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BMW Z3 E36 Z4 dead at ignition switch

Hey guys....curious as to whether or not any of you have a similar circumstance I drove up to a spot. Got and remotely locked car. Got back inturned key to start...and all daash lights came on...but no engine cranking. Repeated many times with full ig.switch rotations on and off no avail. Checked sensors in the engine bay ...anything obvious....nothing. 45 minutes started as normal. Dealer has no clue.

BMW Z3 E36 03 Z4 Key remote broken fixed what happened

Last night I went up to my 2003 Z4 popped the trunk with my key remote then before opening the trunk hit the unlock button to open the door. Surprisingly the vehicle alarm went off Hitting the key remote buttons didnt silence the alarm nor did unlocking the car with the key in the door or starting the car with the key in the ignition at least not right away. After about a minute of annoying alarm noises

ignore all inputs once activated as if the person trying to rob you took the key away from you at gun point.The only way to stop this is by turning on the ignition and waiting it out.You can deactivate this feature via CARkey Memory. Your remote key functions as follows Press button 3 briefly Trunk lid opens. Press button 3 and hold in Panic Mode is activated. Press button 1 two times (ROUNDELbmw)

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BMW Z3 E36 Z4 trunk release switch button question

Hi all I am a new to this site bmw Z4 roadster owner and although my 2003 is new to me it sure aint in pristine condition which was reflected in the purchase price to be fair. nothing I think too serious but things that will annoy me so I will try to get fixed. I have discovered that the boottrunk switchbutton will not open the trunk although the trunk opens no problem with the ignition key. Any ideas

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 key will not turn egnition

Hi having problem with my 03 z4 key will not turn and steering wheel is lock. I thought it was the key so I bought a new one from the bmw dealer. Still not working. What could be I need to drive back home is setting outside a shopping center so if anybody know how to bypass the system temporary. Dealer wants me to towed there but I know is not going to be cheap once is there. Ed

So last night I finally fixed the switch. I removed the ignition switch and with some pliers I graved the pin from tip and turned forward(this is the pin that goes into the ignition switch turning the key and the plier forward at the same time the key switch unlocked. I added some lubricant from both side than kept trying back and forward. It works perfect now a combination of drilling and removing the spring and a little bit of force made it happen. Bob thanks so much for those forum with pictures they really help me out. So this was my conclusion to fixing my 03 Z4

BMW Z3 E36 Car turns on but has weird Click Click Click when key in Ignition Start.

Hi all Ive noticed some weird clicking sounds coming out of my Z4 si 07 lately. The problem started 2-3 weeks ago. At first when I turned on my car I would notice a CLICK CLICK CLICK sound. I didnt think much at first since I didnt notice it happen every time I turned on my car. However over the past week Ive noticed it happen on a more consistent basis. To describe the problem in more detail After

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Radio switches randomly itself on

Hi Can anyone help I have the standard Business head unit in my 2003 Z4 which randomly switches itself on. There is no pattern to it it goes a few days without problems then in the morning the radio is on. Getting a problem now as a few times I have had to the charge the battery. Tried checking the wiring disconnected the hands free I fitted (which has been working fine). Now I am considering cutting

Yes it is strange. When I switch off and take out the ignition key the radio switches off (every time). It tends to switch itself on again a few hours later (but not every time its quite random). So Im stumped on this one. Its very difficult to figure out whats going on with such an intermittent fault. I may just wire in a relay to isolate the live feeds as Im a bit cautious of getting a new radio only to find I have the same problem. Its driving me nuts at the moment

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 2005 Not starting... HELP

I have a bmw z4 2.2. Been away for the weekend. Jumped in the car this morning and went to start but died. Tried again to restart but engine didnt even turn over. Made the starter motor sound when you turn the key when the car is already running. Have tried serveral times but still not starting anyhints to what this could be

Quote Originally Posted by Bindy1982 I have a bmw z4 2.2. Been away for the weekend. Jumped in the car this morning and went to start but died. Tried again to restart but engine didnt even turn over. Made the starter motor sound when you turn the key when the car is already running. Have tried serveral times but still not starting anyhints to what this could be I was having some rough starts for a

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 problems electric window intermittent wipers.

Z4 problems electric window intermittent wipers. Just bought used 2003 3 litre Z4. Top of range model with sat nav etc. After just a few days a few problems have come about. First is (this was not working from the start) the intermittent windscreen wiper function does not work using the dial on the steering column lever. My old 5 series stopped working too so guess it is a common fault. Is this cheapeasy

BMW Z3 E36 [Z4] Install Wiring of M Illuminated SMG knob

Hey fellow Z4 SMG owners (all 4 of you) Have you ever ridden in an M5 or M6 SMG and thought wow I really love that shifter Well I have and thanks to a great deal from Tischer on the knob the ingenuity of the M3 crew who adapted it for their cars and a bit of my own time and patience I present to you the illuminated M SMG knob in an SMG Z4 How To First the required parts - OEM M5 SMG Shift Knob 25-16-2-282-750

BMW Z3 E36 Hidden Codes in your Z3 (maybe Z4 too)

I was reading about this recently and was totally fascinated.... Give it a try bmw Self-Test Mode Instructions Instructions to access the hidden functions 1. Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to position 1. 2. LCD should show Test 1.0 3. Press the reset button again to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the features 3. Wait for display to show Off 4. Depress Trip Reset for 14 second and

without OBC...heres how can be done with the cluster... Step 1. Press and hold the mileage reset button. Step 2. Put key into ignition switch and turn to position 1 Your LCD display will show something like this tESt 01 Step 3. Once tESt 01 is shown let go of reset button and the IC (Instrument Cluster) will go through some test cycles. Numbers will be shown and heres what they mean 1st display bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Remote key fob problems

The last week my key fob stoped working all the three remote acess buttons are not functioning. My car will lockunlock manually without no problem My other spare key was not working also I tried to reprogram the keys but no response i have searched and tried preaty much every option to make it work . Please help with any usefull info Car is a 03 330ci

i just purchased a cheap key shell for my z4. i had the blank key cut and it works great. Its supposed to be where you replace the inside electronic chip from the original key into the empty shell and it works easy enough right well it didnt work out like that my engine is not being turned over by the replacement shell casing despite the fact that the original electronic board is in it. it seems like

BMW Z3 E36 Child Seat in Z4

Hey all got a little one coming sometime in November and trying to get as much prep-work done as I can beforehand. My wifes got the family sedan so theres no issues with a car seat there but my daily driver is the Z4 and Ill be sharing child care pickupdropoff duties with her. Most likely I wont need to do any transport duties until JanFeb next year but then itll be part of the daily commute. Has anyone

use your key in the slot on the drivers side door frame which then gives you the constant light. We might be in violent agreement. EB Right out of the 2005 owners manual (I own a 2004) Quote Automatic deactivation of the passenger airbags Before transporting a child on the passenger seat be sure to observe the information instructions under Transporting children safely refer to page 33. Your bmw

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 most unreliable BMW ever

have had my Z4 3.0 at the dealer since monday Dec 22 waiting for a new control unit the cars engine died on the highway while running at 65mph twice dealer resetted software then engine died again while backing out of my garage dealer said they would replace control unit. Well after two weeks of being without the car dealer called me to pick it up today. But the car had the service engine soon light

Mine shut off a few times while driving like yours did but Im now convinced its the ignition switch. When releasing the key after the engine starts the switch would go past the ignition on detent and sit half-way to the accessory (ignition off) position where it could drift or be bumped to shutting the engine off. I make sure its in the proper detent now after starting...which is safe because its locked out of the start detent while running.

BMW Z3 E36 My Z4 left me stranded Downtown last night

I was on my way home from dinner with my family last night to celebrate my birthday on the 14th and had an urge to stop by Starbucks and grab some decaf coffee before heading home. I went in and drank my coffee and headed back out and tried to start my car and got absolutely nothing in return mechanically. The accessories still worked with full power but i wasnt even getting a click when trying to

BMW Z3 E36 2007 z4 Convertible top problem

Yesterday I was walking out to my car and was in the process of putting my top down with the key fob holding the unlock button down. Rain started so I stopped the process mid-stream. In fact only the windows had started down the top had not yet begun to move. I got in turned on the ignition and raised the windows. Everything seemed normal. Today I tried putting the top down with the key fob and instead

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Erratic gongbuzzer - Solved

I have posted about my erratic buzzer a couple of times and my cars visits to the dealer in an attempt to find the fault. I have also seen a few other posts on this issue so it was a bug that affects a couple of earlier models 03-05 noted. No one ever posted I known solution. The issue occurs intermittently no specific event or ability to replicate it known. When starting up it will sound continously

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Intermittent Starting

I have an 06 3.0 Roadster which has recently developed an intermittent starting problem. Often the car will start normally. However at other times when the key is rotated to the run position the warning light cluster does not illuminate and the engine does no turn over when the key is in the start position. Turning the key back and forth a few times will make the warning lights come on and the car

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Storage Area Light

Hoping someone can give me some advice. But I have noticed that the light in the Storage area between the seats stays lit unless the vehichle is locked. So if the car is unlocked the light stays on even without the key in the ignition. When driving the light also stays on.... Has anyone seen this before

Quote Originally Posted by darkknight7749 Hoping someone can give me some advice. But I have noticed that the light in the Storage area between the seats stays lit unless the vehichle is locked. So if the car is unlocked the light stays on even without the key in the ignition. When driving the light also stays on.... Has anyone seen this before There is a contact switch on the hinge of the console door. Very easy to break or misalign. Mine is disabled now and I dont miss it.

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Navigation Updates TSB

Vehicle All Technical Service Bulletins Navigation System - Operating Software SI B 84 01 02 Phone Navigation Systems September 2004 Technical Service This Service Information Bulletin supersedes S.I. B84 01 02 dated May 2004. [NEW] designates changes to this revision SUBJECT Navigation System Operating Software MODEL [NEW] E38 (7 Series) [NEW] E39 (5 Series) [NEW] E46 (3 Series) [NEW] E53 (X5) NEW]

BMW Z3 E36 z4m coupe bluetooth pairing problem

this is kind of strange. i can NOT get the bluetooh pairing process to start. on the z4 m coupe (no compartment) i just press and hold the face button (on the left side of steering wheel) for 3 seconds while ignition key on position 1 or 2. the system NEVER says bluetooth pairing... it just turns on the voice activation onoff. thats all that happens the male voice comes on repeating command options

Quote Originally Posted by Paul S Are you pressing the button before you switch on ignition Hold the button down for a second before you turn the key then keep pressing button for 2 more seconds while ignition in position 2. we dont need that in the z4 m coupes. iBus kicks into discovery mode phone search.... as soon as ignition goes into position 1 or 2.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 SLK350 Review by European Car Magazine

This is a looooooong one enjoy [)] First Look SLK 350 By Greg N. Brown In less time than it took to twist the steering wheel or even think about braking the SLK 350 was hard upon the loose pack of cyclists who were flinging themselves downslope their brightly colored livery forming an image of giant tropical birds tires hissing as though a hundred wings were slicing through the air. The impending disaster

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