Pico units unlike the 100HP and fiat

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