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BMW SERIES 5 E39 2002-2004 Recall Notice For Ignition Coils

I got my Recall Notice in the mail yesterday (applicable to certain 2002 2003 2004 model cars) for replacement of the ignition coils. Seems they frequently fail causing rough idle and check-engine light to come on. Car will then fail emissions test. I took my 2003 530i in this morning and they had 6 ignition coils (one per cylinder) replaced in 35 minutes. I was out of there before I finished my cup

INFO FROM ANOTHER FORUM Service Bullition 12 13 05 E46 with M54M56 from 0902 up to 1204 E39 with M54 from 0902 up to 0703 E53 (X5) with M54 from 0902 up to 1204 E65E66 with N62N73 from 0901 up to 1204 E85 (Z4) with M54 from 0902 up to 1204 E83 (X3) with M54 from 0903 up to 1204 Internal insulation failure of BREMI ignition coils may cause reduced ignition firing power or ignition coils failure. The

Quote Originally Posted by w5lx INFO FROM ANOTHER FORUM Service Bullition 12 13 05 E46 with M54M56 from 0902 up to 1204 E39 with M54 from 0902 up to 0703 E53 (X5) with M54 from 0902 up to 1204 E65E66 with N62N73 from 0901 up to 1204 E85 (Z4) with M54 from 0902 up to 1204 E83 (X3) with M54 from 0903 up to 1204 Internal insulation failure of BREMI ignition coils may cause reduced ignition firing power

BMW Z3 E36 funky ignition of my z4

i got the code from the machine that 2 of my coils is needed to be replaced. do u think the code is reliable today when i started the engine strange noise came out and it cant be started. then the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light is on. and i tried my third time to start the engine. is it the spark plugs or battery or the coils problem also there is leakage of coolant and i found out that the hose is broken

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BMW SERIES 3 E46 ZHP - coils demon get me

2003 330i ZHP with 25K miles (AprMay 2003 build) Had intermittent RPM drop around 7500 miles - code read exhaust camshaft senosr and misfire on cyl 3 but dealer could not replicate and did nothing. In last 4 months have had 3 instances where car would not start. Starter turned fine but it was as though no fuel was getting through. Could only start by over-ruling fuel inject and flooring accelerator

are stored in DME control module. CAUSE Reduced ignition firing power of BREMI coils due to coil internal insulation deterioration. CORRECTION Follow the appropriate Test Plan from DIS PlusGT1. If BREMI ignition coil is found to be defective all (six eight or twelve) coils must be replaced with Bosch ignition coils (PN 12 13 1 712 219). For replacement instructions refer to RA 12 13 511 found in bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 BREMI Coil Replacement Bulletin

I cannot reveal the source for I dont want to get the person in trouble.... The Service Information Bulletin supercedes SI 12 08 03 dated February 2005. SI B 12 08 03 Engine Electrical March 2005 Technical Service BREMI ignition coil Replacement on M54 M46 N62 and N72 Engines MODEL E46 with M54 from 902 up to 1004 E46 SULEV with M56 from 902 up to 1004 E39 with M54 from 902 up to 703 E53 X5 3.0 with

BMW Z3 E36 Performance upgrades... Z4 3.0i

Hey guys Im thinking about ordering a few easy performance upgrades to my Z4 from Bav Auto. 1) AFE Power Flow intake kit 2) Performance ignition coils 3) Bav Auto chipfirmware upgrade 4) Remus exhaust Im pretty sure the intake and the exhaust kit will give a noticeable performance increase but Im not so sure about the coils and chip upgrade. Please comment away.... Sail

BMW Z3 E36 Z4 Info

Chapter one httpwww.unofficialbmw.comimages...%20Vehicle.pdf

Quote Originally Posted by Ron Stygar Someone was kind enough to send me the remaining files to complete the Z4 training manual. Interesting read. Main menu bookmark does not work. Nice how about giving me a heads up if you get the rest of the X5 material BTW got the gray car back today. Items replaced (1) 11 78 7 831 624 Temp Sensor (showing fault when I took it in) (1) 11 78 1 405 324 02 Sensor (previously

BMW Z3 E36 Looking at purchasing a 2003 Z4

I have been contemplating purchasing a 2003 Z4. Are there any issues with the Z4 that I should be concerned with Jeff

Not really - its essentially the last generation of the E46s running gear so most bugs were worked out before the Z4 was released. I think some people still have trouble with the ignition coils the occasional window motors and you will still want to remove the CDV but aside from that last I havent had to do a thing to mine. Like most Z4 owners I strongly recommend changing the run-flat tires for normal

BMW SERIES 5 E39 My two week leave - starts with M5 sways & coils

(Sunday Sept 5) M5 rear sway bar installed yesterday so chalk up another satisfied 540 M-sport Had thought about doing this for quite a while but never really got around to it but when I finally decided the part had to be ordered (3 week wait) and during those three weeks had a small accident - but its all taken care of now. My tuner opened a new shop in Tokyo so went there for the first time. Adjoining

BMW Z3 E36 Mods for Z4 Help Needed

Ive decided to stop riding my motorcycle. So now I can throw my money on upgrading my 2003 Z4 2.5i. I am open to any suggestions and would like to know where I should start. I think I should start on my suspension and then work on getting more HP but I would like to know what components and such. Im interested in getting more performance out of it. So any suggestions will be much appreciated.

I have the following used parts available they also fit the E46 330 (1) set of Koni custom double adjustable shocks (1) Ground Control tubular chromoly adjustable front swaybar wadjustable heim endlinks (1) K&N air filter for use in the factory air filter box (1) set ignition Solutions plasma direct ignition coils

BMW Z4 E85 E86 E85

Can you get the I6 to run E85

See thats not worth it yet. You saved 50-60 cents a gallon thats at most like 10 a tank. If you filled up weekly thats 520 a year. Ive read that you HAVE to change all rubber hoses fuel lines injectors programming (or carb jets and fittings if you have carb) Fuel tank fuel pump ignition timing stonger coil better and hotter plugs etc. I bet that would cost quite a bit and does not touch the engine

BMW Z3 E36 Recommended spark plugs for Z3 2.5

Is there a particular spark plug that the members here would recommend for a 2.5 liter Z3 Roadster Just looking for something to maximize efficiency and acceleration. Thanks in advance.

Quote Originally Posted by tohbi oh i know i should grow up and get over it all these years later but goldarn it i woulda shoulda coulda won that race Yeah but I think we all have one of those burned into our memories... Quote Originally Posted by SDFarrell Ordered a set of the Bosch F7 LDCRs Last question on the subject Is 30000 miles too short an interval for replacement Plugs were last replaced on 122907. I typically drive 7200 miles annually. Regards Scotty Id say itd be a bit premature. I think 60K is the more common mark. That guy...writes in the Roundel...has an Old School Maintenance write-up that has loads of good info in it (for those expecting long ownership of their cars). He doesnt have it readily available online anywhere and he frequently updates it (for newer models and new info) but if I can dig up his email then you can always feel free to ask him for a copy hes happy to ablige. Search Bavarian Autosport High-Performance ignition coil Set - Set of 6 here httpbavauto.comshop.asp for the ignition coils I spoke of. The gent at I spoke to said he milked 33 MPG HWY out of his auto Z4 with them...might be better money spent than on plugs (and since the OE coils are known to be crap it might help prevent replacing them in the future). Feel free to email Mike Miller at and ask for his Old School Maintenance Schedule for bmw thumbsup

BMW X5 E70 X5 35D Engine Faults

Good Day Everyone I have had an X5 35D since late June. I have been back to the dealer twice with check engine faults related to Air Sensors. One for intake air temp and once for a mass flow sensor. Have these been a common issue I will add that it is nice to have the Gopoint App for the Iphone to at least have a rough idea of the check engine light issue is

Quote Originally Posted by quackbury The X5 is an American make which probably explains the better reliability. Not sure if that automatically follows. I believe the original Z4 was one of the most reliable of not the most reliable models in bmws product line in the past few years. The only problem with my Z4 was the German-made ignition coils and the European CD player.

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Wrong spark plugs Now what

My 3200 M3 was treated bad... A brilliant engineer during a service replaced oil filters etc ok.. but instead of using the spark plugs suggested by bmw (and used for my car) he used the ones for Z4 3.0... To be more precise my car uses BOSCH FGR 8 KQC (12 12 0 069 877) while he used NGK BKR6EQUP (12 12 9 071 003) which is provided for Z4 3.0. Of course I found out only after I had substituted them...

BMW X5 E70 Electrical System Malfunction

Ive attached an image of the warnings my 08 X5 displays while driving. The dealer has the vehicle for a second try and is voicing a lot of pessimism. At times but not always it has been preceded by the second photo the screen that is normally at engine start. . The vehicle is at the dealership for almost a week this they are talking trade-in or pre-authorize 30 hours diagnostic time. A few

I was getting the same message repeatedly. bmw dealer insisted the battery was OK but finally tested it at my insistence. Battery tested bad even though the bmw systems in the vehicle said it was fine so they replaced it. Four months and 5000 miles later problem has not reoccurred. P.S. I later found out bmw NA stiffed the dealer and would not reimburse the dealer for the battery replacement in spite

BMW Z3 E36 Has anyone had this problem Gal needs answers.

Ok so I start my car up this morning and I notice that the engine seems a little sluggish. I assume its just cold and wait a few minutes. I turn my radio off and can actually hear the engine running rough. Then my Service Engine Soon light comes on. I took it to the dealership immediately. Any ideas what this could mean

for the info on the Peake tool Did I say it wrong Is it ignition coils not engine coils Quote Originally Posted by BobC Check out Peake for the answers to some of your questions about the tool what it does and how it works Peake Research I have both the R5FCX (for the check engine light) and the R5SRS (for the airbag light). Both have already more than paid for themselves. How many miles on your Z4

BMW X3 E83 I love my 2004 X3.. but... do I have to let it go

Hi fellow X3 owners. I really really love my x3. Im currently at 80000 miles.. which I assume is pretty good for the 2004 model. Over the past 2 years I am averaging 2500 on repairs every year on various problems (My mechanic has the car right now and I store my invoices in the glove compartment so I cant list the details at this time) Thats roughly 200 a month. I am currently getting some engine repairs

belts at some reasonable interval. Therefore I think your issues with the engine in your X3 may not be typical. (At least I hope not cause a few days ago I bought a 2007 X3 in pristine condition with 67000 miles on it but no meaningful warranty). The Z3 is the most wonderful car I have ever owned even comparing it to an M3 I once had and I expect to keep it as long as I can. The first generation Z4

BMW X5 E70 Anyone regret their 35d diesel purchase

Just ordered a new 35d today. Ive never owned a Diesel before and am still a little nervous. I drove one a few months ago but had to place the order without test driving another one since the dealer didnt have any on the lot. Just wondering if anyone who purchased one has had any regrets...

Quote Originally Posted by ANZAC_1915 the 35i makes more sense to me - fewer things to go wrong. Well the diesel has no ignition system so thats a few less things to go wrong on the diesel. Having just had my Z4 flat-bedded 100 miles due to a bad coil this Summer (with the hold down chain scraping bare spots in the bumper paint) I can appreciate the lack of spark plugs and coils on the diesel.

BMW X5 E70 Maintenance cost of 3.0i vs. 35d...

I know that first 4yr50000-miles are coverd by bmw but will long run maintenance cost of 35d engine might be higher than 3.0i.

Quote Originally Posted by CDahl There is also increased maintenance on injectors and other parts with diesel. Considering the above seems like higher long term maintenance costs are fairly obvious. But no ignition system spark plugs or coils. I just replaced a coil on my 2004 Z4 with 32000 miles.

BMW Z3 E36 Z4M - HELP - In the midst of valve adjustment

I am trying to adjust my valves and need to figure out how to turn the crank to rotate cams. The writeup on M3 board says to use an 1 14 wrench on fan clutch but I dont see how to do it. The photo from Ron shows a hex nut (purple) that I dont have. Was I supposed to buy this before I started

Quote Originally Posted by KenTenn Did you use sealant on the gasket Mine old gasket did not appear to have any and I thought I reaed that others did not use it so I didnt put any on it. Also TIS says to align the slot in ignition coil rubber with tab on head cover but I dont have any tabs. Your car was apart before you got it. My Z3 S54 didnt have sealant and left it that way with no leaks. My Z4 does. What TIS number on that tabs thing.

BMW SERIES 3 E30 More Power

Im looking to adding power to my 325 is and didnt know where to start. Looks mean little to me I just want raw performance. I plan on going a little here and there. Where do you guys reccomend starting I thought maybe intake chip exhaust but that sounds too cliche. Is there a better way to start. Also Im a college student so I can only spend about 750 to 1000 at a time.

in addition to basic maintainance (tune up plugs wires maybe ignition coils) mark D chip clutch stop short shift kit (z4 lever etc) electric fan (eg fan clutch delete) lightened flywheel

BMW Z3 E36 What is engine service light

Hey guys. My z4 engine service soon light came on. What is that mean my car has abou 35000. If it mean engine service do you guys know how much will it cost

Quote Originally Posted by kyo209 Hey guys. My z4 engine service soon light came on. What is that mean my car has abou 35000. If it mean engine service do you guys know how much will it cost The light means your engine has thrown an error code at the computer and youll need the dealer to scan it to see whats wrong. If youre still under warranty it wont cost a thing. The most common causes If you left

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  • IGNITION COIL BMW E46 E65 X3 Z3 Z4 N40 N42 12137551260 - Lowestoft,United Kingdom (23.95 GBP)
  • NEW BMW 1 3 5 6 7 SERIES X3 X5 Z4 IGNITION COIL 12758 - United Kingdom (16.50 GBP)
  • BMW E39 E46 E60 E81 E87 E90 Z3 Z4 Ignition Coil X4 Pencil Type BOSCH 0221504464 - United Kingdom (89.99 GBP)
  • BMW E46 Ignition Coil X3 Z3 Z4 3 Series 7 Series 12131712119 TWO YEAR GUARANTEE - Doncaster,United Kingdom (19.99 GBP)
  • BMW SERIES M3 M5 X3 X5 Z3 Z4 IGNITION COIL PENCIL COIL NEW. - Chard,United Kingdom (10.00 GBP)
  • BMW Z4 Coil Pack 2.0 Petrol 6 Speed Manual E85 E86 Ignition Coil Pack 2007 - United Kingdom (24.99 GBP)
  • BMW SERIES M3 M5 X3 X5 Z3 Z4 IGNITION COIL PENCIL COIL NEW. - Chard,United Kingdom (10.00 GBP)

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