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FIAT PUNTO It Dies strange combination of fault codes and sensor readings

Hi Thanks for looking. I have a 2001 punto 1.9JTD It dies while driving - got it home almost with a few restarts (only 12 a mile) Pushed onto drive. Connected laptop and got P0191 Fuel Rail Pressure (2) P1672 Fuel pressure regulator and the associated descriptions on fiat ECU scan I cleared the errors and it restarted. It would Idle If I slowly revved the engine it would run as long as I didnt come

FIAT PUNTO p0704 p1555p0235steering failure

hi does anyone have any clue how any of these weird codes could cause complete power steering failure p0704clutch pedal position switch malfunction p1555brakeaccelerator signal implausible p0235boost sensor a circuit malfunction It has to be one of these causing the problem as i have done everything else to try to fix the power steering changed column(its good) re-calibrated checked fuses wires battery

Having tried everything youve of course had the steering ecu fault codes read to see why it doesnt want to work These are engine fault codes if the steering isnt working then the steering ecu will record its own codes


Hi all my eobd light has come on and after warming the car up I noticed the temp gauge drop suddenly Ive looked but cant find no help is the car safe to drive as Ive got a long drive to work to do tonight. Any help will be much appreciated so thanks in advance P.s I aint a mechanic so please talk basic talk to me

B Malfunction (CamRotorInjector) P0257 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control B RangePerformance Injector) P0258 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control B Low (CamR P0259 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control B High (CamR P0260 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control B Intermittent Injector) P0261 Cylinder I Injector Circuit Low P0262 Cylinder I Injector Circuit High P0263 Cylinder I ContributionBalance fault

P0601 - Power train module - I think it means ECU fault p0235 your turbo boost sensor has a fault but no info availible u1601 Your key wasnt detected by the ECU at start up (key code light on) This one you can clear and ignore for now - unless the key code light doesnt go out that easily p0380 No signal from High pressure pump basically All of this is making me wonder if there is a canbus issue


Hi all I think i finally got the software working with my lead to connect up to the ECU and the faults are as follows p0704 - transmission gear sys (5) p1555 - p0235 - boost pressure all faults say there not a current fault but when i reset them they dont clear i gather i have to buy the complete version of the software to do that Also it says invalid ISO code now ive read that this means its the

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