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BMW Z3 E36 interior floor lighting on 06 Z4M roadster

I have a 2006 Z4 Mm roadster that does not have a right side interior floor light but there is one on the left side . We also have a 07 M coupe and it has floor lighting on both sides. Does anyone know if the 06 should have lights on both sides Thanks Wayne

Quote Originally Posted by wayne rose I have a 2006 Z4 Mm roadster that does not have a right side interior floor light but there is one on the left side . We also have a 07 M coupe and it has floor lighting on both sides. Does anyone know if the 06 should have lights on both sides Thanks Wayne It should definitely have the light in the passenger footwell. You might want to check the bulb and see if

BMW Z3 E36 Want to change lighting color in footwell of 2005 Z4

Ive popped the footwell light housing (63316962009) out of its opening but I cant open it to get to the bulb. Not sure how to get black cover off to get to the bulb (63217160797). There are clips on either side and I dont know how to manipulate them to lift the cover off. I want to replace the bulb with a colored one maybe reddish or bluish and would also like to know where I can look for these colored bulbs A done deal. Got wedge red bulbs size 194.

I wanted to be rid of the white lights too after taking out the lights in the footwell no simple feat I tried red LEDs they were terrible. I put back originals and used some redish orange transparent plastic (plastic file folder) and just taped it over the light. Its perfect and compliments the beige interior.

Quote Originally Posted by pjfslk I wanted to be rid of the white lights too after taking out the lights in the footwell no simple feat I tried red LEDs they were terrible. I put back originals and used some redish orange transparent plastic (plastic file folder) and just taped it over the light. Its perfect and compliments the beige interior. I finally did figure out how to replace the bulbs. Used

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BMW Z3 E36 Z4 in Vancouver BC

Drove up to Vacouver last night to Z4 unveiling at Brian Jessel bmw. I want one. You will want one. I have nothing but good things to say about the styling of the exterior and the interior. The doors have a shape which makes them much thicker at the top than the Z3. The interior aluminum trim is real aluminum. Not E46-style matte chrome. It would be easy to leather cover every aluminum pieces in (deviating)

BMW Z3 E36 2007 Z4 Pricing

Bimmerfest Colleagues Requesting your feedback on pricing for the below referecned 2007 Z4 Link httpwww.donjacobsbmw.combmw_brandinventory.html Exterior Daytime running lights Aluminum hood Halogen highlow-beam automatic headlights Manually operated black lined soft convertible top wheated rear glass window Front fog lights White turn signal indicators wbmw logo roundels Adaptive brake lights Dual

BMW Z3 E36 03 Z4 Key remote broken fixed what happened

Last night I went up to my 2003 Z4 popped the trunk with my key remote then before opening the trunk hit the unlock button to open the door. Surprisingly the vehicle alarm went off Hitting the key remote buttons didnt silence the alarm nor did unlocking the car with the key in the door or starting the car with the key in the ignition at least not right away. After about a minute of annoying alarm noises

ignore all inputs once activated as if the person trying to rob you took the key away from you at gun point.The only way to stop this is by turning on the ignition and waiting it out.You can deactivate this feature via CARKEY Memory. Your remote key functions as follows Press button 3 briefly Trunk lid opens. Press button 3 and hold in Panic Mode is activated. Press button 1 two times (ROUNDELbmw)

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 lease

I am looking at leasing a new bmw z4 with Transmission 7-Speed double clutch Transmission Trim sDrive35i Engine Turbocharged Gas I6 Fuel Type GAS Body Style Convertible Options Heated Steering Wheel Heated Front Seats IPOD AND USB ADAPTER STORAGE PACKAGE LUMBAR SUPPORT INCREASED TOP SPEED LIMITER AUTO-DIMMING REARVIEW MIRROR SPORTS SEATS bmw ASSIST WITH BLUETOOTH AUTO-DIMMING INTEXT MIRRORS SPORTS

BMW Z3 E36 [Z4] Center air ducts and stereo

quick question... I have STFF for this and to no avail just sold my M-Benz C320 sports coupe and bought a conv Z4 3.0 earlier this week... I have been an active member of MBWORLD for quite sometime and had invested in many many mods on all 3 of my past MBs... (from lighting to engineintakeexhaust MB euro command navigation with dvd playback coiloverssprings and sways to minor interior and exterior

BMW Z3 E36 Lets garage door switch my Z4 M Coupe

Had the same set up on my Z3 M coupe. Window switch left arrow opens left door. Right arrow opens right door. Switch has two positions for each arrow. First detent will open the arrow pressed. Either arrow pressed all the way opens both doors. Switch is lit via dimmed lighting. To be continued. Rough sketch Switch in place

Quote Originally Posted by Ron Stygar The LEDs in the interior light are like having three of them in our Z3 mod. They have a lens in front of the LEDS which dims them. Removed the lens and they are brighter but not enough. Its just to black in the Z4 versus the Z3 with the chrome hi-lites etc. You may have better luck illuminating the inside of your coal pit with white LEDs as the eye is not very

Quote Originally Posted by dwaynemosley I then found power ground and dimmed lighting at the connector for the cabin light. I tapped into these and everything worked as expected. No direct power going to interior light. X336 pin 5 dimmed lighting GRRT (grayred) X336 pin 6 ground BR (brown) From General module pins X253-8 18 and pin X332-3. X336 pin 7 SIB BRGE (brownyellow) X336 pin 8 IB RTBL (redblue) X336 pin 1 VA RTGE (redyellow)

BMW Z3 E36 Pics And Mods Of My Z4 )

My Specs AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer Pedal Set AC Schnitzer Foot Rest AC Schnitzer Handbrake Knob AC Schnitzer Floor Mat AC Schnitzer Deflector Set AC Schnitzer Strut Brace AC Schnitzer Decals AC Schnitzer License Plate AC Schnitzer Trunk Emblem AC Schnitzer Type III 19 Multipiece Continental Sport Contact 2 23535 ZR19 Continental Sport Contact 2 24535 ZR19 Original bmw bmw Headlight Chrome bmw Chrome

BMW SERIES 3 F30 BMW 3-Series Vs. Mercedes-Benz C Class

httpwww.thecarconnection.comnews...s-compare-cars While the numbers add up in the bmw 3-Series favor it may be hard for some to compare the two cars so coldly they differ immensely in exterior and interior style in ride and handling and in the general atmosphere of the cabin. For those looking for luxury with a strong dash of performance the 3-Series is a top choice. Those with more of an eye toward relaxed luxurious comfort may prefer the C Class.

but it was absolutely stunning. At first glance I also thought like many here on the Forum that it was a 5 Series. Then when I was inspecting the vehicle I saw the 328i badge and was like The size threw me off because I had just looked at their 5 series inventory. Then of course I was shown all the tech gadgets & what not that came with the vehicle. I have to admit if I didnt own an iPhone the bmw

BMW X3 E83 Its here---

Arrived 4PM could not get to dealer to inspect--will check it out tomorrow morn before prep--hope to get it this week Film at 11 Plat Bronzewith tobacco & black leather interior--prem CWP Auto Nav Heated steering wheel 18 alloys Cargo Net Park assist Xenon Privacy glass sirius all weather mats

Quote Originally Posted by PUZZ Would love to hear your Allroad X3 comparison once you get it home... 300 miles on X3 time to compare--but remember to be fair--comparing new car to 4 year old 64K miles on Audi Allroad. AR better interior--bmw fit as good but materials not as good-everything you see and touch is first class in Audi no cheap looking plastic--seatbacks were naugahide and center console

BMW Z3 E36 Thinking of purchasing MZ4 coupe opinions sought

Hello all Ive been doing some searching of the archives and theres good info but Id like to get some opinions if you dont mind. The three cars on my short list are Z4 M coupe 335i coupe and 08 Z51 corvette all new or almost new private party (to save ). First let me say that this is intended for daily driving with moderate track duty (HPDEs possible Auto-X) about 4-7 times per year. I currently drive

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 New to BMW - looking to buy 335i convertible.. help..

Hi everyone Yes I am planning on buying my first bmw. I test drove the new 328i convertible and liked it. I have my eye on the 335i convertible it just seems like it has more. The past cars that Ive had in my life have been 1986 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas 1993 Ford Thunderbird 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible - all were used when I purchased 2 were black one was white. I have never bought a new car but I

Polly After purchasing four used bmws (only brand Ive ever purchased) the 335i CV will be my first new car (Im 48). My current convertible E30 (325 89) has been and is a wonderful car and nothing beats the feeling of putting the top down and just driving. Ive driven the 328 and 335 manual and automatic as well as some M3s and Z4s. The 335 with MT (always had manual) is sweet and I dont think I would

BMW Z3 E36 Made my own Carbon Leather door handles and factory M Footrest

Yes welcome to another edition of Starscreams appearance mod threads Ive been busy with the Carbon Fiber fabric again Some of you might recall my previous thread when I did my friends M3 interior in this material ------- See Here So I had a bit of left over material to use and I was thinking about doing my door handles in the M Now here is a before pic In my M I have the Chromeline Silver trim along

BMW Z3 E36 Z3s & Z4s Weigh In Do You Have An Original BMW Stereo or Something Else

While we love our cars lets face it bmw is not known for its sound systems. I have bmw Business equipment and frankly I had a transistor radio as a kid which sounded better. I wanted to replace it with different equipment when a friend advised against it arguing that orginal equipment is always best. What equipment do you have in your cars and are you pleased with it Is it a sacrilege to replace original equipment Your thoughts

kit for the radio looks cheap. I have a kenwood (cant remember model number) that supports MP3 CDs Bluetooth phonestreaming iPodiPhoneiPadUSB input and HD and Satellite radio (these require extra pieces I didnt buy). The display is customizable so the color matches the interior dash lighting. I have a Kenwood 4 channel amp that that took some trial and error to get to work properly because the bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 I call BS on the Electronic Differential in 2009 models

I was catching up on my car magazines this weekend and I came across an interesting tidbit about the EDC - electronic differential control - on the LCI e90. Im doing to call this EDCv2 since the 2006 e90 has an EDC function also. The article I read said that the EDCv2 is always on. You cant turn it off. Which leads me to believe that they just reprogrammed the DSCDTCOFF switch to include EDCv2 when

BMW Z3 E36 Little orange cockpit lights (LEDs) like in the 5 Series

I think Ron has done something on this order in his coupe so i hope he will provide his ussual excellent input.. Does anyone have a source for these small LEDs that match what is used in the 5 series map light assembly. I thought about ordering one of them to steal from.. that puppy is over 150.00

The E39 overhead light assembly - and the E46 one which is equally cool - will not fit the Coupe. Your best bet is to buy LEDs from radio shack and get resistors. It will end up being a 5 mod. You can buy OEM E38 door illumination LEDs if you want the color to match exactly. Maybe the overhead ambience lighting from the Z4 would work. I cant remember how it worked off the top of my head though. OT

C4 Weights and Info

Weve been long in need of a central information source for the weights of key C4 components. So here it is If you have weighed anything remotely related to your Vette please post the info here or send me PM being as detailed as possible as far as what you weighed and Ill update this first post as I get those Also please include the year of the part and the source of the information if you did not weight

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 UK instruments request

1. I hope to get my dealer to change the kmh output in the lower display to the outside temp  much more useful as others have said. Have any of the UK team managed to get a dealer to do this I know some of you have had it done in Germany. 2. why does the main display not remember the screen you had it on when you last switched off the engine I spend more time toggling buttons than doing my seatbelt

the dash makes the small interior look lighter and more spacious. It also looks more upmarket. I cannot understand why this is not a Merc recommended combination. My car has 16 five spoke alloys with Pirelli P7s although the Vehicle Data Card indicates Michelin for the front nearside and nothing for the other tyres. From experience I would have preferred Continentals. I have also switched from bmw

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