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BMW Z3 E36 03 Z4 Key remote broken fixed what happened

Last night I went up to my 2003 Z4 popped the trunk with my key remote then before opening the trunk hit the unlock button to open the door. Surprisingly the vehicle alarm went off Hitting the key remote buttons didnt silence the alarm nor did unlocking the car with the key in the door or starting the car with the key in the ignition at least not right away. After about a minute of annoying alarm noises

ignore all inputs once activated as if the person trying to rob you took the key away from you at gun point.The only way to stop this is by turning on the ignition and waiting it out.You can deactivate this feature via CARKEY Memory. Your remote key functions as follows Press button 3 briefly Trunk lid opens. Press button 3 and hold in Panic Mode is activated. Press button 1 two times (ROUNDELbmw)

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 2005 Not starting... HELP

I have a bmw z4 2.2. Been away for the weekend. Jumped in the car this morning and went to start but died. Tried again to restart but engine didnt even turn over. Made the starter motor sound when you turn the key when the car is already running. Have tried serveral times but still not starting anyhints to what this could be

Quote Originally Posted by Bindy1982 I have a bmw z4 2.2. Been away for the weekend. Jumped in the car this morning and went to start but died. Tried again to restart but engine didnt even turn over. Made the starter motor sound when you turn the key when the car is already running. Have tried serveral times but still not starting anyhints to what this could be I was having some rough starts for a

BMW X5 E70 Electrical System Malfunction

Ive attached an image of the warnings my 08 X5 displays while driving. The dealer has the vehicle for a second try and is voicing a lot of pessimism. At times but not always it has been preceded by the second photo the screen that is normally at engine start. . The vehicle is at the dealership for almost a week this they are talking trade-in or pre-authorize 30 hours diagnostic time. A few

I was getting the same message repeatedly. bmw dealer insisted the battery was OK but finally tested it at my insistence. Battery tested bad even though the bmw systems in the vehicle said it was fine so they replaced it. Four months and 5000 miles later problem has not reoccurred. P.S. I later found out bmw NA stiffed the dealer and would not reimburse the dealer for the battery replacement in spite

BMW Z3 E36 Hidden Codes in your Z3 (maybe Z4 too)

I was reading about this recently and was totally fascinated.... Give it a try bmw Self-Test Mode Instructions Instructions to access the hidden functions 1. Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to position 1. 2. LCD should show Test 1.0 3. Press the reset button again to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the features 3. Wait for display to show Off 4. Depress Trip Reset for 14 second and

BMW Z3 E36 Child Seat in Z4

Hey all got a little one coming sometime in November and trying to get as much prep-work done as I can beforehand. My wifes got the family sedan so theres no issues with a car seat there but my daily driver is the Z4 and Ill be sharing child care pickupdropoff duties with her. Most likely I wont need to do any transport duties until JanFeb next year but then itll be part of the daily commute. Has anyone

use your key in the slot on the drivers side door frame which then gives you the constant light. We might be in violent agreement. EB Right out of the 2005 owners manual (I own a 2004) Quote Automatic deactivation of the passenger airbags Before transporting a child on the passenger seat be sure to observe the information instructions under Transporting children safely refer to page 33. Your bmw

BMW Z3 E36 04 Z4 SMG - Starting issues....

My second question of the day. I have an 04 Z4 SMG that I purchased used about two years ago. Just coming up on 50000 km now. I use the car exclusively for weekends which means the car sits doing nothing for a week or two at most. I find that if I dont start hte car for about two weeks it has a bit of trouble starting. Heres what happens. - I start the car. - The revs go up when the engine starts as

Sounds like its beign starved of fuel like the line back to the tank is draining during the 1.5 weeks. There is enough fuel in the fuel rail to start the car but before the fuel pump brings the system up to pressure the car stumbles. I think on the Z4s if you switch the ignition on (but dont start) the fuel pump runs to pressurize the system after a couple of seconds then go ahead and start the car.

BMW Z3 E36 z4 To Dice or not to Dice

So my 2003 Z4 has the stock bmw Business Radio CD. DSP The TOP-HIFI system. 10 channel AMP in the back. No CD changer. The Pros Sound is good. The look of the Radio head flows with the rest of the interior of the car. The Cons Visibility is near un readable with the top down. No blue tooth. No aux hookups No I-pod. So What to do to take care of this Dice it put in a new Radio Any ideas Any opinions

Its been the general consensus that nobody on the forum likes the DICE. Someone posted a video of themselves smashing it or setting it on fire or something to great applause. I wasted 150 or something like that on the predecessor the IceLink which was simply an unholy piece of crap that crashed constantly if you tried to display text and was impossible to navigate. It never came remotely close to living up to what it was supposed to do. I tried to see if Tom would give me a break on the Dice for this reason nope. After using a friends Dice on an E46 I finally gave in and decided it was better than nothing so I paid ANOTHER 150 or 200 or whatever it cost at the time. This was with the understanding that it would probably just do what the IceLink was supposed to do all along. So I got to pay twice for the privilege of a very marginal product. Maybe the first one was my beta tester fee. The Dice DOES work better than the IceLink and the real killer feature is that it allows iPod and deck control at the same time. At least on the Z3 trying to change playlists or shuffle or any of the functions via the deck is an exercise in utter futility its simply too slow to come even close to useful functionality. But at least you can pick up the iPod and select your playlists and whatnot. What it does is play my iPod tunes thru the factory system allows me to change tracks forward and back with the deck controls and displays the ID3 info on the display. Thats about all it does. Better than nothing but fairly lousy. It crashes quite often which requires digging around in my trunk (always at the most inopportune times) unplugging everything and plugging it all back in then trying the ignition again to see if the Dice has decided to work. In recent months (after a few years of Dice ownership) Ive noticed that it only seems to crash if I leave it playing when I shut off the car. so to avoid this I hit the CD button on my deck every time before I shut the car down. Seems to do the trick. So at least on the Z3 its a very marginal product that just barely does what its supposed to. It technically allows you to navigate thru playlists on the deck but only if you have 5 minutes to spare. This is likely down to the limitations of the decks interface though. For all I know it cant accept data any more quickly. I have no interest in spending more money to replace the whole system with something that works better so here I am. Hope it works better on the Z4. It likely does since your deck should be more advanced.

BMW Z3 E36 Car turns on but has weird Click Click Click when key in Ignition Start.

Hi all Ive noticed some weird clicking sounds coming out of my Z4 si 07 lately. The problem started 2-3 weeks ago. At first when I turned on my car I would notice a CLICK CLICK CLICK sound. I didnt think much at first since I didnt notice it happen every time I turned on my car. However over the past week Ive noticed it happen on a more consistent basis. To describe the problem in more detail After

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 M Bluetooth and BlackBerry Pearl

I have a 2007 Z4 M Coupe. I cant seem to get my BlackBerry Pearl phone to work with the cars Bluetooth. I have had no compatability issues with the phone in my 2006 M5. Does anyone have an idea as to what Im doing wrong Thanks.

On another note the bmw phone manual is not at all helpful. Im been told that to set up the phone using the radio screen that one must start the process by turning the ignition switch to the first position and activating the phone button of the steering wheel. This Im told allows the Bluetooth system to search for the phone for recognition. I havent done this. That is my next step unless someone has other correct instructions.

BMW Z4 E85 E86 E85 burning Hybrid YJ 4.0 HO Stroker

Greetings all Im basically a newbie here so please forgive me if I sound naive. What I am about to propose may sound crazy but Ive always been a few beers short of a six pack anyway Ive searched the threads here and found a few on the subject but most are pretty old and the information doesnt match with current knowledge regarding E85 fuel. So here goes... I have a 95 YJ (actually made in early 96)

Its seems like your trying to do too much at once. Try concentrating on one thing at a time. Building an engine correctly is not a quick and easy task. Concentrate on getting it built and running before you try to make it run on alternative fuels. After you get the new engine running well on gasoline get it running on E85. This shouldnt be too hard. You obviously need to increase the amount of fuel

Quote Originally Posted by DOHCRT Its seems like your trying to do too much at once. Try concentrating on one thing at a time. Building an engine correctly is not a quick and easy task. Concentrate on getting it built and running before you try to make it run on alternative fuels. After you get the new engine running well on gasoline get it running on E85. This shouldnt be too hard. You obviously need

BMW Z4 E85 E86 5.4 and E85

Saw that the 5.4s coming out late this year are supposed to be flex fuel ( E85 ) does anybody know if this is just an electronic thing to get the mix right or is it a full fuel system change Also if it might be possible to retrofit

These type engine equippages have a sensor in the fuel system that is designed to measure the difference in specific fuel and changes the PCM program so injection levels are changes to meet the fuelengine requirements and also ignition timing changes vs load etc. The fuel system is also designed to handle the changes in fuel. Check before you buy just dont assume.

BMW Z4 E85 E86 85 87 91 Octane -----E85 -

I have always driven a sports car mostly with superchargers so I have always used the highest octane I could find normally being 91 here in CO. Now that I have the V6 in my 2008 TRD Sport do I still need to run 91 or would 87 work with out taking away any longevity from the engine Any other huge negatives Gas is high and getting higher so just looking at cutting back where I can but it is not worth it if is going to cause even small problems. Also any thoughts on converting to E85

on my ols 4.0l i always ran 91 i tried 87 and 89 and i noticed a diff in mpg and overall response from the truck and when i towed even more so. E85 is a great thing i run it in 2 of my cars but theres a lot involved with ensuring having a full system that can support the extra fuel requirements needed for E85 plus the need for the tuning needed to take advantage of the ignitionfuel tables. i bet a stock 4.0L tuned on E85 will put around 330-350hp

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Flashing tire pressure light

Last night the tire pressure light on my console started flashing. It kept flashing. This wasnt covered in the manual . When I next started up the car it wasnt doing so so Id presume a transient confusion on its part but anyone know

The manual mentions that flashing could be one (or more) of the following - (1) TPMS sensor(s) not installed in tires or defective. (2) No communication between TPMS and ICComputer. (3) Temporary interfering signal in the area operating in the same radio freq range as the TPMS system Had mine do the same thing recently. I had been progressively dropping the psi on the new tires wo resetting the TPMS

BMW Z3 E36 My Z4 left me stranded Downtown last night

I was on my way home from dinner with my family last night to celebrate my birthday on the 14th and had an urge to stop by Starbucks and grab some decaf coffee before heading home. I went in and drank my coffee and headed back out and tried to start my car and got absolutely nothing in return mechanically. The accessories still worked with full power but i wasnt even getting a click when trying to

The chip in eitherboth keys is RFID technology. A battery is not needed to activate an RFID chip. The battery is there for the remote lockingunlocking nothing more. Your car should start even with a fully discharged battery. The fact that Rons wallet key starts the car is further evidence that the chip alone and not any external battery source is what the ignition system needs to see.

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Intermittent Starting

I have an 06 3.0 Roadster which has recently developed an intermittent starting problem. Often the car will start normally. However at other times when the key is rotated to the run position the warning light cluster does not illuminate and the engine does no turn over when the key is in the start position. Turning the key back and forth a few times will make the warning lights come on and the car

BMW Z3 E36 yet another weird start-up on 2003 Z4

I have had problems with the starting system in the past. I ran into a problem with the starter a few months back. The engine would not turn just whine. I had the battery load tested before i tackled a bigger job. The battery is still in great shape. I replaced the starter and the car began to turn over just fine. I was having problems with cold starts and as recommended ran a bottle of techron through

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Lumpy idleflooding on startup

My Z4 just developed an issue on startup this week. About 3 out of 5 starts without touching the gas (I typically dont) it turns 2 or 3 times and when it takes its as though it has had fuel dumped in the cylinders that it has to burn off before it settles to idle. Idling is lumpy and there is a rich fuel smell this continues for 1-3seconds. Its not a complete misfire. If I touch the gas it revs up

Well this issue seemed to improve for a little while after switching to using Techron premium as well as doing a full injection system clean at the dealer but never really went away. It is most common after it has been running then standing for at least 10minutes. The last week temps have increased alot and I drove it a bunch over this easter weekend. The last couple of days with temps over 80 the

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Navigation Updates TSB

Vehicle All Technical Service Bulletins Navigation system - Operating Software SI B 84 01 02 Phone Navigation systems September 2004 Technical Service This Service Information Bulletin supersedes S.I. B84 01 02 dated May 2004. [NEW] designates changes to this revision SUBJECT Navigation system Operating Software MODEL [NEW] E38 (7 Series) [NEW] E39 (5 Series) [NEW] E46 (3 Series) [NEW] E53 (X5) NEW]

BMW Z3 E36 z4m coupe bluetooth pairing problem

this is kind of strange. i can NOT get the bluetooh pairing process to start. on the z4 m coupe (no compartment) i just press and hold the face button (on the left side of steering wheel) for 3 seconds while ignition key on position 1 or 2. the system NEVER says bluetooth pairing... it just turns on the voice activation onoff. thats all that happens the male voice comes on repeating command options

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Key wont let me start my Car HELP

I have a 98 bmw 328is. I disconnected the battery completely and I guess it lost the data to the key and now its not synchronize anymore. Ive tried different methods but Ive only been able to re - program the buttons (lock and unlock). Everything else checks out its just the key that doesnt let me start the car. Any way to program it and synchronize it Thanks for the help And its not a keyless entry... just the key and a remote with the two buttons. Thank you

Theres been one post here that I remember where the key was left in the ignition in the accessory position I believe and the battery ran down. Somewhere in the process it appears the supply voltage to the EWS put it in an unstable mode and the code for that key got corrupted. That key would not start the car but any other key would. Theres a post in the Z4 forum currently where they had the same thing

BMW Z3 E36 stereo sound

For the last several months my stereo sound would just quit. The stereo is on but no sound. Now it is off 98% of the time. It will come on for 10 seconds after I push on the brakes hard turn on the heater or sometimes the blinkers. I know it sounds bazaar but I have been paying attention to what will make it come on. But the sound will only come on for a couple of seconds. Or when I keep my foot on

I dont have a Z4 I have a Z3. I assume that you have a stock factory radio I would say that you need to check the fundamentals before proceeding. I would start by checking the integrity of the factory fuses A Google search says that the fuse b ox is behind the glove box. The radio will have 2 fuses feeding it one that is always hot and one that gets power only when the ignition is on. Another item

BMW Z3 E36 1.9 Z3 - Misfiring Stalling & Very Rough Idle

Hi this is my first post here. Lured to the site by researching a problem with my newly acquired 1999 Z3 1.9. She has 107k miles on the clock and is in great nick - but Im having a problem only a fortnight after buying her and as you can imagine Im fairly stressed over it. She is stalling and misfiring for long periods and then pulling very clean and driving great other times. I could go out and start

Quote Originally Posted by Mikey48 Hey Zixxer. I know 14 days may seem like a long time but I would wait on that diagnostic test. It could save you a lot of time and money. Bob2.8 has a good point with the intake boot. My 2004 Z4 3.0i needed a intake boot replacement after it cracked at the bend. This is also very hard to see. I would look the engine over and see if anything is loose. You might also

BMW X5 E70 Anyone regret their 35d diesel purchase

Just ordered a new 35d today. Ive never owned a Diesel before and am still a little nervous. I drove one a few months ago but had to place the order without test driving another one since the dealer didnt have any on the lot. Just wondering if anyone who purchased one has had any regrets...

Quote Originally Posted by ANZAC_1915 the 35i makes more sense to me - fewer things to go wrong. Well the diesel has no ignition system so thats a few less things to go wrong on the diesel. Having just had my Z4 flat-bedded 100 miles due to a bad coil this Summer (with the hold down chain scraping bare spots in the bumper paint) I can appreciate the lack of spark plugs and coils on the diesel.

BMW X5 E70 Maintenance cost of 3.0i vs. 35d...

I know that first 4yr50000-miles are coverd by bmw but will long run maintenance cost of 35d engine might be higher than 3.0i.

Quote Originally Posted by CDahl There is also increased maintenance on injectors and other parts with diesel. Considering the above seems like higher long term maintenance costs are fairly obvious. But no ignition system spark plugs or coils. I just replaced a coil on my 2004 Z4 with 32000 miles.

BMW Z3 E36 1997 Z3 - 6 fuel sending units

The sixth fuel sending unit is about to go into my 1997 Z3 1.9L 150000mi. Most of these have been replaced under warranty from the previous repair. It appears that the rheostat is being cracked. Ive finally been motivated to investigate this on my own. Ive attached a photograph of the crack. I was told that the two previous to the photographed one were also cracked. I dont recall the situation on the

So Ive been thinking about how this problem might be detected before the sensor is broken and what could be done to prevent the fuel sending unit problem. 1. Preemptive replacement of the gas tank is probably a non-starter. Its way to expensive and too much has to be disassembled and replaced. The plastic tank is quite sturdy. The weak point is probably a bonded white cap that feeds () the pressure sensing unit ( httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...d.phpt607871 ). 2. Checking the metal straps holding the gas tank to the body for missing pads is certainly a good idea. It seems to me at though these are unlikely to fall out without something else serious happening such as a blocked air intake valve that allows the pressure in the tank to fall causing the tank to collapse inward or perhaps some high speed road debris hitting the tank just right. I would replace missing pads immediately and if possible check for air intake valve problems. 3. Since over-filling might be a bad idea I would be sure not to over-fill. Ive noticed that the pump nozzles are shorter now than they used to be. Does that mean that the pump cuts off later than it used to Are they more prone to over-filling I have no idea. Some have said that leaving the key in the ignition in accessory position while fueling can lead to fuel sending unit problems because the Z3s computer gets confused. In that case they report that disconnecting the electrical (e..g disconnecting the battery) clears the problem. If you try this be sure that you have your radio unlock code available and you understand that the computer will have to relearn your driving pattern. This process will obviously not fix a cracked rheostat. I also dont believe that it would be likely to cause a cracked rheostat. Another frequent suggestion to prevent or even to cure a fuel sending unit problem is to run Techron through the fuel system ( httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...d.phpt392232 ). Apparently early fuel sensors were subject to build up of deposits on the contacts. The newer fuel sending units use gold plated contacts. I use Chevron Premium. I cant see how this would cause or help a cracked rheostat. FYI I my experience in the process of cracking the rheostat all of the way through a fuel sending unit may behave erratically sometimes working and sometimes driving the fuel gage to all the way to the empty-off position. Consequently its possible to think that youve fixed the problem only to have it recur a short time later. Any other thoughts or suggestions in the prevention arena (buying a Z4 would be a cute suggestion but not helpful)

BMW Z3 E36 Recommended Spark Plugs these days

All Well I remember there being BoschNGK-OEM spark plug debate last year and was wondering if the group came to a consensus. Im trying to make an idle that is no longer smooth (but otherwise fine) smooth again. I have 54k on the original plugs on my 2000 2.8. Replacement seems like a not-bad idea. Thoughts -Warr

Quote Originally Posted by Rex Tener Those plugs are for the S54 motor you need the ones for a S52. (S54) ------------------ 12 12 0 022 902 NGK DCPR 8 EKP (S52) ------------- 12 12 9 069 877 Bosch FGR 8 KQC L12.80 Some people use the NGK BKR 6 EQUP Mark Sipe listed above what he is using in his Z4. Rex NGK recommends the BKR6EQUP for the S52. The BKR6EIX is not recommended by NGK for any of these

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 SLK350 Review by European Car Magazine

This is a looooooong one enjoy [)] First Look SLK 350 By Greg N. Brown In less time than it took to twist the steering wheel or even think about braking the SLK 350 was hard upon the loose pack of cyclists who were flinging themselves downslope their brightly colored livery forming an image of giant tropical birds tires hissing as though a hundred wings were slicing through the air. The impending disaster

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