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BMW Z3 E36 Z4 factory alarm vs aftermarket alarm

Hello.... I got some advice from a bmw service advisor that the factory alarm module for the z4 roadster [ with interior sensor] was not in his opinion a good purchase. He actually told me that aftermarket alarms provide [a] bettermore sensors and [b] better sirens alarming capability. He appeared brutally honest about it. I was wondering - for those of you that have the factory alarm does it go off

BMW Z3 E36 Hidden Codes in your Z3 (maybe Z4 too)

I was reading about this recently and was totally fascinated.... Give it a try bmw Self-Test Mode Instructions Instructions to access the hidden functions 1. Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to position 1. 2. LCD should show Test 1.0 3. Press the reset button again to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the features 3. Wait for display to show Off 4. Depress Trip Reset for 14 second and

without OBC...heres how can be done with the cluster... Step 1. Press and hold the mileage reset button. Step 2. Put key into ignition switch and turn to position 1 Your LCD display will show something like this tESt 01 Step 3. Once tESt 01 is shown let go of reset button and the IC (Instrument Cluster) will go through some test cycles. Numbers will be shown and heres what they mean 1st display bmw

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BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Electrical Zeitgeist - YIKES

Can anyone PLEASE help me to figure this out 2004 Z4 Suddenly 1. the turn signal indicators do not work (turn signals do) 2. dash lights stay on for a few minutes after the ignition is turned off 3. wipers - rain sensors not working but if the sensitivity control is moved up one position they will wipe once only rest then move up about one inch and stop. 4. side windows do not retreat when top is opened.

Quote Originally Posted by abracadabra can anyone please help me to figure this out 2004 z4 suddenly 1. The turn signal indicators do not work (turn signals do) 2. Dash lights stay on for a few minutes after the ignition is turned off 3. Wipers - rain sensors not working but if the sensitivity control is moved up one position they will wipe once only rest then move up about one inch and stop. 4. Side

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Navigation Updates TSB

Vehicle All Technical Service Bulletins Navigation System - Operating Software SI B 84 01 02 Phone Navigation Systems September 2004 Technical Service This Service Information Bulletin supersedes S.I. B84 01 02 dated May 2004. [NEW] designates changes to this revision SUBJECT Navigation System Operating Software MODEL [NEW] E38 (7 Series) [NEW] E39 (5 Series) [NEW] E46 (3 Series) [NEW] E53 (X5) NEW]

BMW SERIES 3 E46 ZHP - coils demon get me

2003 330i ZHP with 25K miles (AprMay 2003 build) Had intermittent RPM drop around 7500 miles - code read exhaust camshaft senosr and misfire on cyl 3 but dealer could not replicate and did nothing. In last 4 months have had 3 instances where car would not start. Starter turned fine but it was as though no fuel was getting through. Could only start by over-ruling fuel inject and flooring accelerator

are stored in DME control module. CAUSE Reduced ignition firing power of BREMI coils due to coil internal insulation deterioration. CORRECTION Follow the appropriate Test Plan from DIS PlusGT1. If BREMI ignition coil is found to be defective all (six eight or twelve) coils must be replaced with Bosch ignition coils (PN 12 13 1 712 219). For replacement instructions refer to RA 12 13 511 found in bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 BREMI Coil Replacement Bulletin

I cannot reveal the source for I dont want to get the person in trouble.... The Service Information Bulletin supercedes SI 12 08 03 dated February 2005. SI B 12 08 03 Engine Electrical March 2005 Technical Service BREMI ignition Coil Replacement on M54 M46 N62 and N72 Engines MODEL E46 with M54 from 902 up to 1004 E46 SULEV with M56 from 902 up to 1004 E39 with M54 from 902 up to 703 E53 X5 3.0 with

BMW X5 E70 Electrical System Malfunction

Ive attached an image of the warnings my 08 X5 displays while driving. The dealer has the vehicle for a second try and is voicing a lot of pessimism. At times but not always it has been preceded by the second photo the screen that is normally at engine start. . The vehicle is at the dealership for almost a week this they are talking trade-in or pre-authorize 30 hours diagnostic time. A few

I was getting the same message repeatedly. bmw dealer insisted the battery was OK but finally tested it at my insistence. Battery tested bad even though the bmw systems in the vehicle said it was fine so they replaced it. Four months and 5000 miles later problem has not reoccurred. P.S. I later found out bmw NA stiffed the dealer and would not reimburse the dealer for the battery replacement in spite

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 SLK350 Review by European Car Magazine

This is a looooooong one enjoy [)] First Look SLK 350 By Greg N. Brown In less time than it took to twist the steering wheel or even think about braking the SLK 350 was hard upon the loose pack of cyclists who were flinging themselves downslope their brightly colored livery forming an image of giant tropical birds tires hissing as though a hundred wings were slicing through the air. The impending disaster

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